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Mini of the month

Mini Of The Month

Louis' Tau Ethereal Aun'Uil
You can find more about this mini here.

Quote of the Month

"Beware of Xenos bringing peace."

- Inquisitor Halstrom

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The sixth Monthly Tau Online Newsletter Is Here!

Recent News

The forum rules have been re-wrriten for clarity and also to add a few new rules. Please make sure you have read them since the change.

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Top Three non-Tau Topics this Month
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Starting a Tau Army by 42
Hi Everybody!
This is my first article for the TO newsletter so I picked a topic which I can talk for days upon.Tau! Well that is the name of the website after all!

More specifically, over the next few issues of the Tau Online newspaper I am going to be going through how exactly to build a competitive Tau army from scratch. I hope you enjoy this if you are starting Tau, a Newbie to 40k or an experienced veteran!

First Up - Starting Off and Buying Stuff!
What to buy first? Well if you haven't already the codex is the best buy, familiarise yourself with the rules and the units and get a taster of how you want your army to be.

Of course I cannot create an army to appeal to every single player, but what I will try to do is create one that is solid composition wise, a fluffy (typical in 'real life') Tau army, and also one that would do well against all foes!

The first actual buy should be that of the Tau Battle-force. Battle-forces are an excellent way to begin an army and will save you a lot of money. Within the Tau force we get a nice range of models, you have the potential for a solid army with 1 HQ, 2 ELITES, 2 TROOPS and 1 FAST ATTACK already!

Despite this the best way to start checking out your new army is in 400pt combat patrol battles. You won't be using all your models, but it gives you an opportunity to see how each type of unit will fare on its own.

To be able a competitive Combat Patrol immediately I suggest buying one Devilfish troop transport then you are away.Choose a colour scheme and get painting!

Secondly, the army itself
In combat patrols there are certain things you know for definite you won't be facing. Th rules for combat patrol you can find in the back of the fourth edition Warhammer 40k rulebook for further details.

Most armies have access to at least one vehicle, either transport or light skimmer, so it's essential to have the weapons that can take down the enemy vehicles fairly quickly.

Furthermore it can be very helpful to take some armour of your own. Right on the legal limit the devilfish is your only option, but provides the fire warrior cargo with a safe haven from assault and a mobile platform to keep out of trouble and pick the next firing point.

The Fire Warrior and Devilfish option is an obvious choice but a very effective and flexible one too! Equipping the Fire Warrior team with a Shas'ui and the Devilfish with decoy that makes a 215-point squad. With 185 points you still need a few numbers to bulk up that army and some heavier weapons.

With the models you already have you are fairly limited, but the battlesuits can be kitted out to suit any enemy and are ever present in most tau armies. Furthermore if you turn to your Kroot, you have some infiltrators who have a nice number of shots with their rifles and 3 attacks per model on the charge!

It is no crime to take Kroot in small units, and 10 is pretty much all you are going to afford if we are going to be able to squeeze in a couple of battlesuits as well! Use these models to infiltrate and harass, keeping in cover (preferably jungles!) to lure and hide while your fire warriors and battlesuits do the damage!

So finally we just have the two battlesuits to configure and a tight budget of 115 points to play with. Firstly some missile pods are about the most versatile option you can take. Excellent range, decent AP, good strength and rate of fire. As you have no real anti-tank prowess in this army then taking a twin linked missile pod will do for one suit nicely! (57 points.a versatile flamer fills the other slot as this must be done to make the suit legal). The same configuration can be done with the other crisis suit, however I advise taking twin linked plasma rifles for this one. They can knock out light skimmers and also are excellent at cracking those models in power armour! This puts you two points over, hopefully that isn't too much to ask of your opponent! If not than switching the flamers to (totally redundant!) target locks or multi-trackers puts you at 400points exactly!

So what was that army list again?
12 Fire Warriors, Shas'ui
Pulse Rifles

Devilfish Troop Transport, Decoy Launchers - 215pts

10 Kroot Carnivores - 70pts

XV8 Crisis Battlesuit, - 57pts
Twin Linked Missile Pod, Flamer

XV8 Crisis Battlesuit - 60pts
Twin Linked Plasma Rifle, Flamer

- 402
Model Count - 24 (1 Vehicle)

Brought to you by your friendly Aun'Ro'Elan 42

Fluff Feature: The Wych
Written by: Farseer Tyross

The Wych slid the bloody blade from her victim with elegant ease as another of her assailants leaped upon her from behind. Spinning, darting and then leaping away the Wych narrowly avoided the falling rough cut blade of her foe. Darting back into the fray, the Wych drew her dagger across the pink flesh of her prey, gore and the liquids of death begun to gush from her opponents cut jugular.

With another blow, she struck off the latest kill's head, and held it aloft for her fans. With a roar, they screamed back, "Ler'eanna, Ler'eanna, Ler'eanna!" She basked in the glow of her glory and the aura of her fans, she loved every minute of the fight, every second of the applause. She knew what they wanted and they knew what she wanted.

Then, abrutly, they unleashed her new opponents whilst the still fresh blood from her previous kills drained into the sandy soil of the fighting pit. Jumping aside only to catch herself on a single arm, the Wych cartwheeled around her foes in one fluid dance to please the crowds.

An unwary foe came to close and was cut by the sharpened spikes on her armour. She allowed herself a small yet warm smile as he watched the foe bow over the open wound. She knew he was already dead, even now, the poison working it's way into his system.

With an impressive back flip, she brought herself out of the cartwheel and stood there, motionless, awaiting for the first of the humans to rush at her in their ungraceful and clumbsy style.

They dared not move until the one that was poisoned slumped to the floor, then, as one, the humans charged. Whilst she flipped a bladed disk into the face of the first, she thrust a small blade into the second, and then she leapt forward, between the two humans as the two fell behind her.

The next were just as easily dispatched...

Fluff Feature: Under The Veil
Written by: MalVeauX

The trees nestled together as a gentle breeze passed over the furrow on the brow of Aun Cha'Elan.  It was the spring time on this lush moon just in orbit to Dal'Yth.  It had been a strange miracle that such a place still existed here and acted as a meeting ground from time to time for various bureaucrats and representatives who make the most contact with the Gue'la.  It had been many cycles since Cha'Elan had last since had the time to take a small promenade through one of the protected passage ways and found a tranquil peace there that helped him to forget the atrocities he had witnessed, not so long in the distant past and he greatly looked forward to the fulfillment of his command so that he may rest in peace in his old age.

Little did he know that this unusual sense of peace was no trivial memory of chance, but that it was something much more.  Understanding such a time should be virtually impossible on this moon, Cha'Elan awakened from his small dream and he allowed his full senses to take in the ambience around him.

He was not alone.

Worse than being alone, his personal guard and servants were no where to be seen, nor felt, and it was much too quiet and much too serene to be true.  Cha'Elan knew what this was.  He knew who would be able to have the power to come so close, without prior detection.  A faint smile came to his lips and he chuckled to himself while tasting the sweet air, awaiting the silence to be broken by the speech ways of the Gue'la who no doubt were here.  Worried not, Cha'Elan took his seat near an aged arbre that had probably seen better days.

"Doran." He spoke gently.

Cha'Elan was pleased that his assumption was indeed correct, and almost in a fashion of fleeting intrigue, he knew the voice which addressed the silence and was honored by the use of his own tongue before the speech of the Gue'la would commence.

Under a veil of power, Lord Audette had sought audience with Cha'Elan to discuss withdrawal from one of the other moons in the Damocles Gulf which he controlled and knew that the Empire would not leave it untouched as they pass by.  Cha'Elan was always pleased that Lord Audette came in person and in silence and requested simple resolutions prior to pre-planned conflicts of his council.

However, the beginnings of relations between the two were not always thus.

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