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Mini of the Month

Mini of the Month

Komrad's Imperial Fists. Check our forums for more information.

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"Of all we have seen and done, why is it the most insignificant acts stay with us so long? I have fought in more battles than I can remember, the campaigns in which I have served blur into one obscure memory... yet with sparkling clarity, I remember now and always the day the statue of O'Shovah was destroyed..."

- Shas'O Vior'La Va'Lar'Shi

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Sweet, dude.
*does happy dance*""

- Hive Lord, "Forge World Carnifex wrecker", Tyranid board

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Currently Tau Online is looking into adding articles due to the new release of the Tau Empire's codex (as mentioned in previous newsletters; it's on sale now). Currently the updated articles are on Kroot, Sniper Drones and Vespid - all these units were updated or added in this new release.

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In last month's issue we mentioned there was a new board added to our message boards - 40K Universe. Due to its success crazedmongoose2003 has been appointed moderator of the board.

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Dee de de dum, de dum, de dum, can't touch this...

Back in days of 'yore' when the race of Tau was new (wow, am I getting old or did we just a new codex quickly!?) it seemed to me only a couple of distinct ways people I met played Tau - either Mechanised or Static. Of course you had your hybrid mixes, but we really didn't have the variety of units to play in many different styles.

However with the new codex preceding the cities of death expansion for 40k it is clear Tau have been made competitive with this in their new units/wargear. In particular it is now very possible to have a 'Stealth' based Tau army - or as I like to call it 'Invisible Tau'.

This is basically how I am going about playing and constructing my army with this new codex, so I thought I'd just share with you my ideas...

Main Principles of Invisible Tau

Instead of trying to wipe your enemy clean off the table, I concentrate more on frustrating him by denying him the chance of victory points. E.g. keeping my troops zipping around in Devilfish, firing from out of LOS (using seeker missiles or Smart Missile Systems for example) or using units which utilise stealth fields, or classic old 'jump, shoot, jump' tactic of battlesuits. As a result of this combat, even with Kroot must be avoided, and creating any sort of nice big attractive gunline for the enemy is not the idea.

Invisible Units and how they work...

How strictly you keep to the rules of an army plan is always up to you, it may depend on the background fluff of your army - however here are all the units that you should be using -

XV8 Crisis Battlesuits - They can stay invisible by jumping out of cover, shooting and jumping back in again - with a lack of braodsides in a 'pure' invisible army then these guys become an important ant-tank source with Missile Pods and Fusion Blasters.

Stealth Suit Team - Obviously these are the masters of Stealth with their stealth field generators, utilising the 'jump-shoot-jump' technique they operate similarly to their Crisis counterparts, however usually against medium to light infantry. Don't forget to use their infiltration to gaurd a flank or take early good positions/table quarters.

Mounted Fire Warriors - This is the closest to invisible we can get in our troops section. When the Devilfish has a SMS (and a Targetting Array to boost that BS) it's a handy shooter in itself. The Fire Warriors themselves are protected in the main part from fire, and with careful positioning you can set them down wherby nothing can see them, yet to get to them in assault you have to wander into their line of sight (or more importantly - their rapid fire range Wink). Alternativley, dumping them into some dense cover to shoot out of works great too!

Gun Drone Squardrons - With Tau jetpacks they are ideal for acting as small but annoying units, with the ability to pin meaning they can always be dangerous. Deepstriking they can also capture objectives late on in the game, or snipe rear armour of vehicles.

Pathfinders - For me my favourite unit with the new markerlight rules and one of the key players in invisible Tau. Understandably, if you are denying your opponent Line of Sight, you aren't going to be popping off as many shots yourself, therefore if you make sure that the shots you do fire are markerlight guied you can really make them count. Not only improved Ballistic Skill, but the lowering of pinning tests is key too. Just as your opponenet thinks there is nothing more frustrating than being shot from behind a wall, now they are being shot from behind a wall and can't move to do anything about it! Don't forget to add that SMS to the fish, but be careful where you place the pathfinders - they are a unit which does need constant Line of Sight to as many enemy units as possible to give you a wide selection of ones to mark up.

Sniper Drone Teams - Again, with Stealth field's this guys are instant choices, heavy infantry killers they work best in teams of two, or possibly three if you can afford it. Keep them spread apart to reduce to chance of them all being run over together, and enjoy the long ranged weaponry coupled with the stealth fields to step up firing alleys where you can trap an opponent.

Sky Ray - With a Smart Missile System and Seeker Missiles all being able to fire without a line of sight? This tank is a God-send for invisible Tau and with the mobile markerlights too can support other units superbly. Keep this moving behind cover and you will keep your enemy guessing and fearing when it will strike with those seeker missiles.

If you want to read or hear more about tactics for 42's 'Invisible Tau' then keep your eyes peeled on the Tau board this month, I should be posting up an army list too. Oh and of course if you want to see them...good luck! Wink

Until next month,

-- 42

Fluff: Flushing out the Hidden in the Cities of Death by MalVeauX

The sound of thuds and deafening womps filled the air in the bleak city scape, which laid in ruin since the beginning of the campaign. What used to be a thriving center of multi-racial harmony fell to petty control squabbles between waring factions and territories. And finally, became a hot zone for ensuring no secret command posts or barracks where installed underneath the ash. The city was literally a neutral zone, where anything went and everyone was there, trying to stake claim.

Shas'el Cha'Elan frequently patrolled the outer rim of the West section of the ruins alone, generally with a team of stealth suits to monitor everything as he fed them information via his command node. Cha'Elan liked to see the barriers for himself, where one could see small eyes in the darkness, and movement in the shadows. It was too densely packed to enter, and easier for most to simply bombard, but the cadre was not there to destroy. Cha'Elan however was on a mission as he was issued a brilliant new tool created especially for engagements such as this and was sent to test it, and record the information and statistics of such a tool, which he quickly came to realise was also a potent weapon for those who were foe.

The bombardments from several factions were not very accurate and merely acted as a means to keep everyone on their toes, and orbital strikes were out of the question due to terra-based counter measures all over. So most of the bands were small, separated teams. The new device was a marvelous piece of technology fashioned just for these situations due to it's short, but more accurate ranging that didn't have to rely on positioning but more simply the device itself to do it's work. Cha'Elan tested the device, in a corner of a ruined building, and watched as it descended upon the area, flushing all kinds of havoc from the ground instead of simply impacting overhead. The effect was perfect at pushing covered rubble completely out of the way, reducing the effectiveness of those who were hidden. He tested it a few more times and happened to find a few places where some humans must have laid traps as they triggered when their hidden corners lost all of the debris. Cha'Elan knew this new weapon would be important for saving needless Tau losses in campaigns such as this, and reported his findings. The fragmentation device would get it's go ahead and would continue it's evolution, but eventually be standard issue in the near future as they wage in the cities.

Fluff: Assault by Farseer Tyross

Cornris stormed through a large vaulted door. A gleam caught his eye almost instantly. A flash of metal later, Cornris was stumbling. He had been brought down by a single, elegant cut across the top of his thigh. Reacting quickly, Cornris quickly brought himself back up, his power armour straining to compensation for the gaping wound in his armour. In the dim light, Cornris struggled to bring his assailant into focus. As another strike came, Cornis was just in time to parry the blow aside with his own power weapon. Bringing his weapon to bear once again, the stealthly enemy dodged an obvious attack, darting aside with ease. Before long, the two sworn enemies were matching strikes and faints with deadly speed. Despite his obvious back-footed entrance Cornris had recovered quickly enough to save his life.

Another blow landed upon him. This time, severing his hand at the wrist. With a violet move, Cornris leapt forward, and with his crushing weight behind it, managed to land a clean head butt upon his enemy. With startling ease, his opponent stepped out into the flicker a nearby cone of candle light. Before him, in leather bound straps was the sleek shape of a death cult assassin. Before he had fully registered it, he was ducking under it's high sweep of the assasin's blades.

With his one good hand which still contained the bolt pistol he had been holding before he had stormed the room, Cornris stepped back away from the assassin. Unwilling to leave himself open, he fired the pistol from the hip, and with a flash of tracer chemicle, the bolt landed harmlessly in the wall at the far side of the corridor he had just entered through.

Another bolt boomed out of the barrel whilst Cornris adjusted the aim slightly to account for the rapid movements of the Assassin. Only when the fleshy ruin of the assassin's corpse lay upon the hard stone floor did Cornris led his guard down...

Fluff: Chaos by Krandacth the Reaper

Jathet stared up at the huge wall of carved rock before him, that rose out of the desolate landscape as if was meant to be there, a natural mountain of rock and machines.  The ornate gate that took up such a tiny percentage of the wall towered before him, large enough to take three tanks entering abreast.  Despite these huge obstructions Jathet was not worried: firstly, that was the job of the general, and secondly he was too restless from lack of action to be worried.  The rest of his squad, however, were a cause for concern.  If they were made to wait any longer they would rip themselves apart in frustration.

Turning, he saw that two of his squad were practically at each others throats.  Stepping between them he began to hiss, 'Come on, men.  Save it for the Imperial scum on the other side of that gate!'  But he was interupted.  Breaking from cover and launching themselves at the gate, two baroque Dreadnaughts barreled past Jathet and his squad.

Bellowing their eternal frustration to the Blood God in voices that were a horrific melding of human rage and tortured metal, they crashed into the gate before any of the slow-witted guards had even had time to react.  The force of their charge ripped the two solid iron doors clear off their hinges, and carried both machines and doors into the courtyard beyond.

'That's our cue!  Charge!!' Jathet bellowed, climbing over the edge of his squads cover.  Looking to his left and right he saw around fifty other World Eaters all climbing out of their hiding places and bolting towards the now open gateway to the Imperial fortress.  The Guardsmen finally got their act together and opened fire, but the weak Las bolts just richocheted off most of the red armies armour.  And then Jathet was through that colossal gateway.  As the foolish followers of the False Emperor charged in on them, Jathet saw the red mists rolling in and, like his brethren, willingly gave himself to the frenzy.

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