Unit Name
Unit Type
Mdl Cnt
Pts Cnt
HQWarboss Wazrokk da Kill KrushaWarboss1 Warboss'Eavy Armour, Twin-linked Shoota, Power Klaw, BosspoleWazrokk joins Da Boss'z Ladz.Wazrokk and Da Boss'z Ladz are transported by a Battlewagon.Wazrokk was part of the warband that joined Tuska on his fight to fight the best battle. When they landed on the daemon planet, they were forced to fight again and again to the amusement of the dark god, Khorne. In another part of the galaxy, a throng of orks were fighting a detachment of Salamanders chapther and an ork wyrdboy named Warphead Wazurt da Whizzbanga had the bad luck of finally having a 'eadbanger and exploded in a bright light and a shower of guts and gore. Standing amidst the disoriented orks was the towering giant named Wazrokk. The orks watched in amazement (or sheer terror) as Wazrokk ripped, bashed, and smashed his way through the ENTIRE battlion of space marines. In the end he tore off the legs of the final space marine, bound his wrists together, and chained him to his shoota, "Da Hole-puncha". 100100001100
HQGrimgash da Smasha-bashaWarboss1 WarbossMega Armour, Bosspole, Shoota/skorcha-kombi, Choppa, StikkbombzSomehow escaping the carnage of Wazrokk's intial tribe-conqueriing movement, the Bad Moon warboss known as Grimgash da Smasha-basha was the leader of a clan of Bad Moon orks that Wazrokk somehow manged to ignore. When Wazrokk realized this mistake, he smashed him and his boyz up good before absorbing them into his WAAAGH! He is allowed only by Wazrokk's side to serve as an example to the other boyz and to get a few good teef once in a while.00001110
HQ'Warmek' Skragga ZagblitzBig Mek1 Big Mek, 3 Ammo RuntsShokk Attack Gun, Mek's ToolsThe 'Warmek' known as Skragga came from a clan of builders called Da Kwik Meks that Wazrokk conquered on Carpathia (x=1222, y=1113) in a touch-n-go mission there. A mass of Mek camps and construction sites had somehow bypassed Imperial scanners and scouts. Skragga was at the forefront of this uprising and he headed several stompa building facilities. Within days of Wazrokk's landing, Snikrot's kommandos and Light Finga's lootas scoured the entire, 10 kilomter camp, taking whatever they could. Skragga happened to be part of the "whatever" because he was ork-napped and was placed as head of konstruction of Wazrokk's growing WAAAGH! Since then, he has built himself a fair amount of "mek speshuls" in his spare time, including a Shokk Attack Gun named "Zzappy" and most of the Killa Kanz and Dreds that are part of the clan.00004104
ElitesDakkaskab'z Iron Rock LootasLootas5 LootasDeffguns(5)Dakkaskab is characterized by the many scars and scab that dot his arms and legs, which I will make out of green stuff.Unlike the other non-Evil Sunz clans, Dakkaskab and his Iron Rock Lootas are really just tag-alongs. They loot the field after every battle, competing with the Bad Moons Boyz for certain items. Wherever a battle ensues between WAAAGH! Wazrokk and another faction, the Iron Rock Lootas are closing in behind. Wazrokk doesn't mind them. He just wants them out of his way when he wants their deffguns.0000575
ElitesSnikrot's Redskull KommandosKommandos1 Boss Snikrot, 9 KommandosMork's Teeth, Stikkbombs
Slugga(10), Choppa(10), Stikkbombs(10)
No one knows how Snikrot, the infamous "ghost" that leads Da Redskull Kommandos, got into WAAAGH!Wazrokk. Perhaps he infiltrated their ranks quietly and cunningly, eventually revealing himself during battle. Maybe he was a prisoner that Wazrokk couldn't kill or say no to. Whatever happened, he has become an invaluable element in the WAAAGH!000010235
ElitesGrubstuf'z Bursta BoyzTankbustas1 Tankbusta Nob, 2 Bomb Squigs, 8 TankbustasRokkit Launcha, Tankbusta Bombs
Rokkit Launcha(7), Tankbusta Bombs(7), Tank Hammer
Grubstuf and his Burst Boyz love nothing more than to watch a tank explode and see the debris crush others underneath. This warband came into contact with Wazrokk shortly after his victory at Sulairn. With some "persuasion" and a load of teef, the Bursta Boyz became part of his growing WAAAGH!. Grubstuf is the narcisistic leader of the mob that loves to be the one who gets noticed for blowing up tanks and walkers.000010140
ElitesDa Rok'eadsNobz1 Painboy, 6 NobzDok's Tools
Slugga(6), Choppa(3), Power Klaw(3), 'Eavy Armour, WAAAGH! Banner
Da Rok'eads were a tribe almost exclusively made up of nobs and had three consecutive warbosses on the southern edge of V'Run's (x=1426, y=1073 on WH40K Starmap) largest continent. It is here where Wazrokk was recruited for Tuska's voyage to find the best fight. It went downhill from there. After Wazrokk's return on Sulairn, he found a contigent of Rok'ead nobz that had made a campsite near the far end of Wazrokk's camp. They were immediately conquered and absorbed into the WAAAGH! and became part of Wazrokk's nob bodygaurd. How the painboy, Gutspilla, became part of the bodyguard is beyond all Imperial records.9942007300
ElitesBurna's BoyzBurna Boyz5 Burna BoyzBurnas(5)Their armour will have come from destroyed Salamanders equipment, so it will have pictures of fire and flames.Burna da Bugflama is the leder of a highly trained group of boyz called "Burna's Boyz". He blends in to his squad, so it's hard to distinguish between him and the others.0000575
ElitesLight Finga's Blasta BoyzLootas13 LootasDeffguns(13)Their colors are a duller yellow with black highlights and designs. Their faces are partially yellow.Before Wazrokk sacked Grimgash's clan, Da Balsta Boyz were another clan part of Grimgash's looting crew. They specialized in smash-and-grab missions and commonly raided the other tribes' warehouses and food storages. When Wazrokk's clan invaded, they reluctantly followed suit. Since then, Wazrokk has put the untrustworthy and sticky-handed ork known by his peers as "Light Finga" in charge of overseeing this lot.00001195
ElitesSkabkop'z Booma BoyzTankbustas1 Nob, 8 TankbustasRokkit-launcha, Tankbusta bombz
Rokkit-launcha(7), Tank Hammer, Tankbusta Bombz(7)
Da Booma Boyz are transported by Da Big Booma.Skabkop and his Booma Boyz charge into battle towrds any armoured target of their desire, knocking over infantry and impaling them on spiky rockets. The boyz then start out on a rampage on thir target, smashing and tearing apart the target.00009145
TroopsNafshug'z Bad Moons BoyzSlugga Boyz1 Nob, 29 Slugga BoyzPower Klaw, Bosspole, Slugga
Choppa(26), Slugga(26), Big Shoota(3)
The Bad Moons Boys are another group of Orks under Wazrokk's rule. Just like the other nobs in Wazrokk's WAAAGH!, their warboss was subjugated into leading his surviving tribe members into battle. Grimgash's boyz are an exception because Grimgash's second-in-command leads them in battle. Since Bad Moons are renowned for their supply of teef, Wazrokk beats their leader half-to-death when needs a quick buck (or toof for that matter).45231130235
TroopsDa Footstompa BoyzBoyz Mob1 Nob, 11 Slugga BoyzChoppa(11), Slugga(11), Big Shoota
Bosspole, Power Klaw, Slugga
Dey are transported by "Squiggly".000012117
TroopsDa Boss's LadzNobz5 NobzSlugga(5), Choppa(5)Da Boss'z Ladz ride in Da Boss'z Wagon.Each nob is a former warboss that is from a clan that Wazrokk has absorbed into his WAAAGH!. The tribe's painboy, Gutspilla, perfromed the risky procedure of implanting the brains of squigs into them. Now, they are basically Warokk's attack dogs that Warokk sends into battle in place of him.100100005105
TroopsNazthug'z Evil Sunz BoyzSlugga Boyz1 Nob, 29 Slugga BoyzPower Klaw, Bosspole, Slugga
Choppa(26), Slugga(26), Big Shoota(3)
The Evil Sunz Boyz originate from the same tribe as Wazrokk and are lead by the curiously destructive nob, Nazthug. Since they were yoofs, they have watched over and trained by Wazrokk. Only "da toffest uv da toff an' da 'ardest uv da 'ard" can even hope to become part of the vanguard of WAAAGH! Wazrokk, Da Brainbashas.97501130235
TroopsOrkrut'z Brainbashaz'Ard Boyz1 'Ard Nob, 22 'Ard Boyz'Ard Boy Armour, Bosspole, Power Klaw, Slugga
'Ard Boy Armour(22), Choppa(20), Slugga(20), Big Shoota(2)
The nob will carry a banner on his back.The Brainbashas are an elite group of Evil Sunz boyz that have proven themselves worthy to wear heavier armour. Led by their sadistic nob, Orkrot, they charge into battle with gunz blazing and choppas whizzing through the air. Of course their favorite weapons are their bear hands to bash the brains out of their enemies. The members of the Brainbashas go through rigorous training like crawling on a cable suspended over starving squigs and one-on-twelve cave squig wrestling.000023280
TroopsDa Kannon FoddaGretchin2 Runtherds, 20 GrotzGrabba Stik(2), Slugga(2), Squig Hound(2)
The gretchin affectionetly known as Da Kannon Fodda are essentialy gretchin that have been taken out of their natural habitat on Sulairn (wherever that may be) and forced them into slavery. They are commonly released ahead of the main horde to provide a choice to the enemy: either shoot the countless gretchin that are surging forth with no armour and little weapons or shoot the orks whose armour might stop your bullet.00002280
TroopsNazork'z DakkanatorsShoota Boyz1 Shoota Nob, 14 Shoota BoyzSlugga, Power Klaw
Shoota(13), Big Shoota
The Dakkanators were yet another clan conquered by Wazrokk's growing WAAAGH! Their clan is a run-off of the Blood Axes and they take their camoflauge in stride. They paint stripes on their arms and legs and have their armor painted in our modern military fashion. Nazrok, their warboss, is obssessed with his Power claw, "Da Pervkilla", which has seen buckets of Dark Eldar blood.000015130
TroopsZon'z Trukka BoyzTrukka Boyz1 Nob, 11 Slugga BoyzSlugga, Power Klaw
Slugga(11), Choppa(11)
Zon'z boyz will be painted in the color of the Death Skulls clan.Zon'z Trukka Boyz ride in a trukk.Zon and Don are the ork equivalent to identical twins, one is smashy and one is bashy. Zon, the smashy one, is a suicidal ork that leaps off his Death Skulls trukk and lands on an enemy and starts...,well, smashing!000012100
TroopsDon'z Trukka BoyzTrukka Boyz1 Nob, 11 Slugga BoyzSlugga, Power Klaw
Slugga(11), Choppa(11)
Don and his boyz will be painted in the colors of the Death Skulls clan. Also, I will use green stuff to make peeling metal strands coming out of the sides of the trukk.Don'z Trukka Boyz ride in a trukk.Zon and Don are the ork equivalent to identical twins, one is smashy and one is bashy. Don, the bashy one, has gone through several trukks throughout his life. Why? He has bashed through the sides and the rear of all of his trukks to get to an enemy. Just imagine, a trukk passes you and there is an arm and a head sticking out the side of the trukk.000012100
Fast AttackSunz in da SkyDeffkoptas Mob3 DeffcoptersTwin-Linked Rokkit Launchas(3)Da pilots ride in their Deffcoptas.Made by the infamous Murda-Meks of Tigrus, the Sunz in da Sky is a Deffcopta gang originating from the Evil Sunz. How they got into the WAAAGH! is known only to Wazrokk himself.45100003135
Fast AttackWazdakka's Biker GangBikerz
1 Warbiker Nob
3 Warbikers
Power Klaw, Bosspole, Slugga, Dakkagun
Choppa(3), Slugga(3), Dakkagun(3)
I will kitbash a model for Wazdakka.Dey ride in Warbikes.As WAAAGH!Wazrokk rampaged through Scalex IV, the WAAAGGH! was joined by none other than the (in)famous Wazdakka. The skulls of the Princeps still flaming, he rode into the battle with his most trusted bikers and joined the WAAAGH! right there on the spot.00004140
Fast AttackZodgrub'z Rokkit RangasBattlewagon1 Stormboy Nob, 9 StormboyzStormboy Rokkit Pack, Stikkbombz, Power Klaw, Choppa, Slugga
Slugga(9), Choppa(9), Stormboy Rokkit Pack(9), Stikkbombz(9)
They will be colored orange and blue.The Rokkit Rangas were yet another ork clan conquered by Wazrokk's growing WAAAGH! The Rokkit Rangas have an insane amount of Rokkit Packs and suicidal orks (which go good together). Zodgrub da Headstompa leads them into battle with their gunz blazing and rokkits roaring.000010170
Fast AttackDa SpeedstasWartrakk3 WarbuggiesTwin-linked Big Shoota(2), Twin-linked Rokkit-launchaThe Speedstas branch off of the Speed Freaks kult on Sulairn. After the ambush on the Salamanders at the Tau capital, word spread fast about the bold attack. One of the first warbands to voluntarily join the new WAAAGH! were the Speedstas. Their wartakks provided a stable firing platform for their weapons on smash-and-grab attacks on the Salamanders.00003110
Fast AttackDa Vulcha SquadStormboyz1 Zagstrukk, 5 StormboyzSlugga, Choppa, Rokkit Pack, Cybork Body, Stikkbombz
Slugga(5), Choppa(5), Stikkbombz(5), Rokiit Pack(5)
Heavy SupportSquiggly1 SquiggothKannon, Zzap Gun, Big Shoota(2), Rokkit-Launcha(2)This transports Da Footstompa Boyz.It seems that Da Footstompas have joined da WAAAGH!!! "Squiggly" is the Footstompas most prized possession, often treating it with love and affection. The beast is armed to the teeth (literally!) with an array of gunz, bitz, and what-not.00001275
Heavy SupportRotzog da DredDeff Dread Mob1 Deff Dred4 DCCW, Extra Armour, Grot RiggersI'm going to make it hold a Space Marine in one hand and reaching for a Tau Fire Warrior, who's cowering in fear on the ground.Rotzog da Dred is a Bad Moon Dred, but you woudn00001120
Heavy SupportDa Mega Dreds!!!Mega Dread1 Mega DreadRippa Klaws(2), Big Shoota(2), Armour Plates00001175
Heavy SupportBadrukk'z Flash Gitz1 Kaptin BadrukkGoldtoof Armour, Da Rippa, Powder Grotz, Bosspole, Slugga, Choppa, Gitfinda, StikkbombsI might use Loota arms with nob bodies or modify Nob sluggas.Currently, Badrukk is looking for a squad of Flash Gitz to boss around.00001135
Heavy SupportDa Mega Dreds!!!Mega Dread1 Mega Dread
Rippa Klaws(2)
Big Shoota(2)
Armour Plates
Heavy SupportGorteef da RippaDeff Dread Mob1 Deff DredDCCW(2), Rokkit-launcha(2)I make it have one foot foward and have one arm it the air. The other arm will be angled away from the body, grasping a Space Marine with no limbs. His rokkits will have also fired with smoke trailng behind.Gorteef was a madboy in his life before he became a Deff Dred. He had to be restrained around the other orks and was always the subject of the Mad Dok's "Mood Improva", which always failed miserably. When Wazrokk decided it was about time to get a few Deff Dreds, the Mad Dok proposed Gorteef to Skragga. After the integration process, Gorteef actually seemed calmer than before. The Mad Dok was angry at this and has always been.0000195
Heavy SupportSkragga'z BestKilla Kan Mob3 Killa Kanz
DCCW(3), Rokkit Launcha(2), Big Shoota
Heavy SupportZodsnik da CuttaCity of Death Strategem1 Deff DredDCCW(2), Rokkit-launcha, Big Shoota, Grot RiggasI will make him look like he's lunging foward with a buzzsaw going through a Fire Warrior. Yes, his body will be turned right (if it were facing you). His other arm will be in the air and his rokkit-launcha will have one rokkit missing.0000195
Heavy SupportUzog da 'Ead'untaDeff Dread Mob1 Deff Dread
DCCW(2), Big Shoota, Skorcha
TranportsDa Crumpin' TrukkTrukk1 TrukkBig Shoota
Armour Plates
Grot Riggers
Wreckin' Ball
-The poor trukk was assembled in record, by Ork standards, and was neglected a few important bitz. The trukk has the RAMSHACKLE Ork rule.I dunno yet.This trukk is the result of a kult of Evil Sunz, Bad Moons, andDeath Skulls. The Evil Sunz provided the trukk, the Bad Moons provided the Grots, and the Death Skulls provided all the protecty and killy bitz.
Of course, the Evil Sunz wanted to have it, so they killed the others and took the trukk as their own. To show the other Orks who did it, they hung all of the kult's dead big mek skulls on the trukk as trophys.
TranportsDa Kill KartTrukk1 Trukk
Big Shoota
Aromour Plates
Grot Riggers
Wreckin' Ball
This trukk is designated as the COMMAND VEHICLE of the "Trukk Konvoy".This trukk caries no one whatsoever.When WAAAGH!Wazrokk came to join Warlord Ghazghkull at Armageddon, he brought a whole array of trukks, wagons, and the such. In the wide open spaces of the Dead Lands, Da Kill Kart is a common sght on the battlefield. Da Kill Kart comes from a detachment of Speed Freaks known as the roadstas. It share ties with the Evil Sunz and the Chargerz, a technologically advanced tribe of Snakebies. But, I digress. It is seen leading groups of trukks, filled to the brim with Boyz and Nobz, into enemy fortifications at break-neck speed.0000160
TranportsZon'z TrukkTrukk1 Trukk
Big Shoota, Red Paint(In this case, blue!)
The trukk will be painted in the colors of the Death Skulls clan. The Red Paint will be represented by blue paint.This trukk transports Zon'z Trukka Boyz.0000140
TranportsDon'z TrukkTrukk1 Trukk
Big Shoota, Red Paint(In this case, blue!)
The trukk will be painted in the colors of the Death Skulls clan. The Red Paint will be represented by blue paint.This trukk transports Don'z Trukka Boyz.0000140
TranportsDa Big BoomaTrukk1 TrukkBig ShootaThe trukk is filled with squigs and dynamites.This trukk transports Da Booma Boyz.0000135
TranportsDa Boss'z WagonBattlewagon1 BattlewagonKill Kannon, Zzap Gun, Big Shootas(4), Bomb Chukka, Extra Armour, Grot Riggas, Red Paint JobDa Boss'z Wagon transports Wazrokk and his Nobs.After the invention of Da Crumpin' Trukk, Skragga went to work on Wazrokk's personal ride. His designs for a Battlewagon excited Wazrokk and his boyz. Skragga placed a fairly large kannon and four, pintle mounted shootas (2 on each side) on the new wagon. He also perfected the bomb chukka design and palced it on the ride. After hiring some grots to help him, he welded scraps of metal onto any open areas on the Battlewagon. Finally, he added a finishing touch to the wagon by adding an old lascannon and a long red line to it.00001210
MiscellaneousSquig PenObjective Marker-Any enemy unit that infiltrates within 12" of the pen roll on a D6. on a 3+, D3 Ork units get a free round of shooting at the infiltrated unit.
-All units within 12" of the pen must take a Dangerous Terrain test at the end of their Movement phase.
The biggest, most dangerous Squigs are often herded into a large pen, but no enclosure can garuntee to keep the hungry beasts in, and, as a result, escaped Squigs are a common hazard.000010
MiscellaneousDa WatcherObjective Marker1 Watcher(OM)Duffbag Da Watcher is what they call him. And for good reason, too. He always climbs to the tallest point on the battlefield, with his trusty grot friend on his back. It is there where he surveys the battlefield, gaining a tactical advantage against the enemy.000010
MiscellaneousGork's EyesEye in da Sky1 Evil Eye StompaSupa-rokkits(5), Supa-dupa Rokkit(1), Deth kannon, Supa-gatler, Big Shoota(1), Rear-Mounted Big Shoota(1)Da Evil Eye in the Sky transports 3 Deffcoptas.The mechanical monstrosity known to the Orks as the Evil Eye in da Sky is the insane creation of Big Mek Dakrok. The Evil Eye in da Sky is a Stompa, with a number of "Big Mek"s Speshuls" added. These include extra and larger rokkits, a head-mounted supa-gatler, a belly-mounted deth kannon, and, most unusually, an unlikely system for transporting and launching its compliment of Deffkoptas. Dakrok has become an expert of sorts in using the Deffkoptas to pinpoint enemy positions so that the Evil Eye"s rokkits can be zeroed in on
the foe with unerring accuracy. It takes a particularly unhinged Ork to volunteer to pilot one of Dakrok's Deffkoptas, but for many the
chance to be propelled at breakneck speed from the Evil Eye"s launch ramp is just too exciting an opportunity to pass up.
MiscellaneousThe Lonely GrotObjective Marker1 Grot(OM)Poor grot. All alone. With no one around. Toting a lascannon.000010
MiscellaneousDa Kil Krusha1 Kil KrushaTurret-mounted Krusha Kannon
-Boom Shell
-Tankhamma Shell
-Scrappa Shell
-Blasta Burna
Grot Riggers
Big Shoota(3)
Grot Sponsoons(2)
MiscellaneousDa Kil Krusha1 Kil KrushaTurret-mounted Krusha Kannon, Grot Riggers, Big Shoota(3), Deff-Rolla, Grot Sponsoons(2), Skorcha00001350
MiscellaneousDa Goff Rockas!Objective Marker3 Rockas(OM)Rock on!000030
MiscellaneousDa Moon MinelayaMinelayer1 MinelayerKill Kannon, Big Shoota(3), Minelaying Wench00001325
MiscellaneousDa Kil KrushaKil Krusha Tank1 Kil Krusha
Turret-mounted Krusha Kannon
-Boom Shell
-Tankhamma Shell
-Scrappa Shell
-Blasta Burna
Grot Riggers
Big Shoota(3)
Grot Sponsoons(2)
MiscellaneousDa Dreadskull KommandosAmbush Spearhead3 Deff DredzDCCW(6), Rokkit Launcha(3), Big Shoota(2), Skorcha, Extra Armour(3)These Dreds were once part of a kommnado mob known as the "Dreadskull Kommandos" until they were put up for Skragga's Deff Dred program. Altough large and bulky, they wear their camo with pride as they leap out of the underbrush to maul enemies.00003185