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Mini of the month

Mini Of The Month

Weaponzero's railhead.
You can find more about this mini here.

Quote of the Month

"The Imperium is successful because they treat war as a religion. We are successful because we treat war as a business. It is all a matter of perspective."

- Dzan Brughran, Demiurg Brotherhood Elder.

Member Quote of the Month

"What I would not give to have someone's keyboard electrocute every person who types, 'omg Tau should have a mad crazy close combat unit and/or psyker.'"

- Zenguin, Tau board.

Tau Online Forum Statistics
For the month of September:
New Topics: 979
New Posts: 15,574
New Members: 175
Most members online in a day: 277
Page Views: 480,683

In total :
Topics: 10,921
Posts: 187,614
Members: 1,833
Most users online at the same time ever: 175

The Tenth Monthly Tau Online Newsletter Is Here!

Recent News

Forum News:
Two of our moderators have stepped down: Hunter (General 40K, Necrons) and GreyDeath (Conversions). Thanks for all your hard work both, you'll be missed.

Top Five Tau Topics this Month
Fireknife XV8: Why you shouldn't use it by T0nkaTruckDriver
Railhead vs. Ionhead by T0nkaTruckDriver
Tau vs IG Horror Story by Deadnight
Vespid Weapon by Ketter
Games Day UK 2005: New Tau Codex & Vespids Summary by [maCe]

Top Five non-Tau Topics this Month
Avoiding Phase Out by Archaon
Starting Marines, looking for Advice by Auin'Myrrath
The Hive Tyrant by VV1LD
To Clense the Stars: An introduction to Battlefleet Gothic by Wargamer

Fluff Feature: Traitorours Rain
Written by: Farseer Tyross

Troop carriers screamed down from the heavens, a firey rain from orbit as the Danitun Guard deployed onto yet another world. Marshalls ordered their charges out as the first of the transports hit the ground, hard. Within seconds of the loading ramps opening fully, men went pouring out in rapid succession. Already the battle lines had been drawn, Jean Halgar had decided that Organ III was the site for their next invasion and resupply drop. Despite the presence of the Tyranid hive fleet already in orbit around the besieged world, the cruisers of the Danitun Guard contiuned their attack. Any Tyranid that threatened the Danitun Guard was dealt with quickly, the massed guns and turrets that pockmarked the Danitun vessels were brought to bear against anything close enough.

On the ground, men of Danitun ran to their positions, taking up emplacements which had only just been left to withdraw to a safer position, and begun to rebuild any fortifications which were badly damaged. Blood soaked Leman Russ battle tanks pitched blackened smoke into the atmosphere as they took up their positions, Basilisks hid behind buildings.

If the Tyranids were to attack, the men of Danitun would defend and die if need be, safe in the knowledge that the continual advance of yet more Danitun vessels that poured in from the Warp would quickly attack and destroy the few Tyranid ships still in orbit. The call went up from the front observers that the Tyranids were on the move towards the Guardsmen, and that Halgar himself had made planetfall and would lead the planned counter-attack at Obmigon Ocullae personally.

Marshall Yulg crossed the street uneasily, his attendant Guardsmen doing their duties around him as he personally made sure the defensive positions were well defended and that any repair work was underway or completed. The first warning signs of the Tyranid attack still fresh in his memory, Yulg noticed a Chimera round the corner behind him, and although it slowed as it neared the Guardsmen, it did not display the proud Danitun colours of crimson and bone. As the rear ramp opened with a hiss of hydraulics, the Guardsmen continued without pause. A stout man in green camo and a peaked cap along with his attendant staff strode out of the Chimera in little order. "I am Colonel Jonse, Organian 28th. The Governer had ordered this sector of the city abandoned a full hour ago" issued the Colonel, his voice full of authority.

"We are here to secure this world, that is all I need to know!" spat Yulg as he attempted to hide his contempt for the upstart officer. "The Imperial Governor of this world has ordered you back, now get back!" ordered the Colonel, his face contorting with anger. "The Governor is a fool! I don't take orders from the Governor, you or even the Inquisition!" swore back Yulg, raising his voice as he did so. Out of the corner of his eye, he noticed a figure step forward, a deep red cape behind him, his side arm bore. "I am Commissar Ethan Ultar, and it is my sworn duty to relieve you of your rank..."

Before the Commissar could aim his laspistol at the Danitun officer, Yulg's own Dragoon Master stepped forward and attacked, a flash of gold lashed across the Commissar's chest. Wiping the blood from his blade, the Master had already sheaved his power weapon as the Commissar hit the ground. "Now then, have I made my point now, Jonse?" enquired the Marshall, and although he did not expect an answer, he knew that the Colonel had withdrawn his own sidearm, a bolt pistol of ornate design. "I see that you've taken that pistol from a World Eater champion" issued the Danitun offical.

With mild surprise, the Officer found himself conversing with the traitor Officer. "I took it as a trophy from a battle Relvan 8. I never thought I'd be using it against a traitor."
"For an Officer, your clearly not very tactically minded. If you kill, my men will certainly kill you, but then again, your as good as dead anyway, as I can't let you leave knowing what you now know." "I guess your right, so where do you want the bolt to go?" asked Jonse, a renewed sense of duty overcame him. "The bandits are destroying the comms network as we speak, so even if you made it back to your outpost alive, your message wouldn't get through and then you have to go see the Governor yourself, which would take time, time which you don't have."
"But before I kill you" Yulg's face contorted into a smile as he spoke, "your world is safe whilst the Tyranids are around, they are a more pressing threat compared to a below strength PDF in the long term..."

Fluff Feature: Something to Ponder
Written by: MalVeauX

Lord Maleficeus instructed servitor Balefulius to inform the newest acolyte to enter the dissection chamber immediately, and the mindless pale sac of loyalty swiftly left his presence.

Maleficeus returned to his vice and pulled his instrument tray closer. The stitches on his arms itched and flaked, but luckily his specimen was already rotting, compared to his aged flesh. He took a hook-shaped scythe of an instrument that seemed very much like a dental tong, and carelessly tore the greenish bio-mucus from the body that lay before him, which oozed to the chamber floor and seemed into the drainage holes with the other filth. The body was badly damaged, but the cerebrum was still intact, should the innards of the skull not have been liquefied during transportation. Annoyed with the contortion and stiffness of the corpse, he sent several unclean tools clamoring to the iron floor as he fumbled his boney fingers onto the lift and harness control pad. The lift execution button was well polished with skin oil over the years and Maleificeus rather enjoyed the smooth touch, which were his only real moments of infantile pleasure. The rig above clambered and shook as it rattled the chamber and lowered closer to the vice and the table. It was then that Lord Maleficeus pulled several hooks down from their cable ports, which were riddled with old mold growth from not being cleaned in centuries, and plunged the hooks, with old rotted meat still attached, into the collar and neck vertebra of his specimen’s upper body, or at least what was left of it.

There was a crunchy scrape as the skin resisted the hook but then quickly swallowed it with sufficient force. The smooth button finally was pressed and the corpse was lifted upright and then balanced in a manner that pleased Maleficeus, as he preferred to enter the cerebrum from the front of the specimen’s visage, in a standing position, because his old bones and the dull pain were slightly less when he was straight. Annoyed by the scar tissue blocking the passages ways that used to house the optical organs of the creature, Maleficeus simply used a hook-clamp and scraped what little flesh was left away, to expose to hard bone, which was brittle from the radiation burns. He easily broke the bits of bone away from the face and the soggy innards were still intact, much to his pleasure. The malformed and mutated brain had a very large cortex area and the veins still appeared fresh, but Maleficeus couldn’t tell if it was liquid or something else that still wriggled in the old grave of a head. He took his favorite prodding tong, which was always polished from pushing through skin, and began to test points on the mushy lobe.

It was then that the new acolyte burst into the chamber, obviously running and shook the appliances, but what’s worse, broke the silence and concentration of the mantra-like whispers that Maleficeus slurred under his breath. The Lord’s old bones contracted from the noise stimulation and he jabbed too hard into the lobe of the grey matter, and it burst. The wriggling jelly, with a hint of old adhesive paper for a scent, fell and splashed into the filthy holes in the chamber floor. Maleficeus was more than displeased, but didn’t complain. Instead, the air shifted as his old neck crackled to turn to face the new servant who interrupted him so.

“Bring me another specimen, now that you are here, young one...”

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