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Mini of the Month

Mini of the Month

Redbeard's Bomber. Check our forums for more information.

Quote of the Month

"I fight beside you, Xenogen, because the foe we face is more terrible than any I have ever known. I wish nothing more than the Tyranids to be purged from the galaxy... and if I must save your race from extinction in the process, so be it."

- Brother Sergeant Sergius, Marines of Vengeance

Member Quote of the Month

"A planet larger then ours is the smallest planet ever found? What are we living on?"

- Hatman, "planets?", The Enclave

Forum Statistics

For the month of January:
New Topics: 1,853
New Posts: 27,922
New Members: 267
Page Views: 858,191
Most Members Online at Same Time: 130

In total (roughly):
Topics: 16,236
Posts: 265,888
Members: 2,716
Most Members Online at Same Time: 130
The 14th Monthly Tau Online Newsletter Is Here!

Recent News

Website News

As you may have noticed, version 5 has finally been released. This brings a new design to the website, forums and this newsletter. Articles have also been over-hauled as they have better presentation, and an option for a printer friendly version of them. Browse around to see the other changes.

Forum News

We have reached 250,000 posts. Thanks to all those who have made this milestone possible; now lets get on to half a million posts ;-).

Top Five Tau Topics this Month

Top Five non-Tau Topics this Month

New Tau Codex Rumours

The third and final month of speculation and confirmation of what will be in the new Tau codex has come. Why final? Well the Tau Empires Codex will be out on the 1st of March so you will all be able to see for yourselves then!

Well anyway, over the last month pretty much everything else has been revealed abotu what is new model wise, here is the round up -

1) There will be three new Ethereal metal models replacing the old ones, in fact there will actually be a fourth too as a limited edition model only available in the battleforce.

2) The Skyray Gunship is revealed, with 6 seeker missiles racked up along with two markerlight launchers on board. Other than that it seems identical to a Hammerhead. The points cost will be around that of one too.

3) The new Tau commander will have its own box set and come with different head options, plus a variety of special issue wargear - including new weapons and support gear only available to Shas'vre class and higher.

4) The XV25 battlesuits (new Stealth Suits) have finally been shown in the sneak peeks, they have a hardpoint option for each member of the team - and also seem to have access to amoungst other drones - the markerlight drone.

5) The Army set can now be pre-ordered from GW - this includes Tau Empire, Special Edition Tau Ethereal and Shield Drone, (1) Tau Crisis Battle Suit Commander and (2) Gun Drones, (2) Tau XV8 Battlesuits, (6) Vespid Stingwings, a (4) figure Tau Sniper Drone Team, (3) Tau XV25 Stealth Suits, (12) Tau Fire Warriors, (16) Kroot and (1) Hammerhead Tank.

I hope you have found these articles interesting over the last few months! Now lets bring on the release of the new Tau! Hmm, I think saving up some money would be good first for me!

Until next month,

-- 42

Fluff: Daemonic Speed

The Kroot stood mesmerized as they drew scent from the warm and dusty air. They were restless and their muscles twitched. It was obvious they wanted to move, but couldn’t find the will to do so. The Fire Cast had seen this before and attempted a communication with the Shas’ui of their detachment’s Pathfinders. It was odd that there was no response, which meant they simply didn’t exist any more.

The high pitch screeches began.

In the smoke and haze, the Fire Cast could identify that which they feared, as a small group of very large and terrifying creatures could be seen approaching them. The Kroot shuttered and chirped as they drew in the tainted air. Some of the Shas’la were reporting the sensation of dizziness and off feelings in their lower abdomens. Some of them even attempted to remove their protective helmets under the pretense of getting a better look. The Shas’ui rallied them with burning words and broke the trance for the time being. Knowing the screams of the horrible Noise creatures, he knew they would not survive this encounter if they did not ignore the confusion and focus. All arms were ordered to take immediate aim and fire only upon command.

While re-organizing, deafening thuds and air changes ruptured a few Shas’la to the point of incapacitation and they fell. The Shas’ui ordered that they fire in short concise bursts, starting on the creature on the furthest left and then the furthest right. The Fire Warriors returned fire, and slowly but surely, started to drop the horrible beasts who approached, closer and closer. One by one, they fell, but Shas’la fell as well. The creatures would not stop and the screeching was only louder and even more confusing. Finally the 5th Noise creature fell and only the largest was left. Not many Shas’la remained and the Kroot were started to drool on themselves, when finally a Devilfish APC unit arrived unloading another detachment of Fire Cast, having heard the support call from the Shas’ui. With the new arrivals, moral was bolstered and organization was absolute. Both teams focused together and fired on the Noise creature who remained in the distance in short rapid bursts, but nothing seemed to happen each time. Suddenly the Noise creature lurched forward and giant limbs sprouted from his back, as bits of flesh were flung to the air and the holes in his face, where his eyes once were, glowed reddish. The creature must have been a champion of Slaneesh but it would be too late.

The creature was able to spring forward and move faster than even their skimmers could glide, and they were never heard of again.

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