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Mini of the month

Mini Of The Month

Court Jester's Sons of Golgotha: Terminator squad Eudoxius.
You can find more about this mini (and its army) here.

Quote of the Month

"When I first met the Dogs of Mars, I thought then nothing but bloodthirsty thugs, seeking nought but gold and salvage. Three months fighting with them proved they were worse than I first feared... yet these rabble had a skill, a talent I could not deny. Though ill-disciplined, arrogant, and resistant to authority, those twenty men killed more O'res'la than my entire Cadre. Never again shall I be so quick to enforce discipline..."

- Shas'El Tau'N Van'yil

Member Quote of the Month

"A veteren is someone who genuinely believes that they are the race they play. E.G. Rezzy thinks he is an eldar.'"

- Kangaroo Joe, General 40Kboard.

Tau Online Forum Statistics
For the month of September:
New Topics: 1,034
New Posts: 15,455
New Members: 181
Most members online in a day: 295
Page Views: 519,909

In total :
Topics: 11,982
Posts: 203,658
Members: 2,020
Most users online at the same time ever: 175

The Eleventh Monthly Tau Online Newsletter Is Here!

Recent News

Forum News:
42, the Tau board moderator has stepped down from his post. As so, and due to the size of the Tau board, two new moderators have been appointed in his place: Aunny and Khanaris. Thanks to 42 for all his hard work and to Auuny and Khanaris for agreeing to help us out.

The month of October has also seen two fairly big milestones hit: 2,000 members and 200,000 posts! This is a great achievement; thanks to all for their support.

Top Five Tau Topics this Month
Tank Hunter Crisis Configs by Trogador
Theory on Tau Technology by Deadnight
The Sad Fate of the Pathfinder by LtCariad
Modular Tanks: Tau Devilfish/Hammerhead by [maCe]
Scratch Made Tau Titan by GreyDeath

Top Five non-Tau Topics this Month
The annual 1k mini-tourney: "The Playoffs" by Yriel of Iyanden
Some sort of huge new tyranid.... by Silverwing
Converting to Lost and the Damned by Kingcomrade
Powergaming, How? by Olannon
What makes a Veteran? by CompuBrains

Fluff Feature: Target Locked
Written by: MalVeauX

The horizon was bleak and the sky an ashy grey, as the Drop Pods screamed through the atmosphere towards the burned outpost. Their battle brothers had previously fallen here, as they attempted to establish and hold an operative base on this particular moon, amongst several Cadres who would not be sharing the territory freely.

Underestimating the precision work of a well organized Cadre that was prepared for ground assault and entrenchment, the Drop Pods screamed down and filled the sky, but very few actually managed to settle well. For many of the Drop Pods, as they scorched and burned bright amongst the grey skies, a burning line instantly would appear and then fade to mist as a hypervelocity slug from a Railgun pierced the Drop Pod, causing it to lose trajectory and open up and fall apart. These Pods smashed into the cinder laden ground without even an explosion as they shattered into bits and the lifeless corpses within stayed in their freshly created crater graves.

The Pods that managed to land were easily surrounded by the XV15 detachments running interception and control amongst the battle scene, as their senor spines picked up all traces of activity and the Pathfinders sent coordinates and target acquisition information via their comms to keep the Shas’vre of the detachment well informed of each Pod that successfully landed.

The sky finally rested grey as the Pods stopped falling. This moon was theirs.

Fluff Feature: Out of the Void
Written by: Farseer Restayvien

Farseer Restayvien stood motionless amongst the brooding Seer Council as they whispered amongst themselves in harsh tones, their faces fixed into hard masks that suppressed any outward show of emotion that may betray them as cowards.

The rising sun cast a glorious orange red glow over the surrounding kilometers of open rolling terrain, illuminating every hilltop and exxagerating every slope and gully. Blasted remains of earth lay scattered in the wake of the Eldar's preliminary bombardment of the countryside; shredded foliage bore witness to the viscious barrages of molecular web spat forth from the long-range Night Spinner artillery during the long cold night. A fine haze of mist drifting upwards from the expanse of water to their immediate west further added to the eerie atmosphere of the morning, nature's subtle 'calm before the storm'.

Much had been lost, many ships that had made up the Eldar fleet now drifted through the planets atmosphere in degenerating orbit, smashed like crystal orbs. their long solar-sails speared into the ground like skyscrapers of jagged bone where they had not been burned into their component atoms high up above the now ignited morning sky.
The crews of these ships had been decimated, those unfortunate enough to land in escape craft ahead of the Ulthwe force had been mercilessly despatched by the roving scout forces of Blood Angels that scoured the continents.
However there was also the outcome; almost worthy of the sustained casualties suffered by the Eldar fleet. The Blood angel Battle-Barges had been swept aside, the concentrated spearhead-attack of the Ulthwe ships too much for the defenders to stave off. The imposing orbital defenses had been crushed in under eighteen hours at great cost, but the swift lightning attack had enabled the invading forces to make lanfall before any co-ordinated large scale defensive cou ter measures had time to be effected by the petrified planetary defense force.

In stark contrast to the sweeping pillars of Wraithbone extending into the sky were the Imperial ant-air guns, the long blackened barrels withdrawing with pneumatic repetition into their housings as they pumped out shell after shell into the flak and plasma filed sky. The ground shook as explosions up above reverberated throughout the surrounding area, waves of kinetic energy throbbing and pulsing through the rocks like the steps of a giant.
Still, one by one the gun batteries fell to the Eldar raids, plumes of smoke and gas erupting with ferocity as Haywire grenades overloaded their electronic components; gaping holes in gunnery cockpits spewing forth sparks and charred cables as Pulse-Lasers scythed though the pitiful armour plating vapoursing steel, flesh and bone alike.

The inhabitants on the surface had never considered that the Blood Angels might be hard pressed to fend off the foes; indeed, they had only considered the Eldar a distant myth until the las-communication centres had began to be overrun with warnings of an imminent attack from an unknown bearing by an eldar fleet. only the swift arrival of the Blood Angels had prevented the populace from descending into complete anarchy.
But their ever-increasing apparent difficulty in dealing with the xenos threat had inspired great fear within each and every rank and position on the fated planet.
Who were these enemies that even the godlike servants of the emperor could not stand against with any certainty?

Restayvien reflected coldly on the losses suffered during the orbital breakthrough. Leadership was sparse now; two of the smaller commanding coucils had been lost when a flagship was annihilated, along with 50 of the Craftworld's infamous Black Guardians that had been assigned to escort the council members. A Revenant titan had been pulled out into the void through a tear blown in a ships hull, it's pilot now drifting through space either dead or dying at this very moment. Another coningent of troops and light attack craft had been lost, 40 Vypers incinerated by an intense explosion that took out 4 escort ships and a capital class vessel. Fortunately this Farseer's Void Stalker had been well protected by it's escorts, and its excellent crew had avoided the majority of the Blood Angel's weaponry.
Despite this several casualties had been caused by numerous boarding parties that had broken through the defensive barrier of escorts. One of Restayvien's escorting Warlocks had died at the hands of a Blood angel Sergeant whilst defending the Farseer boldy. Restayvien reached into the pouch tied to his waist and gripped the lock of hair torn from the Sergeants scalp as he was cut down by the Witchblade now in the Farseers scabbard. The upstart had suffered for his foolishness, but his life did not pay for that which had belonged to the Eldar warrior. the loyal Warlock's Spirit Stone now lay in the Void Stalkers scaled-down infinity circuit in orbit around the planet, his spirit safe with those of his ancestors.

This battle would be a bitter one, a swift execution brought to the Marine Commanders and the damned Mon-Keigh that defiled this planet with their presence. However the self-important Imperial Govenor and the self-righteous Marines would not give this planet up without a fight.
A straight fight would elude them, thought Restayvien; instead they would face a massacre.   

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