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Welcome to the Tau Online Monthly Newsletter!

This Issue:-

Tau Online Meetups

This was written by:
Vermin Lord (FT)

UK Meetup

We are organising another UK Meetup for the weekend of the 7th and 8th of August, 2010 down at Warhammer World in Nottingham.

If you would like to attend the UK Meetup for a few games against your fellow TO'ers, click here for more information.

US Meetup

We are organising the first US Meetup for the weekend of the July 31st/August 1st, 2010 down at Duelling Ground, Toronto Ontario.

If you would like to attend to US Meetup for a few games against your fellow TO'ers, click here for more information.

Tau Online Podcasts

This was written by:
Vermin Lord (FT)

This month, we have had a look at doing a monthly (or even bi-monthly) podcast to go alongside this very humble email Newsletter.

Although this is still very much in the works at the time of writing, we are looking to expanding this newsletter to feature audio elements and producing a pod cast for the community. So watch this space!

Competitions Update

This was written by:
Hive Lord

We've had a very busy and exciting month here at Contests HQ!

At the beginning of the month we finished off our first ever Model Giveaway in the form of The Grand Genestealer Paint-off, which saw Mr Chaos scuttle his way to victory with a superbly dramatic encounter in the darkness.

Article image

We've also managed to obtain some sponsorship from the very lovely folks over at MiniWarGaming:

Article image

who were happy to provide us with some rather nice prizes for the New Tyranid contest - The Great Beast is come.

This contest is for any of the new Tyranid models, or any of the new Tyranid creatures converted using the new models.

Not only do you get the chance to show off these pretty incredible sculpts, but the first three places in the contest will win prizes!

First place: $30
Second place: $15
Third place: $5

Prizes are in the form of vouchers for MiniWarGaming's online store, which already knocks a sizeable chunk off of retail price, so, to be honest, there's pretty much no reason not to enter this competition.

To allow you all a chance to get your entries in following this delicious revelation, we extended the deadline by a couple of weeks. Because, you know, we're nice like that.

The deadline for entries is now the 7th of June - don't miss out on this opportunity!
Also, the more entries we get, the more chance there is of getting other contests sponsored too, so everyone wins!

We've also just reached the gripping conclusion of our Conversions Contest, which has proved as popular as ever.

We had literally buckloads of entries, so we divided them up with our dividing hammer (it's a very precise and delicate tool) into Master and Novice Tiers.

Voting was close on both sides of the fence, but ultimately saw Carreilo claim first place for Novice with this Battlesuit:

Article image
Article image
and Supers0nic reach the corresponding position in the Master tier with his gruesome Nurgle Dreadnaught:

Article image
Article image

Another new thing this month (this is like Christmas! Except better!) is the Competition Poll of the Month, which gives you, the competition-going public, the chance to have your say on the way our contests are run. This month we've been asking whether people want to see an optional caption or title alongside each entry.

The results are in, and it seems that captions are more popular than England's Eurovision entry (not difficult, I admit) and so from now on you'll be able to submit a caption or title of up to ten words in length with your entry! Exciting!

The question for June is...

Should Forgeworld Models be allowed in contests?

Remember, the results of these polls are final - you say it, we do it. Get your vote in now!

As for new contests this month, we've got a couple of rather tasty treats for you.

Summer Slaughter is the newest incarnation of what used to be Doom In June - now twice as long, with twice as much gore! This contest's for the casualties; the wounded, the dying and the dead. It's always a good laugh - extra points for creative demises!

Tau Online Grand Summer Story Competition is our biggest competition of the year by a long shot. Not for the faint hearted, this contest gives you three months to write a 3,000 to 10,000 word story set in the 40k or Fantasy universe. Interested? Better crack out a fresh inkwell...
As per usual, we'll be giving out some awesome prizes for this one. Stay tuned for details!

Don't forget we're also current running our Troops Contest and the Source Lighting Contest - there's still more than enough time to splash around in your paint pots for a bit and rustle up an entry for each of these!

The days may be getting longer, but this should be more than enough to fill those extra hours...

Teh Interview with Circus, the Harlequin Prince of Tau Online!

This was written by:

I'm pretty sure everybody wants to be entertain by the local circus act of Circus! He's been around for quite awhile to create a reputation for himself in partner with Wargamer, his alleged lover  Shifty Circus is well known for his writing skills that have burst lungs and bruise laughing muscles as well as for his knack of not finishing any of them  Tongue Anyway, I'm sure you want to hear from the harlequin himself, Circus!  Grin

How did you find Tau Online?
Well... looks like right off the bat we're entering dodgy territory from my past I'd rather not bring up. I found Tau Online via the wonder that is Google, I was looking for somewhere to post pictures of my newly completed... Oh God, I can barely say it... Tau Titan. It's in my first ever post, if you wish to look for it.

What 40k armies do you play and why?
In my time I have at least proxied virtually everything but I spend most of my time with Space Marines and Eldar. Eldar were my first love in 40k, they were what I started playing for, and when I say "Eldar" I mean it in the same way someone might say "Humans." Craftworlders, Harlequins, Dark Eldar, Exodites... I love them all. Space Marines are just grand because if you know what you're doing you can do almost anything you like with them. In both cases, battlefield effectiveness takes a backseat to fluff awesome. It's nice to win games, but it's more important to be awesome.

Where does your current display name come from?
About six or seven years ago when I was either fourteen or fifteen some guys a few years above me in school created a forum, the whole purpose of which was essentially to ta'uk'me about the school. I was having dire trouble creating a username, so I asked a friend of mine if he had any ideas. He offered "Circus Freak" and when questioned why responded only "Because you are." So I used that for pretty much everything on the internet, and when I started playing Counterstrike Source I discovered quite quickly that it was being shortened almost always to "Circus" as it takes one less precious syllable to say, and time is most definitely a factor in a firefight. Since then, it's always been Circus. Not just online, but in the real world too. The only people who don't call me Circus are people who knew me before I was around 18, as that's when I started introducing myself as it in real life rather than simply answering to it.

Where does your current avatar come from?
It's me at a fancy dress party in costume as Tim Minchin.

What is it with you and red hair?
Again, we're going back a long way. When I was... fifteen/sixteen (it can't have been more than a couple of months before my sixteenth if it was) I decided to dye my hair red for the first time. As soon as I did it, I thought "Yes, this is right." Ever since... it doesn't feel like I "dye my hair red." Sometimes I dye my hair other colours, but red is my "natural" colour.

What is it about Harlequins that interests you?
I like the colours and the aesthetic, but most of all I like the ethos. It's like the Joker or Carnage except fundamentally optimistic, which is... essentially how I live. When Cegorach arrived at the scene of the Fall he saw all these horrific daemons of Slaanesh raping his people and he just laughed at the absurdity of it all, and Slaanesh couldn't take that, and that's why he managed to escape and save so many Eldar in the process. I like that they're fearless, too. There is nothing left that can frighten them because in death they strengthen Cegorach and live in eternal laughter with him.

What made you start writing fluff?
I don't know, in all honesty. I've always loved writing and creating things with my mind, and whilst I cannot remember the details I know that my very first 40k army (Dark Eldar) had named commanders and background, so I don't think I've ever NOT done it. It's just as time's gone on I've got much, much better at it. I'm not a ten year old kid anymore.

Have you ever finished a full story?
On TO? I genuinely don't think, excepting short stories that were never more than one post in length, that I have. I always have far too many projects on the go and even as things get into gear I have another idea I love even more.

How do you write army lists so fast?
Right, I know you mean Codex army lists rather than "1,500pts of X", but I'll address the latter briefly: Army Builder. It kicks dyi.
Now onto what you actually wanted me to answer. I don't know. I set myself a week to do the Necron Codex, I did it in three days. Sure I missed the deadline, but that had nothing to do with not having enough time, I was just doing other things. Similarly, I set a week each for the Chaos Legions, but that wasn't because I needed a week to do it in, it was because I wanted the leeway in case other things caught my attention. Every single one wasn't done in more than two or three hours, even the ones that weren't released on time. As for how I do it, I just find it very easy and natural. I mean, I know the statline, rules and points of every item in the game. Not off by heart (I'm not a total geek Tongue), but I have them all easily accessible. The amount of time the GW Definition: Games Workshopstaff devotes to playtesting is an absolute y'xa'uuk joke. If the writers knew how the points system worked, each new book would need maybe a week's worth of gaming, couple of games a day, to iron out the kinks. The most frustrating thing, though, about writing rules in the current climate is the rampant Codex Creep they have going on. I want to write rules that people want to use, and that doesn't mean writing stuff that's overpowered or silly (I'm looking at you, Mr Ward), that means writing rules that have a fair go against everything else that's out, and everything else that's out has a fair go at them. But I'm forced to up the ante because of the Codex Creep, because if I didn't everyone would look at my codexes or lists and say "Well, that's underpowered." And it's a fine line, because if I go too far the other way people will take them to their LGS and their opponents will go "ZOMG no way you're having that." They probably feel the same about the official books too, but they can't actively stop someone using Codex: Blood Angels off the shelf. They can stamp down on Codex: Alpha Legion, even though Codex: Alpha Legion express nothing LIKE the silliness in Codex: Blood Angels.

When can we expect the next installment of TO Rangers?  I want more. Tongue
Haha, at some point. I purposefully put it in the Enclave rather than fluff/stories and didn't say "UPDATES SOON!" because I didn't want to fall into this trap again. It's a laugh. I have some other plot ideas and I may do them, but with TO Rangers I never made any promises. Any TO Rangers stories you get are a bonus, so see them that way =)

What's your opinion of the writers at GW? What you think of Matthew Ward? What you think of Phil Kelly?
For my opinion of Matthew Ward, just look a couple of questions up. It's pretty clear, I think. He's a toy salesman. Phil Kelly, on the other hand, I am a big fan of. He has done a lot of my favourite things to come out of GW,Definition: Games Workshop and while I've never met the guy (I'd like to), his heart is almost certainly in the right place.

If you were to be able to get GW Definition: Games Workshopto introduce a new race or reintroduce an old race for either game system, what would they be and why?
Exodites deserve to have more stuff done for them and always have, but I can't in good faith say "Exodites" because it's pretty easy to represent them and Eldar already have pretty high representation compared to some things. I want to see more of the Demiurg, their stuff in Battlefleet Gothic is so cool and it just demands for more to be revealed.

What's your favourite Specialist Game, and why?
Battlefleet Gothic. Not only my favourite Specialist Game, but my favourite game GW Definition: Games Workshopproduces at all. It's bloody cool and I love the system to death. I've been wanting to play Epic a lot recently, though.

If there was a single piece of Games Workshop background that you could strike from the record, what would it be?
Anything "bloody stupid." For example, Calgar punching out an Avatar.

What is usually the inspiration behind the Fluff that you write?
It can be anything. Most of it just flows from my brain through my fingers onto my keyboard into my laptop and through the ether to you =P sometimes I'll be struck by something, though, like Peyo's colour scheme, which spawned the Thunderbolts; and they're one of my favourite creations ever.

Do you really plan on overthrowing FT, and claiming TO as your own?
The psychedelic ninja killer clowns are already in place.

Beside your self's and eachother who's posts make you giggle or laugh the most?
It actually takes quite a lot to make me laugh in just the written word. Fish Ead does it possibly more than most.

When was the last time someone used your post as a signature?
I don't know for sure, I think it's Chapter Master Seth's quote from me about him being a gym leader ;P

If you were forced to enter the 40k universe, and thus live the life of a 'normal' human being (presumably in a hive), how would you cope?
This is 40k we are talking about. Therefore: incredibly badly.

If you could actually choose what to live your life as in the 40k universe, what would it be? (eg: Space Marine Tactical, Imperial artillery commander, Dark eldar warrior, Skull probe, etc...)
Oh, you're giving me the full run of the races? Damn, that's made it VERY difficult. Any one of Reaver Titan Princeps, Inquisitor or Great Harlequin (in no particular order) would be nice.

Is the eldar campaign going to see similar competition in other army boards?
That's the plan.

And are they going to be more accepting of Crash Bandicoot characters?
I sincerely doubt it Wink

Da Interview with Rafe (or whatever name he goes by the time you read this)!

This was written by:

Any Enclavite worth his booze would know Rafe. For those who doesn't (normally a non-Enclavite) or Enclavites who can't hold his drink, Rafe is a gender-confused gamer who also can't decide what his name and his avatar is. He's been a Moderator for the Enclaves for quite some time now and everybody loves to chat with him...her...whatever! Needless to say he's been a pretty good bouncer of the Enclaves; keeping the riff-raff out as well as making sure no one "spills other people's drinks on purpose." So remember to tip him on your way out, give a warm welcome to Rafe!

*Disclaimer: I, Zenai, am in no way responsible if his answers about his name and avatar doesn't match the one he is using by the time you're reading this. He keeps changing his forum name and avatar as he likes godammit!

How did you find Tau Online?
Was browsing the internet at college instead of working, and google'd Tau Forum - I'd previously been on Warseer, but that wasn't Tau centric enough. TO was the first result, and I signed up straight away.

What 40k armies do you play and why?
Tau (duh Tongue) and Eldar, with Dark Eldar coming back when they get re-released. DE were my first ever 40k army, I loved the background on them and they were so much fun to play, despite being the hardest army to ever start playing with. From there I moved onto Eldar, and when Tau came out I was hooked. I liked the difference in them - that they weren't the same grimdark of the rest of the game and actually cared about people who were in their empire (even if they joined at gun point, once in they were still respected).

Where does your current display name come from?
Current display name is a name I've had for years on here (and no matter what I change it to, people still use Rafe). Its a character from the novel "Blood and Chocolate".

Where does your current avatar come from?
Current avatar comes from a 4chan thread on vampire girls (what! You all go there as well!)

What is it with you and chicks for your avatars?
Not entirely sure. It started years ago when I had the red headed vampire girl whose eyes flashed, and I used that one on a whim. Since then, its just seemed normal for my internet profile to use a chick.

Are you weird?
Its more fun than being mundane Tongue

Is it true that you and Silk are actually both cloned from the same person? hence the gender confusing?
Its possible. I'm not entirely sure, but I reckon a DNA test might be a good idea Cheesy

I've heard that you're a massive Twilight fangirlboy.  What was it that first attracted you to vampires and later to Robert Pattinson's bushy caterpillar eyebrows?
Twifaggotry aside, I don't actually know. I think a lot of it stems from Underworld - and Selene. I have a most likely fatal attraction to women who can kick dyi, and watching her duel wielding and blowing away werewolves held an instant attraction. And of course, as you look into other vampire based urban fiction you see a lot of women like this, strong, tough, not going to take any shtlk etc. So I think thats part of it.

The other side is that I love the taste of blood (I'm not weird!) and thats kinda a big thing with vampires. So it all meshes togethor into a liking of the myths.

Twilight is just shtlk though. Bloody sparklepants.

If you had to hate one unit each from 40K and Fantasy, what would it be and why?
40k is easy - anything non vanilla space marines. I don't give a rats dyi  about chapter differences, Eldar craftworlds hold massive differences, ork clanz do - yet its only space marines who get books and models to support what are relatively minor differences when compared to the big picture. Its stupid, fanboyish, and is killing the game.

Fantasy is harder. I've yet to meet anything massively unbalanced or stupid - its a much more superior game system. I think my most annoying unit would be Night Gobbo Fanatics - they are so random they tear up your strategy the minute they pop out! Not in a bad way, because its always fun watching them tear around the battlefield.

If you were to be able to get GW Definition: Games Workshopto introduce a new race or reintroduce an old race for either game system, what would they be and why?
I'd rather see Dark Eldar back before a new race came in, tbh. As my first ever army, I have such a longing to play with them again. I don't think I'd like to see old races back, like squats, as the game universe has changed. The squats belonged to a particular game style which was fine - but unless massively redone, which would probably kill their character, I don't think they would fit in the current style.

What's your favourite Specialist Game, and why?
I honestly don't know, they are all awesome. Been playing Bloodbowl recently, which is insanely fun, played BFG which is well, SPACESHIPS! and we're starting Inquisitor over the coming weeks which is epic fun.

If there was a single piece of Games Workshop background that you could strike from the record, what would it be?
Some of the Heresy stuff is a bit klkn. I'd reintroduce Ollanius Pious, because not having him in that final fight takes so much of the impact out of it. Its the same as the american remake of Let the right one in - by calling it simply "let me in" they are missing a huge point of the story.

I'd remove anything shadowsun/aun'va from the background as well, its silly. The "defeating a hive fleet without a loss" is fine, but it should have been written sooooo much better.

How long have you been a Mod?
Um, not entirely sure.

When you became a Mod, did it change your perception of how the Site worked?
Not so much how it worked, but it did of the members (and in a good way). As a mod, instead of just seeing tons of people chatting about random 40k stuff, you see an amazing community that seems to contain the best people from the game. I dunno, it just makes you proud to be a member of said community.

Beside yourself and each other, who's posts make you giggle or laugh the most?
Anything by Lonely, or SILK are always good fun. Mkoll is another great poster. And I always love reading Wargamer's posts - because he reminds me of Jeremy Clarkson. Even if it might not the be "politically correct" thing to say, he will still speak his mind, albeit within reason.

Have you ever seen something so over the top that you really wanted it right now?
Anything Forgeworld release. I could spend my entire wages there each month and still not be satisfied. They just bring out the best models. Oh, and everything eve ever announces like Incarna. Sure it will probably get boring ten minutes in, but I want it now!

If you were forced to enter the 40k universe, and thus live the life of a 'normal' human being (presumably in a hive), how would you cope?
Same way I cope with modern world - lots of alchohol and escapism Smiley Until Chaos invaded and killed us all of course.

If I could choose, then it would have to be as a member of a Rogue Traders entourage, either shore party or bridge crew or something. Excitement, danger, above just about every law the imperium has, and not giving a damn about the ones you're not above? Count me in!

What do you consider moderating the Enclave to be like?
Moderating the enclave is like running a massive pub. Everywhere you go, there are groups of people chilling out, relaxing, talking about all kinds of random stuff that enters their heads. Theres a serious area, where people are involved in deep political and philisophical debates.

Occasionaly, you have to reach behind the bar and get your thumping stick. But most of the time a quiet word from the bar staff and people keep themselves cool.

Rumour Round-Up

This was written by:
Masked Thespian

It's been a busy month in the News and Rumours Board with discussion on everything from Forge World's latest releases to the upcoming Ultramarines movie.  Here's a quick look at what we've been talking about.

Breaking news - a change in Games Workshop paint pots?

Posted just now is a report that Games Workshop seems to be switching their entire paint pot range over to the Foundation paint style.  No discussion has, as of writing this, yet been made so any and all contributions will be at the forefront of this latest news, as found in the "Paint Pots Changing Again?" thread.

Daemons Ahoy!

The second wave of Daemons, set for release in August, is a hot topic at the moment.  With a wide variety of units due to come out, including the ever so popular Fateweaver, formerly out-of-print Seekers of Slaanesh (in an all new format), and the long-awaited plastic Daemon Prince, there's something for almost every servant of the ruinous powers.  Pictures of the new models, along with a discussion of their potential prices, can be found in the "Something's stirring in the warp..." thread.

Forge World

By the time you read this, the majority of things I'll be talking about will no longer be news and rumours but will instead be on general release and known about.  Ah well, such is life. 

Forge World have been busy this month, with many releases for the Orks and Raven Guard Space Marines, due to the release of their latest Imperial Armour book, Imperial Armour Eight - Raid on Kastorel-Novem.  The forces of the Orks have been bolstered with many new contraptions such as the ChinOrk Big Copta, Battlewagon LiftaDropper and Kustom Stompa with Belly Gun as well as an Ork Weapons set for all you aspiring Mekboyz out there.  The ranks of the Raven Guard have also been swelled with the addition of Shadow Captain Korvydae, a Raven Guard Upgrade Set, Thunderhawks, Thunderhawk Transporters and MkIIB Land Raiders.

June Price Increases

Games Workshop's annual price increases are upon us once more, with practically every army and game system being affected in one form or another.  Discussion of this has been taking place in the "Price Increases in June" thread, with a friendly reminder to keep things on topic and vitriol free please.

The next Warhammer 40,000 army will be...?

Rumours still abound regarding the next Warhammer 40,000 army release, but the forerunners are Dark Eldar and Daemonhunters.  Many things have been heard on both fronts, though it seems slightly more likely that Daemonhunters will be next up, pushing Dark Eldar back yet again.  Why not come take a look at the relevant threads, "Rumors of the coming Dark" and "In the absence of light, darkness prevails (Ordo Malleus rumors)", and join in the discussion?


Some of you by now will have received this month's White Dwarf and will be salivating over the latest expansion, Spearhead.  Over the course of the past month we've discussed the upcoming model releases such as the Eldar Support Weapon Platform, Imperial Guard Manticore/Deathstrike Missile Launcher and the bitz release of the Apocalypse Command Sprue.  Rules for the Night Spinner have been leaked via Bell of Lost Souls and are being discussed in the "New Fire Prism (and Night Spinner)" thread whilst discussion of the other models has been taking place in the "First Spearhead Models" thread.

Throne of Skulls

A relatively new piece of news, Games Workshop have announced their intentions to take their Throne of Skulls Grand Tournaments further afield.  Very little is known at this point beyond their initial announcement but be sure to keep tabs on the "Throne of Skulls" thread for further details as and when they crop up.

Ultramarines: The Movie

Games Workshop's latest foray beyond the tabletop is their upcoming cinematic release, Ultramarines.  Little is known at this point other than the names of some of the cast (including venerable actors Terence Stamp, Sean Pertwee and John Hurt) and that the script, penned by Dan Abnett, has been finalised.  As of the 29th of May, a teaser trailer featuring Captain Severus of the Ultramarines' Second Company is available to view on their main website.  Response to the trailer has been rather lacklustre but why not check it out and then come share your views in our "Ultramarines the movie" thread?

Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition

July is the release date for the latest edition of Warhammer: The game of Fantasy Battles.  We know a little at this point, including the fact that it'll be 528 pages long, and seems to include more scenarios than 7th Edition did but any more than that is just wild speculation at this point.  If you've got anything to contribute, please make your way to the "Warhammer book incoming" thread.

Latest News:-

News Item:
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If you want to take part in the weekends events and battles, drop by!
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Latest Article:-

Written by: BlairH, [View article here]

Sa'Cea XV84 Shas'el De'mure (BATTLESUIT COMMANDER)

Made a nice custom base for this one. I used a floor tile from some cityscape terrain and some other gubbins. I like including symbolism in my models. The high tech tau commander represents change, and modernity, the ruined building represents the crumbling institutions of the old, Imperial order, and the war grave represents the death of the old order, giving rise to the new, and also the futility of resisting change. Which surprised me a bit as I am, politically, a conservative at heart.
Here's my recipe:
(1) Spray black

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