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Mini of the month

Mini Of The Month

McCoy's Firewarriors. Check our forums for more information.

Quote of the Month

"The difference between trade and war is appreciated only by those who have experience in neither."

- Kor'Ui Y'eldi Tau'N Mal'caor

Member Quote of the Month

"Chaos, it consumes us all... even if we dont know it. Do you feel that tingle? ... That's them."

- ToastMaster, General 40K board.

Tau Online Forum Statistics
For the month of December:
New Topics: 1,393
New Posts: 19,301
New Members: 229
Most members online in a day: 369
Page Views: 651,408

In total (Roughly):
Topics: 14,500
Posts: 240,000
Members: 2,460
Most users online at the same time ever: 175

The Thirteenth Monthly Tau Online Newsletter Is Here!

Recent News

Website News:
Tau Online version 5 is finally complete. It will be released within the next week (hopefully!), the finishing touches are currently being worked upon now.

Forum News:
Farseer Restayvien has been appointed a global moderator positions, and so SaturN and Yriel of Iyanden have stepped up to help out as moderators in the Necron and Eldar boards respectively.

The results of the Tau Online Awards of 2005 are out. Congratulations to all those who won, or who were nominated.

Top Tau Topics this Month
Are Tau Becoming the Galatic Power? by Jonathan-Kauyon-Hunter
Ethereal Theories…Again. Old One and Slaan Intervention by Arguleon-Veq
To Fusion Blaster or Not? by Crisis_Vyper
Broadside, Shield Drones or Generator? by Commissar Black Behemoth
Shield or No Shield? by Faolin

Top non-Tau Topics this Month
Fanatical Zealot Witch Hunters :: A Themed Witch Hunter Force by MalVeauX
Orks More Psychic Than Eldar? by Shas_O_BBQ_Sauce
Started Making Possessed by Shadowdeth
The "SHIC" Model for 40k Players by Yriel of Iyanden
I Can't seem to use my jetbikes well, HELP! by ShadowCrawler

Rumours: New Tau Codex
Written by: 42

Month Two of speculation about what will be in the new Tau Codex...check last month's newsletter where I ran over all the confirmed additions, and to keep you hooked here are some more things we know FOR FACT! These are not rumours!

1) The Piranha model is virtually identical to that of the Forge World model, therefore with similar rules expected (can be fitted out with a fusion blaster and seeker missiles)
2) 'Aun'va'dent'a' is a new special character Ethereal, replacing Aun'shi in the Codex he is the wisest of all the Ethereals therefore will have slightly more powerful versions of the current Ethereal Special Rules. Plus he carries around a certain artefact and rides on floating platform (hence dubbed the 'Space Pope')
3) Another New Special Character is Commander Shadowsun, a female Tau Commander who is equipped with two seperately firing Fusion Blasters and an experiemental new battlesuit.
4) As well as sniper drones markelight drones will also be available
5) Markerlight hits can now do a variety of things (most of these are cumulative)
-Raise the BS of the firing unit by 1
-Minus one to the enemies pinning test
-Minus one to the enemies cover save
-Ignore the target priority tests

There will be another round up next month as our knowledge slowly increase! Hopefully by then we will have a pretty complete picture of everything new that is in the Tau Codex.

Fluff Feature: Generosity… Even in the Grim Future.
Written by: MalVeauX

Several servitors dragged the screeching little blue xeno as he struggled to get free, kicking his hooves around but unable to do much more, being a small statured little creature. The servitors are aged and mindless, with the strength of solitude. They are of course unshakeable for such a small being to escape. This was the reason the creature was even left unbound, which was probably Inquisitor Malfacius’s doing, in order to propagate the idea of escape in the small creature’s mind, while denying it at the same time. A torture if you will.

Once the servitors entered the experiment chamber of Malfacius, they were ordered to release the creature with a wave of his old boney hand, and the servitors left the chamber, with the large blast doors sealing behind them. The small cyan xenos breathed heavily and stared forward towards Malfacius, eyeballing everything in the room, as there were odd xenos bodies, servitor bodies, and other strange creatures hanging from hooks and setup on cloth wrappings on tables with strange instruments stabbed into the old fleshes. The room was stale and the air was dry.

“I see you are frightened, young one. Fear not, you shall not have the same fate as the others here. These lifeless husks fell long before you were even born. They remain here, with me, as they hold secrets still. Come closer… I will show you.”

The little xenos didn’t understand quite well. The tongue of man was not the same as his own. After all, he was just of the Fire Caste, he wasn’t expected to have learned the languages of their enemies just yet. Silence and obedience was his training. Malfacius realized the xenos understood not his speech. Fortunately for the creature, he had taken the time to understand the odd speech of the Tau peoples. He had been around for millennia after all, and one more language was nothing but some light study after his daily work in the chambers.

In Tau tongue, Malfacius spoke, “Calm yourself, young warrior. You are safe here. Come closer, so that we may speak.”

The young firewarrior changed completely and his trembling ceased. Intrigued, he did as commanded and came over to the old Inquisitor and was seated next to him, near a large flat surface covered with old tombs and relics.

“You have nothing to fear young one. I already know what makes the life in you exist. I have no wish to open your body, examine your organs or even taste of your flesh. You are here for something much more. After our talk, you will return to your own people unharmed. But before you go, we shall have a talk as there is a history that you will learn this day. This ancient tomb will describe to you a great benefactor. Notice his large vessel and odd robes? He was known as Saint Nicolas and my ancestors referred to him as Santa Claus.”

Inquisitor Malfacius wove ribbons of words as the young firewarrior sat and absorbed the tales. He even saw a twinkle of a Devilfish being lead by Caribou in his eyes…

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