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Mini of the Month

Mini of the Month

SynapsyS' Death Guard. Check our forums for more information.

Quote of the Month

"Their leader said that no man could ever defeat him. Unfortunately for him, El'Suam'Shi and his Cadre were not 'men'..."

- Aun'El Tau'N Messio

Member Quote of the Month

"Sorry, I flat out say that Orks CANNOT BE CHEESED!  Come to think of it, I think I've only seen TWO Ork models that even HAVE Beard Squigs.  WHAT DOES THAT TELL YOU???"

- IVEATCH, "Wargamer's Rant Topic", The Enclave

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The 15th Monthly Tau Online Newsletter Is Here!

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7 new articles were added up this month, most of which were fluff pieces. In total Tau Online has been down for around 4 days this month due to server troubles, we are back up now - please tell people that we're back again.

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Fluff: Actions speak louder than Words

Shas'ui Al'y was always a hot head. This wasn't common for the Tau. He climbed ranks quickly, as he was always the first to volunteer or happily go towards the more dangerous missions. He always came back alive and accomplished what was important to do. He followed orders rigorously and never backed down. He was respected by many other of his Shas'la brothers because they envied his seemingly strong leadership abilities to act much tougher than he truly was.

His peers, while some preferred Al'y's manners as an aspiring rank climbing Shas'ui, and soon to be Shas'vre, others were not very pleased with his wreckless behavior. He was seen as lacking true honor, and merely was only even noticed because his cry was a bit louder and more often than the others. His true abilities were not that impressive on the grand scale.

Al'y didn't even want to become a true Commander of a Cadre. He just wanted to be respected. He wanted others to wish that they were on his level of power and that he truly was a force. Unfortunately, his peers saw him as nothing more than another Shas'ui in line. There was nothing special about him. If anything, he was more of a risk than a promise of good prospects. Never the less, Al'y's brothers still kept him in high regard. He really seemed to be a true warrior. He was starting to seem untouchable. He even began to have a sense of Individual, which was not something that was not encouraged amongst the Shas'la nor Commanders.

Later, on a distant moon in preparations for a defense of an outpost for the sector, several Commanders and a few Shas'ui were gathered to discuss how the Cadres would work together. It was certainly going to be a risk and they may not survive it. The more the wise warriors spoke, the more they realized that it was not worth losing so many warriors at the cost of this outpost in the grand scheme of things. Al'y was too restless and simply didn't understand the ways of those who were leading. He did the unthinkable and proclaimed that they should stay and fight. He threw out accusations of having no honor and that he himself was powerful enough to stay and do what must be done to keep this outpost for the Greater Good. The commanders were not impressed.

”Shas'ui Al'y. You have no regard for your brothers' wellbeing. You are not acting for the greater good. You are thinking of your own glory. Your own aspirations. Having more opinions and a louder mouth for which to speak them with, does not make you a Warrior. Nor does it show much promise for your abilities later to make intelligent decisions. For this, you will not be a Commander. Consider that your actions, show much more than your Words. Your words are empty, while actions are not. You have no actions behind your words. Your words, fall to deaf ears. Learn from your peers, Al'y. They are wise.”

Disgrace and confusion, often times were mixed and replaced with anger. Al'y has much to truly learn.

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