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The Almighty Randy! (FT)

Another month, another newsletter!

This month has seen the public release of the Army List section to the main website:
Article image
Article image
The Army List section allows you to create and manage your army lists and in the near future, you will be able to convert it to a variety of formats (but not just yet).

Anyway, enough about that. If you want to check it out, stop by sometime and register (if your not already a member that is).


That's Snow Effect!

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Admittedly, this isn't my idea.  I stole it fromanother site that I don't have a link to anymore.  But I'm very happy with it, so I'll share it here.

Chances are you already have white paint, blue paint, and white PVA glue.  If you don't have the last item, simply mug any kindergartener and you'll procure some.

Then, use your food stamps to buy some Baking Soda:

Article image
Mix the white paint and pva glue roughly 50/50 then add a small drop of light blue paint.  Mix in baking soda until the solution is grainy then apply to the miniature's base. 

Article image
Presto!  Snow!

Article image

Lord of the Tea

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Snow not your thing?  Prefer marshlands?  Maybe forest floors?  Well, again, this isn't my idea.  I stole this one from Weta Workshops.  I kid you not, this is how they flocked some of the trees you saw in Lord of the Rings.  Essentially, go buy some tea.  Buy lots of tea.  Variety packs are best. 

You see, tea leaves aren't all the same color.  They have a variety of colors from dark green to almost black.  And they make perfect leaf litter.  Here are a couple examples of tea I had laying around the house:

Article image
Apply just like you'd use flock.  In fact, you can mix it in with your flock to make it last longer (and smell better).  Or you can use it and coat it with pva glue to make a wet marsh or bog as I did here:

Article image
So I hope I've given you some inspiration to hang out at your local grocer and look for cheap and innovative ways to supplement your hobby needs.

Latest News:-

News Item:
We are currently running the following competitions:
News Item:
Results of the Tau Online Grand Story Competition have now been posted!

Congratulations to all who entered!
News Item:
We are organising a UK meetup of members over the weekend of the 6th/7th of Feb.

If you want to take part in the weekends events, drop by!
News Item:
The Competition Committee is currently overhauling how contests are run, and we want your opinions!
News Item:
We are currently running a Seal competition to design the next set of seals for use with our official competitions.

Read more about it here
News Item:
We are organising a Northern US meetup of members over the weekend of the 31st July and 1st August.

If you want to take part in the weekends events, drop by!

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Written by: Circus & Starscream, [View article here]

XV16/2 Crossfire Warsuit

Some of you might have seen my titan, posted in the Showcase, but for those who haven't seen, here it is again:
So I figured I should post the rules for it!
XV162 Crossfire Warsuit, Separate Detachment War Machine
The Crossfire Warsuit is still in developmental stages, but so far has seen nothing but success. Piloted by a skilled Fire Warrior Shas'El who has already completed his battlesuit training, an XV162 tends to be a lone wolf, operating much further ahead or away from the main Tau force, as the suit is very much ...

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