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This was written by:
Vermin Lord (FT)

This month, I've been concentrating on my Skaven with quite a bit of success.

Although I still have around 70 Skavenslaves yet to paint (at the time of writing), the current project is my scratch-built (erm, scratch sculpted Wink) Hell Pit Abomination, which may grace the forums sometime soon when it's nearer finished.

Aside from that, the Forums haven't had much to talk about except the recent additions to the member Profiles. We have recently added two new fields, the first being the national flag field where members can select their country they currently reside in and the second being the 'Nearest Gaming Club' field which you guys can use to tell us where you regularly game so people using the same store can perhaps find local members and maybe arrange a game.

Contests Update

This was written by:
Hive Lord

Here's a monthly update from your oh-so-lovely Competition Committee!

We've just seen an end to the Vehicle Contest, which boasted fifteen excellent entries, and was won by Murchankite's fantastic Chaos Titan.
Article image
We've also seen three ingenious money-saving ideas battle it out for the crown of Poorhammer champion - eventually More Dakka's paper Dreadnought beat a burning drop-pod and an empty-base proxy to the post.
Article image

There was a few technical difficulties on the first day of April, which led to some last minute competition changes and a drastic new set of rules for submission, but luckily we managed to get both of these issues sorted overnight and restore the contests to their original state.

To join the currently running Elite and WHFB contests, we've addded a couple of competitions which should prove particularly popular - 'The Great Beast is Come' is for the new Tyranid models, and the old favourite Conversion Contest takes the focus away from the painting for a bit and lets people show off their modelling creativity!

Make sure you also keep an eye on the Grand Genestealer Paint-off, which should be coming to a gripping conclusion this month!


Ze Interview with Fish_Ead, the Trap-sensing Ork/Fish Admiral

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As some of you may have noticed, the Interviews have been revived and it's back with a vengeance. We already did a poll to decide which of the Mods (who haven't been interviewed yet nor MIA) the members want to interrogate...I mean...interview. I've decided to have at least 2 Moderators to be interviewed each Newsletter issue. So be sure to tell your friends and subscribe to our Newsletter!

Our first Moderator up is our beloved Fish_Ead or Fishy as we call him affectionately. It's a trap! Just kidding. As our more senior members have already know, Fish_Ead is readily identifiable by his Admiral Ackbar avatar and his warnings of traps. His contribution to the forum is quite impressive and well known for being an Ork Mek when it comes to conversions. It is no wonder that Fish_Ead is one of the first Moderators that the members want to interview. So give him a round of applause and welcome him to the stage. Also, leave your traps at the entrance. Can't have him shouting traps every 5 minutes, can we?

1) How did you find Tau Online?
It was a long time ago so my memory may not be great, but I think the name of the forum just came up in idle conversation with a buddy of mine.  At the time I had just started putting together a tau army so I figured it wouldn't hurt to register an account in case I ever wanted to get feedback on an army list or something.

2) What 40k armies do you play and why?
At the moment, I'm primarily playing my orks.  I've long had an affinity with the 'ol green skinned soccer hooligans.  I'm actually a big time conversion nut and I've always found that orks give me a blank check for mayhem.  They've spawned a number of spin off projects, including my "Walkin' Thunda" Armoured Battlegroup.

I also have Tau, Marine, Chaos and Nids, though unfortunately none of them have been seeing much table time of late due to issues making my old lists work either under a newer codex or the core 5th edition rules.

Oh yeah, I also play skaven in fantasy.  Yeah, that's not a 40k army but Tongue.  They're so very entertaining, even when a warpfire thrower explodes, killing a dozen of your own models and panics your general's unit.  OK, I nearly pull my hair out in frustration when that happens (and yes, it does), but my opponents seem to enjoy it greatly.

3) Where does your current display name come from?
Well, as I said in my previous answer, I'm quite the ork fan.  "Fish Ead" is commonly used among ork players as a slang term for tau, much like eldar are called "panzees" or marines "beakies".  So I though it appropriate to use an orky term for a tau as my username.  Contrary to popular belief it does not stem from my choice of avatar.

4) Where does your current avatar come from?
Once the term "Fish Ead" had been established as orky slang for tau, my mind somehow made the connection between the blue-ish grey aliens this site is named for and Admiral Ackbar or Star Wars fame.  In retrospect it probably doesn't make a huge amount of sense, what with tau actually liking arid climates and all, but that didn't stop me from shouting "It's a trap!" every time one of my hammerheads got shot down.  So when I turned up on the site, the good admiral was a natural choice.  The top hat was originally added as part of a tribute to the late KJ that many members took part in, but I thought the admiral looked quite sharp in it so I've stuck with the modified version to this day.

5) What is your favorite character in fluff?
I gotta go with Wazzdakka.  Madcap orkiness at it's finest.  I have the feeling this guy's a popular choice.

6) Which codex are you most looking forward to being updated?
I'd actually love to see the tau book redone as the new edition really hurt my style of army.  I'd love a chance to break out my "Flying Fools" once again.

7) If you could choose a new faction to be given a codex (from existing fluff) what faction and why?
Well, I'd love to see the Ordo Xenos get their own book to complete the =I= trilogy, but unfortunately the signs are not favourable for this.

Cool What is your least favorite army to play against and why?
Used to be Necrons, but in 5th the "magic bb" shot is much rarer.  Haven't actually played against it yet, but I'd probably not enjoy a game against a Tervigon spamming nid list.  However, that new Blood Angel book will likely produce something that I'll deem a dreadsockable offense.

9) If you could give one piece of advice to those first starting 40k what would it be?
I suppose I'd say to try your hand at every aspect of the hobby.  I've always thought to get the full enjoyment of things you need the full experience.

10) How has 40k changed since you started playing?
I'm gonna sound like an old man telling stories about the war here, but here goes.  I started out in the dying days of 2nd edition.  Back in those days, games tended to be significantly smaller due to the fact that just about everything cost more.  A side effect of this was that they were able to get a LOT more detail into the game.  There was an entire book, equal in size to the main rules, that detailed weapons and wargear, and that was just in the core box!  An expansion (Dark Millenium) was later released that included about a forest's worth of wargear and psychic power cards on top of the aforementioned wargear book.  Oh and did I mention that every vehicle had it's own damage chart?  With wacky results like the turret flying off and potentially crushing people?

3rd edition really was a HUGE change.  The average number of models on the table nearly doubled due to reduced pts costs on many things.  This took the typical game from a small skirmish to a full on battle.  The growth in game size unfortunately necessitated the removal of a lot of the fun little details and funky special rules in the game which I kinda miss.

11) What was your most ambitious/awesome hobby-related project to date?  Pictures?
My Walkin' Thunda army probably still takes the cake.  I've done fully converted armies before, but nothing on this scale.  Literally every model in it was some frankensteinian monster of parts from multiple kits.  Even the lil grotsmen were a mix of cadian and goblin parts!  My bitz box is still feeling the after effects of that one!  It shouldn't be too hard to find the pictures with a simple forum search.

10) What has been the defining moment in warhammer for you so far?
Defining moment eh? (yes, I just said eh)  Gonna sound like a broken record here, but taking Best Army at Astro in 2008 with my Walkin' Thunda was a big one.
Down the line in 5 or 10 years, how do you think warhammer will have changed?
If the most recent codexes are any indication I'm actually not very optimistic.  Hopefully though, they'll be able to reverse some of the negative trends many of us are seeing and prevent such things as codex creep.

11) What do you want to see changed in the 6th edition rules?

To be honest, I'd love to see a re write from the ground up, but I doubt that'll happen, so here's my more realistic list.
-Back to normal VPs.  KP are terribly imbalanced.
-Passengers get to fire after their transport moves up to 12".  I miss being able to perform drive-by shootings.
-The ability to inflict multiple wounds on a monstrous creature in a single shot.  Not just instant death.  Tanks to down to a single lascannon hit, why should a living tank be 4x as tough?
-Better scenarios in the core rules.
-Did I mention, no more KP?

12) If you could have any Forgeworld model and money wasn't an option, what would you get?
Manta.  I'd build coasters into it and use it as a table.

13) What metal models would you like to see a plastic model made for?

Technically I could demand a Thunderhawk as they did make a metal version (actual metal, the damn thing weighed a ton!), but I'd love to see a multipart plastic warboss kit like they did for the marine commander.  Yeah, I know there was a boss in the Black Reach box, but that doesn't count Tongue

14) What was the most annoying model for each of you to build?
I helped a buddy put together a bretonnian trebuchet once.  Nearly threw the damn thing across the room.

Ja Interview with Chapter Master Seth, the Flesh-Tearing Chatter-Stalker

This was written by:

The second Moderator up for sacrifice is Chapter Master Seth or previously known as Droids_Rule. He was recently promoted to Moderator and Chapter Master of the Space Marines Board. Any Chatter and Enclavite will know this little kid who spams up the TO Chatroom and the Enclaves. He's quite well known for his knowledgeable of Space Marines (or at least Codex: Space Marine and Codex: Blood Angels and he hates Codex: Space Wolves) and their fluff as well as being a good fellow to chat with. Anyway, I shall not make thee wait any longer. Give it up for Seth!

1) How did you find Tau Online?
I was browsing the internet for 40k related stuffs in April of '07, most recently Cities of Death boards - I had not made my own terrain yet - and Google led me here. I had only been playing 40k for a few months.

2) What 40k armies do you play and why?
I play Tyranids, my first and my largest army, because I thought they looked awesome. I got a small Eldar army shortly after because of the new release and the sweet models. Then I managed a small Daemonhunters army which hardly gets played but has some of my favorite conversion in it, again because the army is just cool - fingers crossed for a 5th ed codex! And, most recently, Flesh Tearers, which I started collecting a few months before a Blood Angels codex was even on the radar, because their Chapter Master's name is the same as mine!

3) Where does your current display name come from?
It is quite random and cryptic isn't it? Tongue

4) Where does your current avatar come from?
It's some fan art of the Blood Angels. Aun edited it for me to look like Flesh Tearers instead.

5) I heard the only things that come out from Texas are Steers and Queers. You can't be a Steer so you must be a Queer, right?
I'm the exception to that rule.

6) Are you happy with the new Blood Angels codex?
I honestly find it... a bit over the top. I'm not exactly abusing the new rules and units but the possibility is there - it feels a step above the Space Wolves, and pretty far ahead of the vanilla 5th ed codex. Blood Talons are possibly the worst culprit.

7) Are you stalking Silk Spectre, if not do you have any plans to in the near future?
No, but I'm absolutely positive that she's stalking me.

Cool If you could have any Forge World model and money wasn't an option, what would you get?
Just one model? My real dream would be either a Krieg or Elysian army, since they're 10x more badass than Cadians. But if I'm going with a single model, definitely a Heirophant to leas my 4k+ points of Nids to battle!

9) Tea or coffee?

10) Gun or sword?
Gun. I refer you to Raiders of the Lost Ark for my reasoning as to why.

11) How does it feel to finally see the Flesh Tearer's Chapter Master be given rules?
Awesome! Especially considering they're not bad rules; he's a focused beast rather than a blinged out, 200+ point heavyweight like the rest of the fay Blood Angels. The fact that none of the other successors got special rules, as rumored, makes me feel very special, and lucky.

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If you want to take part in the weekends events, drop by!
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Written by: BlairH, [View article here]

Sa'Cea XV84 Shas'el De'mure (BATTLESUIT COMMANDER)

Made a nice custom base for this one. I used a floor tile from some cityscape terrain and some other gubbins. I like including symbolism in my models. The high tech tau commander represents change, and modernity, the ruined building represents the crumbling institutions of the old, Imperial order, and the war grave represents the death of the old order, giving rise to the new, and also the futility of resisting change. Which surprised me a bit as I am, politically, a conservative at heart.
Here's my recipe:
(1) Spray black

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