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Mini of the Month

Scizor's Dwarf Warriors

Scizor's Dwarf Warriors. Check our forums for more information.

Quote of the Month

"I've fought many foes, some cunning and some brutal, but these He'ray'sin... they're something else entirely. You think you're striking home when you're only chasing shadows, you think your rear lines are safe right up until their army springs from nowhere. I have been charged with defeating a foe I cannot even bring to battle... yet I must succeed, for all our sakes."

- Shas'O Nan'cova, discussing the Ko'shanniah Craftworld..

Member Quote of the Month

Draw between:

"Bah, Conests isn't a real board! Tongue"
"Your right. But contests is! Grin"

- Wargamer and The Davydude, Tau Online Newsletter, Interview.


"It's like the guy who invented sliced bread. He didn't invent bread. He didn't invent knives or slicing. He just took two concepts and put them together for a truly earthshattering invention..."

- Spirit of the All-father, Serious Debate, Who really invented the internet?.

Forum Statistics

For the month of September:

New Topics: 1,258
New Posts: 18,307
New Members: 189
Page Views: 766,549
Most Members Online at Same Time: 102

In Total:

Topics: 28,925
Posts: 452,953
Members: 4,404
Most Members Online at Same Time: 175


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Recent News

Forum News

Aunny, our ex-Tau board mod who disappeared "completely off the face of the earth" is now back, and as a result has been reinstated as Tau board mod along with Khanaris and Vash113.

Competition News

Hi to all those of you following this month's Tau Online competitions. This month we ran conversion competitions for vehicular and non-vehicular model which proved to be very popular with diverse and varied entries, all showing great converting skills and original ideas.

However there had to be a winner, and chosen by a public vote, the winners were,

Vehicular Conversions - Kalten's superb piranha conversion
General figure Conversions - Redbeard's Krazy Orkish piece

The misc. painting competition this month was the standard bearer competition in which what was lacking in quantity of entries was certainly made up for in quality, the winner being Komrad's incredibly well detailed Space Marine Banner.

Komrad's Banner winnerKalten's PiranhaRedbeard's Orkish piece

Finally the army fluff competition is currently being judged by our expert panel of fluff judges, all of the marks and entries to be shown to the public over the weekend 30th/1st October!

Well done to entrants of all competitions, winners and also ran's, like ever you ensure great quality and fun competitions! Keep up the good stuff for next month.

Just to notify people in advance, October's competitions will be Best Squad and Best Scenery piece for the painting competitions, and the misc. competition will be for the best home-made weapon! Rules will be posted up shortly on the contests board so keep an eye out!

Get painting! Until next month,


Top Threads

Top Five Tau Threads

Top Five non-Tau Topics this Month

Interview: With AfterCresent by Tau Online

AfterCresent is a long standing committee member at Tau Online - he's been with us since October '04 and is a well known member. AfterCresent has done a lot to benefit our competition committee, and he's also an active poster in.. well, many boards! Anywhoo, onto the interview:

(Q) What attracted you to this site and how have you found it so far?
A: Well, let's open the photo album. When I first got into the games workshop hobby, I actually played High Elves...  Cheesy

But what brought me to Tauonline was the love of all things Tau. I bought the Tau Codex in third edition, and I was all excited to start a Tau army. So I googled Tau. I read so many things about Tau and I was all excited. The technology and firepower had me transfixed. And then I found this site. I asked a silly question, met some silly people, asked some more silly questions and typed like a four year old, but I loved it. Then I ran into Wargamer, he got me into Imperial Guard, and the Tau fell out of my mind.  Tongue

Thing at Tauonline have been awesome. The moderating team is so wonderful that this is probably one of the only forums I visit. But now I focus more on the aspect of improving Tau Online then actually using it as a tool, being a committee member and having moderator powers really changes you see everything. Smiley

(Q) Which armies do you collect, how big are they and how long has it taken to accumulate them?
A: 1000 points of Imperial Guard...It's taken too long, but roughly 3 years. And another 3 years to finish painting.  Wink

800 points of Salamander Space Marines. Around 8 months. Cheesy

I'm really young. So money is harder to come by then some other members.

(Q) Any advice for the rest of the community?
A: Always, always think about how you can help Tau Online as a forum before you help yourself. A forum is a tool used to help others, but if you suck it dry of all information, you're not helping the members after you, who may need it more then you. People like MalVeauX and the admin, TO, are constantly trying to help others, and that's how you should model your own ideas.

(Q) What do you think of TO overall?
A: Tau Online, as a forum, is probably one of the best out there.  SmileyThe member population isn't too large, so you know who's who, the staff are always on the ball, so I never usually see any problems. Most importantly, we host the most competitions.  Cheesy(Shameless plug for the competition committee.)

(Q) What do you think of the moderation team overall?
A: The staff here at Tau Online are completely awesome. Everyone is always ready to help. I don't think people understand how much moderators actually do. Most of them are older people, so they have kids or an education to worry about. Aside from moving topics and editing and what not, there's a lot more "backstage" things moderators have to do here.

(Q) What do you do outside of 40k and being the saltiest sailor around? [Ya-harr]
A: Like this question says. I do sail a lot. I used to race Lazer Radials on Lake Ontario and Lake Huron, but I've given that up, and now I just sail whenever I get that chance. In terms of school, I play the trombone in our High Schools concert band, and our High School touring band, which will be going to Washington this year. Last year my school soccer team came first in the York Region league, and first in our self hosted tournament. We only had four goals scored on us the whole season. Usually we won games 6-0. I play right fullback. I also used to play AA ice hockey (For all non-Canadians, AA is the second highest level of hockey you can play for your age) and I'm also a level one hockey referee. I ski frequently too.

(Q) Which member do you most admire?
A: I definitely admire all the moderators. Everyone of them are awesome people, from Wargamer's crazy story writing to KJ's jokes, they're all great. The moderator I most admire would be Rezzy. He's a guy you can always trust to help you in troubled times, always there when you need him, and he drowns his posts in smilies! I have one quirk with one particular moderator, Del. He changes his name too much!  Tongue

(Q) Everyone has different views on how to play the manliest of manly armies, the Guard. What, in your opinion, is the right way to do so?
A: The manliest of manly armies, I like the sound of that. The right way to play Imperial Guard, is however you want to. There are so many was to justify how your army is based, so if you want to take no heavy weapons, go for it! You will probably lose, but it's a game, right? Right!? Nah, Shooty Imperial Guard Army From Hell is always fun, but it gets redundant, I find a variety of tanks and infantry is always nice.

(Q) What army are you planning on doing next?
A: First, I plan on getting my Salamander army up to 1000 points, then I'm going to get my Imperial Guard army up to 2000 points. I'll probably never collect an "evil" army, so I'd probably start another Imperial Guard army.

(Q) What is your dream army, if you could have one?
A: I would love to have a complete Imperial Guard regiment. 8000 models. 8000! At a bare minimum that's 48,000 points. (the price of a guardsmen[points] x the amount of models). That would be awesome.

Fluff: War to Door by MalVeauX

Senior officer Pereceux was called upon to hold their bunker at the coral of Ibentek, which at this point, was just a charred beaten City that surrounded the fortress, which itself was also in ruins. Pereceux thought highly of himself and those around him who were of narrow mind, followed him blindly because Orders as they say, are Orders. Pereceux was used to his comfortable approach and doctrine. Everything went his way. It was easy to be a high ranking officer in zones where action never happened, routinely.

But it all changed that week. The Vox operater shouted that a dispatch comms was intercepted and didn't even get a chance to finish as the space cruiser was annihilated in orbit. The petty officers and comm sergs all shouted to the others to get the men to their posts and to make ready as this time, it wasn't just a drill and for once, they were going to have to engage into something real. Pereceux was haughty and spoke of how wonderful his crew ran under him as he paced back an forth, eyeing the view screens. The officers scampered and made calls left and right, trying to have the barracks emptied and having all the defensive lines online and at ready.

The sky started to burn and small meteorites began to fall, burning and hissing as they came and slamming into the ground. The mechanical devices, searing hot, sprag open and the air around it changed color as the figures, tall and sleek, emerged in form and non-stop directly began rushing into the surrounding ruins.

Before Pereceux could order patrol teams to intercept the minor incursion, small blue beams penetrated the bureau. Pereceux watched in bewilderment as Guardsmen marching past simply walked through the beam and had their chests cut open and most of their torso or head vaporized. Explosions began to rumble the bunker from all directions and Pereceux could see the infantry squads bursting out of the base, towards the ruins where their defensive lines were. They didn't hold at all, as flames erupted all over those blockades, followed by explosions, and then the suited figures flew through, on personal jet propulsion equipment, catching Guardsmen heads with their Chainswords as they passed over head.

The sounds of the conflict settled eventually and Pereceux and his cabinet simply watched every view screen with beads of sweat on their foreheads, waiting, watching, wondering what would happen next.

Suddenly, the blast door to the chamber melted and congealed upon the floor. A robed figure entered the room, followed by small odd bionical servants and an armed guard of towering Space Marines. None of them had their weapons drawn however. Pereceux's first reaction was that it was a relief agent, there to save them and take them to safety. But the figure spoke:

"Officer Pereceux, what is attacking your charge?"

"Who are you? How dare you address me so!"

A small servant's arm extended forward, offering a scroll type document with the Inquisition's seal upon it. Pereceux read the document, gritting his teeth in anger.

"So, that's who you are! Now you tell me who the h---"

"Silence Pereceux. You are no longer in command. Your attackers were actually of my own Orders. Those men who lost their lives, did so in the name of the Emperor and under your Command. You didn't even know who or what anything was. You lack foresight. You lack judgment. You are a ranking officer, yet you are as helpless as an infant at your command. Do you know why I am here?"

"Fething hell an infant! I was kicking around this tanker before you were even born---"

"Remove Pereceux's tongue. We are not here to speak plainly. Pereceux, you are not an Officer. You are a husk, bored with age and ineffective and not fit to wage war. You cannot push a button and make me go away. And I have given you piety in that I have bothered to tell you these things, instead of simply having your life ended."

Small servitors clamped and held the old officer as an instrument arm works at Pereceux's tongue.

"You will, however, make an excellent door servent at the Ordos Chamber."

Hobby: Inking... a new idea by

What you need:
-The model you will be painting
-Chaos Black or equivalent
-Codex Grey or equivalent
-Fortress Grey or equivalent
-Skull White or equivalent
-Inks of various sorts.

I had this idea when i first started painting my Cypher model. This technique will only work with a black undercoat. So please don't try this with a white one. This technique will get really abrasive highlights that look great at the same time, it will also colour the black a darker shade of your ink colour.

-First you need to prime or undercoat you're model. Please, I stress that this only works with a black undercoat.

-Now water down your ink slightly. ratio of 5:1 ink:water or with what ever you feel safe doing.

-For darker high lights use the codex grey as your highlight, scaling down the colours to skull white for brighter one.

-Okay, apply a small stripe of grey/white to the raised areas of the model, drybrushing will work as well but wont give you the abrasive highlights. Add the white/grey to places where you would normally try to highlight

-After completing this take you're ink, and use an ink wash over the area you want highlighted, two washes should be sufficient.

-To get even darker highlights mix the main ink with a little black ink until you get the desired colour.

-Now for a multi-coloured area highlight again with white/grey in smaller amounts over the undercolour and give it another ink wash. This works exceptionally well with dark green ink as a base and blue ink over that.

-Finish your model as you normally would with the extra details etc.

-This method can be used for details (especially gems), whole sections of armour and weapons. So basically everything. Just be careful on smaller things.

-For a more shiny look give it a coat of 'Ard Coat.

Rant: One giant leap backwards by Wargamer

Ladies and gentlemen, 7th Edition Warhammer is here... and in true GW style, it's crap.

Let us consider why... well, whilst the Rule of 5 with regards to regiments has been implemented, it totally nerfs Ogre Kingdom armies who will now almost never have more than one Rank. Wizards have to use their own power dice now, which is good... oh, and you can single out lone characters now if they're going solo.

That's the end of the good stuff, now on to the bad.

Firstly, all weapons now work in 6" increments. Why is this bad? Well, because there was nothing wrong with having weapons with a 4" or 8" or 10" range... Warhammer doesn't have the "rule of 6" that 40K does... units have Movement values ranging from 1-10, with 4 being average. When units move 8" a turn, what's wrong with an 8" range weapon?

Now on to Panic checks... now you only panic if a unit bolts through you. Anyone who's ever seen a real battle will tell you that's tripe. Heck, I have friends who do mock battles, and even they say when a flank breaks, you panic. If it's scary in a pretend battle, it's scary for real.

Oh, and the reason I didn't mention the "double-one always passes Morale" rule is that everyone I know has enforced that from day 1. All GW did was put what we all used anyway into print.

Warhammer's going to the kiddies. GW nerfed 40K, now they're nerfing Warhammer. Gone is anything complicated, like working out panic-checks caused by fleeing units, and coming in are the days where you have to buy 32 models to make your basic unit because 16 won't give you a 4-rank block anymore. Apparently, GW assumes that the people who play Warhammer are too stupid to hold a pencil the right way up.

40K has been the "kiddie game" for a while now, though admittedly LoTR took that title over. Warhammer is a more complex game, filled with tactics, planning, skill, intelligence... in short, everything 40K doesn't have. Even the "Line up and shoot/charge" games that 40K is plagued with change radically when done in Warhammer... such games are the core of the system, yet are skillful and complex. You have to judge your movements and your charges, get the timing right, and generally do a lot more than throw a 400pt Daemon Prince at your enemy whilst your 9 Obliterators, Basilisk and 10 Chaos Marines shoot.

Unfortunately, GW wants the airheads that ruin 40K to ruin Warhammer as well, so as to boost sales and get kids into the game who'll never be able to count high enough to work out who outnumbers who.

Don't bother buying 7th Edition. You'll only hate yourself. 6th is far better, and frankly the only truly good thing to be said about 7th is it's slightly further from 5th's "Herohammer" than 6th was. Not by much mind.

Fluff: If only by Krandacth the Reaper.

The piece of burning masonry hung in the air like a great, trellised dragon, looming with flaming maw and wings of fury over the crowds surrounding Thomas. As time started forward again, as it always must, the noises and frantic mindlessness of blind panic seeped back into the air around him. However, even when he was knocked to his knees by a fleeing Guard, his terrified focus was never torn from that Harbinger of Hell falling towards him from this alien but familiar sky.
Then it hit.
He saw, all in the split second of The Impact, his comrades and his enemies alike have their spines compressed, then snapped under the pressure, and their faces burned from their heads by the heat pouring off the fragment of detonated Tau tower. After these men were no longer recognisable, mangled by that synthetic meteor, the lump of tortured metal struck the ground causing the 'earth' itself to buckle and ripple. After throwing a shocked Thomas off his balance, the screaming soil and rock erupted as the stress caused it to shatter, pummeling all those near by with stone and clods of solid mud.
For a moment, peace like nothing expected in the Daemon infested pit that is war reigned in the aftermath. Then a fresh platoon of Khaki clad Imperial Guardsmen crested a nearby mound of dead and charged down upon them.
Thomas hadn't even realised he was crying in his despair, until the Plasma bolts from behind where he lay shot bright rainbows of colour through his unshed tears as they passed over head to bury themselves in the Imperial front lines. As if those bolts had fired fresh hope in his heart and fresh life into his limbs, he quickly got onto all fours and started scrambling for his plasma pistol and sword. He would meet the Imperials squarely when they came at him.
Before he was fully ready the Guardsmen broke through the wall of fire and charged down the slope of corpses towards him. If only for this one last time, he would stand firm and give his best to protect his adopted culture. If only for this one last time, he would raise his blade and shout with the blue-skins:
"For the Tau-Va!"

Quiz: Kroot Questions And Answers by Lord Arnell (aka FT)

Part of the forum contests we offer are quizzes. Below are the questions and answers to the Kroot quiz we have recently run.


1. What is the Kroot home world?

2.Will Orks fight alongside Kroot?

3. Name one dead end evolutionary path taken by some Kroot.

4. Name one animal that Kroot shapers refuse to eat.

5. Where is Anghor Prok buried, what marks his grave?

6. How do Kroot move on the ground?

7. ________is the extended family group of Kroot

8. Does eating poisonous creatures have any effect on Kroot.

9. What is the term to describe a bull Krootox sitting intractably on its haunches?

10. Kroot language is a series of ______.


1. Pech

2. Yes

3. Krootox or Kroothound

4. Genestealers

5. The slopes of Mount Kaikown, a carved Jagga tree

6. In a bounding hopping gait.

7. The Kindred

8. No

9. Anghor Prok

10. Clicks and whistles

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