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Mini of the Month

Mini of the Month

Komrad's Imperial Fist Venerable Dreadnought. Check our forums for more information

Quote of the Month

"Bomb them from orbit. Blast their cities to rubble, obliterate them from the sky, crush, destroy, immolate, annihilate... honourable combat is wasted on these savages."

-Shas'El Vior'La Mo'yaun

Member Quote of the Month

"The invisible frodo defies logic by fitting perfectly in the bottom of your trash can!"

- Savient, Invisible Frodo, General 40K

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For the month of July:
New Topics: 1,290
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In total:
Topics: 26,243
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Parts of Tau Online were down due to a server replacement - however everything is working again now, and loading time should be improved due to this.

Work on the new version of the Tau Online website is coming along nicely - no deadline has been set for it, but keep your eyes peeled towards the end of this month. (Hopefully :-P)

Forum News

The competition commitee has been re-organised a bit. Congratulations to Stam and Generalissimo Stankov who have been appointed as new committee members.

As always there are various contests on throughout each month. Check out the Competition Calendar. There will be three competitions per month until December when there is just one - the Tau Online Awards 2006.

Top Five Tau Topics this Month

Top Five non-Tau Topics this Month

Interview: With MalVeauX by Tau Online (Idea by Farseer Tyross, many questions from our community).

MalVeauX has the highest positive karma count of our forums - this is due to the countless articles and tacticas he was written and generally being a helpful member. This has also earned him a Global Moderating spot on our forums.

(Q) What attracted you to this site and how have you found it so far?
A: - I found this website via the hold wabbithole topsites hosted by the Warp. I'm a Tau player, and I was never really involved with a board that was dedicated mainly to a single army. I expected something very different, but much to my pleasant surprise, it was the opposite. The atmosphere was nice, simple and a few good faces. Easy place to feel "at home" so to speak, since as much as this is a Tau fansite, it's also just a 40k site, but even more than that since half our members aren't even into Tau.

(Q) Which armies do you collect, how big are they and how long has it taken to accumlate them?
A: - I collect 4x main army types. My first was Chaos. I started several years ago, and collected an army of each cult and then of each legion. I eventually grew tired of power armor and decided to take a break from the daemons. I then picked up Tau. Tau were brand new (picked them up as they were released) and no one was playing them (in my areas). They looked like a sleek non-grim underdog force to play with. Haven't put them down since then. Later, I returned to Chaos, but this time around, I wanted the hordes

I had discovered the Lost and the Damned. After a while I wanted a new gear, so I picked up the Daemonhunters.I started out like most, wanting Grey Knights and the like, but quickly passed that phase and went straight to the Radical daemonhunter side of things. It fit right well with my Lost and the Damned too. I mix and match between Guard and Space Marines to fill out between all the Inquisitorial madness. I needed more attitude though. Something with even more bite. That's when I picked up the Witch Hunters.

Again, like most, I immediately went for the Sisters. I always enjoyed Sisters since 2nd edition, but I never bothered to buy into them big time (though I played them regardless from time to time). That passed as well, as I moved right towards the Inquisitorial side of things once more, playing with allies. I realised I was just a sucker for the Inquisitor attitude and all the nasty little toys they get to play with. In all, 4x forces I have collected. However, each one is different. My chaos legions grew vast, and I've sold off whole armies, while funding the next. Tau has always grown and my two Inquisitorial forces grow side by side, using and sharing many of the same models already. And I've done all of this since early 3rd edition, when I finally got serious about playing and wasn't just tinkering around.

At this point, I've waded through thousands of points, but after trimming the fat, selling off armies and things that I didn't need to keep, I've kept it down to about 2,500 points of each army (but with the ability to field whatever unit combinations I want, so more than that, but no matter what, playable up to 2,500). I simply keep building new characters since I enjoy that the most in terms of the hobby aspect.

(Q) Any advice for the rest of the community?
A: - Don't take life too seriously. Definitely don't take the internet too seriously. And don't assume you know anything about anyone and don't expect anything more than what you're given. It can be incredibly crowed and noisy, or very lonely, depending how you look at it. Either way, it's not worth working your blood pressure up over. I highly recommend starting the day with a warm tea, and finishing it with a cold beer.

(Q) If you could make one change to the game of 40k today, what would it be?
A: - I would re-write the first set of rules to the game probably, to state openly that this is just a game, and that text is interpreted differently by everyone. And that the spirit of the game and the rules go hand in hand. Therefore, the most important rule would be literally the most important rule--which is just to have fun and make sure your opponents are having fun. In short, the thing I would change about this game, is to ensure that people see it as a game and nothing more.

However, as a bonus note to this particular answer since it may not seem as fun, I would definitely want to re-work out the psychic powers in this game. Psychic powers should be awe inspiringly powerful and mad. The psychic powres of this game should reflect much more the powers that are listed in the Witch Hunter codex that are available to Rogue Psykers. There are three powers there. If you're interested, look at them, and then ask why we can't have things like this in 40k? We should! Psykers are ridiculously powerful compared to simply using your mind to replicate what a bolter does. That's boring. I want some serious madness!

(Q) Are you a robot? WinkJust joking: Who inspires you to be so helpful?
- I'm flesh and blood. No machine parts, yet. Though I'm working on that. Several few people are annoyed at the length of my posts, which is normal if you compare it to many forum types--long posts can be irritating. While others take home good information from such things and don't complain. I risk being irritating to the few, in order to help the many. My inspiration comes from the thousands of people who read our website, my articles and our conversations each day who are not registered members, or who are members who are not willing to speak up about their opinion. Helping one person on TauOnline with a detailed post is nice and all, but a large portion of what I post isn't meant for all of you.

It's meant more for the people you don't see on the website actively, who outnumber us literally thousands to one. So for anyone who tires of the length and/or tires of information that perhaps may seem redundant to include, just remember that you're not the only one reading something. There's a lot of people who wanted to know things, who won't ask, who print these things all day. I post for them.

(Q) From last issue's interview, we seen that Wargamer's Significant Others are Phoebe his swords & his bed! Do you have a "significant other"?
A: - Yes, I do. Her name is Émilie. We've been together for the better part of 5 years now and living in our second apartment together. She's the one who giggles when I'm posting on TauOnline from my balcony in my shorts. She likes that I have this hobby, as well as others, and doesn't mind that I spend time on websites. We sit at the same large desk together typically, so between posting and talking to a few of you guys on MSN from time to time, she's there as well, though you probably wouldn't know unless I said something. You can see pictures of us in the Enclave if interested.

(Q) Have you ever injured yourself with a mini?
A: - Good heavens no. The opposite actually. I damage more of my own miniatures and have to repair them from time to time through carry-damage and simple mishandling. I've broken every single set of Crisis chicken-legs. They're all on flying bases now due to this. I also rip up models and re-sculpt and re-paint them often. It's a fatal flaw in a way, since I can't ever let something be "done."

(Q) If you had the choice to make the 40k universe real, would you, and why?
A: - No, I would not. Do you know what Inquisitors do? Let me put it this way. Imagine that you're a holy medicine man for your people and this tall nasty fellow with a pointy finger pushes it in your direction. Moments later you're village and all the inhabitants are each covered in flames or being hung by their ankles or crushed beneath boards covered with rocks. It was bad back in the day when Inquisitors were real. I can't imagine how bad it would be 40,000 years in the future, bionic enhanced, ultra powerful and psychic to boot. No thanks! (Lest you be one of course Wink).

(Q) Death or Glory? And why?
A: - Neither. Why accept Death if you don't want it or need it. And Glory is a relative term. So much more can be said of the word Wisdom and that is something I seek more than the aforementioned.

(Q) Strawberry or Banana? Red or blue? A question with a point? TongueErm.. Do you prefer generalist units or a precise blend of specialists?
A: - Strawberry, definitely. Blue, all the way. I prefer a mix of everything for most things. Otherwise, I really like specialists. I'm not interested in the boring nature of maximizing flexibility. I'm interested in having strike teams. It gives the small guys more of an "elite" feel which is more appealing to me.

-- Cheers! Smiley

Rumours: Eldar by 42

Well after GW’s large summer campaign saw many new releases for various races they have got back onto the pattern of re-doing all the armies to bring them into line with the 4th edition rules. The next race is that of Eldar, who will have an ‘autumn’ (October) release date.

Obviously there will be a new codex (containing rules for Harelquin models which can be incorporated into an Eldar army) which will contain rules for different craftworlds too, but apart from that here is what we know for sure to expect:

  • New Plastic Wraithlord model
  • New Plastic Warwalker model
  • New aspect warriors - Striking Scorpion Exarch, Fire Dragons, Howling Banshees and Dire Avengers (the Avengers are all plastic now too)
  • New Farseer Model
  • The Autarch, a new Eldar unit (a souped-up Exarch basically!)
  • Psychic Powers are being re-vamped!
  • Shuriken Catapults with a 18" range (for Dire Avengers at least)
  • A new Avatar model+rules to make it more akin to a Greater Daemon
  • Starcannons going down to Heavy 2

More can be found in a detailed (but slightly more rumours rather than facts) thread in the Tau Online Forums here -

Fluff: Corruption from Within by MalVeauX

The patrols on the charred moon were not the most enjoyable, so when possible, the Fire Cast had no qualms about allowing the Gue’vesa do that kind of work instead. The moon was old and burned, long dead after someone or something had annihilated all life on the planet. The previous inhabitants no doubt perished, as nothing remained except rubble. Some of the rubble was still intact enough to make out symbols, bits of crude writing, etc, etched into stones or carved into unknown materials. But that’s all that remained under the boots of the patrols.

Tau have never feared the enemy they could not see, through pride, but the Gue’Vesa, that’s another thing.

The patrols knew little of what they were doing, but simply reported back to the controller at regular intervals. This moon was to be made theirs after all and a station would be erected and manned.

Months passed and nothing happened. Ash flowed in the warm wind and there was nothing but silence, aside from the sounds of construction and ship engines. Patrols grew bored; tired. Eventually, an Ethereal was sent to the moon, not to do anything more than remind the Casts why they where there, why they are Tau and what their purpose and goals are. It was simple and a potent way to continue progress. The Casts revered the rare visits of the Ethereal, like an old King and this collective awe was much more than that. It awakened something in the moon. Something old that was part of the remaining dust.


Those old markings that remained, remained for a reason. It was uknown to the powerless Tau, but amongst the Gue’Vesa, it’s possible to “turn” or to “fall.” This whole time, a potent force had taken refuge inside one of the weaker Gue’Vesa and grew angry, but jealousy pushed it over the edge at the sight of the psychicless power of the Ethereal over the Tau.

The Tau’s experience with a Rogue Psyker ended with the moon not having a station.

Rant: Man'O'War by Wargamer

There are a select few who know true gaming brilliance... it is something that can only be found when the Bretonnian Gallion is burning, her sails peppered by cannon and mortar into ragged ruin. The Wolfship closes on the aft, moving to close range... and with a cry of "LET FLY!" the cannons roar. Wood splinters, men scream, the aft-castle falls apart, the whole ship rocks to starboard, and with a tortured shriek the hull buckles. In an instant it's gone, hundreds of Bretonnian sailors caught between the icy waters of the Sea of Claws, and the burning fires of their ship, their passing marked by the eye-searing detonation as the magazine ignites.

Man'O'War was a naval-based tabletop wargame by Games Workshop, and is quite possibly the greatest game ever devised. Whilst it takes a long time to play (3-4 hours per game), it is great fun.

The original rules gave you five fleets to choose from: the Empire, Bretonnians, Orcs, Elves and Dwarfs. Later expansions gave us Skaven, Chaos, Norse, Dark Elves and Chaos Dwarfs, as well as additional ships for other fleets (the Empire in particular).

Fleets in Man'O'War were all based on a core fleet-section, usually costing about 600-800 points. This was normally your Admiral, a Man'O'War (a battleship), and two squadrons of smaller ships. From there, you could add additional Man'O'War or Squadrons to expand your fleet. You could also purchase wizards to bolster your fleet, summoning arcane might to set your enemy fleet on fire, turn the wind in your favour, or even turn your ship Ethereal!

What's more, Man'O'War is not "Gothic in The Ocean". It plays completely differently... heck, it's probably more different to Gothic than WFB is to 40K!

I hate Games Workshop for ever stopping this game. I spent a lot of money on eBay acquiring all the rules, and I've got to say I'm glad I did. Man'O'War is a game that everyone should play. I strongly suggest you all get petitioning GW to bring back this game, because if you've never played it, you've missed one of the greatest gaming experiences of your life...

Now if you'll excuse me, the wind is to my aft, and there's a cocksure Nurgle Admiral who needs to be put in his place. Hard to Port, let fly all guns!

Fluff: Chaos by Krandacth the Reaper

This piece of fluff is carried on from Krandacth's "Chaos" fluff from last issue.

The great Daemon Lord T'Z'Chaal sat on a crude throne fashioned from the rubble of collapsed pillars and roof, glowing in the halo of the dark fires that shrouded his enormous body.  As Jathet cautiously approached T'Z'Chaals head looked up from where it had been resting in his hands, and gave him a view of his Lords eyes.  They were a shiny jet black, devoid of life and thought in the mortal sense of the words, but the fires reflecting in them caught a glint of immortal anger, but also control of that anger, which in turn showed through as immortal power, and the knowledge of what he could and would do with that power.  Then the great creature spoke.

'Jathet Tank Hunter, you have shown yourself to be of great resource and bravery.'  His voice boomed through the cavernous hall, deep as the deepest seas, solid as a mountain.  'The Lord of Skulls, Master of us all, has seen these qualities and ordained that you shall be rewarded for your services.  Step forward to recieve his gifts.'

Jathet stepped forward.  Thankfully he managed to mask his fear as a ring of fire sprang up around him.  Small lightning arcs and electrical sparks jumped from the ring.  A number earthed themselves on his body, and wherever they did so he felt a tingling sensation , and saw the mark of the Lord of Skulls burning against his armour.  After being struck by a number of arcs of lightning the fires began to fade, and he was left glowing by the light of the mysterious icons.  Suddenly each glyph erupted, causing such pain as he had never before imagined.  He felt the base of his spine extend, pushing out of his body before the flesh caught up, forming a long, lythe tail.  Horns grew from his head, shattering his helmet, and as it fell from his head his face twisted and reformed.  His muscles bulged, and his hands grew and extended into deadly, poison coated claws.  Suddenly he hunched forwards, curling into a ball, and as he did so metre long spines erupted from his back forcing off his jet pack.  Finaly, as his bones thickened, his legs reversed direction and extended.

Then it was over.  He collapsed to the floor, but was even now feeling the power of the Daemonic Icor flowing through his viens.  He got up again, testing his new muscles, legs and claws.  He looked up at Lord T'Z'Chaal with an evil grin on his face, but then realised something was wrong.  Something was in his mind, a dark cloud putting increasing pressure on his conciousness.  the pressence grew, until he went blind from the pain, and once again fell to his knees, this time clutching at his head.

'What's... happening... to my... head?!?' Jathet screamed in a harsh voice not his own, as he felt his mind being crushed by the darkness.  When he next looked up at his Lord he was calm once more, and his eyes shared his Lord's eyes lack of life but knowledge of immortality.  'Where next, my Lord?  Khorne hungers for for blood.'

'Wherever our master sends us, my Lieutenant.  After all, does it matter from whence the blood flows, as long as it flows in abundance?'


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