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Mini of the Month

Tau titan

Tau Titan by Jutami. Check our forums for more information.

Member's Quotes of the Month

"im thinkin about this, and I WILL DO THIS....LOOT A IMPIRIEAL BASILISK! may not sound exiting but it was to me when i thought of it.BTW, i dont think its possible to loot a monolith....... unless?....mwahahahahhahhah MWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA you are doomed if i remember this idea... "

- reqeim, Lootin' Ideas, Orks

Quote of the Month

"You may have cunning diplomats, talented weaponsmiths, brave pilots and ferocious warriors, but I have a gun to your head. Size isn't everything, it seems."

- Unknown

Forum Statistics

For the month of August:

New Topics: 1,398
New Posts: 21,926
New Members: 193
Page Views: 1,612,262
Most Visitors Online at Same Time: 132

In Total:

Topics: 61,133
Posts: 997,113
Members: 8,828
Most Visitors Online at Same Time: 641

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Recent News

Competition News

Great turnout this month for our three contests!

In the Heavy Support contest, we saw a great rolling out of armoured vehicles, but surprisingly few Hammerheads.  In the end, Cadaver's excellent Defiler won the day by a fair margin:

In the Superheavy contest, we saw an excellent turnout of Forge World constructs, alongside the expected fleet of Baneblades.  Scizor's superbly painted Heirophant claimed victory:

In the final contest, members designed a Space Marine colour scheme using the Bolter and Chainsword editor.  We had an unprecedented turnout of no less than 36 entries!

A new member, FireWarrior4519, won with his scheme:

Lastly, voting for the Tau Online Grand Summer Story competition has kicked off!  Check out the entries and poll here!

- Dra'Tuisich-Novae


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Top Five Tau Threads

Top Five non-Tau Topics this Month

Interview: With Rezzy

Rezzy is a long-standing member of Tau Online, having been with us since July '04. He currently plays Chaos, Eldar (Ulthwe) and Imperial Guard. Rezzy is a global moderator of Tau Online.

(Q) What attracted you to this site and how have you found it so far?
I was initially attracted to the site by it's small size (at the time there were only 90 members) because it made it easier to get to know people. It's clean look and friendly atmosphere attracted me too. I can't remember exactly how I found it (it was over four years ago!)...there are two possibilities. Either I found it through someones signature over on what was then called 'Eldar Online' - an immense site now known as IIRC - it would have been either either Wargamer or Del's sig. The other thing I remember is thinking Eldar Online was awesome but there were too many members (around 60,000) and the site was way too slow. I figured that if I searched for another 40k site named '[insert race here] Online' I might find something I found better to use.

Whichever way it was I'm glad I found it! :)

So far it has been amazing being a part of Tau Online. It's provided moral support, advice, kept me interested in the hobby, given me inspiration and motivation to collect, paint, write and read. I have met a dazzling array of people, most of which I have been pleased to 'meet'. It also allowed me to talk to KJ on a daily basis in the last few years of his life, which I am eternally grateful for. Being part of this community made him very happy and means that so many more people know what a great guy he was, and that more people will remember him. I often wonder if TO's creator ever realised quite what a massive impact his 40k site would have on so many people's lives!

I really enjoyed being Eldar Mod back in the 'early days', it was awesome having my own corner of the site to look after and encouraging the Eldar board to grow was great fun. Unfortunately I'm too out of touch with the game now to be of much real use when it comes to game mechanics but I still drop in there from time to time! Since becoming a G-Mod the work has been much more like a broader management role which is fun and challenging in different ways. Unlike when you are a board Mod your work isn't obvious and you don't have any particular jurisdiction. It would be easy to just lay back and let the other staff handle things so it's important to make an effort to be involved and contribute, whereas when you're a board mod you have specific responsibilities and share the work with far less people (if anyone at all) so it's both easier to see what needs doing and easier for other people to see when you're not doing it! ;)

Overall I find Tau Online to be the best website I visit, in almost every way. It's broadened my horizons a lot, introduced me to new ideas and given me glimpses of other people's lives that I may not have had otherwise. It's also done a lot to help me develop my communication skills, as I have been praised highly at both college and work for the way I write both technically and in correspondence - probably due in no small part to the good habits I have developed here.

(Q) Which armies do you collect, how big are they and how long has it taken to accumulate them?
I have been collecting 40k for about 10 years now (since I was 11), and in that time I've collected pretty much every race there is (minus squats :P). In chronological order I have collected Khornate Chaos, Blood Angels, Orks, Dark Eldar, Chaos Undivided, Black Templars (before they had their own rules), Tau, Necrons, Tyranids, Eldar, Imperial Guard with Daemon Hunters and then back to my old roots, Khornate Chaos!

The first Khornate army only consisted of 10 Bezkerkers, a Juggernaught and a Champion. The Blood Angels only got to about 3 squads too as I was on about £2.50 pocket money a week! The Orks consisted of what I got in the starter box (2nd Edition) plus a few more Gretchin I think. My Dark Eldar were my first 'serious' army when I was 12, but they were sat on and I couldn't afford to replace the broken models so I gave up. I managed to get about 3 squads, a Dark Eldar Lord, some Warp Beasts with a Beast Master and a Haemonculus. The Chaos Undivided force got pretty large, with some Terminators (I still recall opening the Reaper Autocannon with wide eyes), Abbaddon, a unit of Plague Marines, a unit of Devestators (well, the equivalent), some Chaos Marines and some Bezerkers along with Kharn the Betrayer.

Black Templars were my main focus for the next three years or so and I built up about 3000 points in that time, although most of it was horrendously painted. I began collecting Tau when they first came out. I went to the GW in Cardiff with KJ and had to buy some Fire Warriors and a Devilfish. Unfortunately the Devilfish was blown off a wall in his backgarden when I was spray painting it. :PThat force made it to about 1500pts. Next year came the Necrons, again I bought them all in Wales during the summer - I made and painted an entire 500 point force in about three hours before KJ woke up and they actually came out pretty good. I still have some of them...

I collected Tyranids when the kick ass models started appearing (the 'new' 3rd Edition Warriors etc) but quickly discovered that I didn't enjoy painting them so stopped at about 500 points.
Eldar (Ulthwe) were my main focus for a long time, I currently have about 4-5 thousand points worth including about 5 Grav Tanks, plus a Super Heavy Scorpion and Night Spinner painted by Agis himself. Although I got sick of them after about 4/5 years I think I'll go back to them eventually! I didn't collect Imperial Guard/Daemon Hunters for long but built up a decent force of about 1500 points very quickly, partly due to the speedy techniques I used to paint them. I was quite proud of that force! I still have a small squad of half-painted models awaiting completion in my room including an Inquisitor and three High Elf Dragon Helms (I think that is what they're called) converted to hold Lasguns.

Both my Eldar and IG armies are on the boards somewhere with photos!  8)

I currently collect Khornate Chaos again, and have about 2000 points so far. With the upcoming price increases I don't know if I'll be adding to it any time soon, I have a lot to paint anyway!

I also collect Fantasy and BFG, but I think I'll leave it at the 40k stuff for now!

(Q) Any advice for the rest of the community?
Hmm, tough coming up with anything other than the usual 'stick to the rules' rhetoric. When you post something or make a submission treat it as if Tau Online were your own site that you had built from the ground-up. Would you want that post on your site? Does it make the site look good or bad? Remember that Tau Online is built upon thousands of hours of people's time, expertise and care. Respect it.
For those who are looking to get known well or that want to gain a modship you need to do things that are good for the community. Don't create threads that are only intended to get you noticed, because I can usually spot them a mile off (such as trying to moderate other members excessively). Most of the fundamentals have been covered many times by now, so unfortunately for you guys it's harder to come up with something new to make your mark. But rest assured that if you are consistently helpful, add lots of good content to the site or are just generally careful to think your posts through and proofread them all then you will be considered for positions that open up. Games Workshop have kept 40k very much alive too, so there are often new and exciting things to talk about so you don't have to cover the same old ground over and over.
Don't think that because you aren't considered for a modship that you aren't valued - Tau Online needs good members, not an army of janitors! ;)

(Q) Why haven't I been interviewed yet?
Ha ha, I must admit I wondered that myself when we seemed to have exhausted all of the staff and most of the mods and started interviewing people that I hadn't even had the opportunity to speak to before! Lol. I think it might have been assumed that I had already been interviewed at some point, either that or it's a conspiracy perpetrated by Wargamer as revenge for me taking his position all that time ago. :D

Either that or I'm not interesting enough. ;)

(Q) What got you into the hobby?
I had a friend called Jot who I met by chance when I and another friend tried to build a den round the side of his house and his mum caught us and invited us to come round some time. I found a really awesome looking model (which happened to be an Eldar Warlock) and I was really eager to find out about Warhammer 40K when he showed me some more of his Eldar. We went to GamesWorkshop (the Southend one, it's still there!) and he told me I should buy whatever I liked to look of most. Well, needless to say that I thought bright red armoured guys with Chainswords was the most kick-ass thing I had ever seen, but I couldn't afford them. A member of staff pointed me in the direction of a Khorne Bezerker Champion blister pack, and I was hooked!

(Q) Your outlook on life - the glass is half full, the glass is half empty, or "That's not my glass. My glass was full! Who took my glass? Give me another glass!"
Definitely the last one. My life is so up and down it's ridiculous, I almost wonder if I'm a manic depressive! I have been known for being very pessimistic but I think that's more learned than part of my nature. Since KJ died my outlook on life has been a bit darker, but on the whole I try to look on the upside of things. It's how I survive!

(Q) What do you do outside of the forums and hobby?
In the past I've done lots of things - although I've always loved computer games so that has absorbed a lot of my time in my life, probably too much! The games that have probably been most prominent in my life are Unreal Tournament, the earlier games in the Command and Conquer series, the first Half Life, Counterstrike (both the original and Source), Dungeon Siege, Diablo2, the Metal Gear Solid games, the Gran Turismo games, the Grand Theft Auto games, and COD4/Eve more recently - although there are countless others too. I used to like role playing too, from Call of Cthulu (and the boardgame called Minion Hunter) to Warhammer Quest and Vampire the Masquerade. I have done martial arts (Tae Kwon Do and Kick Boxing), and Gliding. I used to cycle almost every day, when I was between 15 and 17 I averaged about 25 miles a week. I recently did two charity bike rides, the first being around Oxfordshire (30 miles) and the second being from London to Brighton (54 miles). Since then I haven't done any because I need to replace the rear tyre and get a new pump!

I listen to a lot of music, to list any band would do all the others a disservice so I'll refrain from listing all the ones I love. Music has probably been one of the biggest influences in my life, for better or worse.

I'm currently working in IT, and I don't have a huge amount of spare time. I usually spent my weekends with my mates, on Tau Online, playing COD4 and Eve or just hanging around with my family - I'm often too tired to do anything else lol.

(Q) Has there been anything in your life you either regretted or made you change the way you look at life?
Lots! I don't want to drag it all up here - but I guess my biggest regrets are missing out on a good education, screwing things up with women on occasion, having a lack of direction, and KJ's death. Not getting to see him before he died really screwed me up in a big way. The way I look at life changes all the time - I think life's too rich to waste it looking at it from one perspective all the time. I'm a bit of a chameleon in that respect. Loosing friends hasn't really made me value them more, because I valued them as much as I probably could anyway - but it's made me more conscious of making the most of having them around, because you'll never know when they'll be gone. My sister being born made me look at things differently too, before that I was only aware of how I was growing up and learning about the world, so watching someone else do that has been a wonderful (and sometimes tragic) experience.

(Q) Do you have any more mad drunk walks to share with us?
Lol! I've been on a few, but none really match up to the one you're referring to! I think I learned a valuable lesson from that. ;)I could refer you to the drunken sandpaper fight I got into though, I'm sure Professor Diz posted about it a while back.

(Q) Two similar questions have been combined: Are you upset that forum peer pressure forced you re-adopt the Restayvien (Rezzy) username?/How do you feel about your inability to shake the tag "Rezzy," even when changing your display name entirely (such as to "Commander Caesar Larsen")?
I like it! I change my name when I'm feeling different, or just feel like a change (or start collecting a new army!). 'Commander Caeser Larsen' is the name of my Imperial Guard Commander for instance. I like the fact that people still recognize me regardless and that's one of the reasons I change back every now and again, so people don't forget who I am! It also makes it easier for newer members to recognise and get in touch with staff if they are familiar with them.

(Q) What has been your favorite/most hated BFG ship?
I think the Void Stalker has to win this one. It's a beautiful ship, and stamps down it's authority which people don't tend to expect from Eldar. It's a massive model (comparatively) and can really bring on the hurt. The 'Khal Harai' ('Black Dawn' IIRC) is the flagship of my Eldar Fleet and I love it. :)
My most hated ship is probably a Chaos cruiser that I cannot remember the name of, I think it's either the Carnage or the Murder Class. It just has so many batteries that it's ridiculous. I've had a cheap Chaos cruiser destroy my Void Stalker in one turn without breaking a sweat, which is just sick. Remember, Weapon Batteries are the bane of the Eldar!

I hope I've answered your questions well!
Cheers guys,
- Rezzy


- Tau Online

Factoid: Orky Know-Wotz by Wargamer

A fun factoid about 40K...

Did You Know...

Warlord Ghazkhull Mag Uruk Thraka began as the poster boy for the original Ork Army Book?
Games Workshop wrote up a sample 3,000pt list, and used the book to roll up a Warboss who wound up with an Adamantine Skull upgrade! However, they needed someone to have implanted the skull, so rolled up a Dok. This Dok had some of the worst rolls in history, including a Squig Brain Transplant and all manner of other undesirable rolls. This Dok's name? Mad Dok Grotsnik!

To think that we owe two Special Characters to one man's botched rolls on an equipment table...

Fluff: The Fighting Pit by Farsser Tyross

The Lictor’s quivered like a startled animal as it was dragged from its dark den into the light before the jubilant crowds lining the massive theatre of death. Heavy chains tipped in viciously barbed hooks bit into the Lictor’s flesh as the Talos slowly pulled the creature closer to the centre of the fighting pit.

Like a bolt of lightning the Lictor darted forwards, outstretched scything talons flailing against the emerald green armour of the Talos before one of its elongated bio-weapons found purchase and wrenched an armour plate from the armoured bulk of the Talos. Another plate was ripped free, then another and even as the Talos struggled to fend off the attacks of the dangerous predator before it, the lone figure in the centre of the pit could see it was already too late for the Haemonculus construct. Anti-grav servo whined as the power cables were scythed apart, sparking blue-green embers over what was left of the Talo’s metallic body.

As the Dark Eldar construct finally died and sank to the floor oozing its putrid oil-blood onto the sandy floor, the Lictor turned, its talons poised and feeder tendrils flaring in excitement as it detected for the first time another prey item was near by.

Before it could get a fix, Drael’Kaen was upon it.

Blades clashed against talon, talon swept passed naked flesh by mere fractions of an inch and now the battle had truly begun.

Each passing second, the battle intensified. As the two combatants got the measure of the other, they both leapt back together, landing facing each other with animal eyes locked as the crowd roared into fever pitch above them as they watched two matched opponents dance for life before them.

The Dark Eldar Archite felt her pulse quicken as another roar of the crowd signalled something else had entered the arena. Already she could feel the keening hunger for blood, the appetite for her flesh grow behind her.

Leaping vertically and spinning in an arc of pure green brilliance, the Archite narrowly dodged a claw to where her back had been a mere second before. Slamming her blade down beneath her, she felt it connect with something solid before the energised field around it tore through the skull of the new attacker. Landing elegantly on the fallen corpse of her new attacker, she snapped around and narrowly parried another blow aimed at her head, but she was just a fraction of a second too slow, and the razor edge of the claw bit into the perfectly sculpted nape of her heck, drawing a thin line of her blood to the surface.

The Lictor, she thought suddenly and she darted away in time to see the long shafted scything talon from the Lictor sweep down and slay one of the her new opponents.

A fickle smile played on her lips as she flicked her weapon in her grip so that the bladed point was facing down and brought it up to block another downward cut from the Lictor, and as the two blades met, she thrust her own weapon down, cutting deep into the Lictor’s leg and effectively pinning to the ground.

With one opponent out of it for the time being, Drael’Kaen leapt back, landing gracefully away from the creatures that were trying to press another attack.

[To Be Continued Next Month]