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Mini of the Month

Wraithlord (1st edition!)

1sy Edition Wraithlord by Xyster. Check our forums for more information.

Member's Quotes of the Month

"If you're sad enough to cheat at a game which involves little plastic soldiers then you're low :P" - TimJim

"... and if you have the moral fible NOT to cheat when presented with a moron, you're a better person than me ;)" - ElMagnifico

- Naughty behaviour, General 40K

Quote of the Month

"Just because the man has a vocabulary of three words does not mean he is entirely without intellect; it simply means he speaks his mind."
- Chaos Lord Corax, on Kharn the Betrayer.

Forum Statistics

For the month of January:

New Topics: 1,509
New Posts: 21,485
New Members:239
Page Views: 1,137,157
Most Visitors Online at Same Time: 219

In Total:

Topics: 52,109
Posts: 830,242
Members: 7,616
Most Visitors Online at Same Time: 641

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Recent News

Competition News

We had a great turnout in our competitions this month; some members with only a handful of posts (or none at all!) jumped at the chance to show off their models.  In the 'Best Poorhammer Miniature' competition, Rastafari Is swept the votes with his "Thundabolt", while Gareth impressed us all (as usual :P) with his Fire Warrior and Warhammer Fantasy Giant:


Fire Warrior

Fantasy Giant

- Dra'Tuisich-Novae

Top Threads

Top Five Tau Threads

Top Five non-Tau Topics this Month

Interview: With Cadaver

Cadaver has been a member of Tau Online since September 06, and is currently the board moderator of the Forces of Chaos board. Cadaver posts in a range of boards, most notably though the rumours board, the hobby boards and, of course, the Forces of Chaos board.

(Q What attracted you to this site and how have you found it so far?
A:My friend would always post his IG lists here so I kind of got into the site that way. The support for other armies besides Tau was great and the members were helpful as always and now you're stuck with me. :P

(Q) Which armies do you collect, how big are they and how long has it taken to accumulate them?
A: Right now I'm pretty much only collecting Death Guard. I haven't totaled up the points but I'd hazard a guess it's upwards of 5,000 points right now. I've only been building my Death Guard army since last Fall, so I've gathered a rather large collection in a short amount of time. Other than Death Guard I've played Space Marines, Eldar, Imperial Guard, Tau and Witch Hunters. Most of those armies were back in 2nd and 3rd edition with the exception of Tau which was the last army I built and subsequently dropped after one game... I couldn't play without close combat.

(Q) Any advice for the rest of the community?
A: Just type well and be respectful and you're cool in my book.

(Q) Who is your favourite staff member?
A: Everyone is so great I don't think I could pick a favorite. A gentleman, each and every one. ...Well almost every one but I won't name names.

(Q) Where do you get your inspiration for your deathguard?
A: From all over really. I did alot of searching on CMON and the now defunct and got some great ideas. I also went through a ton of old White Dwarfs. Other than that just my own imagination and love of all things undead.

(Q) How come it's rare to see a painted model from you?
A:I've been painting a lot recently but I have so much more fun converting so usually I have to force myself to sit down and paint.

(Q) What's your next big project after your death guard?
A: I'm not sure. I should be busy with the Death Guard for awhile but Orks offer alot of potential for wild conversions so they would be pretty appealing from a modeling stand point.

(Q) Whats your favourite movie and/or actor?
A: George A. Romero's Night of the Living Dead. Favorite actor? I don't know if I really have one. Kurt Russell circa 1982-93 maybe. Edward James Olmos is really good in BSG, so he might be my current favorite. Actually, Grace Park is my favorite but that has little to do with her acting. ;)

(Q) If you would have to pick one quote from movie, book, etc. what would it be, and why would you pick that(why would you think it is "cool")?
A:"Because of my big legs and karate, I can do the splits no problem." : Jean Claude Van Damme - Double Impact. Actually probably any quote from that movie is at the top of my list. Double Impact is cinematic gold.

(Q) Where do you think you'll be in 20 years?
A:Piloting a spaceship around the solar system with one eye less than I have now, sporting a big mustache and a bad attitude.

Fluff: Spored to be Wild by Wargamer

Wizzbok couldn't see where he was going, but that didn't really matter to him. Tears streaming from his eyes, all he knew was that his bike was moving so fast the rev-counter had exploded. He also knew driving goggles might have been a good idea.

He rounded a corner at break-neck speed, hearing panicked shouts and weapons lighting up around him. Grey skins scattered as he burst through them, oblivious. Hover tanks banked hard, gunners tracking to find a target, but he was already out of their fire arc, and accellerating.

Buildings closed at speed. He let fly with his Dakkagunz, and blew the gate apart in a storm of explosive rounds. A pair of Grey Skins ran out to confront him, but he smashed them aside, never slowing, gunning onwards.

He was running out of road. He'd also run out of options. Somewhere out of sight, a Crisis Suit opened fire, and blew the handle bars off. The bike was now totally out of control; no brakes, no steering, no way to stop the speed. Wizzbok didn't mind.

His bike hit the ramp leading to the landing pad. Hovering, back hatch open, a Manta Missile Destroyer was waiting, floating just above the ground whilst the Crisis Suits within deployed. The Ork Biker hit the ramp, and took off, flying with perfect accuracy into the ship. It was becoming very clear, very quickly, he had now run out of road.
"Oh well," said Wizzbok. "I iz still gettin' a good kill!"
Wizzbok drew his Choppa, swinging madly as the Bike slammed past a Crisis Suit, screamed across the deck, and ploughed through the Manta's inner decking like a meteor. He was laughing right up until the reactor overloaded, and tore the ship apart in a blast seen from orbit.

It had been a good way to go.

Fluff: Traitor Canoness by Farseer Tyross

The Canoness breathed in deeply, letting the crimson mist given off by the blazers scattered around the room fill her longs. Each breathe was a mixture of searing pain and pleasurable tingling sensations which seemed to fill her chest. Gemiel wasn't sure which of the two conflicting sensations she liked the most.

Allowing herself a moment of relaxation amidst the floating mists, letting her breathing rising and fall naturally and closing her eyes so she could enjoy the sensations filling her lungs.
Armoured feet crunched on the stone flagging behind her and Gemiel spun around, her hand reaching for the blackened sabre as she did so. By the time she had wheeled around to face the person entering the room, she had drawn her sabre and it had found its mark, resting mere hairbreadth from the neck of the intruder to her relaxation. Opening her eyes with a start, she met the cool and barely restrained rage burning behind the eyes of Caltox, one of Arnell's most favoured champions. Decked out in blood stain crimson and rusted gold trim, Gemiel withdrew her blade an instant later. His face was covered in scars, as was the Terminator armour. It was a stark contrast to the pink and purple suit worn by Gemiel's own champion, Nein who, even now, watched the Khorne Champion with casual disinterest.

Gemiel also noted the cold and ruthless determination playing upon Caltox's face and she wasn't surprised by the fact that the Khorne Champion was not fazed by Gemiel's actions. She half expected him to anticipate such threats, especially from the few Emperors' Children currently on Iunsan.

"Arnell will see you now" barked Caltox, his voice clearly marked by something malign that bubbled just beneath the surface.
"And I am ready to see him" Gemiel replied, allowing more of the red mist to fill her lungs and see could tell it was not having the desired effect on Caltox, or that he chose to ignore it entirely/
"One Champion" spat Caltox as he wheeled around to leave and the Canoness noted Caltox's eye hover on Nein for a brief instant as he spun around.
Slipped the black sabre back into its scabbard, Gemiel gave a shallow nod to Nein and his eyes flicked over to the lone Dark Eldar Haemonculus who, even now was administering some vile narcotic into Nein's system.
"You stay here, Dark Eldar" hissed Nein, stepping away from the Dark Eldar as he spoke to follow Caltox who was rapidly moving towards the archway he had entered through.

Arnell stood alone in the centre of the hall, his bulk was impressive as ever, his flesh pale and his daemonic armour a deep red. His face was remarkably ugly, but then again Gemiel had always found Arnell a strange contradiction. She was attracted to his strength and his determination, but found his physical attributes loathsome and hideous.

"What brings you to Iunsan?" demanded Arnell, his bluntness almost taking Gemiel by surprise. The Khorne Lord's voice was harsh in Gemiel's ears, but spoke of unrestrained power.
"I come seeking your fleet and your army" Gemiel spoke boldly, Gemiel was Arnell's equal, despite the fact she had yet to ascend to daemonhood herself.

"What use do you have of it?" Arnell enquired, his voice softening slightly, his interest piqued.
"I wish to bring death to the Imperium, my forces aren't strong enough, not after the last conflict" Gemiel trailed off for effect. She knew how to play Arnell, to use his own arrogance and to fan the flames of hatred to get her own ends.

"And why would I desire to do that?" demanded Arnell.
"The Dark Angels will be there" Gemiel responded, a smile crossing her lips.