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We are organising a Northern US meetup of members over the weekend of the 31st July and 1st August.

If you want to take part in the weekends events, drop by!
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The following contests are in the voting phase - make sure you check out the entries and vote for your favourites!
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The pictures are up for the UK meetup which has recently took place.. Take a peek!
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The following contests are currently open for submissions: Send in your entries now!

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Written by: AEoikdlr, [View article here]

Ork Army List Tactica

Deathwing. Ravenwing. These are the hammer and scythe of the Dark Angels. Mounted in godlike Terminator Armor or speedy bikes, these Space Marines are the bane of all who oppose them. Surely none can stand in their way as they carve a bloody path in the name of the Immortal God-Emperor.
The forgotten undead slowly rise from their status on the numerous Tomb Worlds scattered throughout the galaxy. Left for millions of years in renourishing  slumber, the Necrons now rise out of ground to destroy the enemies of the Necrotyr once an...

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Tetrino Aftercresent Re: infantry and how to use them 2010/03/05
Dobb Zenai Re: infantry and how to use them 2010/03/05
Tau-killer Zoe Graystone Re: Need maths help 2010/03/04
Tetrino Aftercresent Re: Are Ogryns worth it? 2010/03/04
chicop76 Crisis_Vyper Re: Thinking of starting Daemons... 2010/03/04
Nidhogg Crisis_Vyper Re: Thinking of starting Daemons... 2010/03/04
Papa_Wheely Faster Tuner (FT) Re: Motivation 2010/03/03
crazyguy832 Faster Tuner (FT) Re: GW Gallery Image Removal 2010/03/03
Scout Sergeant Mkoll Faster Tuner (FT) 2010/03/03
Faster Tuner (FT) Faster Tuner (FT) 2010/03/03

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