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Farseer Tyross

Well this month saw some more changes to the Army List section of the site.

You guys can now convert your Army Lists into a variety of formats like rich text formats (.rtf), HTML and even PDF formats.  There is still a bit of work left to do before they're "finalised" but what you've got there are ready to go and be used!

And in other news this month, more work has been done on the next Tau Online Campaign (in secret as its now where near ready).

Here is a section of a screenshot from the up-coming Campaign. It is still early days, so this probably won't be the final "product" of my efforts.
Article image
So I hope some of you will help me in the coming months to test it but more news on that later.


Product Review: Pegasus Hobbies

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I recently purchased their River Set 4' Long (#5120) from Pegasus Hobbies.  This company sells inexpensive pre-painted gaming terrain.

The product retails for $27.99 and doesn't quite include 4' of river.  Instead, the kit contains 2 12" straight rivers, 2 6" rivers and 2 ~4" 45 turns.  The total linear length is closer to 38".  The rivers themselves are ~4" wide and are made from plastic much in the fashion of the new Planetstrike terrain but much thicker and more durable.  The paint job is tabletop quality (see above link).  The river pieces interlock, which is nice, and all seem to fit together decently.

Overall, I'd give this product 4 of 5 stars for its value and overall quality.  This isn't a centerpiece or even the best river I've seen.  But for the price, you really can't beat this pre-painted terrain.

Pegasus Hobbies sells a variety of terrain pieces from these rivers to bunkers to village houses.  Their products are definitely worth a look if you're looking for some inexpensive  pre-painted terrain that will be "good enough" this might be fore you.  I'm very happy with my purchase and I'll probably be picking up some of their stuff in the future.

Army List Updates!

This was wrote by:
Farseer Tyross

The last month as seen a few more changes to the Army List section!

Check out the latest changes and improvements below:

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We are organising a UK meetup of members over the weekend of the 6th/7th of Feb.

If you want to take part in the weekends events, drop by!
News Item:
We are organising a Northern US meetup of members over the weekend of the 31st July and 1st August.

If you want to take part in the weekends events, drop by!
News Item:
We are currently running a Seal competition to design the next set of seals for use with our official competitions.

Read more about it here
News Item:
We are currently running the following competitions: Another contest will be added shortly!

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Written by: Ravager Zero, [View article here]

Fusionhead Gunship Conversion

So, some of you may remember me posting a heavily converted Sky Ray up some time ago. Today, as there is a big battle at the LGS tomorrow, I challenged myself to make an entire, fully converted, fusionhead gunship in the same vein as that Sky Ray. I took pictures at various intervals to try and make a conversion guide. Unfortunately, due to getting really in my groove, I forgot to take some WIP shots, but it shouldn't be too hard to work out.
First up, we need to mark some pieces as to where we're going to cut them up:
The m...

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