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Mini of the Month

Gareth's Whirldwind

LordBlacksteel's Veterans. Check our forums for more information.

Quote of the Month

"Position is achieved through dead men's shoes, and power from cold, dead fingers."

- Shas'O Tau'N Shi'era Nan'cova Kais

Member Quote of the Month

"Lonely Tau. Hands down.

That is one sexy pile of dirt. *rawr*"

- Shas'O GeekyGator, Who's the hottest members of TO?, The Enclave

Forum Statistics

For the month of March:

New Topics: 1,650
New Posts: 29,500
New Members: 205
Page Views: 1,220,000
Most Members Online at Same Time: 278

In Total:

Topics: 37,562
Posts: 590,614
Members: 5,591
Most Members Online at Same Time: 278

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Recent News

Forum News

Farseer Tyross (FT) was appointed an admin in mid-March, to help out a bit more. Congratulations FT, feel free to ask him all questions you want :-P Luckily, FT is being interviewed in this month's newsletter issue - feel free to read it later on!

In addition, today is April Fool's Day! (Wahey :-P). If you see anything that looks out of the ordinary (pink themes, FT being given -30 karma points, mod lounges, talk about turning Tau Online into a 'pay-only' site etc), be wary ;-)

Competition News

Hey All,

Here's AfterCresent, the other loony bloke that help keeps the competition committee in running order. I'm here to replace 42, who is on vacation, lucky guy!  Funny/lol smiley

The competition committee ran 3 competitions:

Firstly, we have the ever popular Open Vehicle Competition running, with the voting thread found here. We have had a spectacular number of entries, thank you to everyone for their participation. SmileyThe winner being entry I's devilfish:

Entry I: Devilfish

- We also had/have a new competition running, where you can earn valuable competition points, and your new race will be used in the upcoming Tau Online Campaign. The entries for this competition are due on the 13th of April. You can find the rules here.

-Lastly, we hadthe Best Warhammer Fantasy Battle Regiment painting competition going on, which has had an extension, due to lack of entries. The entries are now due on the Friday, March the 30th. You can find the rules here.

Next month, we are having a competition that showcases all Elite category models, a Diorama/Duel competition, and a Fluff competition. If you have any questions, feel free to PM myself, or any competition committee member. Wink

Till next time, keep your stick on the ice,

- Thanks, AfterCresent

Top Threads

Top Five Tau Threads

Top Five non-Tau Topics this Month

Interview: With Farseer Tyross , by Tau Online

Farseer Tyross plays nearly all 40K armies; he's also a long-standing member of Tau Online, and was recently appointed admin.

(Q) What attracted you to this site and how have you found it so far?
A: Well, it's been three years, but I think it was the fluff board that got be interested in the first place. I had a few stories I wanted some critique on, and I posted them, got some replies and was hooked. And since then, I've slowly moved up the ranks and never looked back :).

(Q) Which armies do you collect, how big are they and how long has it taken to accumulate them?
A: I've collected all armies at one point or another (with the exception of Orks). My latest army currently is my Khorne at about 3.2k and it's taken me about a year or so to collect them (in between other armies).

(Q) Any advice for the rest of the community?
A: If my chainaxe goes up, you run :P. But other then that, just be a good member, obey rules or meet mister chainaxe :)..

(Q) Do you enjoy being Admin?
A: At first it seemed a good thing, but then it actually involves work, which I don't like ;).

(Q) Don't you just hate: bugs?
You tell me :). Considering I have a tarantula, crickets (food), grass hoppers and scorpions, I don't hate bugs, but rather fascinated by them..

(Q) Exactly how does a Khornate Farseer make sence?
It doesn't :). It's a contradiction :). Just be wary when I take off my collar of Khorne ;).

(Q) What was your most memorable game of 40k and why?
First time I fought Necrons with my Khorne. He had a C'Tan and I just walked over his army. It was over by the 4th turn (made him Phase out and took out the Nightbringer in combat using normal Berserkers - with furious charge ;)).

(Q) if you could change any one thing about Warhammer 40k, what would it be?
Make the prices cheaper :).

(Q) Name you 10 favourite people on TO?
Tau Online, Mal, Farseer_Emlyn, RJay, LeeStar, AfterCresent, Kangaroo Joe (God bless him :-( ),Mace, Ged and Lonely Tau..

(Q) You with a chainaxe, Elf Boy with his feet, and Wargamer with three weapons and a bottle of mead - who gets the cookie?
The ninja scorpion will get the prize whilst we're all fighting :P.

Thanks :-)

- Tau Online

Feature: From the Webway by Elf Boy

This month I was going to be talking about the new paint pots that were coming out for GW but I was just informed to some startling information.

Gav Thorpe has resigned from Games Workshop.

Long time game designer and writer for Games Workshop has decided to leave Games Workshop. "It's been fun" Gav says, "I've had an amazing time and this has been the best job I've ever had."

Gav hasn't given a reason as to his leaving only that "I want everyone to know that I'm leaving with no hard feelings to Games Workshop."

He hasn't given any information as to what he plans on doing next but we of the gaming community are sad at the loss and hope the best for him.

For more information please refer to this site.  

Fluff: Mars Aran's Orders by Farseer Tyross

The vast hall was quite. Too quite, thought Mars Aran. He glanced across the armoured sanctum that lay at the very heart of the Scourge of the Damned. A hall which lined the length and the breadth of the Space Marine Battle Barge.

Assembled before him were the Astartes, lined up in ordered precision. Each one carried their implements of war. Bolters, chainswords, bolt pistols, heavy bolters, missile launchers lascannons. Dotted amongst them were the blue, black and red forms of Librarians, Chaplains and Techmarines who attended to their charges in silence. Hundreds more Space Marines stood in silence, their gleaming white armour adorned with the flames of purity upon their leg gleaves and shoulder pads.

They had been assembled here at Mars Aran's order. Mustered from the shattered remnants of his Chapter after the fateful Second War for Tarsiss III.

A brief nod from Chaplain Kypion told the Chapter Master that his Chapter was ready for their orders.

"Today, we fight for His realm, we hunt our fallen brothers! We shall slay the destroyer of our Chapter. The cursed one shall come to heel and shall atone for his deeds. Today, our Chapter redeems itself in the light of the Emperor!" barked Mars Aran. He watched with quite awe the Chapter bow their heads as his words sank in.

"We have heard that Arnell will be there to. Adual has also been sighted. We know this because of our forward scouts have detected their ships in the vicinity of the Tau world of Cha'Mont'Yr. Our fleet is enroute to that sector in the hope of catching Damius there."

The Chapter Master noted the shift of posture in his Astartes at the mention of that name.
Before the full implications of what he had just said could sink in, Mars Aran continue, "And now we go to war in the Emperor's name, we shall bring our enemies to their knees in His glory!"
With that, Mars Aran turned to leave. Before he could take a step, he felt a heavy gauntlet come to rest upon his shoulder. Without turning around, Mars Aran knew exactly who it was. Chaplain Kypion was amongst his most closest of friends, and was often his most closest council. "I have to prepare. I have seen the future, and I am destined to die on that world. I shall not skirt from my destiny no more then an animal would shy away from a meal. I must do this"

Feeling the gauntlet lift from his shoulder, Mars Aran left through the closest door.

Feature: Meet the Competition Committee by 42

Forum Name - 42
Real Name/Nickname - Dave Bishop/Cecil
Age - 17
Residence - A random village near Oxford, England
What I do in the committee - I'm the leader of the committee so I have a fair bit of organising/sticking to deadlines, getting bombarded with pm's and whatnot to do - in simple (!) terms, if the committee is like a big hamster wheel I am the pale, skinny one keeping it going all night! The team here is really dedicated to running good competitions, so although it can be work sometimes, they are a fun bunch to work with! Smiley
My life - Well under the internet persona I'm a pretty normal sixthformer, hoping to be studying Medicine in 2008. I go to church regularly, play my flute (badly!) in several ensembles/orchestra's and in the summer there's nothing better than a good old quitinsentially English game of cricket! Oh and I love all things to do with Pandas...don't ask!
Armies Collected - Tau (2000pts), Dark Elves (1500pts)
Words of Wisdom - Fortune favours the bold


Forum Name: Aftercrescent
Real Name/Nickname: Aaron
Age: 15 years old
Residence: Markham, Ontario, Canada
Committee Role: I'm like 42, it rarely looks like I'm doing anything, but without us two, nothing would get done. I've been playing Warhammer for 4 or 5 years, and really enjoy the fluff aspect. Right now, I'm looking to raise money for the late KJ.
Words of Wisdom: I enjoy life how it is, and just let things take their own turn.


Forum Name: Hive Lord
Real Name/Nickname: Toby Holland/ Fred
Age: 17
Residence: A house (well, actually two) in south Devon, England
Committee Role: I answer random questions from members and generally help in contect discussions. I was going to do some photo-editing on the entries but that seems implausible now. I also help the rest of the committee with maths homework.
Bit about ourselves: I'm pretty laid back and like to enjoy life by being as happy as I can as much as possible. As well as modelling I enjoy reading, playing computer games with various brother-like organisms, going to school( Undecided) and playing MtG. I'm hoping to study a course called MORSE (don't ask) at Warwick University later this year.
Armies Collected: Tyranids (3500 pts) and Evil Sunz (3000ish pts)
Words of Wisdom: RIDE THE WALRUS!

Hive Lord

Forum Name: Stam / Dutch
Real Name/Nickname: Remco Stam / Stam, Dutch, Vat 69, Big Boss and more...
Age: 20
Residence: The great country know as Holland / The Netherlands.
Committee Roles: Nothing really, I just hang around and give my unwanted opinion on matters. I pass the beer around and keep the mood up. I also try to annoy 42 as much as I can, but good thing he's the boss. If it be me then the committee would most likely turn into a rabble of drunkards. Nah, I created the competition calendar for 2007, so all the various competition ideas come from me!
Bit about me: I am an overall nice bloke who is always in for a laugh. I am studying Management and later I would be the Boss who tells everyone what to do while I am sitting in a big chair with my legs on the desk. Apart from the Warhammer hobby I enjoy Music, great parties and especially beer. Most of you guys should know me as the Space Marines board moderator.
Armies Collected: 1500 - 2000 points Salamanders, 750 points Eldar, 750 points Tau Empire and now collecting my DIY Chapter the Shadow Spectres Space Marines. You might have seen some of my painting in the contest board.
Words of Wisdom: Don't take the internet too seriously, relax and chill at this fine community we have here. Take a beer!  Smiley


Forum Name: Dra'Tuisich-Novae
Real Name/Nickname: Edward Untermann
Age: 17
Residence: Old farmhouse in Ontario, Canada
Committee Role: I'm the rules writer of the committee at the moment, meaning that I come up with the rules and restrictions for the monthly competitions as you see them posted in the public Competitions board.  It's a fun workshop atmosphere, as I get suggestions and alterations from other committee members and it's a great example of the "small community" feel that TO has always had.
Bit about ourselves: Currently in my last year of high school, and scraping pennies for next year when I'll be heading of to university to study biology, likely specializing in environmental toxicology.  I don't get a chance to play 40k much, but I do have some fun games as well as playing a bit of Gothic here and there.
Words of Wisdom: Ahh!  Leprechauns!!


Forum Name: Pollo
Real Name/Nickname: Paul Shepherd, or Sheepy Tongue
Age: 17 standard Earth years
Residence: Lincolnshire, England
What we do in the Committee: I make all the new victory seals, send them out, and sort out any problems therein. I'm also sending out seals that were missed before my I began comandeering my chair - if you're missing one please PM me Smiley
Bit about ourselves: I'm Evertonian through-and-through, been a hobbyist for as long as I can remember, and have a WD collection stretching back to BFG coming out. Currently in 6th Form, though with no idea of where I want to go after that. Currently studying Maths, Physics, Applied Business and Accounting (the last of which I was forced into). I'm also a budding fisherman, though due to real life haven been out in far too long. I'm also doing my best to get my own small-time 40k website & forum going, though no shameless plugs of course WinkTongue
I'm also currently working on a unit/vehicle for the KJ Fund, which I'm sure you'll see floating about the forums Smiley
Sentence to the readers: "Be the miracle!"
Armies collected: Guard, very few points // Dark Angels, very few points // lots of little projects, almost no points Tongue


Forum Name: ToastMaster (capital T, capital M).
Real Name/Nickname: Neal/Toasty
Age: 14
Residence:  Indianapolis, Indiana (US)
Committee Role:  I work on normal committee stuff, and announce the results for competitions.
Bit About Ourselves:  I'm an artistic little white boy with long brown hair, who just likes to have a good time.
Armies Collected: Tau, Witch Hunters, Daemon Hunters, and Wood Elves.  Some Empire later on.
Words of Wisdom:  For the Emperor!

Fluff: Nan'cova reborn by Wargamer

He was dead now.

The specifics were unknown. He had led the assault against the Necrons on Dal'tio, battling down into the heart of their Tomb. What transpired there, no-one knew for sure, but it ended with the annihilation of the Tomb, and the defeat of the Necrons. No trace of them remained, and their ships vanished into the darkness between the stars.

Shas'O Tau'N Nan'cova Kais. He had once said, during one of his many speeches, that the only way a person could die is if no-one remembered them. Shas'El Kais remembered him all too well. He remembered O'Nan'cova because the Shas'O had trained him. He remembered O'Nan'cova because he had fought beside the Shas'O on countless battlefields. He remembered O'Nancova because, to him, O'Nan'cova was like a brother.

Most of all, however, he remembered O'Nan'cova because he was his replacement.

Shas'El Au'taal Nan'cova Kais. The title "Nan'cova" had been awarded along with his 'El rank, a reward for his stunning use of tactics. Leading from the front, he had personally sought out and defeated an Ork Warlord in single combat, using the very techniques O'Nan'cova had taught him. O'Nan'cova had always spoken of how no Tau was ever alone, that all were as one in service of the Tau'va. Apparently, someone decided he'd have approved of the idea of his protegee taking his mantle. El'Nan'cova nee Kais was not so keen on the concept.

"You look just like him, you know."
El'Nan'cova turned away from the mirror, and smiled at the female Shas'ui stood in the doorway. Ui'Taish, one of his squad-members with whom he had undergone the Ta'lissera ritual.
"Taish," he said, smiling, "what brings you here?"
She shrugged, "do I need a reason to visit you, Kais? With all that's happened lately, Mont'yr and I haven't seen you much."
El'Nan'cova chuckled. He liked the fact she still called him 'Kais'.
"To be honest, Taish, I'm a little nervous. I don't know if I can live up to Him. To'Tau'va, I don't even know if I can live up to Shas'El..."
"Kais, you would not be a Shas'El if you weren't capable. Don't doubt yourself."
El'Nan'cova settled himself into one of the chairs in the room. Taish took a second without asking.
"O'Nan'cova was a great commander. Though I studied under him, I am not the warrior or the strategist he was..." The Shas'El stared at the data pad on the table. "I was reading his work," he said by way of explanation.
"Anything interesting?"

"Yes. Do you know he once said he did not know how to win a war, only how to lose one?"
The Shas'Ui gave El'Nan'cova a puzzled look.
"Let me explain," he said. "He said that wars were lost in one of two ways; being overly cautious, or being overly reckless. If you sit and wait, your enemies will grow stronger and overrun you. If you rush to battle ill-prepared, you will find yourself cut off and engulfed. War, O'Nan'cova said, is not about knowing how to win; it is about knowing how to stop yourself from losing."
Ui'Taish smirked, "that sounds like him. Like you as well, actually."
El'Nan'cova shrugged.
"So," Ui'Taish continued, "what does El'Nan'cova think of that little pearl of wisdom?"
"El'Nan'cova would prefer it if you stuck with Kais."
"Sorry," Ui'Taish answered.

El'Nan'cova sighed. "Well, I guess it won't be so bad. I mean, if everyone believes me to be O'Nan'cova, that should make it easier, right? With the respect I will gain from me peers, and the fear I will instill in our enemies, I'll surely be able to win victories with greater skill and precision, right? Right, Ui'Taish?"
Ui'Taish didn't have an answer.

The Tau Online Campaign

Tau Online will be hosting a campaign soon enough - below is some background info about it!

Golgothan Insurgency - A History

It's all XV18's fault.  Alright, it's not entirely his fault.  On February 20th, XV18 started the thread that would evolve into what is now the first ever Tau Online campaign.  Around this same time, Elliott started the "World Campaigns" thread and Luy22 started the "Future Campaign Ideas" thread.  All three of these threads eventually coalesced into the idea for the Golgothan Insurgency.

From these threads, a grass roots effort was organized and ideas began to take form.  LeeStar contacted Farseer Tyross (then a petty General Moderator) and permission was granted by Tau Online to move the discussion to committee.

Since then, much has happened.  The Campaign Committee has added members and expanded the scope of the campaign to include over eleven worlds and dozens of characters.  The Campaign Committee boards feature some wonderful fluff, some specialized rules, some incredible eye candy, and some detailed technical analysis of the planets.

Golgothan Insurgency will go live as a campaign on 1 August 2007.  The campaign itself will be interactive with members being able to register their games and influence campaign fluff.

In the upcoming weeks and months, the Campaign Committee will be organizing a variety of releases in order to generate excitement for and to answer questions about the campaign.


The Fate of Shas'la Tol - by 77

Shas'la Tol peered cautiously around the corner. Even though he had weathered the rigors of battle on the field, the stories about this underhive were unsettling. In his gut, he felt that his team should not be down here, but in his head, he knew that he served a greater purpose. He was still unsure about the Gue'vesa that was assigned with him. Ever since the Empire has taken this world, there has been an uneasy peace with the Gue'la. Soon they would see how much better they were, serving the Aun rather than their never present Emperor.

Tol ordered the Gue'vesa to the opposite side of the alley, slightly ahead of the Stealth Suit team. They knew the area somewhat better and Tol did not want to be ambushed with their entire force in one place. Better that the enemy be aware of only one target rather than both. All that remained in Tol's mind were the images of the recovered bodies from the last squad that went out to hunt the rebellious Gue'la. They needed to be set straight. The violence needed to be contained to illustrate the virtues of the Greater Good.

These Gue'la were misguided, worshipping strange entities from the Warp. Tol did not care what they worshipped, he only cared that their actions were endangering the Earth Caste as they worked to unravel the secrets of this world. Tol heard a report from the front. The Gue'vesa had found remains.

As Tol's team secured the area, he examined the bodies with the Gue'vesa'ui. It was difficult to take in or even distinguish what they were looking at. The bodies of the Gue'la were mauled, as if by an animal. Tol dismissed the thought of such a thing, being so deep within the hive. There were signs of resistance; small arms fire and the like, but no evidence of what attacked these Gue'la. What concerned Tol the most were the skulls of the victims that seemed to be punctured throughout. Tol had never seen this before. Perhaps these Gue'la worshipped the wrong monsters.

Tol was wretched out of his musing as he heard shots ring out down the alley. Keeping his composure, he knew that it was the Gue'vesa firing in such an undisciplined manner. Demanding a report, the Gue'vesa'ui told Tol that there were two missing from the front. Missing? Tol ordered the units to form up and fire only at something of substance, not imagination. Tol believed it to be more Gue'la that would not submit to their inevitable rule. His team was there to change that.

Sending the Gue'vesa ahead again, Tol kept the suits moving up the alley, confident that their stealth field would be able to get the jump on anything that they encountered. Suddenly, he saw what looked like the wall peeling away from the alley and then dart between their positions. Las fire rang out in the alley again. Another from the Gue'vesa unit was missing. Tol knew that he had seen something. Ordering the units to halt, Tol was mortified to behold what was happening in front of him.

There was a beast that was twice the size of the Gue'vesa, moving at a blinding speed. It was similar to his team, seeming to blend in with the surroundings. Tol's team could not let off a shot because the creature was on top of the Gue'vesa, cutting them down with ease. Tol commanded his team to remain still, not wanting the beast to be aware of their presence. He watched as the creature picked up one of the bodies of the Gue'vesa, grotesque tendrils branching out from its face, plunging them into its victim's skull. Tol's team moved silently into position to fire. Without warning, the creature looked directly at them, suddenly aware that it was in danger. Barbed sinews erupted from its chest and carried it away out of their sight. How did it know they were there? The only ones aware of Tol's team were the slaughtered Gue'vesa in front of them.

As Tol tried to solve this mystery, his suit began to alert him of something coming towards them – fast. At the far end of the alley sprang a group of smaller creatures, lead by another that was similar in build, but larger. The time between the larger creature withdrawing and this group was minimal, yet Tol discerned no communication between them. As the pack of creatures clambered into the alley where the Gue'vesa had been, they immediately turned towards the Stealth Team, running as fast as they could. Tol wondered how they could see them for a moment, but only a moment.

Giving the order, Tol's team fired into the oncoming creatures. Tol noted how accurate his team had hit, but was disturbed to see only a few of the creatures fall. The others had thick armour that was able to withstand anything but a well-directed shot. Maintaining stealth was now no longer a priority and Tol ordered his team to jump back and take aim again. This time, their shooting was more effective, reducing their numbers below half. Tol estimated that they could shoot once more before the creatures would engage them. As they set their sights again, Tol was shocked.

The remaining creatures leapt into the air along with the leader-beast. If Tol's team did not react quickly, these monsters would be on top of them. Scattering, the Stealth Suits engaged their jet packs. Two of the team was not fast enough and Tol witnessed the creatures ripping the suits to sheds, despite their efforts to fight back. Tol was astounded that they could tear through their armored suits with such ease. Rallying the remaining suits, Tol was about to fall back, only to see the creatures in the air again, descending towards them. Tol boosted forward with his pack, seeing the rest of his team being pounced upon. He noticed the leader-beast take apart two of the suits on its own, while the others surrounded the other suit.

Tol knew that his only hope was to flee. He looked up to find a safe perch to land on as he engaged his jet pack. As he rose, he wondered why the beasts in the alley did not pursue on the ground. They just seemed to stare as he flew upwards. Tol felt something impact his shoulder. He felt a burning in his chest and looked to see barbed flesh coming out of his suit. Tol was then wretched from the air towards a building that he was flying close to. He looked into the same face that he saw feed on the Gue'vesa below. Raising his weapon, the monster made a smooth, quick pass with a large bladed limb, separating Tol's arm from his body. The creature's grip crushed Tol as he fought to catch a breath. As Tol wished for the end, the creature's tendrils punctured his helmet, punctured his skull, extracting everything Tol knew about his cadre, the Empire and this planet. Tol's last thoughts were knowing that there was something terrifying that would descend on them and that he would not be alive to face it.

Tau Briefing - by 77, Farseer_Emlyn
It was cold in the briefing room. It was always cold, to keep the commanders alert as they received their instructions from the Aun. The only reason to be in this room after a mission had been handed down was because something was amiss. Shas'O'la Han stood in the room alone. Alone with his thoughts about what he had seen.

"Greetings, Aun'O', you wished to see me?" Han bowed as Aun'O Dau‘en, head of the Golgothan council, entered the chamber, his heart beating slightly faster.

"Your report troubles me, Shas'O'la " The Ethereal's face showed no expression, no concern, no sign that he understood what Shas'la Tol and his troops had faced the previous night. "Let us discuss the events that you believe took place last night. Your report says that you believe Tol's Stealth Suits team stumbled upon an unidentified hostile creature. Is this correct?"

"Yes, Aun'O. The creatures were -" The Aun cut the commander off.

"Creatures? Yes, I see here that you claim there were several of them. Interesting."

"Interesting, sir?" The Shas'O'Ui was confused.

"Yes, interesting. Do you realize, Han, that when Shas'la Kor'va moved to secure the area with his Firewarriors, he found no traces of the hostile creatures or the missing Gue'vesa?" The Ethereal stared hard at the Shas'O'Ui, but Han was unmoved.

"With all respect, Aun'O, my report clearly outlines the events which transpired last night. Several of Stealth Suits were recovered. The battle damage was clear. What was disturbing were the state of the fallen. The injuries were… unnatural." Shas'O'la Han firmly held his position.

"How do you propose, Shas'O, that these creatures were able to detect the presence of the Stealth Suits." Dau'en pressed the commander.

"In all reality, it is irrelevant how the creatures detected the stealth team. What matters is that there are more and more confirmed sightings and engagement of-" Dau'en raised a hand to silence the commander and stepped closer to him.

"Do you really believe that Shas'la Tol's team encountered some unidentified creature?"

"Yes, Aun'O, I am convinced of it."

Aun'O Dau'en sighed. "They are Y'he." The word hung in the air as Han realized the implications of its meaning. "They have infiltrated the Gue'la and are growing."

"Y'he?" Shas'la Han was amazed.

"No one will have knowledge of this conversation; no one. I am certain you understand. Your report has been amended. You have stated that Shas'la Tol was errant and did not have his Stealth Suits engaged at the time of the battle. The Gue'vesa forces that provided his screen turned against him and his team was overwhelmed by a mob of Gue'la. Is this understood?"

"Yes, Aun'O, I understand completely." Han straightened but did not contradict his superior.

"Very well, Shas'O'la Han, you are dismissed."

Imperial Briefing - by Farseer_Emlyn

***Processing Transmission***
***Officium of Ordos Ecclesiarchial***

***Subject: Operation Righteous Infection***
***Classification: Highly Classified - Level Gamma Clearance Required***

Brother Inquisitors.  It is with regret that I must report to you the loss of the Imperial vessel Zealous Fury.  As you know, the vessel carried the only remaining specimens from Operation Righteous Infection and all pertinent information regarding the research conducted during this operation.  The political fallout from this operation is already taking shape and enemy forces are undoubtedly en route to discover the location of the crash site.

A team of Ordo Xenos Deathwatch Marines have already been dispatched to the surface of Lassith IV in the Golgotha system.  It is our believe that the Zealous Fury may have crashed on that planet or that any debris may have been caught in that planet's orbit.  All canisters were of adamantine composition and should have survived any atmospheric reentry.

It is with great confidence that I report to you that the situation is unfortunate but still able to be salvaged.  I do not need to remind you that this missions success is vital to the survival of the Imperium.  We will succeed in acquiring the components to complete the operation.

Lurazel Gustaves

***End Transmission***

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