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Mini of the Month

Mini of the Month

Drodo's Warfish. Check our forums for more information

Quote of the Month

"They say no plan survives contact with the enemy... so as long as we plan for everything to foul up, we'll be guaranteed success!"

- Shas'Monat Sun'Ma, rallying his troops prior to the third defence of Run'Al'Sha'Mar

Member Quote of the Month

"Oh well... if we can't get good content through GW, we sure as heck can get it on TO!"

- Colonel_Sanders, "Sent to GW - Regarding White Dwarf", General 40K

Forum Statistics

For the month of June (so far):
New Topics: 1,303
New Posts: 19,047
New Members: 146
Page Views: 468,284
Most Members Online at Same Time: 103

In total:
Topics: 24,705
Posts: 394,018
Members: 3,794
Most Members Online at Same Time: 175


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Recent News

Website News

Due to time constraints new articles weren't being added up on the website. Now I have more time and so have started adding new articles up. A new section called "Tau General" has been added on the website. An article log has been added which shows the articles that have been added up on the website since this month.

As the log shows, at this time 32 new articles has been added up this month alone! (Over a 6 day period).

Forum News

Two new boards have been added up - The Music Board and the Imperial Guard Character (re) Creation. The former is fairly self explanatory, and the latter is a place where our members can re-create house rules for special characters of previous Imperial Guard codexes.

We've also re-organised some of the moderating positions - the moderators of the Tau board are now the (already moderating there) Khanaris and a new moderator - Vash113. Spiritbw and Stam now moderate the Space Marine board.

Top Five Tau Topics this Month

Top Five non-Tau Topics this Month

Interview: With Wargamer by Farseer Tyross

Wargamer is a long standing member at Tau Online and he's currently a Global Moderator in our message boards. His fluff writings account for around half of our fluff section! His knowledge of fluff is re-inforced by such articles he has written such as Armour of the Adeptus Astartes and the 1,000 Space Marine Chapters.

(Q) What attracted you to this site and how have you found it so far?
(A) I'm not sure what attracted me to Tau Online initially... I think I was one of those recruited by a sig on EO [now 40Konline]. As for how I find it... well, it's just about the only 40K site I visit now! No offence to 40KO, but it got stale.

(Q) Which armies do you collect, how big are they and how long has it taken to accumlate them?
(A) Hmm... well, at last count.

Marines (40K).
Imperial Guard (40K).
Harlequins (40K).
Dark Eldar (40K).
Norse (Blood Bowl).
Empire (WFB).
Dogs of War (WFB).
Zombie Pirates (WFB).

I also have plans for an Arbite and Eldritch Raider army. I have also, at various times, collected Tyranids, Eldar, Orks and Chaos (as well as Dark Elves for WFB). However, those armies have been sold.

I've played just about every force out there. I own virtually every Codex and army book for every game system you care to name.

(Q) Any advice for the rest of the community?
(A) Use caution when shaving with a new razor.

(Q) Are you bitter about 'The Guv'/KJ being sexier then you? ( Tongue)
(A) Of course not. If KJ wasn't so sexy, then I wouldn't be keeping his picture under my pillow. Wink

(Q) Do you enjoy your power here in the community?
(A) Hell yes! Grin

As the saying goes, "If you want something done right, do it yourself". I'd rather have power and not need it, than need it and not have it. Despite how it may appear, I'm not abusive of my power (at least, I don't think I am), and as I recall I haven't dealt out that many smites compared to other mods.

I guess I just prefer a verbal assault, rather than a karmatic one. Evil

(Q) What are your opinions on the forum's karma system?
(A) Not a fan of it myself. As I've said before, it's a flawed system. It is supposedly a lesser penalty than a Warning... but a Warning goes away after two weeks. A Smite is there for life. I can look through one-thousand posters, if not more, and odds are I won't know, remember or even care why they received the karma they did. I've just taken to ignoring it now. I don't give it out, good or bad; I know if someone's a helpful poster or not by watching them post, not looking at numbers.

(Q) If you had one thing to do when you ran a country what would it be?
(A) Chav-hunting

(Q) Is there a "significant other" in your life?
(A) Not as yet, though as I once said; my three loves are my sword, my cat and my bed! Grin

I'm not in a rush to forge relationships.

(Q) Do you play any consoles or PC games? and if so, what are your favourite genre(s) of games?
(A) I've got the Megadrive, SNES, PSX, PS2, N64, Gamecube, Gameboy (normal, Advance and DS)... I've got no shortage of consoles! Grin
As for genres... it varies. I like in-depth RPGs, but also mindless shoot/slash 'em-ups. The only games I don't play often are sport games.

(Q) Before now you mentioned that you would "fix" the Necrons, what exactly would you do?
(A) Start over, for one. It's not like we need another Marine army... especially one which is so badly written fluffwise.

- Farseer Tyross

P.S. Thanks for being a good interviewee
No problem. Wink

Fluff: They Came from Behind by MalVeauX

Cha'Elan's cadre began laying siege to the fortified structures which had become a sort of Sanctuary for some Eldar who were stranded from their detachment, but were rather well equipped and protecting their selves within the ruins, masked and protected with psychic powers which the Tau had no understanding of. Every submunition round seemed to do nothing. The Smart Missiles seemed to find their targets, but again, nothing seemed to happen. Patrols that came near various corners were suddenly attacked. It was clear the enemy was simply too well rooted and couldn't be flushed out by their normal means of attack in this kind of battle field.

Cha'Elan knew this crafty opponent would be difficult and that he was wasting precious time and resources by allowing them to remain on the total defense. He looked to his Shas'vre and gave a nod.

The cadre continued to fire relatively weak rounds into the buildings, noticing that nothing came from it, but for a different purpose this time. Smart Missiles continued to track targets, but the targets still remained unharmed-but they existed, which was the key.

Suddenly the firing stopped.

Shrieks and chirps echoed in the ruins and seemed to come from many directions. The Kroot had came through the pipes and tunnels under the city, easily infiltrating having no armor and moving with speed. They came into groups of Eldar of all kinds, Rangers and Guardians and being vastly larger, and with superior numbers, easily hacked and chewed the aliens in a viscous slaughter. Several of the Eldar gazed in horror as a large Kroot broke open skulls and rib-cages with it's powerful beak, and literally eating the innards. It didn't take long before there were only Kroot eyes beaming in the darkness and the chirping and screaming died down into a hum.

Cha'Elan never liked the after smell of the actions of Kroot, but luckily the ash in the wind dulled his senses and the cadre continued to patrol the outer rings of the city.

Fluff: For the Emperor by Commander Caesar Larsen

Larzuk clutched his lasgun in a tight grip, close to his chest with hands coated in thick sweat and grease. It was almost morning, and the thick black smoke still bellowed out from the industrial complex up ahead, blotting out the dawn sun with thick smog. He shivered at his post on the front-line trench as a light breeze brought a chill from across the plains to the west. He heard a grunt and turned his head. Before him stood a man, larger than he, and he looked sharp-eyed. For this time of the day at least.
Behind him the camo-sheet and net billowed and sunk gently as the cool air blew over it. Stacks of ammunition crates disgorged feed-felts into a couple of Heavy Stubbers lined up on the sandbags lining the edge of the dug-out.

"Seen anythin' Larzuk?" The man did not face Larzuk as he spoke, but out towards the complex 300 yards away.
"Not a thing sir. They're quiet."
"We have to be vigilant corporal, those green-skins are a conniving bunch."
"Yes sir."
They both stared wearily at the hastily constructed barricades at the various in-roads to the complex, rather obviously work of the Orks, red and orange paint slapped gaudily over rusty iron girders and old barbed wire. Neither of the men knew the other well, but they were fully aware that they may have to rely on each other for survival.

"I have to return to the men corporal, we push out at o'five-hundred hours. Men fight on their stomach, and I believe cook has prepared a breakfast fit for a king."
"Yes sir."

The Sergeant voxed for the relieving sentry, and he and Larzuk trudged through the sorry trench back towards the mess, or as most of the men had affectionately nicknamed it, "The Pit". Neither one of them wanted to think that this could be their last meal.

After their measly breakfast of standard issue ration packs and desert-squiq surprise (compliments of the chef) the 60 men assigned to this stretch of trenches lined up at the lip, with hearts beating and sweat running down their brows as reality sunk in.
Today they went over the top. The brass had ordered a storming of the complex, a cleanse mission. There was no failing this mission
and living to feel the consequences. All of the Orks were to be exterminated.

It was them, or the green--skins.

"Alright men!" Shouted the ranking officer, "On the count of three, advance!"
"What are the chances he'll be advancing before us?" Larzuk grinned.
The Sergeant fixed his bayonet.
"Not a chance in hell, but don't worry about him, it's your buddy you've got to keep an eye on." The Sergeant nodded over to one of the men that had been drafted in late to plug the gaps in squads that had suffered casualties.
Larzuk nodded.
"Hey kid! Get over here!"
The soldier shuffled submissively past some of the older veterans toward Larzuk.
"What is it sir?"
"Stick with me," Larzuk smiled warmly and passed the young man a large combat knife, "And hopefully you won't need to use this."
On the third shout Larzuk and the Sergeant exchanged knowing glances. Larzuk grabbed the recruits arm and hauled him over the top with his strong arm. With a gleam in his eye, the Sergeant leveled his Lasgun...

"For the Emperor!!"

Rant: Picking the Army by Wargamer

Well, it's time to start a new army!

It takes but one moment to find the Wood Elf army list, and flicking through there is but one thought in my mind... trees! Yes, a Tree Army! A whole force of killer twigs!

So Korpiklaani's blazing, and I'm reclining at the sinister, sublime evil of having 60 Dryads lining up to unleash pain, when all of a sudden I realise that my favourite unit is missing... the Wardancers! Ah well, can't have it all...

And then it happens. In the same way that a small snowball pushed from the top of a mountain will be crushing whole towns by the bottom, the plan falls apart. Suddenly the Wood Elves have become a Wardancer army, then a force where everything has a 9" move... and then I'm pondering expanding my drunken Norse Blood-bowlers into a drunken Norse Warhammer army! Now I don't know what to collect, and there's that little voice in my head saying "you still haven't finished the Templars, Zombie Pirates, Harlequins, Eldritch Raiders, Dark Eldar, Guard, Marines, Dogs of War, Empire...

Is it any wonder I proxy everything?

Choosing an army is hard, really hard. What makes it hard is that there is always more you want than can ever be fitted into your 1,500 or 2,000pt limitation... and even if you can, it'll ruin the army theme. I'm convinced GW are doing this on purpose... well, it suits me, because until they can produce an army that gives us all the cool stuff we want without messing up our army theme, we'll never get around to buying the army!

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm off to try and find an army of Undead Norse Tree-cavalry...

Fluff: Chaos by Krandacth the Reaper

This piece of fluff is carried on from Krandacth's "Chaos" fluff from last issue.

Jathet came to very suddenly, and was immediately consumed by an immense pain focused just above his right knee.  After some time the pain receded and he became able to see and move again.  Lifting his head and looking down his body he saw that the bottom half of his right leg was missing, and in it's place was a bionic leg and claw.  He was still too shell shocked to properly register the situation, but knew he was going to feel weird about this later.  Widening his perceptions he took in his surroundings.  He was alone in an unfamilure, semi-collapsed building, on a stone slab that had obviously fallen from the ceiling.

A World Eater is never comfortable for long when still, and Jathet quickly became restless just lying there.  Tentatively he tried to move what used to be his right leg, and found that the movement was, although a new sensation, totally painless.  Getting up, Jathet began to pace.  Only a few minutes passed before a fellow Enlightened Marine came to him.

'Jathet Tank Hunter, you are to follow me before our Lord T'Z'Chaal, Ravager of Cities,' stated the Warrior.  So, I have a title now... thought Jathet as he followed the man through the ruins of the city towards the central Citadel.  The main approach was still clogged with tanks, but by now they were all blasted husks, not just the leading one.  'Your strategic destruction of the leading tank prevented the Imperial counter attack and aloud us to complete their slaughter unhindered,' his guide explained.  'We destroyed their helpless tanks and massacred their puny reinforcements.'  With that his guide led him over the ruins of the tanks, down the approach and into the Citadel.

The Great Halls in the citadel dwarfed all inside.  T'Z'Chaals armies were encamped around the pillars and ignored Jathet as he passed, as they were preocupied counting the heads they had collected from the city.  Passing through into the second hall alone, as his guide stopped at the door, Jathet Finally beheld his Master.

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