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Mini Of The Month

Mini Of The Month

elflord9d's Eldar Guardian
You can find more about this mini and some of elford9d's other Eldar minatures here.

Conversion Of The Month

Conversion of the Month

GreyDeath's Tau Super Heavy Walker
More about this great conversion can be found here.

Quote of the Month

"It is not our technology that will enable us to prevail in this galaxy. It is our shared sense of honour and commonality of cause that unites us and will gives us the power to defeat our enemies."

Shas'el Sa'cea Or'es,
Fire Caste Commander.

Tau Online Statistics

For the month of November:
New Topics: 666
New Posts: 11722
New Members: 138
Most users online at the same time: 40
Page Views: 268474

In total :
Topics: 2490
Posts: 42933
Members: 423
Most users online at the same time ever : 40

The first Tau Online Monthly Newsletter Is Here!

Recent News

Website News:
In October, A total of 17 great articles were added to the site. That's around 25% of the articles currently on Tau Online which shows that Tau Online is growing fast. Thanks for your support.

Forum News:
A new forum theme has been added for people to view the forums with. It's called 'Dark Hole.' You can select it by going to your forum profile, then 'Look and layout preferences' and clicking on 'Change theme.' There are currently nine themes to choose from.

Post of the Month - [maCe]'s Tau Tactics thread
This thread contains a great assortment of Tau tactics and is a must read for and Tau player.

Fluff Feature: Aduals Revenge

Written by: Farseer Tyross

Energy cackled around Lord Adual's shoulders, his body looming larger then live. An angel of destruction, he blasted tanks left and right with bolts of pure energy. As he drifted forward, propelled by unseen forces, the earth shook as another Predator exploded into oblivion.

The closest Space Marines from squad Orius moved forward, and offered prayer as they readied their weapons for another salvo. As the shells ripped into the Tzeentchian Lord, Adual felt the hiss of pain. These new fools had just brought about their own destruction thought Adual.

Casting his free hand out with terrifying speed towards the Ultramarines, a fierce thunderclap resounded from his palm, Sergeant Orius was stunned by the sound, his enhanced senses failing to see any projectile or energy leap from Adual's arms. As he reloaded, he glanced at the remains of his squad. Two remained.

Orius was about to give the order to run for cover, but out of the darkness behind him, he noticed the armoured behemoth of Brother Frazser. An Ultramarines Dreadnought, standing fully two man spans taller then Orius and bearing a mighty fist and a damaged set of lascannons on his left side.

He felt the sheer power behind the Dreadnought as it stormed forward with renewed vigour, much as Frazser did when he was alive, or so the tales say. A few seconds later, he noticed that Fraszer had the chaos Lord by the chest, the Dreadnoughts fist bearing down upon the Lord. Energy arched across Adual's body.

Time seemed to freeze as the events unfolded. Orius saw Adual's mighty weapon that resembled a sword tear upward from by his side. A few seconds later or at least that's how long it seemed, Adual was free. Then he noticed the fist slam into the ground beneath the Lord. He watched the sword morph at Adual's will, forming a massive scythe that seemed to span a full 15 ft. As Adual brought the weapon to bear, Orius knew that Frazser would soon be dead...

Find find more great stories here.

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