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Mini of the month

Mini Of The Month

Court Jester's Captain.
You can find more about this mini here.

Quote of the Month

"Three things you should learn, Shas'La. First, always take your time with your shot. Second, don't snap-fire. Third, don't reload when a Gaunt is trying to rip your throat out... I might not be here to stop it next time."

- Shas'Ui Tel'Oshi Ukos, during the O'Sun'yi Campaign.

Member Quote of the Month

" As with 40K, as with Pizza. Cheese on Pizza is GOOD. However, a cheese base on a cheese pizza with stuffedrust (cheese) and three different kinds of added cheese is not so good. In fact, it will probably make you feel slightly ill."

- Dudemaester Joe Roo, Tau board.

Tau Online Forum Statistics (Approx.)
For the month of July:
New Topics: 1,088
New Posts: 15,200
New Members: 163
Most members online in a day: 240
Page Views: 475,000

In total :
Topics: 9,960
Posts: 172,145
Members: 1,661
Most users online at the same time ever: 175

The Ninth Monthly Tau Online Newsletter Is Here!

Recent News

Website News:
Officially announcing: Tau Online Version 5. Work for version 5 has been going on for about two months now, and although not ready to be released, it's time for this version to be announced.

This release doesn't bring too much in the way of new features, although a new design for both the website and forums comes with version 5. The navigation bar will contain one new version: Army Showcase, along with a re-organised structure to more easily find articles for other armies.

There is no set time-limit for how long this release will take, although all features and coding is complete, all that remains is converting all pages over to the new design.

Top Three Tau Topics this Month
Tau blood is blue by ShasEl_Tael
Taros Campaign review/analysis by Arguleon-veq
Pathfinders are great by frankthetank

Top Three non-Tau Topics this Month
Throne or Saint by zee666
Gun-jeep walkthrough by GreyDeath
Tau Empire: mercenary generator by DeadNight

Building a Tau Army, Part IV by 42
Hi all, the army building guide is back in its final instalment - 2000pts. Even at 1500pts the list is beginning to get personalised. There are many different ways to build a balanced and effective army at these levels - so as ever this is just my list that is aiming to be totally balanced in all areas, and with the capability to take on all enemies!

In fact 2000pts is perhaps a little higher than you will regularly play, but if you have enough models it can be a fun change to do!

Anyway, lets look back at the 1500pt list - 

HQ -

Shas'el, Missile Pod, Plasma Rifle, Multi-tracker - 85
Ethereal - 50


10 Kroot - 70
10 Kroot - 70
12 Fire Warriors, Shas'ui, - 225
[Devilfish with Decoy Launchers]
12 Fire Warriors, Shas'ui - 130


6 Stealth Suits - 180
2 Crisis Suits, Twin Linked Plasma Rifles, Flamers - 120
1 Crisis Suit, Twin Linked Missile Pod, Flamer - 57


8 Pathfinders, Shas'ui - 201
[Devilfish with Decoy Launchers, 2 Seeker Missiles]


Hammerhead Gunship, Railgun, Burst Cannons, Decoy Launchers, Multitracker - 165
Hammerhead Gunship, Ion Cannon, Burst Cannons, Decoy Launchers, Multitracker - 145

TOTAL - 1498

HQ -

With 500 points still to spend, our commander deserves to be taken to the next level - become a Shas'o. Taking advantage of his superb BS5 he is often best equipped with one shot weaponry not normally taken on other Crisis Suits. I have given out Shas'o (apart from his Multi-tracker) a Fusion Blaster and Plasma Rifle to deal death to any heavy infantry/character and Vehicle when up close. Granted it doesn't pump out volumes of fire, however his Fusion Blaster is able to instant kill most Characters, and at 12" away this guy is deadly.


The mistake in 2000pts can easily be not to bother about beefing up troops and spend your points on more attractive options such as Battlesuits. However Fire Warriors in bulk are a fearsome thing against any army - hence I am adding another squad in a Devilfish, and another static team (now I am using all 6 of my troops slots). As a good rule of thumb it is always balanced to have about 40% or more of your points invested in troops.


Not much really needs to be done here, we have the option of boosting our anti-vehicle crisis team or our anti-heavy infantry team. As we will add some Broadside Battlesuits to give us some serious raw firepower, one more Twin-linked Plasma Rifle suit will suffice to bring that team up to a full trio. The other Crisis suit, despite being all on its own can play an important role as it should get less fire directed to it, and while alive will always be a unit capable of capturing a table quarter and scoring.


We already have two tanks, so for a change let's dabble in the other Heavy Support option for the Tau - the fearsome Broadside battlesuit. With each coming with a Twin Linked Railgun as standard this team makes perfect tank/monstrous creature hunters. With two more railguns added to your army it also means your Hammerhead can fire its large blast submuntitions round more often.

After 4 months we finally have a huge 2000pt list, hopefully balanced and useable against all on-comers. It contains most of the Tau units available to you, and a variety of tactics can be used with it - it has both static and mobile elements, and a good mix of different types of weaponry. I hope everyone who uses these lists or advice enjoys playing with their Tau as much as I enjoyed writing this guide!

HQ - 158

Shas'o, Plasma Rifle, Fusion Blaster, Multi-tracker - 108
Ethereal - 50

TROOPS - 800

10 Kroot - 70
10 Kroot - 70
11 Fire Warriors, Shas'ui, - 205
[Devilfish with Decoy Launchers]
11 Fire Warriors, Shas'ui, - 205
[Devilfish with Decoy Launchers]
11 Fire Warriors, Shas'ui - 120
12 Fire Warriors, Shas'ui - 130

ELITES - 387

5 Stealth Suits - 150
3 Crisis Suits, Twin Linked Plasma Rifles, Flamers - 180
1 Crisis Suit, Twin Linked Missile Pod, Flamer - 57


8 Pathfinders, Shas'ui - 211
[Devilfish with Decoy Launchers, 2 Seeker Missiles]


2 Broadsides, Multi-trackers - 150
Hammerhead Gunship, Railgun, Burst Cannons, Decoy Launchers, Multitracker - 165
Hammerhead Gunship, Ion Cannon, Burst Cannons, Decoy Launchers, Multitracker - 145

TOTAL - 2016

I hope everyone who uses these lists or advice enjoys playing with their Tau as much as I enjoyed writing this guide!

Brought to you by your friendly Ethereal Aun'Ro'Elan'42

Fluff Feature: Assualt
Written by: Farseer Tyross

Shash'ui Mon'Dre braced himself against the hard stone arch as he awaited the grenades to detonate. Within seconds his wait was over as the EMP pulses shorted out the arcane monolith's front doors. Although Mon'Dre had been here many times since he was posted here, he was never allowed to go into the ancient edifice that stood testament to the worlds' former occupiers.

With a single gesture, Fire Warriors swept forward in a rush of movement. Pulse rifles in hand, they secured the door once again taking care not to get in the way of the heavy door as it swung open with a loud thump. Fire Warriors Kas'Vesha and Kul'Nut ran through the open portal as the dust settled, their rifles out in front of them, scanning for any sign of movement.

Seconds later, Mon'Dre ordered the rest of the squad in, and with one glance back, Shash'ui Tren'Morian's team was ordered forward in flanking positions. Although the corridor was dark with a palatable sense of foreboding and sheer wrongness, Mon'Dre reached for and slammed home his helmet. As he waited whilst the helmets enhanced imaging systems warmed up and performed start-up diagnostics, Mon'Dre froze in his spot, almost his sense of hearing and his sight was gone beneath the helmet.

The first flicker of light greeted Mon'Dre as the helmet automatically switched modes from normal vision to infer-red and finally to night-vision. Despite these enhancements, the view before them was nothing more then a corridor with multiple rooms off shooting the main gallery corridor. Doors sealed off the side corridors as the Tau made their way slowly through the complex.

Mon'Dre noticed the air get staler and staler as they went deeper and that the walls seemed to get darker if that was possible. As the corridor they were passing through came to an end, Mon'Dre gave his rifle to one of his subordinates whilst he prepped the charges once again.

With a crackle, the black door fell from it's mounting. A chill ran up body as his vision saw through where the door had been. The room beyond was cast in an eerie green glow, runes of gold running up the black stone pillars on either side of the room. At the far end of the room was yet another door. The door was larger then any Mon'Dre had seen before, and offered no place to place grenades.

Mon'Dre breathed a sign of relief as one of the Fire Warriors gave him his rifle back. Before preceeding, Mon'Dre order a head count. As the Fire Warriors glanced to take note of how many of them there were, Mon'Dre glanced around the room before him, looking for any details which might prove to be of great import later. "We are all accounted for, Shas'ui" ushered one of the Fire Warriors as Mon'Dre finished his mental assessment of the next room. "Indeed, I don't want to go any further without being at full strength" breathed the Shas'ui in return. "Proceed"

As one, the Fire Warriors moved into the room without breaking step nor breaking their formation. Whilst they paced across the room in small steps, Mon'Dre noticed a sudden rush of air escape. "Halt" ushered the team leader. With perfect outward calmness, the Fire Warriors all readied their weapons and trained them on the opening doors before them.

The scene before them was awe inspiring. Blackened alcoves lined the walls, golden runes running along the gantries and arcane machinery of all descriptions hummed in perfect harmony. Despite the green glow that was cast about the room, it was surprising well lit. As they entered the room, Mon'Dre noticed stature like minions standing in the alcoves, their eyes sockets blackened as if they were dormant. Blackened metal wrought in the shape of a human skeleton, and each holding weapons that Mon'Dre had never seen before, but looked deadly as much as they looked ancient. As they neared one of the massive machines, Mon'Dre could swear he heard the sounds of hundreds of tiny feet scuttling away from their presence. Despite his best efforts, he could not locate the source of the sounds in the shadows cast by the ancient devices.

As they went deeper, something stirred out of the corner of Mon'Dre's vision. Bracing himself to fire, Mon'Dre threw his weapon around to possible threat. A tiny metallic creature, about the size a small cat held still. Training his gun on the tiny creature, Mon'Dre watched as the creature froze as it glared at him back. He watched, as it turned away and scuttled off beneath one of the many devices.

Glancing around himself briefly, Mon'Dre had noticed that the other Fire Warriors had taken up positions to fire at the same target and had indeed fired if he had. Giving the gesture to advance Mon'Dre smiled beneath his helmet at his squad's readiness.

As they rounded once of the strange machines, Mon'Dre heard more of the small creatures, their scuttling feet giving away their position despite the blackness cast by the devices, which concealed them. The Shas'ui could only guess at the numbers of tiny creatures that hid this hall. Something wrong struck Mon'Dre as the sounds of the tiny creatures became incredible loud. Without warning, a bunch of them leapt upon one of his Fire Warriors. In the confusion, the Fire Warriors around him backed off and begun to fire at their comrade. Despite the bolts of blue death their weapons spat, it was too late and the Fire Warrior was dead before they could accurately shoot the tiny creatures off.

A rush of cold air overcame the Fire Warriors whilst the sound of the machines intensified. Mon'Dre toiled to hear any sounds of metallic claws on the pitch black floor, a sure sign something was amiss. The Fire Warriors froze in their position, and adorned a defensive posture as they struggled to find any more targets. Something behind Mon'Dre stirred, a faint flash of movement sent Mon'Dre spinning around.

Drawing a bead on what had movement, to his horror, Mon'Dre's worst fear had come true. The unmoving statures in the alcoves where coming back to life. A burning fire lit behind their eyes as a few of them stepped forward out of their dormant positions. Mon'Dre knew it would not take long before they started firing at the intruders to their tome.

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