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Mini of the month

Mini Of The Month

Court Jester's Captain.
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Quote of the Month

"I have seen many things in this galaxy... I've seen glittering creatures of light who slaughter armies in a murderous dance, I've seen ancient races that deem us little more than vermin to be exterminated, I've seen living machines that can sustain even the most terrible of damage and keep on fighting, I've seen the might of the Tyranids and the savagery of the Orks... all this I have seen, and it is too much for me to bear. My life has taught me one simple lession; the galaxy hates us. Our people are but a small flame in an infinite darkness, and I fear the day will soon be upon us where the darkness comes to snuff out the light..."

- Shas'Ui Tau'N Visk, currently residing in the T'au psychiatric institute.

Member Quote of the Month

"This is a game and should be fun to play but one of the most often encountered problems is when a player's shadow of doubt saves his squad guy, who says, "Well if you can't show me the exact line in the rules, you can't do that," and is IMO not acceptable on the field. Get a clue, lose a few and humble yourself in the face of thine enemies."

- soloplumber, Tau board.

Tau Online Forum Statistics (Approx.)
For the month of July:
New Topics: 1,100
New Posts: 15,500
New Members: 120
Most members online in a day: 223
Page Views: 450,000

In total :
Topics: 9,000
Posts: 158,000
Members: 1,500
Most users online at the same time ever: 175

The Eighth Monthly Tau Online Newsletter Is Here!

Recent News

Website News:
We thought you might be getting a bit bored with the current fluff on this website, and so 18 new stories have been added up; all from Wargamer!

Check them out! The new stories start at Pathfinder and go down to Titan-hunters on the fluff page.

Forum News:
A new moderator has been appointed. Spiritbw has been appointed to help moderate the General 40K board. Good luck Spiritbw!

The boards have been re-organised a bit more. The "Battling" board, and all its sub-boards (Rules, Battle Reports and Scenarios) have been deleted. Please post rules and battle reports in their relevant army boards (Or general rules and battle reports in the General 40K board,) and please post scenarios in the House Rules board.

Top Five Tau Topics this Month
Seeker Missiles by Robogem
Is bonding worth it? by pyromaniac88
Ethereals and Morale by Teri Girl
Fighting Marines, a "Non-Pocketbook" Tactica by Yawgmoth1111
General Advise; Tau vs. Daemonhunters by Reverend107

Top Three non-Tau Topics this Month
Chaos Headquarter Arena by MalVeauX
when to charge in? by FrankTheTank
Making a Magnetic Monstrous Creature by Hive Lord

Building a Tau Army, Part III by 42
Hi again, holiday's now for me so I am enjoying more time to spend on the boards, even getting round to painting a nice new pathfinder team! (Keep your eyes peeled on the showcase board!).

Now we have reached the penultimate article for building a Tau army, and we come across possibly the most important points limit - 1500. Widely played limit in many tournaments, and in this list you must come prepared for anything. Foes can include masses of light infantry, heavy armour, huge or multiple tanks, nasty HQ characters, deep strikers or infiltrators. Basically this list is going to have to be fully rounded to take on anything it meets. Luckily we have 500 points more than last time to deal with new threats.

Before we begin list building, lets take a quick look on our 1000pt (972) list -

HQ -
Shas'el, Plasma Rifle, Missile Pod, Multi-tracker - 85

10 Kroot – 70

12 Fire Warriors, Shas’ui, - 225

12 Fire Warriors, Shas’ui – 130

6 Stealth Suits – 180

1 Crisis Battlesuit, Twin Linked Plasma Rifle, Flamer - 60

1 Crisis Battlesuit, Twin Lined Missile Pod, Flamer - 57

Hammerhead Gunship, Rail Gun, Burst Cannons, Multi-tracker, Decoy Launchers - 165

HQ -
With more units and models that you gain as you increase the size of your army, the more likely that at some point in the game one will fail a morale or pinning test. Sometimes this is unavoidable or not really a problem, but at 1500pts it becomes well worth it to take along an insurance against this - an Ethereal. Just make sure you keep him out of trouble, a good way is joining him with a squad so even deep strikers cannot target him individually.

At 1500pts our 10 Kroot will not be able to cope all on their own up into enemy lines, another small squad will be able to work efficiently in tandem as you desire to create deadly cross fires or more effective ambushes. Just a quick reminder on the roles of the Kroot - Infiltrate, Harrass, Annoy, Distract, Ambush, Snipe, Intimidate, Hold...a commander's dream!

As I will be adding in plenty more support for anti-tank duties, another crisis suit will be kitted out in anti-armour style, with twin linked plasma rifle's to join up in a squad with its partner. Although one casualty can bring about all on your own tests, it will always be a scoring unit, and remember you have an Ethereal to help you stay on the board now!

Any well balanced list needs some fast attack choices, and the Tau have a nice little trick up their sleeves - Pathfinders. A costly unit due to a devilfish being mandatory, however they can enhance your firepower remarkably with their markerlights. Just pick one of your own units (tanks and battlesuits are the best bets) that you want to decimate the enemy with and use your markerlights to guide them onto whatever you shoot at. Alternatively they can be used to fire seeker missile if you markerlight expensive characters or tanks instead - a great way to deal the enemy deadly accurate S8 blasts from turn one. Because this squad is all about firing those markerlights we will keep this team nice and simple, or things can get expensive quickly.

With just one Hammerhead, at the moment the Tau army is surprisingly light on heavy support - however after the addition of some seeker missiles, to boost up those heavy guns even more we add another superb Hammerhead Gunship. Alternatively we could've opted for some Broadisde Battlesuits, but the mobile firepower of the Hammerhead, coupled with its impressive survivability and value for points is too good to sniff at another. To make the list totally balanced and ready for anything I have chosen to give this Hammerhead an Ion Cannon, excellent versus medium/light vehicles and anything in power armour!

Our final list -

HQ -
Shas'el, Missile Pod, Plasma Rifle, Multi-tracker - 85
Ethereal - 50

10 Kroot - 70
10 Kroot - 70
12 Fire Warriors, Shas'ui, - 225
[Devilfish with Decoy Launchers]
12 Fire Warriors, Shas'ui - 130

6 Stealth Suits - 180
2 Crisis Suits, Twin Linked Plasma Rifles, Flamers - 120
1 Crisis Suit, Twin Linked Missile Pod, Flamer - 57

8 Pathfinders, Shas'ui - 201
[Devilfish with Decoy Launchers, 2 Seeker Missiles]

Hammerhead Gunship, Railgun, Burst Cannons, Decoy Launchers, Multitracker - 165
Hammerhead Gunship, Ion Cannon, Burst Cannons, Decoy Launchers, Multitracker - 145

TOTAL - 1498

So there we have it, some things such as configurations and upgrades on battlesuits and tanks can be tailored to each player's desire, but this is a list capable of taking on all on comers, balanced and can hold its own against any opposition I hope it serves anyone who uses it well (does the trick for me!).

Keep following the Greater Good until next month’s final instalment!

Brought to you by your friendly Aun'Ro'Elan 42

Fluff Feature: Power Within
Written by: Farseer Tyross

The coldness bit deep into Jackson 's exposed flesh. The winter tundra of Ulvarn was amongst the bitterest within the Imperium. Peering into the whiteness of the snow drift was about to hit their position, Jackson pulled his coat tighter around his body.

A reverberating chill ran up and down Jackson 's spine in unison to his heartbeat. Something was about to happen, something terrible. He just knew it.

A white shadow moved from out of the snow drift. Jackson felt the cold shudder once again, this time much harder. Gripping the grip of his lasgun tighter for comfort, Jackson fired into the moving white creature. Vile alien ichor sprayed from an open wound caused by a lucky shot. Within seconds, the rest of the Guardsmen in Jackson 's squad opened fire upon the nearly revealed Lictor. To his left, Jackson heard Wilco's trademark enthusiasm for the fight. Screaming at the top of his lungs, "Death to the alien! Die foul scum of space!" The practised lasgun fire drove the Tyranid off, but the Guardsmen knew it would be back again, it was merely wounded and that next time, he knew there would be more... Many more.

Jackson 's superior, Zaggs gave the order to move out before the Tyranids could pin them down with another wave of attacks. Before Jackson could move out, " Jackson , come here, come here!" issued Zaggs. "Yes sir!" spat Jackson , his training overriding his normally placid temperament.

"How come you knew it was there? That's the second time that you've done that! If I didn't know any better, I'd say that you had a mole in the Tyranid lines" Zaggs joked, he was clear that he didn't much care how he knew, just that he continued on his winning streak. "I'll try, sir."

With the snow storm at their backs, the Platoon moved out. As they moved, the cackle of vox broke the long silences occasionally. The siren of the vox was bleak, sounds of battle and the screams of men was a regular occurrence as the men moved out of range of some of the vox casters and into others. Clearly the battle was not going well for the Ulvarnian planetary forces. Continual reports of mychetic spores were clustered in between the battle chatter. It seemed that the Tyranids were indeed into upon wiping out all live on this world and where paying a high price for it. Jackson also just knew something greater was going on behind the scenes but he knew nothing and neither did his CO.

"We make camp here for the night, guard change over every 3 hours" ordered Zaggs. Although the men were exhausted, they still managed to pitch their white snow tents and get a fire going in record time. The campsite itself, overlooking a snow field within the Yuklarn belt, a region known for its infrequent snow storms and more or less stable weather.

Another cold chill awoke Jackson abruptly despite the extremely warm sleeping back he was issued with as a recruit. Stumbling half blind out of the tent to alert the guards, he was greeted with a scene of bloodshed. The Tyranids were already upon the campsite. Before Jackson could wheel around to get his lasgun, an agile Hormagaunt was upon him. The white tang of pain seared up his body as an envenomed talon penetrated his leg. In return, Jackson responded automatically with an uppercut to the creature's head. Dazed but not deterred the alien renewed its attack.

As yet more pain filled his mind; Jackson closed his eyes and prayed. As the alien landed yet more blows upon the crumpled form of Jackson, the Guardsmen begun to feel a strange sense of energy build within him. Taking strength from the energy, Jackson let the energy build, and as it did so, the pain begun to subside. Casting his eyes open, a bright searing yellow light arched between him and the alien was the first sight that greeted him. Suddenly, just as Jackson thought about killing the alien, the arc of energy erupted in intensity and the alien was cast back. The stench of seared flesh hung in the air as he realised the extent of what had just transpired.

Jackson had just unleashed a power within him...

Fluff Feature: The Dragon
Written by: MalVeauX

The Kroot had all but vanished from sight and their daunting chants of chirps no longer littered the lining forest lines as the Cadre swept forward.  Noting that this remote planet carried vegetation, it was wise to consider they were not alone here as such a rich planet would have many prospectors with their greedy eyes upon it, if not already their hands.  Two Devilfish APC's nestled down in a clearing of brush as the Pathfinder team unloaded to prepare a scout hike and all the while an accompaniment of Fire Warriors, lead by Cha'Elan, currently holding the rank of Shas'ui.

The Mercenaries have been gone longer than they should have, but if they have dispersed themselves deep within this bush, there would be no way of retrieving them easily, so they were written off as deserters.  However, Cha'Elan had other thoughts on the matter.  This planet was not bleak or desolate.  This planet flourished and was full of life.  The Kroot simply were drawn to something, or perhaps something was drawn to them, as is the natural order of things.  Speaking amongst his brothers, they decided upon a thicket to begin the scouting expedition.

After entering the forest, a few members com-linked in that they were finding traces of mutilations, but did not pay heed to the warning signs of something else within the forest.  The Fire Warriors took a 5 minute leave of watch, while the Pathfinders moved further into the thicket, until a Shas'la chimed in that he had stumbled into something shocking.  As he described what must have been a Kroot, that had been disemboweled and had half of its head ripped open, Cha'Elan paused and called for a halt.  It was then that they began to see other parts of something else that lined the ground, near the Kroot they thought had left them-or at least bits of the Kroot that they could recognize.  Small, chiten type objects and slender boney objects lined the ground, but were of no sense amongst the Kroot until a Shas'la noted that there was a bit of such material in a severed hand of a Kroot just near their position.  Cha'Elan wondered why they heard nothing.

Having been trained to avoid situations as such, Cha'Elan ordered them back to their APC transports for a re-evaluation, but as they turned to head back to the clearning, the team was shocked to find towering beasts emerging from the fallen trees and under-brush, with fresh fluids still glistening on their limbs from the previous ambush.  A few photon grenades were issued and released as the Pathfinders augmented their vision and quickly left the lining untouched, but worried.  The Fire Warrior team was called in and ordered to prepare for an assault from the forest, form any direction and were alarmed.  As the Pathfinders emerged from the tree lines, a few beasts sped from a flank and were preparing to engage the Pathfinders, but were quickly dispatched by a few well placed pulse rifle shots from the Fire Warrior team.  The Devilfish lifted ground and readied weapon systems, but remained near the squads as they hunkered down for anything to approach them.  Cha'Elan wondered what would come of this, as they were now the hunted instead of the hunters and they were in the open, instead of in hiding.

It was then that the wailing and screeching began as a few beasts burst from the tree line from three different directions, but only to be gunned down from precision fire from the teams.  It was too easy to take down a few at a time and Cha'Elan recognized that they were being tested by something much greater.  Attempting to call the fight, he ordered the gunners of the APC's to fallback a few clicks, but to remain mobile and to await further orders and as they Devilfish sped away, there was but silence.  After quite some time, nothing seemed to come, until finally the screeching began again from all directions.  Cha'Elan ordered both teams to form a circle, backs to backs in order to best respond to each new threat as they surgically would pick off each new target.  It was just then that the air under their fatigues moved quickly and the force of the wind was focused just above them as a "Dragon" fell from the sky upon them.  It was a Tyrant class of the beasts and as it fell from the sky and used it's boney wings to form barriers to keep members from fleeing, it quickly smashed through armor, taking lives.  Chal'Elan and his team along with any able Fire Warriors opened fire immediately as the Tyrant gnawed through their brothers and noticed the beasts from the tree lines approaching.  It was then that the Devilfish APC's arrived without being called and in a circle motion, mowed through the encirclement and began to engage the massive Dragon that remained, but could not cause damage.  Finally a well placed Carbine pulse chipped a rough piece of Chitin from the beast's chest as it ripped apart another brother and Cha'Elan realized that if they could focus together upon this place, they could have a chance. Having only seconds to issue the blow, he ordered his pathfinder team to focus on his markerlight's point as he quickly marked his target's weakness and every available rifle was focused into the small chip and fired in unison, causing the chitin plate to fracture and split open.  Bio-acid streamed from the crevices and disabled several Fire Warriors while another was crushed underneath the Dragon's claws, but the team focused repeatedly until the chest of the Dragon burst completely, spilling all of the raw fluids that fed the strength of the Tyrant. 

Only a few Fire Warriors remained along with the Pathfinders, but a few were trapped under the caucus of the Dragon.  Cha'Elan, among them, called for an APC to latch onto the beast and pull it away, as members were suffering from extreme burns from the pool of liquid that formed around them from the body of the beast.

It was Cha'Elan's first encounter with one of the larger specimens.

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