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Mini of the month

Mini Of The Month

Mandorian's Gunman Servitor.
You can find more about this mini here.

Quote of the Month

"We are not pirates, merely protectors of Tau trade; competition is counter-productive to our goals... "

Kor'El Tau'N Ukos, at the ambush of Blackport.

Tau Online Forum Statistics:
For the month of February:
New Topics: 705
New Posts:11,324
New Members: 126
Most users online at the same time: 175
Page Views: 288,149

In total :
Topics: 4,447
Posts: 77,817
Members: 799
Most users online at the same time ever: 175

The third Tau Online Monthly Newsletter Is Here!

Recent News

Website News:
A new section is soon going to be added to the website: Tau Conversion Guides. This section will have guides in it that will help you out with the conversion side of your Tau army. It should appear within the next week- so keep your eyes open. There might also be an Other-Armies Conversion Guides section added, if there is enough of a demand for it.

Forum News:
The forums have just gone past the 75,000 posts and 750 members stage! This is a great thing and shows that Tau Online is growing, thanks for all your support. Now lets get to 100,000 posts and 1,000 members!

There are two new competitions to take part in: TO awards and a squad based painting competition. Check them out!

Post of the Month - RJay's "Important Topics"
Although this isn't really a topic with reams of useful information in it, it houses links to some very helpful guides for Tau players.

Fluff Feature: The Saga of Aun Or'es
Written by: Colonel Kill

This story is part two of a muli-parter

The Orca touched down.

Or’es walked outside. The sun shone brightly down. Or’es could see they were in grassland. This place would have had no strategic importance whatsoever if it wasn’t for the nearby Tau city of Re’sn. Or’es was pleased with the location – he knew the gue’la would have to come to them, and the flat, open landscape was the perfect arena for the Tau to fight in. Of course they must also respect their enemy, not to do so would be unbelievably foolish. And the firepower of the Imperial Guard was, from what Or’es had heard, not to be underestimated despite its crudeness. The whine of the Orca’s engines started up again as it lifted clear of the ground.

Now all they had to do was dig trenches and wait…

BANG! No time for digging, as battlesuit parts and grey flesh littered the ground when an Earthshaker shell landed mere meters away from Or’es. He realised with horror that the commander of their force had been severely injured in the blast. As the medi-drones carried his broken body away, Or’es realised what he must do. “Pathfinders, return to your devilfishes now. Scout ahead and see what you can find. If you meet heavy resistance return here at once. Broadsides, try and pick out the enemy tanks and artillery with your visors. We don’t want any more casualties from enemy shells! Stealth suits try to find some small cover from which to attack the enemy, make them chase the shadows. Crisis suits go ahead with the pathfinders and cover them while they retreat. Go! Go! Go!”

Of course Or’es had no experience at all of tactics on the battlefield, and he knew that a Shas’o could have done a better job directing the Tau forces, but he also knew that strong leadership was required, and if there was one thing the ethereal caste excelled at, it was providing strong leadership.

Or’es was surprised at the speed of the devilfishes and they returned sooner than he expected. A Shas’ui stepped out of his vehicle to report to the Aun’o. “Their force is too strong for us to defeat on our own, but all the same it is smaller than we expected. We’ll need backup but I have a feeling this battle is already won.” The Shas’ui allowed himself a smile. Or’es was relieved to hear this although he knew that nevertheless he shouldn’t underestimate his enemy. He gave the order. “Fire warriors, kroot, drones, advance!” His order was obeyed immediately.

Or’es jumped inside a devilfish along with one of the pathfinder teams. One of the Shas’la warned him of the danger ahead that an ethereal caste member should not put himself in. “Our commander is wounded and I have taken his place. That makes me a fire warrior now, Shas’la. Let’s go”.

The devilfish moved surprisingly smoothly. Or’es was almost beginning to enjoy the ride when a massive impact hit the vehicle. And then Or’es heard the unmistakeable sound of burning. The devilfish commander yelled; “Get out, now! We’ve been hit! You too Aun, I don’t want to be held responsible for your death!”  Laser beams flashed past as Or’es clambered out of the transport. The pathfinder team he was with began to shoot at figures that Or’es assumed were the Imperial Guard. Their skin had an unnatural cream colour, which Or’es thought was quite bizarre.

The gue’la were cut down in droves by the accurate fire of the pathfinders and several nearby Fire Warrior teams. And the ethereal could see that the pathfinder Shas’ui had been right – there weren’t all that many of the gue’la. But there was one that just kept on fighting, with a barbaric toothed sword and pistol. He didn’t wear camouflage like his fellow soldiers. This maniac was currently running straight at Or’es. Instantly, he was riddled with pulse rifle shots. The Tau weren’t going to let their leader be killed that easily!

After mere minutes of fighting no gue’la were left alive. Despite their victory, it troubled Or’es to think that life had been wasted on the battlefield that day, even if it wasn’t Tau blood.

And although he tried to blot out the thought, Or’es couldn’t help thinking that a hell of a lot more blood would be spilt in this war…

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