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Mini of the month

Mini Of The Month

Cheesy's Tau Hammerhead
You can find more about this mini here.

Quote of the Month

"Only now can our people see the truth of this universe."

- Shas'Vre Dai'mos Ci of the Farsight Enclaves

Tau Online Forum Statistics:
For the month of February:
New Topics: 881
New Posts:18,051
New Members: 169
Most users online at the same time: 136
Page Views: 335,563

In total :
Topics: 6,115
Posts: 110,341
Members: 1,069
Most users online at the same time ever: 175

The fifth Monthly Tau Online Newsletter Is Here!

Recent News

The wait is over. The forums' 100,000th post was made on the 14th of April 2005! (The same day as Tau Online's maker's birthday!) You can see the 100,000th post here.

There are two new moderators: Grey Area, Dark Eldar board mod and GreyDeath, Conversion board mod.

Post of the Month - MalVeauX's "The Lost and the Damned"
A huge guide discussing all things Chaos Space Marines. Whether you want to start Chaos, or have been playing them for a while, this guide will suit you well. Worth a look.

Fluff Feature: The Saga of Aun Or'es
Written by: Farseer Tyross

Wraithlord Athag'Jainmor (trans. Face of Silent Death) hung back behind the Eldar lines, picking off tanks in the distance with it's lance. As he unleashed another salvo of bright laser energy into the oncoming Rhinoes of the Adeptus Soritas, only to watch them bail out of their transport shortly after the lance strike. 'Jainmor, your needed on the left flank, the Engines have broken past Exarch Kealdril!' whispered through his spirit matrix.

'Acknowledged, Farseer' pulsed back over the mind link the Farseer had created between them. Stepping heavily into the shallow mud whilst he picked off another Sister transport, he could clearly sense the spirits of the engines from this position. Raging red filled his view as the Eldar spirits begun to shrink into their stones.

Spinning about to bring his bright lance to bear against the first of the Penitent Engines, he felt the warmness of the weapon against his stone as the weapon operated once again.

The Wraithlord then begun it's advance upon the last Engine, only to find the Engine he had just forced down rear itself back up again upon it's own power. With a single thought, Jainmor sent another lance into the same metal beast, this time aiming for the pilot.

The Wraithlord witness the red spirit of the angered penitent grow dim, then die as the hulking form of the Wraithlord grew closer...

Find more great stories here.

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