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Mini of the Month

Jutami's FWs

Eldar Starstrike Squadron by Jutami. Check our forums for more information.

Member's Quotes of the Month

"Welcome to the forums, and enjoy your stay. Be warned, sanity is the last thing you will see in the enclave" - Raksha


- So glad I found this site, Introduce Yourself

Quote of the Month

"Faith and Duty will take you into the darkest places. Overwhelming firepower will get you out."
- The Book of Cataclysm

Forum Statistics

For the month of November:

New Topics: 1,376
New Posts: 22,581
New Members: 190
Page Views: 1,175,365
Most Visitors Online at Same Time: 237

In Total:

Topics: 49,977
Posts: 790,653
Members: 7,194
Most Visitors Online at Same Time: 641

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Recent News

Website News

An all new Fun and Games section has been added up on the website. It currently only has one item (a fun crossword puzzle, made by Farseer Tyross), although keep your eyes peeled!

Also, the next newsletter will be out after Christmas (and the New Year) - so have a (very early!) Happy Christmas, and a great New Year from all of us at Tau Online!

Competition News

Ah, December, a good month, Christmas time and this year I turn 18. But also December is a big month for competitions - the largest competition of the year - the Tau Online Awards are upon us.

Come down to the contests board to vote for who you think have been the outstanding members of 2007, read more about the competition and how to nominate here!

Best of luck to all, make sure you don't forget to nominate!

Back to competitions from December and there was a huge amount of popularity for the character competition with a record number of entries this year! You the public choose Gerrylum your winner with this inventive character -

Commander Bravewind

Congrats to Gerrylum and also all of those who entered, it was certianly tough voting with many entries obviously well thought out and designed!

The painting competition this month was an OOTB one, i.e. using only materials found in the box of a pre-determined model - the Chaos Terminator Lord, a personal favourite of mine I must say! It was a worthy winner indeed of this competition, so congratulations to all and especially the winner himself -

Chaos Termi

Well done Skizzofreniac!

Enjoy your Christmas' this year guys, I hope it can be a good time for you all to wind down a little and enjoy being close to friends and family.


Top Threads

Top Five Tau Threads

Top Five non-Tau Topics this Month

Interview: With IVEATCH and The Immortal Black Mage

Due to a tie in the 'Who gets interviewed?' poll, we decided to interview both IVEATCH and The Immortal Black Mage.

IVEATCH has been is a long standing member of Tau Online, having registered here in August 2004. IVEATCH is a board moderator in the Ork board, and over 50% of his overall posts are made in that board.

The Immortal Black Mage has been a member for two years, and posts in a range of boards; from The Enclave, to the hobby and army boards.

IVEATCH asks; IBM answers

(Q) You appear to be very active in the "Serious Roleplay" section of the board.  Could you explain exactly what this portion of the board involves?  It looks to me as if various members take turns writting portions of stories based on a primary scenario.
A: The serious roleplay part of the board involves ignoring reality for a small period of time and pretending to be someone you're not for a small time. A great DM (GM or whatever you want to call them) has the ability to bring out each person's inner self at the table, er, thread. Online play is especially useful, as you can say whatever you want and rarely have to think about the consequences; whatever character you want will be as you want it to be.

(Q) You do appear to be greatly interested in the hobby part of tabletop gaming.  What ratio of model time to actual gaming time do you have?  I know in my case my modeling time probably exceeds my actual playing time probably by a three to one margin.
A: Jesus... hmm, probably almost 40:1 give or take, maybe more. I can't find a game as I can't stand powergamers, and I hate the GW store in the area. Not a lot of fun, but... I'm in college so I'm going to try to get some people to start a Kill-team Tourney. At least for a storyline...

(Q) The Avatar you use Mage, it a character from an older video game? I am just guessing that it is older due to the low pixel count.
A: Huh? Nah. The first webcomic I was ever introduced to was the 8-bit theatre by my friend in high school. This was right about comic 300 or so where the "Light Warriors" fight the Lich and Black Mage is sent to hell. I fell in love with the character of BM; powerful, not physically strong, sadistic, cynical, and utterly hating of all things living... including the white mage part (well... part of it). Besides that, if there was anyone that I like to be, it's the tragic hero- Chances are that he won't win, but he'll go down fighting. And everyone loves violence. Except those damned treehuggers. I hate hippies...

(Q) Do you play both 40K and Fantasy?  Which do you like better?
A: I like 40k for one reason- I can play a cool army and annoy at the same time. The models are cool, and the ideology is cool. HOWEVER. They've seriously messed up with it. 3rd edition didn't need to change that much (in my opinion) and now that 5th is looming, my want to play an armored company makes me sad. I want to, but there's so little point if the vehicles blow up when you touch them. I'd like to play Fantasy (:drool: repeater crossbows and assassins) but all I've got is a sweet assassin.

(Q) I liked the tip you printed in the Tutorial section on making chainmail armour from Green Stuff.  Where did you pick up that tip?
A: Lycan. Or whatever his name is now.

(Q) Did you ever play the old FASA Battletech game at all?  What other tabletop games have you played?
A: Okay, here's the History of the Mage's Gaming: Part 1. Maybe it'll make sense.

And he did. For hours on end; usually Sim City or something like that. Being all of the computer junkie that I am, I quickly overpowered my parents computer (locking them out for quite some time on it). Then came the major changing point in my life. I was eight and I saw my cousins playing Dungeons and Dragons, 2.5. It was like a miracle from heaven. Simple to understand (except THAC0, but that's beside the point) and easy to play, we all got along and played DnD. That, and Magic: The Gathering. They would play the games for hours on end- never stopping except for food. It was a sign from heaven, and I took it.

I learned how to play slowly, but eventually I did. My parents, however were completely against me playing card games. "The world just sort of disappears when you play Magic and stuff, so we won't buy you cards and let you play." Then... IT came.

I got swept up in the Pokemon revolution. And face it- if you were anybody in 6th grade (I was the class punching bag, so I wasn't), you played. I played a lot, wherever I could. Eventually, the cards got banned, and in July of 2000, I picked up my first Magic cards. That's when it all happened. I found dozens of people to play with in sanctioned tournaments- everywhere I turned. I've played ever since. And it's been wonderful.

So I bet you're wondering "What does this all have to do with FASA or 40k?" Well I'll tell you. I went to the store a lot and eventually, my eye was caught by a Crisis suit, fresh out from 3rd edition. It was about 6 months later (Because $25 is a lot to shell out for me) and I bought it. I painted it green and silver (it got lost about a year later when I was cleaning it to be refurbished). Anyways, I couldn't find anyone to play with, so I bought Mechwarrior minis. They were cool- mecha from heaven, I played Mechwarrior 3 addictively, I bought an Atlas in 2002 (or something like that). Anyways, I eventually bought the starter set and tried to play it. Alas, I couldn't- no one to play with. That, and there was one gaming store in the area (still there... great place). I played for a little while (and now I'm trying to organize tournaments for people to play in at college now. Just need the Equipment rules >.<) and set it aside. I started High School and began to play start in the gaming area. I started DnD like a crack addict (now on 3.5) and have yet to put it down. After a year of bad experiences, I turned my sights on Inquisitor- the crowd pleaser!
About the same time, I started 40k. I picked up some Tau stuff, and got slaughtered by a Chaos army with a beard to make Grizzly Adams look jealous. I later played against a Tyranid army and got the same results (I played him a few months ago, though, and slaughtered him horribly. We're even.) I sort of got away from it; slowly expanding into cheaper minis- VOID 1.1. They were in the discount box, so I couldn't say no, and now have a small amount of Junkers (They rock as minis!). Over the last year, I've been putting more Tau together. I'd buy more Battletech pieces, but no one ever plays... and VASSAL is cheaper anyway.

So yes. I have. And I've played 40k, Battletech, and Mechwarrior as well.

IBM asks; IVEATCH answers

(Q) A while back, you had a red guy with yellow eyes as your avatar. Who was he and why did you have him there?
A: The "Red Head" Avatar was one that I pulled up over four years ago at a Free On-line Website that had various Avatars.  I liked the Lex Luthor on steroids look and have used it on several different 40K websites.  In all Honesty I don't know where it actually comes from.  I figured that it looked a little stern so I decided to lighten up a little with the current Avatar I use.

(Q) As far as I can remember, you played a lot of Orks. Do you still? Any other armies?
A: I have actively played Orks since the Armageddon Campaign back in the summer of 2005.  Oddly, I've read and collected the fluff since the mid 1980s.  I don't know why it took me so long to get started.  I think that the advent of Games Workshop stores opening up finally drew me out into being active with my Game play.  I have about 6,000 points of various Ork models.

The only other models that I have a full army of are the Tyranids.  I have two thousand points worth.  It's built around the Boxed Army set that came out with the new Codex a while back.  The only real addition was about 23 more Warrior models.  They are expensive but very effective.  To date I have played exactly two games with them.  Once against the Elder and once against an Imperial Guard player.  I won handily both times after I finally got into H to H.

(Q) Why Groucho Marx?
A: I have always been a big fan of the Marx Brothers. A Night at the Opera has always been among my favorite movies.  That's closely followed by Animal Crackers and Coconuts.

(Q) Who is Captain Spaulding?
A: In the 1930 movie, Animal Crackers, Groucho Marx plays the character Captain Jeffrey T. Spaulding.  Mrs. Rittenhouse (played by the ultimate straight woman, Margaret Dumont) hosts a party where the Honorable Captain Spaulding is to be the guest of honor among Mrs. Rittenhouse's high society friends.  With the Marx brothers involved, things go South rather quickly.

The origination of the "Captain Spaulding" name itself is a little more obscure.  It was common back in the 1920s through the 1960s for the large Movie Studios to have On Site Doctors who worked directly for the studios.  The reason for this was to help protect the brand name equity and reputations of the actors that they treated.  A famous actor could have embarrassing tales spread if they sought treatment at a public facility.  The Studios were out to protect their interests.  In addition, some of these Doctors were a little liberal with the medications that they perscribed under the theory that a happy actor was better than an unhappy one to deal with.  "Captain Spaulding" was the nickname given to one of these "Feel Good" Doctors by the actors at one of the Studios.  It was an inside joke on the set of Animal Crackers in 1930 that was not reveled openly for many years.

(Q) What do you do for a job?
A: I am a Sales Executive with a Manufacturing Company here in Southern California.  Doesn't leave much time for 40K!

Fluff: The Command by Farseer Tyross

"Dark Eldar" hissed Guardsmen Varnes as he caught sight of the enemy. Four sleek darts flirted around the tree line at blurring speeds. Without a second thougt, Varnes flicked his lasgun safety off and propped it up against a sand bag before him.

Behind him, Varnes could hear his commanding officer barking orders, but Varnes ignored him. Captain Bullin had been promoted ahead of Varnes, despite him being less experienced and that the rumour mill had Varnes pegged as the next Captain when the former had been captured.
"Are you hearing me, Varnes!" shouted Bullin right behind the veteran. Turning to face the Captain slowly, Varnes caught his eye and remained silent. Turning back to face the enemy once again, the veteran pulled his lasgun tight to his body in expectation of an attack.

"I expect an answer, Sergeant!" hissed Bullin.
"We're going to be under attack any second now!" barked Varnes over his shoulder.
"Oh, your think so, do you?" shouted the Captain, his tone harsh.
"I don't think so, I know so…. Captain" The malice in his voice was evident, and for once since this attack had started, Varnes could feel the gazes of those around settle upon him.
Paying no attention to the onlookers, Varnes continued to watch the swirling pattern of Dark Eldar Reavers playing amongst the trees.

"Here they come" came a shout from the left flank as a score of deep green and emerald greens rushed on out of the tree line.

Lasbolts flashed across the gap between the Guard lines and the surging force of sleek attack craft. The hisses of enemy weapons flared around Varnes and the rest of the Guardsmen, and despite his many well placed shots, he found he was only hitting the armour plating of the emerald jetbikes.

"Where's the Captain?" snapped a Guardsman to the Veteran's left. Glancing around quickly, Varnes could see no hide nor hair of the Captain.
"He's been taken" spat Varnes as he slammed another clip into his lasgun and prepared to fire once again.
A few minutes passed as Guardsmen all around Varnes were taken or killed by the swooping reavers, their vile weapons spitting death, or their wicked blades scything through flak armour with ease.

"Ammo!" shouted Varnes as he ran dry, but no-one around him dared to move from their prone positions behind the sand bagged position.
"Fine, I'll get it my damned self!" cursed Varnes after a few seconds without a reply. Lifting himself into a hunched position, Varnes prepared for the run toward the ammo dump some thirty meters behind the Guard lines.

As he broke into a run, something struck the Veteran across the. Something sharp. Falling to the ground hard, Varnes caught sight of a green jetbike rush over him. Reaching for his side arm, Varnes shot the Eldar pirate in the back before he could come back for a second pass.
As he stumbled to a crawl, the Guardsmen cursed, finding only pain his only reward.

His progress was slowed, but Varnes was determined. Reaching the ammo dump, the veteran took as much ammo as he could carry within his vest pouches and pockets and prepared for the crawl back to the front line.

Before he could complete the journey, Varnes heard the sound of a horn of blow. Not once but twice.

"Damn" cursed Varnes as the realisation struck him as sure as any weapon the enemy could wield could.
"WE WILL HOLD THE LINE!" shouted Varnes as the first of the Guardsmen turned to retreat back towards the crawling warrior.
Seeing his words have no effect, Varnes put a couple of lasbolts into the lead Guardsmen. Watching them drop from the sudden attack, the rest of the Guardsmen glared at the sergeant.


Fluff: Eldritch Raiders by Wargamer

The Engine was missing. Exactly how or why was not clear. One minute the computors had reported all systems fine, the next that one engine was missing. Shas'La T'au Run'yr glanced out of the cockpit, and strained to examine the vessel for himself. Sure enough, the starboard engine was inexplicably missing. There was no sign of structural damage as such; it was as if the entire engine, couplings and all, had left reality.

La'Run'yr realised he was about to crash.

Someone ripped open the canopy, and was shot for his trouble. Staggering out, La'Run'yr was welcomed by a scene of carnage. Gue'la were everywhere, firing with crude solid-shot weapons, stabbing and slashing with blades, seeking to pull down the Firewarriors. Drones whizzed overheat, weapons chattering, but the Gue'la were many. La'Run'yr joined the fray, his pistol barking at every ramshackle warrior he could find. A warrior ahead raised a haphazard laser cannon skyward, and blew a hole through a leaping Crisis suit. The Gue'la's whoops of delight were quickly silenced, as the stricken machine came down on top of him. Though numerous, the Gue'la were dispatched in short order, and La'Run'yr took stock of the situation.

He became aware of a watcher. A tall, lithe figure stood atop a nearby hill, standing beside a hovering war machine like nothing the Gue'la used. The name "El'dar" struck just before the D-Cannon did. Tau were liquified, the Devilfish wreak buckled under the paternatural forces employed, and in an instant the world went mad. Where once the primitive vehicles of the Gue'la pirates fought the superior Tau, the sky was now filled with Eldar skimmers. La'Run'yr raised his weapon, and was smashed to the ground as a charging Eldar closed the gap far quicker than should have been possible. The battle-cries died suddenly, and La'Run'yr was hauled to his feet.
"This is not your day, little one."

La'Run'yr faced the speaker. He was the Eldar seen on the hill, dressed in extravagent robes that concealed the sturdy armour beneath. From a small pack on his back, four silvery arms extended, currently focussed on dismantling a Drone. He spoke the Tau language, with a Cha'mont'yr dialect.

"Your armour, Shas'la." The Eldar grinned wickedly, and produced a shuriken pistol. "Your armour or your life."

La'Run'yr spat defiantly at the Pirate, who merely laughed. The Shas'la was thrown to the ground, and soon found himself stripped to his fatigues. The Eldar commander had not moved.
"Listen well, Shas'la. My name is Malakai. I have spared your life so you may deliver a message to your superiors. Go, and tell them this world belongs now to Tal'set and his Kindred. Tell them that Tal'set will allow you to leave this world in peace, but all upon it, natural and constructed, is his now. Tell them that if they resist, we shall be terrible."

La'Run'yr slowly backed away. The sounds of battle had gone, left only with the terrible silence of the Eldar's victory. He turned and ran, hooves kicking up the wet grass as he went, chased every step by the cruel laughter of the Corsairs.

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