Unit Name
Unit Type
Mdl Cnt
Pts Cnt
HQThe Captain's RavinsCommand Squad1 captain, 2 bodyguards, 4 veteransPlasma pistol, Power weapon, Regimental standard, Meltagun, Vox caster , Carapace armor, Meltabombs, 2 bodyguards, Medic,Chimera With Extra armor100100007255
HQSir ViridisLord-Commissar1 Lord CommissarPlasma pistol, Power weapon, Carapace armor, Melta Bombs100100001105
ElitesThe Emperors fist'sStorm Trooper Squad1 Squad sergeant, 9 Storm troops7 Hot-shot lasguns, Grenade launcher, Flamer, Plasma pistol, Power weapon,1001000010195
TroopsThe Fire BirthersVeteran Squad1 Sergent, 9 veterans2 flamers, Hvy flamer, Grenadiers,1001000010130
TroopsInfantry Squad 1Infantry Platoon Infanty Squad1 Sargent, 9 guardsmen1 grenade launcher, 1 Vox caster,Part of Infantry platoon 1100100001060
TroopsInfantry Squad 2Infantry Platoon Infanty Squad1 Sargent, 9 guardsmenGrenade Launcher, Vox caster,this is part of infantry platoon 1100100001060
TroopsArmors enemyHeavy Weapons Squad3 hvy weapon teams2 Auto cannons, LascannonPart of infantry platoon 110010000385
Troops5 men of furyInfantry Platoon Command Squad1 Platoon Captain, 4 guardsmenGrenade Launcher, Vox Caster,Part of Platoon 110010000540
Fast AttackHellhoundHellhound1 HellhoundHull heavy flamer and turret inferno cannon100100001130
Fast AttackValkyrieValkyrie Gunship1 Valkyrie2 multiple rocket pods, Multi laser100100001130
Heavy SupportThe Iron SaviorLeman Russ Squadron1 Leman Russ battle tankHvy bolter sponsons, Lascannon, Hvy Stubber,100100001195
Heavy SupportKillers from AfarOrdnance Battery1 BasiliskHvy bolter, Earth shaker cannon100100001125
Heavy SupportThe Emperors FuryLeman Russ Squadron1 Leman Russ DemolisherPlasma cannon sponsons, Lascannon100100001220