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Mini of the Month

Gareth's Whirldwind

Goblin Giant by Gareth . Check our forums for more information

Member's Quotes of the Month

"Only problem is when I slaughter the front rank in one turn and crash into the second. Guard are going to stop a good assault about as easily as Jum-Puff marshmallows."
- Gada Mazaha, stopping assault, General 40K

Quote of the Month

"Will someone please tell me what that Kroot is doing there, and why he's holding a napkin?"
- Colonel Tzivick, 41st Alterian Dragoons [current location unknown]

Forum Statistics

For the month of September:

New Topics: 1,438
New Posts: 20,938
New Members: 175
Page Views: 1,207,086
Most Visitors Online at Same Time: 260

In Total:

Topics: 47,394
Posts: 751,644
Members: 6,822
Most Visitors Online at Same Time: 641

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Recent News

Competition News

Hi all!

I've certainly had a busy month this time around, so apologies to all if I haven't been active as much as normal. However it's clear that competition activity never takes a break with another three competitions to report on.

Firstly, it was great to see the Open Tau Competition won by the humble Fire Warrior, superbly painted by Scizor -

Fire Warrior

The bastion of any Tau army for sure!

Secondly we come to the Youngbloods competition, for all 16 year olds and under it was a chance to compete on a more level playing field. However I was not alone in commenting that the standard seemed just as high as any normal painting competition, I really am envious of how well you can all paint!

Extra special credit goes to the runaway winner M@tt-


Finally, although not as well supported as hoped, the gunslinger competition was a worthy winner in this superb Praetorian Guard by Col. Gravis -

Guard by Col. Gravis

Congratulations to everyone who entered a competition this month, you constantly do the forums and community credit with the high standard of painting! This month, look out for the Camoflauge competition (as voted by you!), Vehicle competition and Scenery piece!

Get painting and moddelling everyone, plenty of prizes to be won!



Top Threads

Top Five Tau Threads

Top Five non-Tau Topics this Month

Interview: With Yriel of Iyanden, by Tau Online

Yriel has been a member of Tau Online for over two years, and is currently the moderator of the Dark Eldar and Craftworld Eldar boards.

(Q) What attracted you to this site and how have you found it so far?

A: I originally found the site looking for information on Tau for my brother, who was about to start a Tau army at the time. When I got here, I was amazed at the quality of posting I found here compared to other 40K fansite forums, and after pointing my brother here- I decided to make a home for myself on the Eldar forums. So far I really enjoy the membership and staff here, and I feel like this place will be my home for as long as I'm wanted here. 

(Q) Which armies do you collect, how big are they and how long has it taken to accumulate them?

A: I have three Eldar craftworlds: Iyanden, (15+years) 5,000pts
Saim Hann (5 years) 2,500pts and Biel Tan (5 years) 2,500pts
I also have a large ork army (~7,500pts, 12 years old) that is enough models to build a standard, speed freeks, and feral ork army.
My Alpha Legion/Slaanesh army is about 2 years old now and playable to 2,000pts.
I also have a Mentor Legion Space Marine army that's 2,250 playable and about 12+ years old.
I have a Tyranid splinter fleet that is playable to 1,500pts.
My latest army is Dark Eldar, which I have built since my Dark Eldar modship with the help of the members- that's about 1,250pts.
And finally- I have Squats, no longer playable. ?

(Q) Any advice for the rest of the community?

A: For the newer players- I know the game at first is expansive and exciting, and we know you want to bring your own flavor of tactics, themes, and ideas to the table, but if you want to enjoy the hobby for a long time- you should be patient enough to learn the system, the fundamentals, and well “pay your dues”. Don't try to build or learn too quickly- you may be robbing yourself of the long term rewards that will turn this into a hobby you'll enjoy for years, and from that perspective- you'll get your money's worth. Don't be in too much of a rush to do anything- win, buy, or even learn. Work through your experiences and try and find a mentor or two to help you.

For the vets- I know we like to complain a lot (I do it a lot too), but we should really value new players, new models, and new rules. If 40K never changed in the 20 or so years it's been around then it would have long disappeared from the shelves, and we'd never have anything new to look forward to. The new systems of course carry some unwanted effects on gameplay, and new players can be irritating sometimes, but so can we, and we need these things for the continued survival and greater availability of our resources, which means more opportunities to model, paint, compete, and learn. If you're sick of the stigmas associated with gaming, nerds, anti-social behaviors and would rather have enjoyable, competitive games you can find easily with strangers- then you should appreciate all the new stuff and work with newer players- this will be your source of entertainment and challenge soon enough.

Q: What's your opinion on Belgium?

I like waffles. (didn't see that one coming, did you? ;))

Q: What is your job? As you mention a lot of articles are written on planes and stuff, so what do you do? (and how do you write so much!)

I manage a laboratory for a coatings manufacturer. It includes all of the corporate quality testing- which we do all over the country and a few places overseas, and so part of my job is to visit the other sites and staff for projects- which puts me on a plane a half dozen times a year. Writing is both a hobby and a habit- much of my job is technical writing and so in between I write a lot. I normally work on 1-3 articles at a time, and start and stop as I please, and just finish them off as I am inspired.

Q: If you could challenge any TO member to a game of 40k who would it be and why?

If it could only be one game and one challenge it would be Malveaux, or Arguleon Veq. Both are tremendous players, and great guys- I'm sure I would learn a lot and have fun doing so, and it's rare to have those “thinky” challenging games that are still fun.

(Q) Have you ever considered compiling your Wraithsight articles into a book?

I dunno. Wraithsight deals with tactics and strategies that constantly change- so by the time I published it- it would probably
Be useless to contemporary gamers. I like it better as a periodical.

(Q) What was your worst defeat in 40K? What did you do wrong?

The second RTT I ever attended I ran into a Thousand Sons player who just ran a clinic on my Iyanden army. He was pretty slow. He barely outnumbered me. On paper his list looked like a mess. But man was this guy savvy- he used rhinos precisely and got any charge he wanted and any shot he wanted. Normally when I lose- I do so in spectacular fashion (my dice have launched numerous mutinees on me when I'm losing) and I lose big- but this one was the worst ever. The guy ended up tabling me, and I don't even recall killing any of his units…it was really embarrassing. As for what I did wrong- it was plenty. My list had a pair of Falcons (3rd edition rules) on a table with no area or size 3 terrain, so they got destroyed in turn 1. As that was the only mobility in my list- my opponent cleverly used his rhinos and smoke launchers to set up mobile terrain for himself and allow him to dictate all of the action. Also- I couldn't buy a save…not even 3+ rerollables that game.

(Q) Do you find yourself as more of a painter or a player?

I'm definitely more of a player. I have thjs rule about not using unpainted mini's- but the fact is I'm not a very good painter, I'm just effective at getting painted mini's on the board.

Thanks :-)

- Tau Online

Fluff: The Shadow by Farseer Tyross

The shadow flickered across the doorway.
It was moving fast, lithe and wicked.
Even without thinking, Holt raised his pistol and fired.
He missed. Cursing his own luck, Holt slide his silvered blade from it's sheaf as silently as he could.

The vox bead cackled in his ear, but Holt was too tense to listen to the report. Catching only the odd word here and there, he continued to stare are the shadow lurking just out of side beside the door way. "Target.... too dark..."
Damn the creature was fast, thought Holt, as he spat another bolt at another shadow as it shifted across the doorway.

Taking a step closer, he Inquisitor hovered outside the darkened room, casting a warily glance around the room from the safety of the lit corridor.
"" cackled in his ear, but Holt didn't have time to listen.
The creature was out and had covered the gap between the pitch black room and the Inquisitor in less then a heartbeat.

Holt had been ready for this.
Flicking his sword up and around, he caught the first blows before they could land and turned them aside just as he had been taught to do from his mentor.
Dropping his pistol, the Inquisitor wheeled from his opponent's renewed attack, feeling himself fall onto his back foot.

With a whoose of air, the fight was over.
Holt smiled faintly, and ran his hand through his hair after pushing back his hood.
"Thanks. I don't think I would of survived much longer" he reported, as he glanced down at the crumpled foe. It's body was riddled with wounds, and he forced a grimace from his face as he regarded the corpse. Pale flesh with dead, emerald eyes which had fixated on the Inquisitor in it's death throes filled the Inquisitor with silent dread of what was yet to come.
"The Dark Eldar aren't so deadly" retorted the voice in his ear.
"This is only the beginning..." whispered Holt to himself.

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