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Mini Of The Month

Mini Of The Month

Razzanosh, Blood Axe Warboss
You can find more about this mini and see more minis here.

Quote of the Month

" A Cadre should only use its Orcas twice: once to arrive at the battle, and once to leave victorious. "


Tau Online Forum Statistics:
For the month of January:
New Topics: 689
New Posts: 12,400
New Members: 150
Most users online at the same time: 105
Page Views: 299,727

In total :
Topics: 3,743
Posts: 66,708
Members: 676
Most users online at the same time ever: 105

The second Tau Online Monthly Newsletter Is Here!

Recent News

Website News:
The Tau Online galleries have gone through a fairly big change. The old galleries were run using Coppermine although many members reported that they were hard to use, and you couldn't upload photos to them, they suddenly broke. Because of this I have coded a new gallery system, which can be found here.

They are much easier to use, also no longer are the forum and gallery accounts different. If you regsiter for an account at the forums, you also automatically get an account at the galleries. To login and start modifying your profile and upload photos, go here if you have an account at the forums.

Forum News:
Two new global moderators have been promoted! They are [maCe] and Arguleon-veq. The forums have been getting rapidly more actively, and so two new global mods were thought to be needed. Congratulations to both of them.

Secondly, the competitions board has been changed around. Unofficial contests are no longer allowed, only official contest will be held here. A new contest will be around shortly.

Lastly, the projects board isn't accepting any new projects. There are currently 7, and until a few projects finish, no more boards will be allowed.

Post of the Month - IVEATCH's "How To Break An Ork Army - Target Priority."
This was chosen due to the fact that it helps all players, not just Ork players and is devoid of the off-topic nonsense that some of the others were.

Fluff Feature: The Saga of Aun Or'es
Written by: Colonel Kill

This story is part one of a muli-parter

Aun'O Voir'la Or'es Mont'yr looked up to see his old friend Por'vre K'shin. Normally Or'es would have been pleased to see him, but the water caste messenger's face looked troubled.

"How can I help you?" The ancient Ethereal caste member inquired. K'shin's reply was hesitant. "You have been chosen to accompany Hunter Cadre M'yen Kauyon in the Damocles gulf." "Is there trouble there?" Or'es asked. "A force of gue'la, numbering in the thousands. They defeated us at Hydass already." "Sh'yt." [Translation: Unknown]

There was a long pause.

"So, you accept?" K'shin broke the silence. "Of course. For the greater good I accept." "Hunter Cadre M'yen Kauyon will be honoured." "Thank you. You may leave."

Of course. Or'es would do anything for the greater good. However he couldn't help but feel more than a little nervous. This would be his first time ever on the battlefield, although he had served the empire faithfully for many Tau'cyr. And from what little he'd heard so far about the gue'la, they showed little mercy to their enemies. Or'es wondered if these gue'la already thought of the Tau as "enemies".

But Or'es knew full well of his duty to the empire, and he would not have been where he was today were it not for his fulfilment of that duty. And no matter how terrifying the foe, he knew that the superior technology of the Tau would eventually prevail.

There was a knocking on the door. "Yes?" An air caste pilot walked in. "Your Orca awaits you Aun. Are you ready?" Or'es' nodded. "I'm ready."

Fluff Feature 2: The Chimeras
Written by: Farseer Tyross

Guardsmen Hicks gunned the engine, a could of desert ash spread like wide fire behind the Chimera. The engine groaned to keep pace with the Guardsmen’s rapid adjustments. Passing the edge of a rocky outcrop, the Chimera levelled off for the next point along the path.

A few minutes later, the Chimera came to a grinding halt beside a group of resting Guardsmen. Although they were at rest, they were ever careful of being seen by their CO. “You know this sort of thing can get us into all sorts of strive with the Commisar.”

“Come on Dwart, it’s only a bit of fun, and a friendly wager.” Replied one of the Guardsmen. Popping the hatch Hicks climbed out from the Chimera, the engine still humming away to it’s own beat. “How was my time?” enquired Hicks, his uniform dirty and soiled from the hours he spent turning and fixing his Chimera.

“That practice run was slightly faster then last time” uttered the Ratling from behind the bunch of Guardsmen. “Well, where’s my opponent?” asked Hicks.

“He’s getting something to drink – he’ll be here shortly,” harked one of the Guardsmen, his excitement showing in his voice. Hicks entered his Chimera the way he got out, and stopped the engine. He waited for a few minutes.

A loud roar of engines signalled his foes challenge and Hicks thumbed the engine switch. The metal beast’s engine groaned into life once again. He guided the Chimera forward toward the starting line, and watched as his opponent did the same. Both drivers watched as one of the braver Guardsmen walked in between the two Chimeras that hummed with their engines.

Holding his arms aloft, the Guardsmen signalled for the race to begin by dropping both arms… Hick’s Chimera lurched forward upon it’s tracks, a cloud of thick smoke billowing behind the armoured vehicle. As the Chimera accelerated, he could feel the engine’s output whine as it speed topped out. He couldn’t see his opponent though the armoured vision slits, but he knew he was close by. The wall of sound from his left was almost deafening, but no where near as loud as that of his own engines.

The Chimera’s slid around the first corner, a right. Hicks held the corner tight, allowing the speed to turn the Chimera. Easing up on the inside track, he felt his weight shift as the Chimera begun turning. “Come on girl, you can do it” encouraged Hicks as he leant into the curve himself. He knew that his weight might not make much difference, but he had to do it anyway for himself.

As his Chimera came out of the turn, he glanced down at the scanner to his right, his opponent had slowed down for the turn. ‘Fool,’ thought Hicks, ‘he just lost this race.’

The race continued into the next turn. This time it was a left, around a deserted farm stead house. The crops had long since died and the dusty sands might still prove a problem, making the Chimera’s tracks slid.

The lead Chimera approached the turn a little wide then he had hoped, and as he slowed to make to narrow turn, the armoured behemoth of his opponent entered Hicks narrow view, Hicks cursed to himself. Suddenly he realised that his opponent had just messed up, and as he completed the turn, the Chimera ground around the corner, it slipped on the dusty ground. Spinning off wildly Hicks knew he would have a while before he could catch up.

Crossing the finish line, Hicks popped the hatch open once again, as he dismounted, he noticed that his on lookers had been arrested. “Arrest him!” ordered Colonel Utan. Surround the Chimera quickly, Hicks knew he was busted and had little chance of escaping now…

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New Forgeworld Tau release
Forgeworld have released new crisis battlesuits! The main feature is the poseable arms and legs, unlike those supplied by GW. It is suggested that they're used for commanders, however, the 3 that forgeworld have released still provide enough variation if you plan to use one as a commander and another for just normal crisis suits.

XV-81 -  Features > Back-mounted Smart Missile system, alternate style jetpack (much like a larger version of that found on stealthsuits)
XV-84 -  Features > Spine mounted Markerlight and Target Lock
XV-89 -  Features > Heavier then normal armour

Click here for the Forgeworld Tau Page

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