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Mini of the Month

Jutami's FWs

Fire Warriors by Jutami . Check our forums for more information.

Member's Quotes of the Month

" Yes indeed. [Fencing] is like basketball... with no balls... and no baskets... and swords... very fun."
- Monsieur Monkey, Fencing, The Enclave

Quote of the Month

"A chance to surrender? You had your chance; you should have thrown down your arms the moment you learned of our coming. Instead, you dug in and sought to resist. To challenge the Astartes is to invite your own execution. You dug your graves, now lie in them.?"
- Captain Xeres, Supernovas Chapter.

Forum Statistics

For the month of September:

New Topics: 1,551
New Posts: 20,517
New Members: 213
Page Views: 1,414,516
Most Visitors Online at Same Time: 229

In Total:

Topics: 48,658
Posts: 767,869
Members: 6,997
Most Visitors Online at Same Time: 641

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Recent News

Competition News

Landslide!!! Well, not a real one perhaps, but this month's painting competitions were definately landslide victories! As always, I do want to emphasise just how much every entry means to us and how glad that people take the time to compete in these Tau Online Competitions, however there were some real runaway winners this month which deserved to be showcased!

The Scenery Competition Winner Kalten and his Tau Landing platform -

Kalten's again...look closely to see his Camoflauge Competition winning entry -

A suberb Imperial Fist's Razorback by Wolkenmann -

So, onto November and what competitions we have in store for you this month! On the painting front we have a chance to look at the New Chaos Lord models in the Chaos Lord OOTB Competition. Also we have a 'design your own character' competition if you are feeling creative enough!

Finally, and perhaps most importantly, the pinnacle of the Tau Online Competition Season is beginning to descend upon us...the Tau Online Awards 2007! We will be taking nominations for the awards soon during the month, keep your eyes open for them!

Cheers and good luck!


Top Threads

Top Five Tau Threads

Top Five non-Tau Topics this Month

Interview: With S I L K, by Tau Online

S I L K has been a member of Tau Online for over a year now, being most active in The Enclave, General 40K and the Ork boards. His custom title of "Da Big Mek" clearly shows his favourite 40K race!

(Q) What attracted you to this site and how have you found it so far?
A:  I did a random search when I was playing around with the idea of starting a tau army. I joined up on the Medusa forums for the campaign - I enjoyed the community so much I signed up to the big bad forums. The thing that kept me was the fact that every army was catered for and that meant that I could have my own different portion, and If I changed army I could still be on the same forum with the same people. Oh, and I think Karma cookies may have chained me here aswell ^_^

(Q) Which armies do you collect, how big are they and how long has it taken to accumlate them?
A:  Lets see... Well, I mainly have Orks and Imperial guard. The guard vary from around 1000 points to about 1200. Depending on what I can scavanged from my bits box. The orks are a slightly different matter - I can potentially get about 3000 points if I mess with those apocalypse rules, but under normal conditions 200 is my top limit. Of course I still need tpo buld and paint the bloody things... And I have aroun 800-1000 points of deamonettes, but they are on hold untill GW releases better rules for my daemons, or until I can get a train ticket to their nottingham HQ.

(Q) Any advice for the rest of the community?
A: Firstly, listen to the mods. They have the ability to hurt you, and you won't like it. Secondly, help other people. Yes it sounds all preachy; but just think of the times you've wanted help. Thirdly, post comments that are both pleasent to read and are real sentences. Nothing discourages me more from posting than a badly posted topic. Fourthly, don't listen to anyone who's name includes "war" "elf" or "tau". And even then, be cautious of those who are obsessed with gods of war, swords, changing their names, or just don't leave the enclave. In fact, that should be an entire rule:- don't go in the enclave unless you are logging in from a luny bin!

(Q) When did you start to play warhammer?
A: When I was about 9 or 10 - I saw two guys laughing in the corner of my playground - curiosity got the better of me and I was introduced to warhammer lizardmen. A quick trip down to my local Games workshop and I spotted 40k - too much time playing doom, Duke nukem and C & C me easy prey for the staff. Funnily enough, thankls to those games im still easy prey!

(Q) What do you like about your army?
A: They are green! They are mean!! And they match my attitude: "as long as it works I don't care how it looks!". Plus I like the idea of being able to throw loads of lads at a taget, and if it fails I can throw more. Lastly, whats harder than an ork?Oh, and the imperial guard are cool... I guess.

(Q) What's next on your 40k agenda?
A: I actually don't know. I'm tempted to say I'll be grabbing a load of orks the christmas, but if im brutally honest I have enough of the greenskins to satisfy my needs by buying the odd box or 5. An all female dark eldar army is currently on my playing cards, I just have to wait and see how the mock ups turn out.

(Q) Where did the name Silk come from?
A: I was signing up onto a different forum and I was sick and tired of my previous monikers (Dabble and Pipboy if you must know) and decided to grab the name from David eddings' belgariad. The name stuck.

(Q) Favorite nightwish song?
A: She is my sin. Easily.

(Q) If you had to pick one (1) quote from movie, TV, book, perons etc. what would you pick, and why you'd pick that particular quote?
A: Oh, this is something that I didn't even think about - It's in john carpenters "the thing" at the end of the movie when MacReady is in the fight with the alien: ALIEN - RAWWWWRRR!! MAC- "Yeah? Well F**K you too!" *BOOOM!* I use it as many times as I possibly can. Or, if that isn't sophisticated enough for you: the extremely famous speech by churchill - makes my heart swell with pride every time!

(Q) If you could be a grot slaver how many grots could you keep in line?
A: 30 - Games orkshop says I can't have more... However, I would make them sing the entire jerry springer the musical in swedish.

Thanks :-)

- Tau Online

Fluff: Barro's Quest by Farseer Tyross

The voice of Cardinal Boras droned throughout the city. It's monotonous pace drowning out every sound in the street from the high set speakers above. Holt glanced up into the gloom of the hive city, and all he could see was the fine rain above, spilling down from the blackened clouds.
Dropping his sight, and pulling his robe over his head, and drawing the brown fabric tighter around him, Holt stepped out further into the street.

Despite the heavy robes, he could still feel the bite of a piercing wind driven through the streets by the artificial weather systems and with the wind behind him, he set off, down towards his goal.

Taking a sip from his hip flask, Guardsmen Barro felt the warming liquid hit his stomach and then winced as the after taste hit the back of his throat. Tossing the flask to his friend of some eight years, Barro saw his friend take a swig and pass it another guardsman.
Before he the flask could make the rounds completely amongst the unit, something caught Barro's eye.

"We have a contact" Barro thundered through the vox unit, as he reached for his lasgun.
"Probably another spire spectre" he heard his friend retort, before being attenuated by the vox bead.
"I don't think so" Barro shot back as he propped his vision goggles up to his eyes.
"40 paces out, moving rapidly" another Guardsman reported, and all around him, Barro heard the sounds of Guardsmen preparing their weapons.
"Do we have a visual yet?" Barro barked, but was quickly answered as a sleek craft darted from behind cover. Before he could open fire, the sleek dart-like craft swept on, and past their line.
"MAN DOWN!" roared another to Barro's left. Before he could snap his head around to see what had happened, another dart shot past.
"Fall back!" Barro ordered, but even as his order left his lips, he saw another craft slip past, and Barro could of sworn he saw a wicked knife slip a mere hair's breadth from his neck.

Holt made his way across the crowded boulevard, toward his final destination. Before he could approach the guards outside the Governor's Palace, Holt heard something cackle in his ear.
Something half heard and something not quite there.
Last time we met, I swore I was going to kill you. Looks like I'll be able to make good on my promise slipped in and out of the Inquisitor's mind.
"Holy tarth!" hissed Holt, and he knew it was already too late. Casting a wry glance back towards the Palace, Holt ushered himself away, melding into the crowds as effectively as a shadow.

Barro kept his eyes fixed on the armoured skiff floating before him. It was like a vision of pure evil, a shadow of deep greens and grimacing features.
"What in the name of Terra are you!" spat the Guardsmen before feeling his bowels finally letting go.
‘I am here to keep a promise and to secure a pact' a voice drifted across towards Barro, filling his head with calm waves of pleasure and reassurance.
Before Barro could force himself to speak, the voice came again. ‘I want you to deliver a message… I want you to tell Inquisitor Holt that it is his time to die, and if he is brave enough, I will be on Cha'Mont'Yr…'

Inquisitor Holt stared at the scene of devastation with mild interest. Blood filled each and every foot print, and ruined piles of flesh were paced at random intervals in the clearing. Stood alone in the centre was a single man.
Taking a few steps forward, Holt unclipped his plasma pistol and felt it's presence in his hand for a few seconds before speaking. "What happened here?"
"What happened here?" demanded the Inquisitor, his tone firmer and brokering no option for disobedience.
"I was left alive…" he heard the sole survivor state, flatly.
"And why might that be?" pressed Holt.
"I am to deliver a message… to Inquisitor Holt…" the Guardsmen replied as he slowly turned to face the armed man behind him.
"I am who you seek" Holt stated, withdrawing his plasma pistol slowly but keeping it pointed towards the muddy ground.
"He said you'll die at Cha'Mont'Yr…" said Barro, and as he did so, Holt saw the look of a man on the edge of sanity.
"Thank you, Guardsmen. I will administer the Emperor's peace to you now."
"No….Thank you…" the Guardsmen hissed before launching himself towards the Inquisitor.
The flash of white hot plasma was the last thing Barro saw.

Hobby: JD's Chop Shop by Reunion_Round

To get great hints on how to restore your (Chaos - in this example) tanks, please visit our forums:

Fluff: Mek Dek by Wargamer

The Engun Room was in chaos. Of course, it was always in chaos, but now moreso than usual.

Big Mek Wazzpok Fingsmakka strode his way through the hissing, groaning machinery, punting Grots who didn't move fast enough. All around the ramshackle and miss-matched deck, Meks and Grot slaves worked frantically to keep the ship from coming apart.

"Listen up!" Wazzpok bellowed, glaring furiously as a Grot flew past in a shower of sparks. "Discombobulate da Zzappy-Pingy Boxes, Re-shunt da Blasta Feeds, an connect da Howjamafig ta da Fingymabob!"
A soot-blackened face appeared above.
"Which one'z da Fingymabob?"
Wazzpok gave da Mek Yoof a stare that made it clear he considered the Ork somewhat less intelligent than the rusting metalwork. He raised his arms, and made a few confusing gestures.
"Dis one."
Wazzpok snarled. The Ork took the hint.
"Dat one! Right'o Boss!"
Turning his back, and striding through a team of Orks trying to put out a fire, he paused just long enough to enjoy the sight of Snikgit running around on fire, and set to work. He pulled out his trusty Everybitz Mek Knife, selected the "Melty" head, and began re-wiring the vessel. To aid his work, he began to sing.
"Oooh, Da bit 'ere's connected to da, Fin-gy.
An' da Fingy's connected to da, Do-Dah.
An' Torpedoes iz comin' at da, Win-dow."
Wazzpok paused. Through the viewing hole he could see, quite clearly, the barbed nose-cones of Imperial Torpedoes, closing at terrifying speeds.
"...Hang on," he muttered, "Dis window wasn't 'ere yesterday..."
Shrugging, Wazzpok wandered off to find who'd been drilling holes in the side of his ship.

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