Unit Name
Unit Type
Mdl Cnt
Pts Cnt
HQMeksnikkWarbosscombi shoota/skorcha, big choppa, attack squig, eavy armor, cybork body. Smartest of the three Snikk brothers, who single handedly blew up a soul grinder in their last battle. 1510000195
ElitesHole punchasLootas10Deffguns1001000010150
ElitesDa Sneaky BoyzKommandos10Burnas X 2Lead by Snikrot, Da Sneaky Boyz are responsible for the deaths of countless rear line combat units. Their trophy rack is covered in the heads of Eldar pathfinders, Necron warriors, IG tank commanders, and many others.01000010205
TroopsBloo Clovah's trukk boyzBoyz12Bloo Clovah has a power claw, bosspole, and big shoota.Trukk with a rokkit and reinforced ramMany would be speed freaks flocked to fight alongside Bloo Clovah, for it is said that he is a lucky charm, and those near him are protected by Gork or Mork. During his first battle four of his boyz were actually saved by their armor to sniper fire. 1001000012162
TroopsSpidah Claw's trukk boyzBoyz11Spidah Claw has a power claw and bosspole.Trukk with rokkit and reinforced ram. Spidah Claw earned his name while fighting the Tineads. He single handedly killed two tomb spiders, and has since been the bane of their exsistence. His boyz also have the honor of being Meksnikk's personal body guards. 01000011151
TroopsSnipah Snipah's trukk boyzBoyz12Snipah Snipah has a power claw, bosspole, and big shootaTrukk with rokkit and reinforced ram. Snipah Snipah earned his fame while the Wamp Gataz were in a battle with the Blood Angels. While relocating (falling back, but don't say that to his face), Snipah Snipah pelted a hilltop were some scout snipers were trying to pin the Ork forces from. Over a few turns he managed to wipe out the squad with his big shoota. 1001000012162
TroopsGrimmskimmah's trukk boyzBoyz12Grimmskimmah has a powerclaw and bosspole.Trukk with rokkit and reinforced ram. Grimmskimmah stared certain death in the face and pimp slapped it. During a bloody campaign against the panzees, he found himself in the way of a tankshocking skimmer. Instead of moving, he flexed his power claw and ripped the thing out of the air. 1001000012157
TroopsThe namelessGretchin12Used to sit back and claim objectives while the boyz have all the real fun. These little grots haven't done anything noteworthy yet. 5100001243
Fast AttackBignutz flyboysStormboyz5Bignutz has a power claw and bosspoleThough Orks don't have them, this particular nob has a huge pair of brass balls, having unflinchingly stared down the Deceiver and lived to tell about it. 0100005100
Fast AttackDa otha flyboysStormboyz5The nob has a big choppa and bosspole.So far the supporting unit hasn't distinguished themselves yet. 010000580
Fast AttackIceork and MavorkDeffkoptas Mob2Mavork has a buzzsaw and big shoota, while Iceork dismantles tanks with a twin linked rokkit. Two cool cats, who love to go fast, and feel the need for extreme speed. The pair of kopta pilots often boosts ahead of the main forces and takes out enemy transports and other dangerous shooty units.0100002105
Heavy SupportDaemon sittahKilla Kan Mob1GrotzookaDaemon sittah is most at home when surrounded by his favorite playthings; bloodletters. The grot pilot loves charging into large swarms of them and slowly and playfully smashing them one by one.10010000145
Heavy SupportPie ChuckaKilla Kan Mob1GrotzookaPie Chucka lives to throw pie plates all over the field of battle, and watch as the enemies of the Wamp Gataz going flying through the air.10010000145