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Mini of the Month

Tau titan

DoW Female Farseer by Komrad. Check our forums for more information.

Quotes of the Month

"Simple; Newbies don't make anything Fluffy. Even remotely."

- Wargamer


"The very act of posting it in French arguably breaches ToS... but nobody cares, so give the translation! :P"

- Wargamer


"Those of you who don't read from the Book of Retard known as Apocalypse. Try to remember this golden rule; everything in Apocalypse is wrong. No exceptions."

- Wargamer

Forum Statistics

For the month of Febuary:

New Topics: 1,204
New Posts: 21,478
New Members: 68
Page Views: 2,293,083
Most Visitors Online at Same Time: 217

In Total:

Topics: 67,984
Posts: 1,112,520
Members: 9,655
Most Visitors Online at Same Time: 641

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Recent News

Competition News

We had four great contests running this month, one of them carrying over from January. The HQ contest saw a huge number of entrants, with Thanatos' stellar Captain taking the first prize:

In the "poorhammer" contest, we challenged members to create cheap alternatives to Games Workshop models. We saw an Aquila rebuilt from the wrecked Battle for Maccragge model, but in the end King Winter's simple but hilarious solution came out on top:

As with last year, we ran a contest to give members a chance to show off their renditions of the newly released Ork models; Komrad unsurprisingly claimed victory with a phenomenal Kaptin Badrukk:

Our final contest, for Warhammer Fantasy Regiments, saw a fair share of entries as well. Slave to Vengeance took a narrow win with his Dark Elves:

- Dra'Tuisich-Novae

5 Minute Drawings by Timjim

Top Threads

Top Five Tau Threads

Using Future Floor Wax in Washes

For several years now I've been using a product called Future Floor Wax to make my own washes. The product is made by SC Johnson. It is 100% acrylic. This makes it more appropriate than water to thin down your paints for wash. Acrylic paint tends to coalesce rather than evaporate. This basically means that as it dries it shrinks into your miniature's cracks and crevices.

Making your wash

To make your wash, you will need your color (acrylic paint), some Future and a little bit of water. The water lowers the viscosity, cuts down the sheen and slows the dry time. My mixture varies considerably batch to batch but as a general rule, I'm mixing 3 parts Future to 2 parts paint to 2 parts water.

Now, what color? Well, I've found that a dark brown makes the best washes. Brown washes work well with bones to tans, reds, browns, oranges and yellows. Black washes work well with blues, greens, purples, and grays. If you're washing white, I suggest a gray wash with just a drop of orange.

When you mix your wash, the wash should fill in the cracks in your hand but not pool in dark colors. This is a really easy way to test the consistency of your wash. Simply take your wash, drop some on your hand and observe it as it runs off.

Finally, you may want to add a few metal BB's to your mix. Future doesn't suspend the pigments well. So you'll have to mix it up every time you use it. You will want to try to use stainless steel BB's. But in truth, I have used regular steel BB's for years and I have never had them rust. You will also want to seal the Future wash well. Future will partially congeal if exposed to air for a long time.

Using your wash

Once you have your wash mixed, you can start using it! Firstly, paint the base coats and drybrush coats on your miniature. Skip the detail work at this point as the wash will probably ruin it.

Before you wash your miniature, seal it with a coat of clear coat. I like Krylon Matte finish, but any acrylic sealer will work. After this coat has dried, paint a thin coat of your wash on the model.

Now, a couple notes here. Keep working your wash, don't let it pool on flat areas (which it will). You can also brush or dab some off if you need.

Once your wash has dried, you will probably need touch some of it up and you'll want to add your detail work at this point.

Best of luck!

- Farseer_Emlyn

Fluff: by Mr X

Introducing a brand new series of stories for your enjoyment by Mr X.

Guardsman Sylus looked around the the Valkyrie’s troop transport compartment, the other guardsmen, raw recruits like himself, prepared for the most daunting experience of their lives so far.

The intercom declared, much to the dread of the passengers, that they were nearly at the drop zone. Sergeant Tymar, a veteran who had been selected to lead these new members of the Xelian 9th into battle, stood and began to perform the final checks on the gear of his charges. He came to guardsman Sylus, who was at the back, and checked first his rebreather mask, then his grav-chute. When he was confident that everyone’s gear was in order he stood by the exit hatch and waited. From that point it was probably only five minutes to the drop point, but to Sylus it felt like an eternity.

They finally reached the drop point, and one by one the other guardsmen jumped, some hesitated more than others, but they all succeeded in jumping, until only Sylus and the sergeant remained.

“Come on soldier!” bellowed sergeant Tymar, straining to be heard above the deafening roar of jet engine and wing alike, knowing that Sylus had had trouble conquering his phobia of heights. “Just like in training!”

Sylus stood, he slowly walked over to the sergeant and, without looking, threw himself into the swirling mass of dark grey cloud below.

“Good man.” Tymar whispered to himself, before he too jumped.

[To Be Continued Next Month]

Quiz: by Zenai

Introducing a brand new quiz to the newsletter. To answer the quiz and be get your name in the next newsletter, please send a personal message to Zenai!

1. Wot's faster than a warbuggy, more killy than a warbike, and flies through da air like a bird?

2. What's the Warhammer Fantasy Equivalent to a Warhammer 40,000 Ork Nob?

3. A special type of Squig use as a musical instrument.

4. Currency used by the Orks

5. Please sing (type) the Ravensquig Song.

Blackout: by Zenai

Introducing a brand new competition to the newsletter! We have a black out for you, just take a guess at what the blackened picture could be! Send your answer via personal message to Zenai!

Captions Competition: by Zenai

Introducing a brand new competition to the newsletter! The Captions competition allows you to invent some captions for the picture below, and then send a personal message to Zenai and the funniest, or most inventive, will go into the next newsletter (and may even earn some competition points!)!