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Mini of the Month

Gareth's Whirldwind

BloodEyes's Necrons. Check our forums for more information.

Quote of the Month

"In times like these I used to say, 'If I am to die, then let me take a thousand with me'. A thousand of these beasts would go un-noticed."

- Last words of Shas'vre Tel'Oshi Mont'ka, during the second war of Tel'Oshi.

Member Quote of the Month

"Skodas Vs Warbuggies: After all these years, you still can't believe they can actually get started"

- crazedmongoose2003, 40k vehicles and their modern car equivalents, General 40K

Forum Statistics

For the month of July:

New Topics: 1,813
New Posts: 28,476
New Members: 186
Page Views: 1,380,245
Most Visitors Online at Same Time: 303

In Total:

Topics: 44,151
Posts: 705,475
Members: 6,402
Most Visitors Online at Same Time: 641

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Recent News

Forum News

We've surpassed the 700,000 posts mark on our message boards - which is a brilliant achievment. Thanks to all who contribute regularly to Tau Online!

Also, the trading boards have had sub-boards added - if members only wish to trade within certain regions (e.g. North America, or Europe) they can post in these specific boards.

Competition News

Hey Folks,

This is AfterCresent again, filling in for 42, who is away on summer vacation - lucky guy!

This month hosted a lot of unique competitions, which included the Specialist Games competition, the Objective Marker Competition and the Monstrous Creature competition.

Thank you to all who entered.

Gareth won the Objective Marker competition, Col.Gravis won the Specialist Games competition and Gareth also won the Monstrous Creature competition.

Here are the pictures of the winners:

Gareth's Tyranids

Col. Gravis:
Col. Gravis' entry

Gareth's Tau

Thank you for participating!

The Tau Online Grand Summer Story competition is still accepting entries. Make sure you enter, even if you don't think you will win. This is a fantastic opportunity to win various Warhammer 40,000 prizes - and all you have to do is write a story! Are you up to the challenge?

For our August competitions, we decided to let the members decide which competition we will run. We posted a poll here and your fellow members decided that one of the August competitions would be the Combat competition. The Combat competition will showcase all models geared for close combat.

Check out the competition board for more details.

If anyone who has an excess of competition points would like to trade them in for forum related prizes, please contact either me or 42.

Thanks for listening folks, have a great summer and keep your stick on the ice,


Top Threads

Top Five Tau Threads

Top Five non-Tau Topics this Month

Interview: With Khanaris, by Tau Online

Khanaris used to be one of the Tau moderators, and is now one of the global moderators! Khanaris mostly posts in the Tau, Serious Debates & Discussion and 40K Universe boards, although with over 8,000 posts, he's covered a lot of ground in a lot of boards! Anywhoo, onto the interview:

(Q) How did you find the site, and what was it like back in those days? What do you like most about 40k/Tauonline?
A: I think I found it with Google looking up Tau tactics. At the time, Brother Edwin was about to be banned and Dizzy was dominating a lot of the discussion on the Tau forums. We were seeing the birth of Mechanized Tau at the time, thanks mainly to Tonka's Mech Tau Bible. It obviously wasn't quite as busy as it is today.

The members, without a doubt. We have a much more supportive and welcoming community than many others dedicated to 40k or other games, and I am glad to be a part of it.

(Q) Which armies do you collect, how big are they and how long has it taken to accumlate them?
A: Wood Elves@2,000, Bretonnians@2,000, Tau@~4,000, Dark Angels@1750. I also have about 3,000 points of 3rd Edition Black Templar and a lot of 2nd Edition models that aren't really playable in their current form. You can sort of see the trend. I don't really like horde armies, and I don't like to stand and shoot very much. So most of my armies were chosen because they were fast and maneuverable.

(Q) Any advice for the rest of the community?
A: Unless you really need to save money on an army deal, don't buy more than 100 dollars of models for an army (or about 500 points) at a time. Most people's productivity drops off the more they have left to do. This is a big part of why there are so many unpainted armies out there. When you are only assembling and painting one or two units a month, it is easy to stay focused and keep the quality high. But if you have 3,000 points of Orks in varying states of assembly and priming, it can be extremely difficult to even get started.

In terms of posting, don't post when you are angry with another member. It should be obvious, but it gets people into a lot of trouble. Take a break and go have a sandwich or something while you consider how to reply. Flaming is annoying, but it is also extremely ineffective at getting your point across. You can do a lot more with a few calm, well-reasoned arguments than you can by shouting at people. This is true throughout your life as well as in discussion forums. The only time anger is useful is when you need to goad someone into doing something and persuasion is not working.

(Q) Who is you avatar, and why did you choose it? Does it mean anything to you?
A: He is a character called Asellas Diel, from the Korean RPG War of Genesis. The picture is profile art by an artist name Hyung Tae Kim. My first avatar here was actually another character from the same game. When I joined the site, I was working on a portrait pack for Neverwinter Nights using all of his character art. The one I use now is simply my favorite. I subsequently modified it in Photoshop about a dozen times to show different facial expressions.

(Q) What is your favourite part of the 40K hobby (painting, gaming etc), and why?
A: Probably converting, although I am not all that partial to one aspect or another. I don't get many chances to play these days, and I am always slightly happier with my conversions before they are painted.

(Q) Why the name Khanaris?
A: It is a combination of the names "Khan" and "Canaris", after the title of Khan and the name of Admiral Wilhelm Canaris, who has always been a hero of mine.

(Q) What's the most hilarious thing that's ever happened during a game of 40K you played?
A: Back in 2nd Edition, when bikes worked a little differently, I once had a Chaplain take a shot from an Ork Warboss, survive the fiery explosion of his bike, and then charge and destroy both himself and the Warboss when his Vortex Grenade scattered badly. In a later game, I had one unit of Grey Knights destroy almost an entire Ork army using one well-placed casting of Holocaust. The first cast lit off a number of Ork vehicles, and Vehicle explosions were a lot more dangerous in those days. Further explosions from all of those vehicles set off more chain reactions, until all that was left were a few scared-looking boyz out on the fringes of the table. It was pretty sweet.

(Q) You have obviously come a long way with TO. You have a high post and karma count. So the question is, would your global moderator self smite yourself back in the old age?
A: I can't think of any posts I made back then that I would smite for now. I joined when I was in college, and I had already been a contributor on enough other forums to have an idea of what forum etiquette consists of. It also takes quite a bit for me to issue negative karma, though. I don't really like the permanence of it, although I understand why we use it. So it would have taken some pretty dedicated trolling on the part of my younger self to draw the hammer today.

(Q) You're driving a car, away from a terrible blizzard. You come to a busstop, where there are your best friend, the girl of your dreams, and a little old lady. You can take only one other person in the car, to drive it those the nearest shelter. What do you do?
A: Give the car to the girl, and tell her to drive the little old lady to the shelter and then come back for us. My friend and I are both hearty northerners, and a little snow would be quite refreshing, thanks.

Alternatively, give the car to my friend to drive the old lady to the shelter, and figure out some other way to pass the time and stay warm while he is away. Shifty

(Q) What is your Job, and how do you like it?
A: I am currently a graduate student working on a PhD in Geophysics. I like the work, but at the moment we are trying to set up two different labs, meaning I don't get much research done.

(Q) Do you belive in Tau'va?
A: I think it is an interesting idea. I don't think it would ever be stable for humanity, either in the 41st Millenium or in real life.

Thanks :-)

- Tau Online

Fluff: Coils of the Serpent by Farseer Tyross

Two pristine white eyes loomed in Magnar's vision, flanked by pure white scales and beneath the two penetrating orbs, a mouth filled with two massive curving fangs.
As the lone Space Marine Captain stared through his helmets visors at the creature he had sought for the last week, he was impressed even now by its lithe and sinuous movements as he swayed gently from side to side whilst keeping its cold white eyes firmly on the Captain. Every now and then, a forked tongue would lash out and flicker before disappearing into its mouth, and Magnar knew that to cower now would be condemning him to sure death.
He watched the giant snake sway some more, knowing that the attack would come when the serpent was sure that this prey wasn't a match for it, and all the posturing was just it's way of sizing up Magnar as a potential meal. When the swaying stopped, the serpent would attack.
Magnar leapt to his left into the air suddenly as the serpent launched itself at him, mouth wide open and bearing two massive curving fangs. Magnar saw the snake's dart to his right and he would have to act quickly if he were to survive another day.

Dropping low, Magnar felt the body of the serpent rush over him in its attempt to ensnarl the Space Marine in its deathly embrace. Snapping back upright again, Magnar spun on his kneel in time to catch the head of the serpent mid-strike.

His scale of the snake wasn't lost on Magnar as he fought the serpent as its tongue flickered between its lower set of fangs. Even now all he could see was the deep red embrace of the snake's gullet as he held the snake's head at bay with his brute strength. Seeing his glance, Magnar released one side of its head and gripped one of the purely white fangs and then removed his other hand, gripping another one of the four fangs as tightly as he could.
Using all his strength, Magnar wrenched the two fangs apart, snapping them from their gums in the process and already Magnar was in the most critical situation. As the snake's head came loose of his grip, the Captain felt the tail tighten around his legs and he fought to stay upright as the serpent's head snapped back around for another strike.

He lost the fight to stay upright and toppled backwards as the snake's mouth enveloped the Space Marine's body from the torso down. The Astartes felt the two lower fangs bite deep into his flesh below the waist and his head swam as the pain engulfed him.
Cursing to himself, Magnar forced the snake's mouth open to find the serpent's body was wrapped tightly around his legs and he was lying prone on the muddy ground.
Before he could gather his wits fully, the snake grabbed him again, and this time, he would have to try a different tact.
With barely enough room to move, Magnar unclipped a fragmentation grenade and removed the pin, fumbling gingerly with the explosive device, Magnar threw the grenade further down the gullet of the snake.

His attempt was rewarded as the snake swallowed the grenade and a second later, it exploded and Magnar felt the grip on him loosen and pushed the mouth off him finally.
Even before he could remove the last of the tail coils from around his legs, Space Marines dressed in pitch black armour rushed into with large ceremonial curving knives and begun to carve the snake's hide with practiced precision.
As Magnar finally strolled away from the dead snake, he saw the form of Chaplain Astalion, dressed in the black armour of the Chapter and trimmed with bone fragments. His face was encased in his skull face mask, and clipped onto his belt was his symbol of office, his spread eagled crozius arcanum.

Taking his place beside his former mentor, it the Chaplain that spoke first. "It nearly had you." The Chaplains' voice was simply a mechanical replication of the Chaplain's words, voiced through his power armour's laud hailer. Magnar had often wondered what the Chaplain's real voice sounded like, as he had never heard the Chaplain's real voice and come to think of it, he had never seen the Chaplain's face. It was the custom of his Chapter to never take their helmets off, even with brethren and even the dead had a certain mystique about them as their faces had always been covered by black and red laced cloths as soon as they were uncovered.
"Glad you noticed, I only hope those watching learned something today" Magnar spoke with his own suit's mechanical voice. His tones were harsh and clipped, and didn't contain the warmth that Magnar had naturally.

"No doubt they did" intoned the Chaplain and he could feel the red piercing eyes of the Chaplain bore down on him as he continued "you get the pick of the snake pelts for such an honourable fight." It was only then that Magnar noted the Chaplain's gesture and he reached behind him to see the cloak of serpent skin he had been given after attaining the rank of Battle Brother within the Chapter. It was tattered and torn; its ghostly scales tore off through the years and were in dire need of replacement.

"I will have to see to that" Magnar smiled beneath the helmet even though Astalion couldn't see it.
"The Apothecary is over the hill" returned the Chaplain as he saw the wounds the Captain had received for the first time.
"Well, if you excuse me then, I'll get my body seen too" stated the Captain and before he turned to leave, "have the best pelts to my quarters when their finished."

Fluff: The Tide by Wargamer

They came.

Some would say they came in a great horde, stampeding across the fields. Some would liken them to the green-skinned advances of great heroes like O'Shovah. A few, perhaps, may recount the marches of the Imperium and its armies.

But all of those comparissons were flawed. They came; a constant, unbroken wave of death. Submunitions pulped dozens with every shot, lines of Firewarriors fired shots so frequently their beasts recoiled as if striking a wall, yet nothing could be done to change the sheer horror of the assault. For as far as the eye could see, the surface of Tel'Oshi was hidden.

Hidden by the living tide of Tyranids.

The stricken Hammerhead was lying not far from Vre'kais. Low on ammo and running for his life, he felt compelled to stop and search the wreak, hoping to save anyone trapped inside. With a fierce kick of his armoured hoof, the hatch buckled and fell away, allowing two burned, retching Tau to struggle out.
"T-thank you," one spluttered, leaning against the Battlesuit that had saved them.
"How did you get shot down so far behind the line?"
"Infiltrators," the other replied. "They've got some big bio-weapons lurking around here. Shas'vre, what brings you here?"
Vre'kais sighed. "My Cadre was wiped out. We were ordered to hold Lia'shir bridge, but they came in such numbers..."
Silence explained the rest.
"Do not fret, Shas'vre," the tank commander said, kindly. "None of us were prepared for the size of the foe. We must do what we can; gather all survivors and attempt to hold what we can."
Before Vre'kais could reply, something from out of sight assaulted the tank. A stinking ball of acidic mucus struck the vehicle and burst, splattering offal that burned where it landed. Jumping back, Vre'kais sighted the horizon for the source of the attack, and found it; a slug-like beast with massive frontal arms. The second limb snapped forward with a sickening crack, and hurled another projectile. The tank crew were struck, and screamed as the foul orb liquified their flesh.

Bursting forward, his fusion blaster shrieking, the Shas'vre assaulted the living tank. The beast howled and thrashed, missing him by inches before its organs ruptured under the heat. With a last, gutteral roar, it died.

Vre'kais could take no joy in the kill; more creatures awaited him, and he knew that this bio-tank would not be missed amongst the endless tide...

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