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Mini of the Month

Gareth's Whirldwind

ManU's Veterans. Check our forums for more information.

Quote of the Month

"Though they may be crude and blinkered to the truth, the Gue'la do sometimes show signs of wisdom. 'Walk softly, and carry a big gun.' I wonder if they appreciate the application."

- Shas'Ui T'olku Vash'tar, Pathfinder Team Leader

Member Quote of the Month

"The gaming world would be a lot better off if people just ignored that bloody RAW article."

- Fish Ead, Space Marines board, Silly things in Dark Angels

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For the month of February:

New Topics: 1,516
New Posts: 24,928
New Members: 203
Page Views: 1,010,040
Most Members Online at Same Time: 140

In Total:

Topics: 36,176
Posts: 563,642
Members: 5,406
Most Members Online at Same Time: 175

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Recent News

Competition News


Hmm, well, that was the sound of me being blown away by the HQ Competition Entries this month. I seem to find myself keep on saying 'this has been the best competition yet' or a 'record number of entries', but I think you will have to agree with the cliche's when you see this link.

So many worthy winners, although in the end, one had to be chosen, and it has this awe-inspiring Chaplain from Komrad!

Nifty sig made by Pollo

As if this competition wasn't enough, the next painting competition, the inaugaral Open Ork Contest in remembrance of KJ, saw a similar fabulous quality of entrants, with three runaway's at the top of the voting the poll. It was Hive Lord's fabulously converted Burna Boy which took first place -
Burna Boy

Finally, TO's graphic designers were out in full force this month, showing off their stuff in the Signature Competition, a very worthy winner with this nifty sig made by Pollo -
Nifty sig made by Pollo

If you feel inspired by these competitions and wishing you had entered, or perhaps eager to enter more, look out in March for...the Open Vehicle Competition, The WHFB Competition and the General Knowledge 40k quiz for all you fluff boffins!

Keep me busy until next month!


Top Threads

Top Five Tau Threads

Top Five non-Tau Topics this Month

Interview: With Elf Boy, by Tau Online

Elf Boy, renowned for his love of bananas and peanut butter, has been a member of Tau Online for 2.5 years, and is currently a moderator of The Enclave section. As you will see later on, there is a new piece to the newsletter - "From the Webway". Elf Boy will be writing this article every issue :-) Without further ado, the interview with Elfy:

(Q) What attracted you to this site and how have you found it so far?
A: I was going through a tau faze to be honest. I stayed because of the awesome people here ^_^

(Q) Which armies do you collect, how big are they and how long has it taken to accumulate them?
A:I have about 1,500pts of Eldar, and 1,500 points of wood elves. I had every elf army at one point but I needed some cash so I sold the Dark Elves and High Elves. T_T

(Q) Any advice for the rest of the community?
A: A few things.
1. Don't steal my cookies.
2. Give me cookies.
3. Be considerate of other peoples thoughts and views. If you have a different view then some people then go ahead and say it but don't be a jerk about it. It only makes everyone mad.
4. Give me more cookies.

(Q) If I said you have pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, what would you do and why?
A: I would look up the word, then wonder why you misspelled that word.( rocks)

(Q) Are you going to answer all these questions?
A:You betcha' ^_^ - all of them will be posted in the newsletter section once the newsletter goes out.)

(Q) Have you ever punched someone?
A:All the time! I do TaeKwon Do and spar people a lot. Although I prefer jump kicking. Cause I'm better at it :P

(Q) Blonde or Brunette?
A: I don't know about you but the hair isn't what I'm looking at..

(Q) Would you ever mow the lawn in your mother best dress for a bet?
A: Depend on the dress. Some look horrible on me ;-)

(Q) How big do you think your ego is?
A: About as big as a certain appendage, which is HUGE. ;-)

(Q) We know you like manga/anime, so what is your favourite manga/anime series and why?
A: Manga has to be Hellsing. It's the ultimate form of eyecandy. Anime is a hard choice. I can't decide!!!

(Q) How does it feel to know ToastMaster, the coolest darn guy on the internet?
A: People call me toastmaster now?!?

(Q) The blue pill, or the red pill?
A: Is there a purple one?

Thanks :-)

- Tau Online

Fluff: Hueran's Death by Farseer Tyross

This is the first part to a multi-part story. The next issue will contain the second part of this fluff piece.

Hueran glared at his prey as it wings flared to launch itself into the air. A vile beast of light brown and deep red armour roared forwards as it's wings bore it aloft.

Pain surged the Chapter Master's through his mind as the creature drifted closer and closer. The pain intensified as the large alien creature slipped closer.

Focusing his mind, he felt the pain lessen as his suit of power armour administers pain killers into his system. Despite the pain killers, the pain ebbed and flowed through his brain.

The creature bore down upon the Chapter Master with scythed talon, and Hueran side stepped at the last instant, and thrust his power sword through into the Tyrants side.

Vile alien blood flowed and brown viscera sprayed across the Chapter Master's pristine white armour. Slipping aside from a lightning strike  from the Tyrant, Hueran slashed with his sword, and brought it to bear in another slash across the Tyrant's back.

The hiss of burned flesh filled the Chapter Master's senses as the energy field thundered into life as the blade struck.

Ducking beneath a wide sweep of claw, the Fists of Flame master stepped back and lunched in again. However, this time, his blade did not connect, reacting with lightning speed the master dropped down low as the Tyrant spun again, and parried it's second attack with ease and slipped in behind the guard of the Tyranid.

Bringing his sword up beneath the Tyrants head with a forceful blow, he smiled meekly as the Tyranid fell onto the muddy ground. Hueran Tigerian felt the pain lift as the Tyranid creature slipped into the cold oblivion.

The captain glanced around. Seeing only his marines engaged in vicious combats with other, lesser, vile Tyranid creatures, Tigerian roared forward to where Chaplain Kypion was fighting. Despite his squad having suffered casualities, they fought with a zeal and dedication befitting a command squad. Kypion had clearly chosen his squad well.

Hueran got to grips with the enemy quickly, and even before the Chaplain had fully acknowledged his presence, he had slain three of the loathsome creatures arrayed before him.

As he continued to fight against the roving bands of Hormagaunts, he saw the seething mass of teeth and claws moving rapidly towards the Chapter Master's position.

Knowing instantly that these new creatures were dangerous and deadly combat monsters, he ordered Kypion to make a tactical retreat with the rest of his squad.

Activating his vox with a mere thought, Hueran spoke clearly “You have a brood of Genestealers on a bead of 187 of sector thirty four, present distance from our objective is currently 0.98 clicks.”

He heard not a single reply. Instead he heard the wail of ordnance scream into the skies behind him, and heard the detonation of as several missiles strike the position where the Genestealers had just been. Clearly, his battery of Whirlwinds were still active.

Turning to the Chaplain, the Chapter Master nodded as their gaze met. With renewed fire, the Chaplain, his squad and the Chapter Master stormed forward as one into the seething mass of aliens before them…

News: From the Webway by Elf Boy

For those who haven't heard, there is a new article out for the Tau Online Newsletter. That article is called "From the Webway" and it shall be about what's new or popular in GW each month. So without further ado, here''s From the Webway!

So I Dub The Unfogiven

This month the brand new Dark Angels codex comes out. For those who don't know. The Dark Angels are a chapter of space marine. They consist of the Dark Angels, the Deathwing, and the Ravenwing.  The normal troops are Dark Angels, the assault troops(terminators and vehicles), and the Ravenwing consist of the fast attack(land speeders, bikes)


There is quite a big range of models coming out so you may customize your army to look like the Dark Angels. The models coming out this month are:

Master of the Ravenwing on bike
Dark Angel Command Squad
Dark Angel Veterans
Dark Angel Bike Squadron
Dark Angel Grand Master
Dark Angel Chief Librarian
Dark Angel Company Master

Although with the Dark Angel sprues you can customize almost any space marine unit there is.
There are two specific Dark Angel sprues.
The troop one that has 71 pieces to customize your Dark Angel troops(and terminators).
The Ravenwing one that allows you so customize jetbikes and bikes to fit the Ravenwing theme. Also, it has some pieces to customize a dreadnaught. It has 77 individual pieces.

Special Rules and Tactica

There are a few new rules and changes for them I'll show a few different ones to give you an idea of what they are trying to achieve with the Dark Angels.

  • 5-10 man units. For the DA they've decided on 5-10man squads, in case there are any spare models around and you need filler you can take a 5 man unit.
  • Dark Angels come with frag grenades and bolt pistols as standard.
  • The Deathwing and Ravenwing. There is a new rule for the Deathwing that allows half of your Deathwing units to deep strike on the first turn automatically.
  • All Ravenwing bikes and attack bikes have the Scout Rule and a teleport homer, which allows them to bring in deep striking units. This in combination with the Deathwing Assault rule could be devastating when used in a combo.


The Dark Angels are known as The Unforgiven. Durring the terrible days of the Horus Heresy. As the Emperor fought Warmaster Horus for the possession of the Terra, Lion El'Jonson(the Dark Angel Primarch) was far away fighting for humanity alongside Leman Russ, Primarch of the Space Wolves. Hearing of the potentially disastrous proceedings taking place around the Earth, the two generals hurried back as quickly as they could. Coming into Terra's orbit they realised that they had arrived too late. Events had already taken their course and the cataclysmic final battle was over.

It had been many long years since Jonson had been to his homeworld of Caliban, and he longed to see his home world once more. As the unsuspecting ships of Jonson's fleet moved into orbit they were met with a devastating barrage of defence laser fire. Ships exploded into flame and crashed to the surface like monstrous comets. Stunned by the attack, Jonson withdrew and attempted to find out what had happened. Luther(Jonson's friends and second in command) Had lead the planets inhabitants to join the powers of chaos. So Jonson sent wave after wave or orbital bombardments onto the planet. SO many that there was only one place that survived the monestary where Luther was.

Jonson went to fight Luther himself. After they fought Luther was caught in a moment of weakness but Jonson held his blow. Using this momentary pause Luther sent out a psychic blast knocking down the primarch leaving him mortally wounded. Just then Luther realized the what he had done. And lost all willingness to fight. The psychic scream of Luther proved to the chaos gods that he had lost. Enfuriated the chaos gods sent a warp storm to ravage the planet. The only thing that survived was the monestary the primarch was in because of the force fields. When the rest of the Dark Angels came down the the planet after the storm they were shocked to see there was nothing left because of the bombardment and warp storm. The Angles went to the place where Luther and Jonson fought. They found Luther but he wasn't the normal Luther, just a dry shell o the man he had once been. The only coherent thing they could get out of him was “The Primarch had been carried away by the Watchers in the Dark and one day he would return to forgive me for the terrible sins I committed” Of Lion El'Jonson there was no sign….

Fluff: Knee Deep in the Dead by MalVeauX

Foul witches filled the ruin and the gleam from their gem encrusted helmets was followed by a peppering of shuriken as they fleeted by, hole after hole, avoiding the bolter's reach. Whatever material this old structure was made of, it was thick. Marine after Marine stepped up and stepped away, being ineffective and not willing to commit to engaging the heretics as they were simply taunting the Emperor's Finest to come to them, no doubt an ambush. Bolt after Bolt sent dust into the air, but was quickly followed by the shine of shuriken and the ache of their penetration of the power armor. Several members of the Tactical squad had to change position, and the Sergeant finally called them back to re-evaluate the situation.

The city was densely packed and removing moles buried in deeply in the rubble was proving difficult as the heretics remained and remained. Enough ammunition had been spent and enough casualties that should not have been sustained had occurred. On com-link, the Sergeant called in an order and then ordered the squad to take a defensive position and to keep the witches pinned in if nothing else.

Hours later, the ground rumbled and rubble burst forward and crumbled as a massive engine of destruction plowed through some back cover of what was once a street and likely building. A marine suddenly vaporized as his bolter went flying to the ground, leaving only his legs flopping and stirring dust. It must have been a lance technology weapon as the heretics were awaiting such a thing and it was likely meant for them if they were to engage in close combat being bottlenecked. Whatever their reason, they failed to use it wisely on the recent arrival and that was the only chance they had. The Vindicator stopped moving and the marines dug in tightly. The shell erupted into the structure in a violent explosion that shattered the walls and supports completely and the entire structure began to collapse. As it came down, shaking the very ground, a darkly armored heretic burst from a niche with some sort of blade, moving almost too fast to truly react. As he closed in, the Sergeant raised his bolt pistol and without hesitation fired. The heretic's armor split from the impact and explosion of the bolt and the creature impacted into the ground, pushing rocks with his cracked helmet. A single odd stone rolled over to the mighty Marine's boot, curiously blue and vibrant, alive almost, and inconsequently kicked away as rubbish.

In this City, Death is the only hustle and bustle.

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