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Mini of the Month

Gareth's Whirldwind

Commander Farsight by Legacy40K. Check our forums for more information

Member's Quotes of the Month

"Thanks a lot for these comments, they are greatly appreciate"
- Tau Online

"Now to be another pain in the butt. That sentence lacks grammer, TO...."
- Farseer Tyross

"Grammar. The word is grammar.  ;)"
- Gorbad Powerklaw

"Right, back to the topic. Can't have me dragging this off topic any more.  So your saying we're too perfect? :P"
- Farseer Tyross

"The word you need is 'you're' as the lengthened version is 'you are.'  You use 'your' to indicate possession.

Come on FT, get with it! ;)"
- Tau-Killer

Forum Statistics

For the month of August:

New Topics: 1,693
New Posts: 25,410
New Members: 215
Page Views: 1,225,813
Most Visitors Online at Same Time: 272

In Total:

Topics: 45,768
Posts: 728,809
Members: 6,618
Most Visitors Online at Same Time: 641

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Recent News

Website News

Tau Online Version 7 is here! This release brings a brand new design to the website and forums. One hopefully useful organisational change to the website is when viewing articles in a specific category (i.e. fluff and stories, Eldar articles etc). You can filter the articles by their type (i.e. Eldar house rules, or Tau fluff etc) by clicking on the link in the navigation bar and you can also filter the articles by their rating, name or when they were added to Tau Online.

In addition, the forum's software has been upgraded to SMF 2.0 - this has bought about a few new features and cool stuff, so keep your eyes peeled for them! There are a few bugs, although we're working hard to stamp them all out ;-)

Forum News

40kenthusiast is the newest addition to the moderating team - 40kenthusiast now helps to co-moderate the General 40K board (alongside SpiritBW); thanks for helping out!

Competition News

Hi all!

If you have been on the planet in the last few months you will probably have been aware of the Grand Tau Online Summer Story Competition. If you haven't then I hope outer space was good because you missed a cracking competition!

After lengthy voting, both from the public and the competition committee all of the results can be found in this thread. Feel free to drop into the contests board for a read of the entries too!

Ahuge congratulations to the winner, a relative newcomer to Tau Online, 'derfderf' and his entry, 'Akala's Pendant'. A tale of love and war in the disciplined world of service in the Eldar Craftworlds. A superb read! All 20 (yes 20! A new record!) entries are definately reading though if you have a spare minute (or spare hour more like!)

We must not forget though the painting competitions this month, good as ever this month saw Geroge Crane win the Combat Competition with this great Fire Warrior Conversion -

Fire Warrior

The King of conversions however was crowned as Colonel Gravis -

IG Conversion by Col. Gravis

Finally, a frequent competition winner and superb painter and moddeller McCoy showed off his Tau Pathfinders to win the Fast Attack Competition -

Tau Pathfinders

As always, I was impressed with all of the entries in all of the competitions, they are definately an inspiration to many and it's great to see the standard of the winners constantly being raised! Good effort people!

Now I hear you say, "What other mouthwatering competitions do you have lined up for us in September 42?".

Well, September is the month of the Tau. This is Tau Online and we are looking to crown someone with the title of best Tau Painter with our Open Tau Competition! In addition, there will be a youngblood competition for all those rising painting talents out there! Finally, September's Cod (Competition On Demand) will be a Gun-slinger competition, so time to get the green-stuff out again there methinks!

Well that's it for another month folks, 'till next time,



Top Threads

Top Five Tau Threads

Top Five non-Tau Topics this Month

Interview: With Farseer Emlyn , by Tau Online

Farseer_Emlyn has been a member of Tau Online since the start of this year, and in this time has quickly become known as a staunch Eldar fan! FE has also been a great help with Tau Online's campaign. However without further ado, let's get on with the interview :-)

(Q) What attracted you to this site and how have you found it so far?
A: I was first attracted to this site by the Eldar & Space Marine articles (not to mention the pictures of the Imperial Fists in the main site).  Then I got hooked when I found the forums and discovered Eldar players who actually want to have an intelligent conversation.

(Q) Which armies do you collect, how big are they and how long has it taken to accumlate them?
A: I have a 2,000 point Elathiad Eldar army.  I began the army in the end of 2006 and I hope to have it to 3,000 points by the beginning of 2008.  I also have a 1,250 point Ork army that will be completed someday.  Overall, I’ve been collecting for just under a year.

(Q) Any advice for the rest of the community
A:  Sure.  Focus on trying to enhance the Tau Online experience for your fellow members.  If you do this, you’ll find that your own experience is enhanced through the effort.

( Q) What do you think is more important scientifically, exploration and settlement of the Moon or Mars?
A) Neither.  I think we should focus on exploration of areas where we know life already exists - namely the depths of the seas.

(Q) What is one army you could never see yourself playing and why?
A) Necrons.  Because they play too much like Marines (Rapid Fire, 3+, etc).

(Q) Favorite saying or quote?
A) I thank God that my relationship with Him is not directly dependent upon my relationship with His servants. (from me)

(Q) If you could have 1 piece of technology (fully functioning) from the 40k universe, what would it be?
A) An STC.

(Q) Do you have a zombie plan?
A) Yep.  Step 1) Break into Wal Mart and steal a shotgun, ammunition, and other cool stuff.  Step 2) Run for the hills and don't ever go back into town again.  Step 3) Send my inlaws into town for milk.  Step 4) Live happily ever after.

(Q) 4. If you could change anything about Warhammer 40k - fluff/races/rules etc - what would it be and why?
A) I would make the rules more representative of real combat (more war than game).

(Q) Would you pet Elfy on his head?
A) I hear he actually prefers to be scratched behind his ears.

Thanks :-)

- Tau Online

Fluff: Arnell Ascendancy by Farseer Tyross

The thing moved quickly and with an aggression of a stalking predator. It had stalked around their lines, moving between buildings with inhuman speed, followed by ten more blurs of death. Mars Aran kept his eyes trained on its most likely attack route, and around him, he could sense the foreboding build.

Ten Space Marines in pure white power armour with flame of red and yellow painted proudly upon their leg greaves and shoulder pads awaited, with their weapons held aloft, ready to strike.
Behind them, Guardsmen stood at the ready, ready to lay down their lives for the Hive’s they stood to guard. Lasguns and hellguns held firm against the coming storm. Grey fatigues formed two evenly spaced lines, with their officers waiting patiently by their command Chimeras.

Behind them, stood yet more troops. Adeptus Arbites held their shotguns loosely by their sides. Forty black armoured bodies stood apart from the large doors to the inner-city sanctum. Within the inner-city sanctum stood the large financial district, star port, the Governor’s palace and the housing districts of the noble houses of Torrin. Around the inner sanctum, a heavy buttress wall provided them a measure of protection from outside attacks.

They were there to hold off the Tyranid vanguard organisms for as long as possible, each warrior knowing that they were merely attempting to stall the Tyranid attacks for time only, and that quite possibly none would survive the coming hours or days.

Mars Aran sounded off over the Astartes battle net as his squad sergeants reported in. Three squads were spaced evenly around three massive gate houses, three weak points in the buttress walls. Mars Aran knew that they would be the first points attacked by the Tyranids, and had taken measures.

A low growl caught the Chief Librarian’s attention and he brought up his plasma pistol reflexively. Something slipped past his enhanced vision, almost too quickly, but Mars Aran knew what exactly what it was.

"Broodlord sighted at the southern gate" reported Mars Aran over the vox. His Marines maintained vox silence, but behind him, he could hear the clicking of Marines checking their bolt pistols, and the roar of chainswords being tested for activation.
The atmosphere tensed for a few seconds before the Genestealers made their appearance felt. They rushed from cover, and had covered the distance to the Marines in a few seconds. But that was all the Marines needed. Bolt pistols barked a chorus of death and two stealers exploded in fleshy ruin as the mass reactive bolts detonated.
Mars Aran’s pistol also hissed as a bolt of intense heat leapt forth, searing the flesh of another stealer in and instant.
Before he could get off another shot with his pistol, the stealers were in amongst the Space Marines.

Chainswords flashed and bolt pistols fired behind the Librarian as he brought his force axe up and around in a sweeping parry, and then down in a piercing strike. Feeling the axe connect with hide of the Genestealer, the Librarian brought his axe up again, ready for another strike as the Tyranid creature before fell to the floor with a heavy thump with alien blood pouring from the wound in its flank.

Before Aran knew it, the Broodlord was upon him. A large beast of pure muscle and sinew with razor sharp claws and a gaping maw filled with diamond hard teeth. Slipping beneath the Lord’s first strike, the Librarian brought his elbow up beneath the alien’s chin. Feeling the blow connect, Mars Aran leapt back and sliced downwards with his force axe. Alien ichor sprayed as the axe slipped through more flesh. The alien before him howled in rage as the blood spilled from an open cut in its thorax.

Before the Chief Librarian could step back into the combat, three lasbolts tore through the air. Without turning his attention to the Guardsmen that had fired, Mars Aran dropped his shoulder, narrowly avoiding a heavy swing by the Broodlord as it stepped into the distance between the two combatants.

The Fists of Flame Librarian’s pistol spat an inferno, but missed its mark as the Broodlord side stepped another salvo of lasfire. Seeing his chance, Mars Aran spoke to himself in low hushed tones as he fended off attacks by the Broodlord with his force axe.

With his ritual of purification complete, Mars Aran’s body exploded into flames.
The Chief Librarian was a living flame; bright red flames of pure warp fire consumed all within reach. The two combat monsters fought for life itself, the Chief Librarians’ movements growing ever faster with every passing second as the warp energy infused his body with renewed fury.
With a sweep of his foot, Mars Aran pushed his opponent back with a swift shoulder barge. Seared flesh filled his sense as the flames which engulfed him burned the xenos monster with each blow. Kicking out, his armoured boot connected with the hard chitin of the creature’s chest, and he felt the bones break beneath the impact.

With his opponent on the back foot, the Fists of Flame Librarian pressed the attack, and sliced downwards with his force axe. Hitting the soft tissue where he had just connected with, the axe bit deep. Releasing the grip on his axe, Mars Aran jumped back, out of the Broodlord's reach once again. Another salvo of lasfire pattered off the Broodlord's chitin, and Mars Aran spoke in hushed tones to himself once more. With each syllable he spoke, the axe responded. Bright red and yellow fire flared from the axe as the Librarian concentrated intently upon his weapon which was still lodged in the flesh of his opponent.

The Broodlord gave out a piercing scream of pain when the axe finally exploded into white hot fire whilst the Librarian continued to chant his catechisms of hate. Within a minute, the fight was over. The Broodlord slumped forward as its life force was suddenly extinguished.
Retrieving his axe quickly from the dead charred husk of the Broodlord, Mars Aran scanned the area around him. The Fists of Flame had lost four of their number, but had dispatched all of their opponents, aided in part by the Guardsmen behind them.

Changing vox channels with a thought, the Chief Librarian gave reported "Attack on the southern gates defeated, four dead.

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