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Mini of the Month

Gareth's Whirldwind

Kiznti's Ionhead. Check our forums for more information.

Quote of the Month

"Get up, Shas'Ui! Get up and fight! We have to keep going! We have to break through! Damn you, Shas'Ui, get up! I am not going to be remembered as the Shas'O who died at Io'sha! Get up and FIGHT!"

- Shas'O Tau'N Shi'era Nan'cova Kais, at the Io'sha massacre.

Member Quote of the Month

"Yeah- I'm 33, which I say is young for an Eldar! Also born today: Ian McKellan (sp?), Mike Myers, and Lauryn Hill. Magneto/Gandalf, Shrek, and a Fugee."

- Yriel of Iyanden

Forum Statistics

For the month of May:

New Topics: 1,582
New Posts: 26,502
New Members: 179
Page Views: 1,250,163
Most Visitors Online at Same Time: 129

In Total:

Topics: 40,767
Posts: 650,239
Members: 5,998
Most Visitors Online at Same Time: 278

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Recent News

Forum News

MalveauX, one of our long-standing global moderators, stepped down (from global modship) this month. Khanaris, one of the Tau board mods, has taken his place - and is now our newest global mod.

Best of luck to them both!

Competition News

Hey folks!

This is AfterCresent - again. 42 is away, recovering from internet problems. I hope he gets back soon, because it's hectic around here!

Anyway, the competitions we hosted this month included the Art Competition and the Troop Painting Competition.

The competition committee and myself all agree that the quality of our entries is consistently rising, keep painting!

Along with quality I was also surprised on how many entries we had, thank you to everyone who entered, you all deserve to win.

Next month, we will be hosting the 2nd annual "Doom In June" contest (stay tuned for more information) as our main event. The other contest include Best Unmodified Squad Member contest, which pits the standard grunts in your army against each other in a dual of paintbrush and mixing pot.

The final contest is the Tau Online Grand Summer Story Competition which pits the fluff writer inside of everyone against each other with the potential chance of improved prizes! Even if you don't think you are much of a writer, you have to enter this event. It will hopefully be one of the largest competitions we've ever had.

Winners: Art Contest and Troop Painting Competition

Kroot DrawingFire Warriors

That's it for this month everyone.
Thanks for reading and keep your stick on the ice,


Top Threads

Top Five Tau Threads

Top Five non-Tau Topics this Month

Interview: With 42, by Farseer Tyross

42 is a long standing member of Tau Online - throughought his membership, he's been everything from a 'newbie' to a Tau board moderator. Now he's heading the competition committee - in other words, 42 is amongst a group of others who run all the Tau Online competitions that we have.

(Q) How long have you served  Tau Online?
A: Served him? Yikes, now you make him sound like Davy Jones…December 3rd 2004 I joined the site, been sailing the seas since early January the next year. The Black Pearl (aka the Competition Committee) I took over about a year and a half ago though, been sailing it ever since…

(Q) Can you tell use something more about the armies you have? How many points? What kind of models? Playing style? Anything special about them? Gaming experience?
A: I have two armies – over 2000pts of Tau, and about 1700pts of Dark Elves. The Tau army is Fire Warrior and Kroot heavy – a bit of everything mostly though to allow be a lot of options at 1500pt level. The Dark Elf army is cavalry based with plenty of Dark Riders to frustrate and run rings around the enemy, whilst the Cold One Knights provide the solid and hard hitting battering ram of the force.

I am much more experienced with Tau than Dark Elves, and the 40k game system as a whole. Although I only play one army, I have read the codexes to all races, and have almost a photographic memory when it comes to stats so I am well read up on most of 40k! With my Tau, I was once taught by someone I met from the Forum's called Dizzygamer, a kiwi, about Mechanised Tau, and how to restrict the amount of victory points your opponent could get instead of going all out, gung-ho yourself. I base a lot of my playing style on what he showed me, and adapted it myself – I mostly prefer to keep my army stealthy and constantly on the move, choosing preservation and frustration of the enemy over all out attack.

(Q) Any advice for the rest of the community?
A: Well in any well oiled ship, sailors need to work together to get jobs done most efficiently. I hate mutineers and that sort, they once chucked me off my ship. So yeah, just remember this is a community, everyone has a place and we need to just to remember that whilst the internet can be very easy to insult people over, it is probably even easier to be polite and curteous. It gets you more places…

(Q) What does it feel like to be in charge of Competition Committee?
A: Well I usually think of the committee as a pirate ship…and if that's true then I must be Captain Jack! It's a great honour, definitely, and also great fun! I used to be the Tau moderator before I took on this role, and it is certainly very different. There can be a hell of a lot of admin work to be done and deadlines to be met etc. However the members in the committee are great fun to work with, and most importantly – so are all the members who regularly take part in competitions! It's so nice just to be able to reward people for doing well in competitions and rarely ever have to use my smite stick, savvy!?

(Q) Why 42?
A: It's from the radio series and books by Douglas Adams – the Hitchikers Guide to the Galaxy – an absolutely awesome trilogy of 5. You have to listen to the original radio programs…A futuristic race built a huge supercomputer that work for thousands of years to calculate the answer to life the universe and everything…the answer? 42. Yeah, I am the answer to everything…wow, I wish they made the doors here a bit bigger, I keep bumping my head…

(Q) What on earth actually persuaded you to take up 40k?
A: You mean pirating as a whole I take it? Fame, money, chicks, power and chicks…In the real world I took up 40k because like everyone else I just got sucked into the whole 40k universe by GW, saw some of my friends playing it, peer pressure etc.!

(Q) If you were to take up another army other than Tau, which would you take up and why?
A: The Lost and the Damned. They remind me of the crew of my ship. They have a great history behind them, troubled, screwed up, basically a bunch of no-hopers, traitors and down and outs. There is so much variety you can get with those armies too, plus the possibility to field just a shed load of models. If I hadn't have taken up Fantasy instead, these guys would've been my second 40k army.

(Q) What's your favourite part of 40k?
A: It's actually a really social game. You might find people will mock you or think you are a little weird for being into ‘toy soliders', but in fact you can really get to know people by spending hours rolling dice and shooting at each other…!

(Q) What was your favourite holiday? And what is your dream holiday?
A: Good question! You visit so many countries as a pirate that life is like a big holiday for me sometimes. Going to Malawi this year was an absolutely awesome experience, had a huge impact on me, but wasn't really a holiday – so I'll say Iceland. It's a really cool (hah) country with lots of unique things to see – bit cold for pirating I must say though. Seems like it is pretty close to land's end as well it's so desolate! Vikings tend to rule the seas there, not us pirates.

Dream holiday? Well I am around the Caribbean all the time with work, so my dreams are fulfilled. Actually I think I heard someone made a film once about my adventures at sea there. Anyone seen it?

(Q) Top 5 Tau Online members?
A: Well, Stam and MalVeaux are both leaving, otherwise they would be up there, they are both awesome people. So, in no order,

Aftercrescent – my right-hand man. Barbossa. Hah, he hates being called that, he thinks it's his ship sometimes I have to say. (Nah, in all seriousness he is a very competent Mod and a conscientious person, a good friend off the forums too).

Tau Online – Hmm, Will Turner. I'm not just saying that to suck up to him, I could have him walk the plank any day I wanted after all savvy? He's an awesome bloke too, despite being Welsh, and the backstabbing.

Hive Lord – Mr Gibbs. Very wise, knows a hell of a lot about Maths and never puts me wrong when I ask for his advice.

Tau-killer is a great mate in real life as well as a top member on these forums, and finally, although he doesn't post here any more, Dizzygamer taught me most of what I know about Tau tactics and I have a lot of respect for him.

(Q) What are your future plans for life?
A: After doing my A-levels I want to go to university to read medicine, then train as a surgeon hopefully! I'd also love to work abroad with my skills on Christian Aid missions in Africa or Asia or somewhere, but hey, I'm still young I have lots of plans! Pirating wise, well, the life of a pirate is a merry one, so I'd like to captain the Black Pearl for the rest of my days to be honest.

Thanks :-)

- Farseer Tyross

Feature: From the Webway by Elf Boy

I've been talking to a few gamers from many countries and every time I do I hear of a person that wants one of two things.

1) For the Squats to come back.

2) For skaven in 40k.

I have decided to address these wants. But first a few members might be saying "What's a squat?!" Well back in the early days of 40k there was a race of very short, mechanically apt, beer drinking people that was aligned with the Emperor. They were the Squats. They were eaten by the tyranids and what's left of them are delving into caves for they wished to be in mountains more than space. The real reason they were done away with was because GW wanted 40K and Fantasy to be two different universes. Not just the same game with one in space and one in a fantasy world.

Now back to addressing 1) and 2).

1) THE SQUATS ARE DEAD. The 'Nids ate pretty much all of them. And they were not the best idea ever. They looked like SD(Super deformed, wiki it) Imperial Guard and Space Marines. They also offered nothing new to the gaming field making them just another army like the IG and SM.

2) SKAVEN SHOULD NEVER, EVER BE IN 40K!!! For many reasons. 1] Story-wise there's no need for them. 2]They'd never be smart enough to get into space, 3] They's offer nothing game-wise. Normally skaven are all numbers. We have that already*points at the 'nids*

And those are just to name a few.

I have yet for anyone to give me a good logical reason why they should be around again.

And that's what's from the webway.

Fluff: The Two Ghosts by Farseer Tyross

Bolter rounds chattered of armoured plate and chainaxes roared in life as Khorne Berserkers engaged with their vile foe, every Berserker slashed furiously at their opponents, rending apart their opposite number with mighty strikes. Whilst the front rank of the deep blue armoured Space Marines fell to the blood stained and brass armoured Khornate Berserkers, the second Tzeentchian line pressed home the attack, levelling their bolters and firing in one motion. Explosive tipped bolters ripped apart the front lines of Berserkers into fleshy ruination.
Despite the deaths around him, the Aspiring Champion known as Caltox boomed to the fore of the combat, swinging his brass axe around him in wide arcs of death and destruction, slicing through opponents with breath taking ease and despite his enemies best efforts, they couldn't bring him low with off handed blows as he dispatched those closest.
Bolt shells erupted all around the Khorne Aspiring Champion, ringing off his hulking mount and striking his armour at odd angels, only to bounce off harmlessly. "I shall lay as you low as I did your cheap Legion when I was a loyal follower of the corpse Emperor!" bellow Caltox as he leapt from his Juggernaut to go toe-to-toe with the champion leading the Thousand Sons squad.
A flash of dangerous energy sparked as the weapons from the two opposing Champions clashed. The daemonic axe of Caltox and the ornate and finely wrought power sabre of the Tzeentchian Champion. As quickly as the two weapons had hit each other, their wielders swept them back and Caltox brought his axe in again as quickly as he could, whilst his foe slipped into a defensive stance and parried the blow easily from his newly adopted stance.
"I am Tuelon, remember my name for the short while you have left, Khorne worshipper" taunted the Tzeentchian Champion as Caltox launched himself forwards, full of rage, closing the metre gap between the two warriors quickly. Caltox parried an off hand blow from Tuelon with his axe and barrelled into the Thousand Sons champion at full tilt.
The mighty charge from Caltox knocked Tuelon down to the dusty ground with a heavy thud, the Khorne Champion then reared up and delivered a savage back handed blow across the Tzeentchian follower's helmet. The blow was powerful enough to shatter the helmet's frontal quarter like a power fist striking armoured plated. Before Caltox could deliver another blow, Tuelon lanced out with his powered sword from the side in a piercing strike. Caltox saw the strike but was too slow to react as the sword plunged into his chest. Pain arched from the wound, filling Caltox's senses with the stench of burned flesh as the sword erupted into life, its power field charring his internal organs in an instant. Through the haze of pain, Caltox saw his axe drop away, as his hand went into a spasm due to the pain.
Allowing his foe the satisfaction of seeing the pain, Caltox reached across his chest with his left hand and placed both hands upon the hilt of his foe's blade. Pulling it out with a look of disgust, Caltox squeezed the Tzeentchian Champions' hand until he released the grip on the ornate sabre. Spinning the keen blade in his hand, Caltox saw a flash of movement as the Tuelon reached for Caltox's axe of Khorne.
"You plan to kill me with my own weapon? That's a bold one move for one such as you" said Caltox as he lanced the Tzeentchian blade down and into the shoulder of the Champion of Tzeentch, effectively pinning him to the ground. His opponent howled in pain as Caltox fingered the activation stud, and the stench of charred meat filled the air.
Staggering to his feet, Caltox brought his foot down upon his opponent's head, splintering the helmet in an instant and crushing the fleshy meat beneath. "Waste of a good skull" spat Caltox as he spun around to see where his Juggernaut had got to. Whilst Caltox was fighting the Aspiring Champion. his Juggernaut was in the middle of harrying the remains of the Thousand Sons, thundering through the remains of Tuelon's squad with lumbering strides. Caltox noted with grim satisfaction that the Juggernaut was indescriminate with it's thunder, scattering Khorne and Tzeentchian Space Marines as it literally ran through the ranks of both forces like a wild bull.
"Fael'thirain" bellowed Caltox as he bent down to retrieve his axe of Khorne, and he looked at the sword that was still pinning the corpse of the Champion to the ground. Kicking out with his left leg, he shattered the powered sabre into two pieces, effectively stopping anyone else using it again.
When he had shattered the blade, Caltox felt a minor tremor beneath his feet and became imminently aware of something's massive bulk standing beside him. He glanced his Juggernaut over with a careful eye. He noticed a number of scars which hadn't been there before it had joined the fray with the enemy. Bolter marks nicked the blood stained metal surface of the Juggernaut and the metallic beast growled with barely contained rage. With his weapon in tow, Caltox leapt onboard the Juggernaut despite the lance of pain such an action caused which eminated from his side wound.
Despite the arks of pain which racked the Khorne Champion's body as the Juggernaut lugged forward in large gaping strides, Caltox felt the urge to kill stronger then ever now that he had the bucking metallic beast beneath him and he swept on into ever shrinking knot of Thousand Sons that were being pressed into the centre of the conflict by the attacks of the Khorne forces around them.
Caltox knew it wouldn't take long to finish this fight as the Juggernaut swept in towards the small knot of Tzeentch, barging aside Khorne Berserkers in its attempt to get at its foes. Caltox leered in anger as the Thousand Sons fired upon the massive beast storming towards them at the last possible instant, but their fire was ineffective, Caltox's armour and the Juggernaut were proof against the shells. "Blasted Thousand Sons, fight and die like Guardsmen" taunted Caltox as he swept his axe across the throat of the closest Thousand Sons Space Marine and watched with glee as the blood spurted out of the gaping wound, then watched him slink to the ground, dead.
Caltox saw one of his Berserkers pitch forwards as one of the Thousand Sons opened up with his bolter on full auto, and a cascade of bolts burst the Khorne Berserker like an over filled balloon. Before the Thousand Son could reload his bolter, Caltox and his beast of a mount was upon him. The Juggernaut reared up and then snapped down on top of him, forcing him to the ground beneath the Juggernaut.
Before his enemy could recover, Caltox swept low with his axe and took his head clean from its shoulders with a sweep of his axe, and recovered into his usual seating position with ease of practice.
The Juggernaut pitched around searching for another target, but by the time Caltox had beheaded his last opponent, his Berserkers had finished off the small knot of enemy. Caltox smiled coldly at the scene where the fighting had been the most furious and the largest collection of bodies still lay where they had fallen. A small circle of Thousand Sons lay virtually back to back. The dead Berserkers were encircling them, some of them still clutching at their weapons and others had expressions of pure hatred upon the exposed faces that the Khorne Champion could see. Caltox noted that a few his Berserkers will still milling around, killing those that still lived and a few were in the process of removing the skulls of the dead.
Caltox glanced around, ignoring the scene of death for a few moments, and taking in the wider scene around him.

Fluff: Chapter III - The Politics of War by Wargamer

This fluff piece is part III - part II was in last month's newsletter issue.

The gorge was perfect for ambush. The walls were tall and filled with caves and hiding places, the valley floor wide and offering little shelter from above. It bottle-necked at both ends, with one end occupied by the ramshackle township erected from the debris of the crashed Ork spacecraft. The surviving Orks were running for that shanty for their lives, with El'Nan'cova leading his armies hot on their heels.

In an instant, it all went to hell. A roar that shook the valley erupted from all around them, and death screamed down from above as Orks rushed to the chasm top and sprayed weapons fire downwards. Tau forces, with no cover to hide in, began to panic and die. Orders were shouted back and forth, and slowly a sporadic return-fire began, Firewarriors cracking shots off at their assailants high above. El'Nan'cova cursed himself for falling into such a trap.
"The walls!" he yelled, "get against the walls! Engage targets on the far clifftops!"
The Tau obeyed, splitting off and scattering. El'Nan'cova urged his Crisis teams onwards, Ork bullets ringing off his armour. He was following the cliff wall closely, watching as Tau around him took aim and fired. Shells lobbed by unseen launchers thundered down around them, impacting into the ground or gouging chunks out of the walls themselves. As El'Nan'cova watched, a stikk-bomma was blown in half by a Rail-rifle shot, and he tumbled out of view. A few moments later, the explosives he had primed detonated, igniting some unseen ammunition stockpile. The shelling became a little less heavy.

From ahead, a second great cry erupted. The Orks that had fled to the township were rallying, and preparing to charge. The tactic was simplistic, brutal, and terrifyingly efficient; the Tau could not form a proper battle line without sacrificing their already tenuous cover.

El'Nan'cova made his choice.

"Form lines!" he bellowed, and every Tau nearby looked at him in confusion.
"We have to repel their main push! Form battle lines! Infrantry to assume standard formation, armour to make support! All Crisis teams fall in on me, we're taking the cliffs!"
The Tau began to move. El'Nan'cova realised, to his horror, they were trusting him. It should have been a good feeling, but it left him sickened. These Tau were breaking cover, running into murderous aerial crossfire, because he told them to.
"Crisis Teams, we must not fail!"
With that, he blasted skyward, racing up into the maelstrom. The roar of Ork guns grew louder, and the impacts intensified. A Crisis Suit to his left took a hit to the thrusters, and cried out in fear as he began to fall back to the ground below. A Hammerhead Gunship attempted to draw fire, but the port engine was struck and the vehicle span wildly out of control. It smashed down onto a pair of Pathfinders, leaving two cyan streaks in the dusty ground before impaling itself into the rock.

After what felt like an eternity, El'Nan'cova cleared the cliff. His engines were flashing warnings to him, their tolerances almost breached by the jump, but it had been enough. Guns opened up on all sides, and the flat fields were suddenly criss-crossed by glowing red tracker fire from Burst Cannon, the contrails of missiles and the eye-searing afterglow of Plasma attack. The vengeful Tau began their assault, systematically destroying the Ork artillery pounding the troops below. Heavy calibre slugs pocked and rebounded from the Crisis Suits, and their weapons slaughtered the Greenskin in droves.

A rocket caught El'Nan'cova on the blindside. He had been focussed on crippling an Ork Shokk Attak Gun when a Tankbusta mob opened fire. The missile blew him to the ground, and left him unable to rise. He began to panic, his suit refusing to respond to his inputs.
"Come on... come on!"
The leader of the Tankbustas was grinning wickedly. Raising a huge metallic claw, the Nob advanced upon him. The beast laughed at the fallen Shas'El, jumping onto his back and gripping the casing of his jet pack.
"come on!"
The power kicked in. El'Nan'cova fired his jets, and heard the Nob scream as the exhausts seared his flesh. Racing forward, he threw out a punch that decapitated another Ork, then span around to bring his guns to bear. His weapon unleashed a torrent of plasma fire, slaughtering the Tankbustas.
"Glad you're safe, Shas'El," Ui'Taish said, striding up beside the shaken commander.
"That was far too close," El'Nan'cova replied.
Ui'Taish gestured to the cliff edge. From below, the sounds of battle could still be heard.
"They need us, Shas'El."
El'Nan'cova nodded. "Agreed. We've broken their advantage, now let's give them a taste of their own medicine. Fire Warriors! Let us show them what 'Death from above' is all about!"

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