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The Almighty Randy! (FT)

It has been a hilly few months for the forums and for the site. Admin switchover, conversions to foreign forum software and the more recent forum upgrade has had our members in a spin I can tell you!

But now the worst seems behind us as we move forward and most of the major bugs from the forum upgrade are hopefully been destroyed and no doubt there will be a few more that we've yet to encounter and kill, but that's all part of the game I suppose.

I've been plugging away at TO V8 for several months now, slowly, but surely, building and hammering the website into what it is today which as anyone who has built sites before, it takes a lot of effort, time and patience to code and then deploy.

So the newsletter went on a back-burner, and to be honest with you, I've been putting it off and putting it off until within the last few days, I've put it in its due lime light and paid it some attention.

And as you can see, the Tau Online Newsletter has been resurrected again from its long hiatus and this time, its back for good. And for that, we can be well and truly thankful!

Philadelphia Brand Paint Pots

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Don't have money for one of the brand new Games Workshop brand paint pots?  Neither do I.  But have no fear, you need not be deprived.  Pick up a tub of cream cheese:

Article image
 And after you've savored it's creamy goodness (and washed it out), you've got a brand new paint pot and palette.
Article image
 Best of all, the flexible and smooth lid is extremely cleanable.  Simply bend, peel, and then scrape off the extra paint and, presto, good as new. 
 These little tubs are also handy for storing tiny bits or serve as basins for flock.

Quotes Corner

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"I have forseen every possible factor in this battle."
-Last words of Shas'El Bork'an Shovah. A meteorite struck the Manta carrying his Cadre. None survived.

"Speedy Pedal on da right, Geary Pedal on da left. Ignore da middle one - ya never gots ta uze it!"
-Ork driving lessons.

"You think me simple, well ya'll right, me iz simple, simple killy!"
-Ork Warboss

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The Tau Online Grand Story Competition is on now!

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There may be some downtime in the near future.

Please read this topic for more info.
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We are organising a UK meetup of members in Jan/Feb. If you want to take part, drop by!
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The Competition Committee is currently overhauling how contests are run, and we want your opinions!

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Written by: Falstead, [View article here]

Chaplain Redemption Squad

On rare occasions it has been known for a chapters Chaplains to gather together in one squad and lead the army to battle as one group. Usually this is done as desperate measure to restore morale on those infrequent occasions when the Adeptus Astartes have begun to lose ground to the enemy. A Redemption Squad can restore the morale to a hesitant army, and provide the impetus to break a siege, or lead a final desperate counter attack or last stand.
Cost: 100 Points + models
Unit: The unit consists of 1 Master of Sanctity* and 5-10 Chapl...

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