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Mini of the Month

Mini of the Month

ManU's Camo Tau. Check our forums for more information.

Quote of the Month

"The Gue'la may seem primitive, Shas'El, but I have come to realise their methods have a strength. Consider your role, and what we do here... we fight for what we believe is right, our Tau'va. They fight for what they believe is right... in this case, who triumphs when both sides fight for the Tau'va as they see it? What does it become? Nothing more than a childish power-struggle, a selfish forcing of ideas on another...

...and yet, whilst we worry ourselves with moral dilemma, they press on. It is faith, Shas'El, blind and unthinking. Normally this would be a weakness, but that weakness becomes a strength when all the world seeks to turn their eyes away... remember that, Shas'El. Whenever your duty seems hard, whenever the Tau'va seems clouded... have Faith, and press on."

-Por'vre Au'shyr Bia'ky

Member Quote of the Month

"They are DARK Eldar, not Goth Eldar or Emo Eldar. They like what they do! The reason they torture people so terribly is it makes their souls taste sweeter... if their lives were really so horrible, they'd just kill their captives quickly!"

- Wargamer, "Better left unsaid", 40K Universe

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Fact of the Day: A Tau Ethereal was thought to have been killed today by a Bloodthirster. However, many Tau were seen fleeing the scene and are considered suspects.

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After much coding and organising, we are finally ready to release our newest section - the Tau Online Medusa V Campaign forums. Medusa V is an upcoming campaign which will run for 8 weeks starting on the 5th of July.

When registering to them, our campaign forums allow you to choose a race in which you will follow throughout the campaign - you will be able to access a private army board for the race you have chosen (along with a multitude of other boards).

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Fluff: Foresight leads to Failure by MalVeauX

The Mech Cadre Elan’va was issued an order to lead a strike on a compound to the East. The particular place happened to be known to Cha’Elan as an entry point for a small band of suited aliens adorning old iron plates, who were slow to move and made the ground shake as they did. Leading the strike would be child’s play, having his fleet moving much faster than this foe and vastly outnumbering the small band. The task being too simple, Cha’Elan offered the strike to his left hand trusted brother, a ranking Shas’vre, who would like nothing more than to have respect amongst the cadre as well as the chance to prove himself a cunning warrior. He took the charge with honor and vowed it would be done. Cha’Elan worried about this mission however, as his Shas’vre was too hasty and didn’t seem to take time to think about what they may face.

The fleet was set, consisting of nothing but the finest of their battle tanks and a few escort APCs. The battle plan was simple: fly low, fast and hit hard, then circle around for another approach until they are eliminated. The same kind of thing that they learned in the books.

As the air cavalry approached, according to plan, they realized that the Iron Warriors had simply been waiting. Sitting there. As range started becoming good for their attack, all of the skimmers suddenly dropped from the sky. The Warriors adorning the Iron Plates merely rumbled off in another direction as if nothing had happened. It was simply over within moments.

Cha’Elan watched from afar, amazed and disappointed as well as hurt, knowing he put his trust into his Shas’vre. He watched as his Shas’vre had full confidence in his equipment, but zero foresight on his enemy, who was well prepared for their battle tanks, even at top speed. They simply could not withstand, no matter how many battle tanks there were, the number of the great weapons the Men in Iron carried—the “Las” weaponry. The mighty skimmers simply could not withstand the hits, that numbered far more than they assumed. The entire cadre was shocked at the loss, but Cha’Elan foresaw this. His disappointment was in his hopes that his Shas’vre would have changed and taken the time to know before hand what he faced. He felt sorrow, for the loss of his brothers and the destruction of their equipment. But the lesson that day was clear to the rest of the Cadre, that even the most confident and well armed Commanders are not enough when the time of war is at hand. Not even their best of their best was enough to withstand the ridiculous power of the Iron Warriors. Such a lack of foresight, with the Warriors in Iron’s massive armoury of las-weaponry, lead to the destruction of a confident, yet ignorant Commander to be. But as Cha’Elan always knew—it was for the greater good of the Cadre.

Glimpse Into Games Workshop's New Price Range?

We are getting used to price hikes from Games Workshop now, for whatever reasons – a fall in Lord of the Rings sales or hearing rumours about their share prices etc. But who could’ve thought what drastic measures Games Workshop Canada have gone to in order to get those profits up?!

In 1998 the figurehead box of a Space Marine Tactical Squad was at £10, then £12, £15, and last year saw this rise to £18. In the UK though Games Workshop had reported sales of £136,650,000 sterling in 2005 and employs only around 3200 people. Perhaps, however, we should be glad that these rises haven’t got to the level of our Atlantic Neighbours in Canada though...

Inevitably after each little hike (which is well above the price of inflation, it might be added) comes some petitions against it on our message boards, but grudgingly most will still pay for our Citadel Minatures (it's a great hobby...) or will they now?

So what’s up in Canada I hear you ask? Here is a little screenshot from their online store...

Pathfinder costs $9999

This picture is 100% authentic - from the 27th until 7pm (GMT), 30th of May a Games Workshop online store error caused the price of the three Pathfinder parts to be sold at $9999.00 Canadian Dollars (approx. $9,100 USD or £4,800). This error has now been fixed, and pathfinders no longer cost the price of a basic car! More details on this can be found on our message boards.

Finally, this article is just joking around - however this error did occur and for a short while pathfinders actually did require a loan to be taken out to be purchased. Don't worry though, GW prices are to remain as they are now; there aren't any rumours of any Games Workshop price rises around just yet... or at least not to this scale! ;-)

Until next month,

-- 42

Fluff: Arena by Farseer Tyross

A shadow crept passed Drael'Kean's vision. A single long lithe figure danced before him, casting hard shadows on the arena floor. This prey was resilient, difficult to second guess and amost impossible to pin.

A flicker of movement from the beast caught the Archite's eye, as she darted aside, narrowly avoiding the spear of citin thurst her way. She danced sideways, cartwheeling in mid stride and keeping her balance perfectly. She teased her opponents, never staying in one place for too long. She could draw out her bouts for hours if she pleased. As she continued to circle, she noticed the elegant nature of the creature before her. This prey was intelligent and possessed of low animal cunning, the will to survive was strong in this prey. She liked how she could never get behind it as she spun around and around. It just kept turning to meet her gaze and the odd flicker of her agoniser.

Landing lightly at last from what seemed an eternity of flips, jumps and hand stands, Drael'Kaen gripped the agoniser tightly as she flicked the barbed end out in an instant, a perfect strike. She knew precision was the key to felling this creature. Every strike must be measured and weighed accordingly.

As the barbs came into contact for a mere instant, the crowd noted the flicker of pain in the creatures face and roared with excitement as the Lictor slumped onto one leg. Rising again, the Tyranid bore down with a single heavy claw. Finding only hard floor in her place as the Archite danced away in a flurry of leaps and bounds.

As she played to the crowds in as much for their favour as for her own pride, the Lictor crept up, it's tones and hues ever changing. Drael'Kaen had known never to let her attention slip from her prey and as it lunged for it's attack, she met it with flash of leather and metal with near perfect precison.

As the Lictor launched a torrent of hooks at Drael'Kaen, the bold Dark Eldar slipped beneath it's reach and darted beneath it's legs in a power dive. Leaving a lasting trail of agoniser strikes in the creature's thorax, she leapt away, clearly intent upon having the Tyranid chasing her for the entire match.

The crowd continued to roar in anticipation of the kill as the Lictor redoubled it's attack. Barbs and hooks flared wildly as the Lictor caught up to her with almost lightning speed. Leaping off the wall to safety the Eldar Wych counter struck, ensnaring all the barbed hooks in a wide sweep of her agoniser. Releasing her grip upon the agoniser, Drael'Kaen plunged forward a silvered dagger taken from a concealed pouch in her battle garments.

With a dull roar from the crowd, the battle was over as the Lictor slumped to the floor at last, the silvered dagger still embedded inside the creature's skull. Drael'Kaen broke into a sprint and leapt into a spinning dance of victory before the crowd as the next contestant entered the arena...

Fluff: by Krandacth the Reaper

This piece of fluff is carried on from Krandacth's "Chaos" fluff from last issue.

In the Narrow streets of the Imperial fortress ranged weapons were useless, as was a number advantage due to the funnel effect.  However, as Jathet danced his way through the alleys, hacking left and right with his whirring chained axe, he wasn't interested in tactics.  With his Neuro-Implants on maximum function, and his body flooded with numerous adreno-function bio-chemicals, his mind was just a mess of rage and the need to kill.  As usual there was just enough of him left unaffected to distinguish between friend and foe, but there were so many foes that this was almost unnecessary: none were around him but enemies.  Eventually the mists over his mind began to recede, as the bio-chemicals drained from his system and his neuro-implants began to de-activate.

The reason became clear very quickly.  The enemies were gone; he was alone in the alley.  The background sounds of the city were humming away, filling the eerie silence.  Although his surroundings were slick with blood and scattered with piles of remains, Jathet knew this couldn't be it.  Gradually, as he turned this way and that in confusion, one of the background noises of the city began to get closer.  Turning to face the deep rummbling sound of the tank engine, Jathet unclipped a couple of fragmentation grenades from his belt and readied his chain axe.

By the time the huge tank rounded the corner Jathet was ready.  He sprang from his cover and grappled his way up the side of the tank using his chain axe.  Unpinning the grenades he pried open the hatch of the tank, then, throwing them in, glanced along the road that the tank had come down.  Before the fragmentation grenades exploded, causing a chain reaction that would cause the live ammunition stored in the tank to detonate (blowing the tank to bits and throwing Jathet into a wall), Jathet saw an entire columb of tanks stretching away behind the first, all the way up to what must have been the central citadel in the fortress.  Then the world exploded.  The surface under his feet shook, then fragmented and flew outwards, riding on gouts of scorching fire.  Then all was pain and darkness.