Unit Name
Unit Type
Mdl Cnt
Pts Cnt
HQCommander RyuShas'el Commander1 Shas'el Commander, 2 Shield DronesMissile Pod, Positional Relay, Shield Generator, Stimulant Injectors, Iridium Armor, Hardwired Drone Controller (2x Shield Drones)Deathrain/PosRel Purpose of Deathrain is to take out a transport or two on those first couple of turns at a distance where survivability is of importance. Shield Generator and Irisium Armor added for larger point scale. 100100103182
ElitesCrisis Team KaitonXV8 Crisis Team1 Shas'ui XV-8 Leader, 2x Shas'ui XV-8'sLeader: Missile Pod, TL-Flamers, BK, HWMT, HWDC (1x Shield Drone)
XV-8a: TL-Missile Pod, Flamer
XV-8b: TL-Flamer, Missile Pod
So called "Heatstorm" unit. This unit has great deepstrike ability as it can hit something with the Missiles or Flamers regardless of where it lands. 65100004158
ElitesStealth Team ShadowstepStealth Team1 Shas'ui leader, 2 Shas'ui, 3 Marker DronesLeader: Markerlight, BK, HWDC (2x Marker Drones)
1x Shas'ui: Drone Controller (1x Marker Drone)
1x Shas'ui: Black Sun Filter
Outflanking Markerlight Team; while it can assist in taking out light infantry, its main goal is to ensure hits against primary targets by upping BS values or removing cover. Expensive, but the Stealth suits work well for my Ninja Tau plans15100006203
ElitesCrisis Team RaijinXV8 Crisis Team1 XV-8 Leader, 2 XV-8 Shas'ui, 1x Shield DronesLeader: Plasma Rifle, Fusion Blaster, Multi-Tracker, HWDC (1x Shield Drone)
2x XV-8: Plasma Rifle, Fusion Blaster, Multi-tracker
Standard Helios squad, for MEQ/TEQ killing. This team will do great damage with a deep strike, but will walk off the table edge for horde armies or if terrain makes deep strike too risky. 30100004211
TroopsKroot Pack RavagerKroot Carnivore Squad10 Kroot, 5 Kroot Hounds10 Kroot Rifles, FangsOutflanking Objective/Assault unit. In objective based games, both Kroot squads will separate to hold/contest different objectives. In Annihilation, preferably combine effort with Kroot Pack Mauler to overwhelm the desired target. 501000015100
TroopsKroot Pack MaulerKroot Carnivore Squad10 Kroot, 5 Kroot Hounds10 Kroot Rifles, FangsOutflanking Objective Holder/Assault unit. In objective based games, will be used to outflank into outlaying objectives. In Annihilation, preferably will work with Kroot Pack Ravager to overwhelm the target unit. 651000015100
TroopsFirewarrior ChuuninFire Warriors6 Firewarriors, 1 Devilfish6 Pulse RiflesDevilfish: SMS, TA, DP, MTRequired FW squad, in Warfish to provide firepower support and to help hold/contest objectives. 100100007180
Fast AttackPiranha ShurikenPiranha1 PiranhaFusion Blaster, Target Array, Flechette Discharger, Disruption Pod, 2x Gun DronesFast tank killer/objective contester. May also be used as a guard unit blocking assault paths for necessary units. 610000185
Heavy SupportHammerhead MusashiHammerhead1 HammerheadRailgun, 2x Burst Cannons, Disruption Pod, Target Lock, Multi-trackerAnti-tank killer. If necessary, Burst Cannons allow the Hammerhead to support killing light infantry but distance will have to be appropriately guessed to not leave it vulnerable to assault if all weapons were to be fired. 100100001170
Heavy SupportBroadside Team MoyimotoBroadside Team1 XV-88 Leader, 1x Shield DroneLeader: SMS, A.S.S., HWDC (1x Shield Drones)
Another anti-tank unit, he will probably be the first to arrive on table board unless the Hammerhead's Submunitions are more important. The A.S.S. is required because of the unit always coming in from the table edge. However, this usually guarantees that I can get LoS to my target by proper placement during the walk in. 50100002100