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Mini of the Month

Scizor's Dwarf Warriors

El Mariachi's Whirlwind Imperator. Check our forums for more information.

Quote of the Month

"Our weakness is mortality. I have watched these Gue'vesa charge our lines with nothing but swords and archaic armour, and those we slew hundreds those that survived fought with such fury our squads broke and fled. I am glad to have them as our allies now, for it taught me their secrets.

We seek to live, to survive our battles. These Gue'vesa believe that in death, eternal glory awaits. They are dead already, and so hold nothing back. We must be dead, as they are dead, for fear of oblivion shall be our undoing."

- Shas'El Au'taal Va'nan, on the Evadian Gue'vesa.-

Member Quote of the Month

"The best use for Aun'va is a place holder for a useful model on your shelf."

- Malcaor, Aun'Va tactics, Tau board.

Forum Statistics

For the month of October:

New Topics: 1,291
New Posts: 19,900
New Members: 187
Page Views: 947,340
Most Members Online at Same Time: 102

In Total:

Topics: 30,138
Posts: 472,825
Members: 4,591
Most Members Online at Same Time: 175

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Website News

The magazine Practical Web Design (sold in the UK - costing £5.99 from WHSmith) is running a competition throughout this year (one month left of it), whereby webmasters submit their websites and they get rated per month and the top ranked sites get put into a "Top 20" ranking.

Tau Online was submitted into that competition two months ago and on the 10th of October the new Practical Web Design came out, and Tau Online won it that month with 82/100 SmileyOverall Tau Online is 2nd in the top 20, which is great considering all the other sites are designed by adults!

Thanks for your continued support that has helped us to create this website.

Forum News

The Fall of Medusa message boards have been put into read-only mode following the ending of the campaign. The forums received just under 9,000 posts and 250,000 page views in the short time they were run (i.e. the length of the campaign).

Competition News

Hi all,

Our October Painting Competitions proved popular once again, the scenery painting competition being won by Kalten's superb Eldar webway portal, great jewels and runes especially on that one!

Kalten's Eldar Warp

The squad painting competition saw lots of varied entries and several worthy winners, however Komrad's Space Marine Tactical Squad took first honour's, Komrad's second competition win in two months, well done sir!

Komrad's Space Marines

As for November you have 4 competitions to look forward to as the Homemade weapon competition was postponed from this month. Also take a look at the contests board to see the rules for the Heavy Support, Best AI/Robotic Construct competitions. After a suggestion from a member we will also be running and judging the best made up character competition. Come and have a look at the contests board today, there are always prizes to be won and things going on!

On another note, if you are a Tau player there is going to be a big member run project in the Tau Boards starting some time in November. A big compendium of Example Tau Army lists, from all playing styles and strategies, is going to be compiled – and we need you the members to help out in submitting your best lists. Look out for threads in the Tau Board, there will be +1 karma for the best lists in each of the many categories so get list building!



Top Threads

Top Five Tau Threads

Top Five non-Tau Topics this Month

Interview: With The All-father by Tau Online

The All-Father has been a member at Tau Online for just over a year... his one year anniversary with us (Tongue) was on the 22nd of October. The All-Father plays five armies: Dark Eldar, Tau, Space Marines, Catachans, Witch Hunters. He posts mainly in The Enclave, but also likes to chill out writing fluff and stories.

(Q) What attracted you to this site and how have you found it so far?
A: Well, I found the site while searching for a Tau mod for Dawn of War. I'm not sure what it was about the site, the forums in particular, that made me join. Maybe I was craving some interaction with other people who play Warhammer 40K, since all of the people I used to game with have gone away to college. In any case it is a wonderful site with forums full of great, helpful people, and I hope to remain here for as long as I stay in the hobby.

(Q) Which armies do you collect, how big are they and how long has it taken to accumulate them?
A: Well, I've got about 500 points of Dark Eldar, which I pretty much got all at once when I first started (almost seven years ago, yeesh!) I'm still working on them, slowly. 1500 points of Tau which took me a couple months to collect and paint. Over 2000 points of Ultramarines, which I bought off of my friend a few months ago. About 1000 points of Catachans which I got all at once in the battleforce. As for Witch Hunters, all I have is the codex so far, but I should have the beginnings of a force sometime in November.

(Q) Any advice for the rest of the community?
A: Well, I would say watch out for FT's chainaxe, but he's not really around anymore. I guess all I can really say is... There is no "I" in team. There's an "I" in Pie, there's an "I" in meat pie... and meat is the anagram of team... something like that.

(Q) Since there is an all father... is there an all mother?
A: Unbelievable how many times I've been asked this since I chose this name... Yes, hopefully in the future there will be an "All-mother". If you wanted the mythology version... its complicated.

(Q) What is your favourite brand and flavour of soda?
A: Jones Soda, their Rootbeer is some of the best stuff on earth, and its made with all-natural ingredients. Though I have to say, China Cola is right up there with it.

(Q) How did you get your name?
A: Well, as some of you may or may not know, The All-father is another name for Odin, the head honcho of the Norse pantheon and probably my favorite deity out of all that I've learned about.

(Q) Can you tell use something more about the armies you have? How many points? What kind of models? Playing style? Anything special about them? Gaming experience? And why those armies?
A: Well, I already went into points, as for the rest, my Catachans are almost exclusively infantry (as they should be), my DE are completely infantry, as I don't actually have that big of a force yet. Tau are infantry heavy as well. Ultramarines are dominated by tanks and bikes, but I haven't actually played any games with them yet. Witch Hunters don't exist yet, but they will be predominately Battle Sisters with a couple squads of Inq. Storm troopers mounted in rhinos to back them up. Playing style: I tend to like a large infantry based force to swamp the enemy with gunfire. Why these armies? Well there are various reasons; the deadliness and insanity of Dark Eldar, the political intrigue of the Witch Hunters. The pious battle-monks of the Space Marines... Catachans are just awesome. Sadly I've lost interest in the Tau... they're just too shallow (although Wargamer's efforts to make them less so are commendable).

(Q) Out of all of those armies you possess, which one is your favorite?
A: Its a three way tie between Catachans, Dark Eldar, and Witch Hunters.

(Q) Which character in 13th Warrior is your favourite?
A: Edgtho the Silent, definitely. For some reason I can relate to that character's personality.

(Q) A lot of people have been asking about the Coast Guard...
A: I suppose the main reason (besides that my family has a history in the US Armed Forces) I joined the Coast Guard is that I like the idea of defending my country... in my country, not somewhere else. Plus I'm getting trained to do something that I've grown up doing, and have always loved: cooking! Yup, even though my testing scores were high enough that I could have chosen to be a rescue diver, I chose Food Services. Once I finish my service, I can go on to work for a food company, or cook in a restaurant, or even open my own restaurant- Italian food, naturally- someday. Or, if I really like it, I could stay in the Coast Guard for the full 20 years, and retire with full benefits at 40. Its really opened up a lot of new avenues for me that college couldn't. I'm glad I made the choice. Oh yea, I go to boot camp February 20th.

Fluff:Humiliation by MalVeauX

Steadfast and firing, the Space Marines fearlessly charged towards the menacing machines emerging in waves from the large Monolith in the distance, so large that the churning storms in the sky concealed it’s very top, seeming as if it went on forever. The structure was an obvious source of power for the Necron enemy, but it was vastly superior to what they were capable of inflicting damage upon. Everything of their efforts simply produced no results as the living metal of the Monolith shifted and moved to make up for every thing they tried. Still, the Necrons came in waves and soon the Marines were unable to continue firing upon the Monolith with their limited ammunition and reserves not arriving right away, plus they were already engaging Necrons in close quarters. The fight seemed to be lost as the Marines moved to higher ground, but then the Monolith began to move. The clouds erupted with bolts of lighting and eerie thunder as it scraped the sky hovering over the scorched land.

Massive energy beams arced all over, disintegrating Marines left and right while the Necrons slowly pushed forward, unleashing their hatred for life from each of their merciless weapons. They would not be stopped this day, by the living. Just when all hope for victory seemed to be lost, matters were made worse as an enemy vessel was detected approaching from the East, moving very fast. The Marines knew it was time to perform a tactical retreat to continue the attack when better armed for this scale of War. The Sergeant looked on, but could still not make visual contact with the enemy vessel but it was there, moving hard and fast. The Monolith suddenly cranked and geared and the front side began to dive into the ground, crushing into the charred soil like an earthquake as the metal was unable to reform itself. Then the bluish-purple burn marks that traced an unseen attack were apparent. Whatever had pierced the Monolith, was so powerful and fast that not even the Marine was able to detect it. Visual contact of the alien vessel finally came into view.... It was a Hammerhead class Tau gunship, a whole Cadre on the move. Tactical withdrawal was the only choice now....

Hobby: Modeling guide by

Hey guys. I thought of doing a quick guide to general modeling things and how-to-do topics for plastic models. This is mostly for the newer modelers.

Okay here's some general things you can do to ensure the safety of your models.

Handling your sprues:
Sprue isn't all that easy to break but it may twist and become warped with out the right treatment. Always hold a sprue on the bordering plastic to avoid damaging your models and bits.  When getting ready to cut off a piece lay the sprue down flat on a flat surface area.

Clippers or a sharp (Stanley for instance) knife with good strong blades.

Before clipping/cutting look for any weak points in the piece your cutting off. A good example is the bottom of the necron Gause flayer barrel.

When cutting your bits off the sprue, make your cut as close to the piece as possible without cutting into the part itself. Cut all of the sprue off the part to take it off. DO NOT try and twist or pull the part off, as this may damage of break the part you are taking off.

Cleaning off mould lines and other excess plastic:
After cutting the piece off the sprue, there are a couple of ways to take off excess plastic and mould lines.One method requires a very steady hand and a very confident person. I don't recommend your try this but........ Okay take a knife and run it along the mould line at a very low angle. This will remove most of the excess and give you a smoothish finish.

A more common and less dangerous method is the use of needle files or modeling files. This is a relatively easy and painless way to finish off cleaning a model. All you do is run the file over the targeted area twice, no more no less unless necessary to remove more of the line/excess.
Other ways do exist but i have not practiced them.

Assembly and positioning
When your parts have been cut out and trimmed its now time to assemble them. Before assembling a good idea is to get some blu-tac and try out different positions and poses. When you find one that you like take only 1 piece off and glue at a time. First off spread a very thin sheet of plastic glue (poly cement works well) along the bottom of the feet or area of the model that sits on the base. Glue the torso on and your right to go.

Now glue your pieces on how you see fit. Remember that when gluing to use a minimal amount of glue on any one spot, the more glue you use the more chance of damage or 'melting in' where the two areas where glue was applied melt together and are almost impossible to separate without causing damage.

Undercoating your model
There are two main ways to undercoat your model. You can use any colour you want but Chaos black and Skull white are the most common. Use dark colours for dark schemes and lighter colours for lighter schemes.

Sprays are dangerous for your model if you don't take the proper measures. Always remember to keep the can at least 12"-16" away from the model to avoid clogging of details and shallowed areas. its is hard to get all of the model with a spray so a brush coat may be needed.
Brush coating is easy but time consuming. Dip the brush into the paint and leave enough paint on there so that it wont drip off or build up, make sure its even over the bristles. Apply it using either left to right or up to down strokes.

Now your model is ready for painting and then playing. Hope you learnt something and as stated any queries or other techniques will be appreciated.

Rant: Why Tau don't belong in 40K by Wargamer

I bet that title got your attention!

Before I begin, this is not about the Tau as an army, this is about the Tau as a race.

What do we know about the Tau? Well, they're a "Young" race for one, and they are constantly adapting and evolving to combat the threats of the galaxy. Allow me to emphasise the key part there; adapting and evolving.

With the exception of the Tyranids, who I may deal with later, the Tau are the only race that isn't stagnant. Take the Imperium; sure, they make advances, the Marauder Destroyer, for example, was invented (yes, invented!) during the Armageddon War. On the other hand, you rarely see squadrons of Leman Russ Executioners anymore, and it's been a long time since Jetbikes were standard Astartes issue. For everything they gain, they lose something else.

Likewise, the Eldar. They make changes, yes, but cosmetic changes. The Eldar are arrogant; if their technology could be improved, their mindset says, then they would have done it already. Eldar will not advance, either through an inability, or an unwillingness to do so.

How about Orks? Well, Orks can't even build the same thing the same way twice, so I can't see them "advancing" any time soon. Chaos just steals and bastardises other people's gear, and Necrons are a dead race so they're never going to really advance... the Pariahs being the only thing they've created this epoch.

So now we've got our lovely little Tau... bright, shiny, and with this annoying habit of improving themselves. Don't you think, even for a moment, that they seem a little out of place?

Let us now consider their future... what will happen if they keep on expanding as they are? At some point, someone will have to turn around and say "hang on, something has to change or they'll just take over!". In short, unless the Tau stop evolving, other people will start evolving, and that kind of spoils the Universe.

So, now we've derailed ourselves on that, let's take out another set of wheels with this; if we stop the Tau evolving, what do they have left?


Without their "Dynamic Expansion" bit, the Tau are nothing but a cheap Eldar / Imperial knock-off race with nothing going for them. As such, for the Tau to exist, they must continue to be a constantly-evolving race.

...but they can't be, because that's not what 40K is about...

...circular problem, it seems.

Well, at least we don't have to worry about this problem for a while yet... but sooner or later, it's bound to crop up. The Tau can't keep growing forever unchecked, and sooner or later they will have to change to find a new niche in the 40K universe, or be destroyed.

Still, I guess they could always try again in WFB...

Fluff: Silence on the Brain by Krandacth the Reaper.

This is the first part to a multi-part story. Next month's newsletter will contain the next part.

"...Day six of patrol...

'"...Nothing extraordinary to report.  Moved into sector seven of planetary sweep.

'"Day seven of patrol.  Oh Two Hundred hours...

'"...Shooting star sighted.  Importance dismissed after basic scan: returned total negative.

'"Eighteen Hundred hours...

'"...Messenger from Gamma Group arrived with important news.  Seemed very nervy, jumped at loud noises of the camp.  Taken straight to The Captain.  As usual, our squadron left in the dark.

'"Day eight of patrol.  Oh six hundred hours...

'"...Alert raised, all men to arms.  Strange lack of enemy considering the circumstances.

'"Oh seven hundred hours...

'"...Recalled to HQ.  Quick march enforced.

'"Oh seven thirty hours...

'"...Unexplained panic spreads through ranks and reaches our squad.  In the resulting chaotic run a number of men trampled under feet.  Crushed an unknown, still living mans skull..."'

'Look, Harrison, could you stop reading and rereading your memos for one ... blasted moment!'

Everything went quiet.  In other words, the only man who had spoken or even moved in the past hour stopped doing so.  The silence that descended seemed to smother all the air from the cold, dark bunker storage room.  Someone shuffled uncomfortably against the concrete wall, making everybody jerk their heads up and throw their hands to their weapons.

'Where was I?  Oh yeah, "...Still living mans skull..."'

'In the name of all that is good in the view of the Emperor, Harrison!'

'What?  You would really prefer to be sitting here in silence, jumping at any noise, waiting for the only danger we won't hear to come and take us?  And even if it... They... Whatever! doesn't get us, to be driven mad by the waiting itself?  Can you honestly say that you would prefer that to my recital?  I'm trying to keep us sane, for the sake of the Emperor!'

By this point, both men were on their feet and shouting themselves hoarse.  Parkin (Harrisons opponent in this tension born face off) was just about to launch into another bout of throat tearing shouting and throw himself at Harrison, when one of the other men suddenly whispered a single word that stopped Parkin in his tracks.


Fluff: Unlikely Allies by Commander Caesar Larsen

Void. Space. Nothingness.
A cold blackness that swirls with invisible energies and background radiation, it’s as timeless and as silent as death.
An icy tomb, thought the alien. A fitting resting place for his enemy; the one that now cast an ominous gothic silhouette against the stars, probing antenna reaching up from mighty deck guns and guards watch-stations; the six-kilometre hulk of military might sent by a clumsy galaxy-wide empire known as the Imperium of man.
An alien’s bladed slender gauntlet caressed the shoulder of a close female friend, pinking the flesh where it’s cold edges brought the nerves to attention. The alien woman’s long hair was a deep striking purple, her white carapace covering her, yet allowing breathing space for her smooth skin around the joints to allow fluid movement.
The gauntlet withdrew from her shoulder and came to rest upon a translucent console, seamlessly incorporated into the hull of the vessels interior. Where the pointed fingertips brushed the surface of the flawlessly smooth screen, glowing contours were highlighted and symbols lit in various electric blues and greens.
Cold and piercing, a pair of golden eyes gazed with calculating menace out through the shielded viewing window on the bridge of the alien vessel, focused on the unsightly Mon-Keigh ship.
Far below the Bridge, 3 kilometres toward the extending nose of the vessel, a massive oval bead of Warithbone rose above the surface of the hull like a petrified tear, protruding from it a single Pulsar Lance capable of scything through the most reinforced hull, or the most entrenched planet-surface bunker. Surrounding this magnificent weapon several smaller turrets rotated in familiar patterns, set to cover the most surrounding space possible and lance any incoming ordnance . 
The scene on the bridge of the alien vessel Black Dawn was one of eerie serenity, each crew member meticulously preparing the ship, dedicated fully to his or her own task, diligently and silently following instructions given by the Pirate Prince Yurrath with the slightest movement, unnoticeable to any uneducated observer.
The bridge of the Imperial ship, however, was not so serene.

"Damn you, bloody fool!" A harsh and scratchy voice screeched across one of the badly lit ammo-storage rooms of the Mechus Titanus, a flicking tongue betraying it’s inhuman owner.
A servitor; half man, half machine, half brain-dead, crashed to the floor in a macabre display of twisting flesh being pulled tight by protruding cables where sockets were badly joined to living tissue. A half-dozen smaller skull-servitors drifted over to the sudden disturbance, whirring and ancient devices recording the insignificant incident to be filed and logged where they would never be seen by anyone alive enough to find any significance in them.
The hunched cultist crouched down low behind a large pipe so as not to be seen, as if anyone with the presence of mind to report a stranger would work in this godforsaken section of the underbelly of the gigantic vessel. The auto-pistol in his clawed purplish hands, he gradually crept forwards toward the stairwell that led to the primary torpedo-loading bay, being careful to avoid the ruptured tube that was spewing coolant into the contained atmosphere of the room. The intruder had one goal; only he could aid his brood’s conquest of the human craft.
" Give me broadside fire!" barked a seething Captain at his subordinate on the Bridge hundreds of metres away.
"But the gas cloud obscures our guns target Captain, how are we..." the officer shrunk away, dwarfed by the Captain.
"Now you wretch before I kill you for dereliction of duty," growled the Captain, his very last nerve being pushed to the limit.
"Of course Sir, immediately."
The officer barked into his radio, and the command was given.
Within minutes, the crippled vessels remaining portside guns opened fire, great fiery shells thrust towards the aliens shifting form, but to little effect. 
The Captain watched in horror as the telltale twinkle of light through the gas cloud betrayed the charging of the aliens devastating Pulsar Lance.
He bellowed once more to his crew.

Its fleshy minions were closing in. Its hunger was to be sated, but only after it’s creatures has done their work. Such hunger. Gnawing. Must feed. Must devour. Soon my children. Soon.
Conscious of the depths of cold, it extended it’s presence across the sub-sector, feeling the numerous bio-weapons at it’s disposable. A malign intelligence, searching for prey, and the means to hunt it.
There! Focused the intelligence upon the fleshy creatures machine. Focused the centre-brain upon the minion. Darkness! The minion was in darkness...and humidity...steam...noise...machines. The minion was close, soon the killing to begin...yes...and soon food bringing to the digest-pools, hunger to be sated. But fleshy one’s die hard, many pain-throwers. Must throw fleshy beings into confusion; disrupt their defences, yes! And swiftly descend with ferocity. Isolate the weakened ones. Rend them! Feast on them! Soon my children.
The presence cast a psychic shadow across the sub-sector like a black veil...the astronomican snuffed out like a candle.

The Mechus Titanus was isolated, alone, and above all, unaware...

The very universe shook. Or so the crew of the Mechus Titanus would have expected. A coruscating Eldar Pulsar had lanced the ship across the portside, and several decks were now ablaze.
"Damage Report!" shouted the ships Captain, "Give me damage status!"
"Decks 3 through 7 are sealed captain, fire stations are at maximum alert and repair teams are operating at an estimated 40% efficiency."
"Damn it..." the Captain turned and called to his Chief of Observation, "What are those damned zenos doing now...are they preparing to attack again?"
"They.... they’re attempting to contact us sir. Shall I open the comms channel?"
"Do it."
Silence   -
"This is Yurrath, masterful Pirate Prince of the Xunsunh Corsairs." The alien’s distaste at having to speak in the human’s language was obvious.
"You will die Xeno scum, make no mistake. If I have to destroy us both, I will cleanse this sector of your befouling presence! By the Emperor’s name I will!" The Captain slammed his hand down onto the console.
"Brave words for a snivelling wretch, Mon-Keigh. I have no time for this, we have far more urgent matters to attend to."
"I can think of nothing more important than destroying you, filth!" the Captain was not exaggerating.
"Then may I be the first one to wish you a slow death Captain, for the devourer is upon our flank. And without an alliance, we will all surely perish in ways unimaginable to your primitive mind."

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