Unit Name
Unit Type
Mdl Cnt
Pts Cnt
HQHighboss/Mekboss Schtajin Cold'artWarbossPower Klaw, Attack Squig (Elek) [Optional],'Eavy ArmorThe Supreme Leader of Red 'Orde, High Boss Schtajin Cold'art. Easily the most sneakiest boss with talents granted by Gork and Mork, being more kunnin'ly brutal, and brutally kunnin' at the same time. Being a former Blood Axe nob, Schtajin is an Ork of many talents, his ability to strip down weapons and re-assembled them into a bigger variant has earned him both title of Warboss and Big Mek. His brains and brawn is the pride of the Red 'Ordes.5510043190
ElitesSchtajin's Grinders Lootas10 LootasDeffgunsArmed to the teef, Schtajin's Grinders are the best of the best when it comes to fielding the more dakka side of the army. With loaded firepower to bear, it grinds through any infantry and transport easily. They had survived long enough to tell and loot. With every wargear tells their story of hard training to wield the guns and strong legs. As well as the unfortunate loss of hearing.551002110150
Troops1st Shoota Platoon "Kiev"Boyz19 Shoota Boyz and a Nob.Shootas, 2 Big Shootas, Nob with BosspoleTrained well in the art of shooting squigs in the barrel, the shoota boyz formed the backbone of the Red 'Orde's finest. Outmatched by their brethren as more noisy and less stompy, they have their ways of making sure that the shootas they carry kills just as much as their Penal Boyz. More often than not, Sarjen Toofbang will roughen up his boyz to fight proper.501001120145
Troops000th Penal Orks Boyz10 Boyz and 1 Nob'Ard Boyz, Slugga and Choppas, 'Ard Nob with Power Klaw and Bosspole.Red 'Orde MekaniakSeeking the thrill of battle at the frontlines, these orks fashioned themselves to be the hardiest and also the hardest Ork Boyz to exist. Being ultimate brawlers, looters and psychopaths that even the Doks can't fix, they enjoy "First to da field". Schtajin viewed this as an exemplification to all of what he considers, the Orks of Gork and Mork; And the Squigification Execution.751002211150
Heavy SupportRed Grots KannoneerBig Gunz2 Grots per gunKannonsDiffer from their brethren who had somehow had a safer job at lobbing explosives behind the safety of their own lines, these Red Grots commandeer kannons and regularly face the dangers of enemy tanks and horde of enemy infantries or face the consequences of their self-styled Kommissariat Runtherds.0000360
Heavy Support1st Red 'Ordes Tank Company "Schtajingrad"Looted WagonTank consisted of driver grot, an Ork Commander to oversee the battle situation and an Ork gunner as well as a grot loader. Bombsquig not included, yet.1 Boom Gun and 2 Big ShootasPride of the Red 'Orde's Army, these tankers are noticeable for their pride in green and blood as they are in the face of the enemy with their looted wagons. Unfortunately they're also infamous for replacing the kannon's shell with self-made bomb squigs as an "experiment" in tank penetrative capabilities. And that leads to alot of friendly fire injuries amongst the crew of tankers. Ironically their tanks survive all the ordeals.00001115
TranportsRed 'Orde Mekaniak Trukk1 TrukkRed Paint JobRed 'Ordes finest drivers are also speed-freaks with a penchant for death and glory, mostly death anyways. Able to deliver the best of the warband into battle with the speediest and otherwise, costly results, they can also make a mess of things.0000140