Unit Name
Unit Type
Mdl Cnt
Pts Cnt
HQChaplain CassiusChaplain1 ChaplainArtificer armour, plasma pistol, crozius arcanum, rosarius, frag and krak grenades.Cassius was a Reclusiarch in the Imperial Fists who was brought in to the Knights of Dorn upon its founding. His calming, reassuring voice has inspired his Knights on scores of battlefields. He is well known for fearlessly taking on the largest of threats to his fellow Knights. His most famous kill occured during the Siege of Hive Belgerad when he managed to kill a Bardbed Hierdoule in close combat. 100100001148
HQCommander VariusCastelen1 CastelenPower armour, master-crafted power weapon, bolt pistol, frag and krak grenades10010000594
HQTonius, Knight-Champion of DornChapter Champion1 ChampionArtificer armour, iron halo, Black Sword, bolt pistol, Space Marine bike, frag and krak grenades.Every 25 years, the entire Chapter gathers on their homeworld of Ragnarok to conduct the Tornament. Every Marine in the Chapter with the exception of the Chaplains and Company Commanders take part in a series of duels against one another. The tornament continues through round after round of knock-out stages until one Marine is declared champion. That marine is then taken from the Chapter's hierarchy and equipped with the finest armour and weapons in the Chapter's armoury. The champion's role in the battlefield is to seek out and eliminate the leader of the enemy force, regardless of where they might be. As a result, the champion will often opt to go into battle with jump packs, bikes or land speeders so as to reach the opposing leader as fast as possible.
The current champion is Tonius. A veteran sergeant from the Chapter's 4th Company, Tonius won his first tornament easily to ascend to the role of champion. Almost 80 years later, 3 tornaments in a row, Tonius is still going strong as the champion. Ork Warbosses, Eldar Autrachs and Chaos Lords have all fallen to his blade, and he is considered one of the Imperium's finest swordsmen. The greatest of his triumphs was on Epsilion Idara IV where he bested Lucius the Eternal in single combat at the breach in the capital city's curtain walls. The two combatants fought for a night and a day non-stop until finally Tonius ran his sword through Lucius' primary heart. Lucius survived the encounter, and has vowed to someday kill the only enemy to have defeated him and lived to tell the tale.
HQChapter Master GamblorMarshall1 Chapter MasterTerminator armour, master-crafted power weapon, storm bolterGamblor was a Marshall in the Black Templars when he was selected by High Marshall Helbrecht to lead the newly created Knights of Dorn. The young Marhsall was under investigation by the Inqusition for refusing to perform Exterminatus against a world under attack by Tyranids, opting instead to launch his forces planetside to fight the xenos. Although his forces were victorious, albiet at a heavy cost, the Inquisitor who he disobeyed was only stopped from excecuting him by direct intervention from the High Marshall. To prove his loyalty to the Imperium, and to placate his fellow Marhsalls who also called for his blood, he was given command of the Knights of Dorn. Ever since, he has proven himself on a hundred battle fields to be a loyal Space Marine. Despite this, the Inqusition has always kept a wary eye on the Knights, ready to pounce on the slightest of crack to appear in the new Chapter's loyalty100100001140
ElitesVeteran Squad Sword Brethern9 VeteransPower Armour, bolt pistol and chainsword, power weapon, lightning claws, frag and krak grenades.Terminator honoursRhino100100009328
ElitesBrother HixiusDreadnought1 DreadnoughtAssault cannon, heavy flamer, power fist, searchlight, smoke launcher100100001114
ElitesBrother NilusVenerable Dreadnought1 DreadnoughtTwin-linked lascannon, storm bolter, power fistVenerable100100001145
TroopsKnight Squad 1Crusader Squad9 Space Marines and Sergeant; 5 scoutsPower armour, bolters. One flamer and one missile launcher.1001000015236
TroopsKnight Squad 2Crusader SquadSergeant and 9 Marines; 5 scoutsPower armour, bolt pistol and chainsword, power weapon, power fist, frag and krak grenadesLand Raider Crusader1001000015260
TroopsKnight Squad 3Crusader SquadSergeant and 9 MarinesPower armour, bolt pistol and chainsword, frag and krak grenades, power weapon, power fist1001000010215
Fast AttackAssault SquadAssault SquadSergeant and 9 MarinesPower armour, jump packs, bolt pistol and chainsword, frag grenades, melta bombs, power weapon, 2x plasma pistols1001000010260
Fast AttackBike SquadBike Squadron3 MarinesPower armour, bolt pistol, space marine bike, flamer, frag grenades10010000399
Fast AttackLand Speeder TyphoonLand Speeder Squadron1 Land SpeederExtra armour, heavy bolter, Typhoon Missile Launcher10010000175
Heavy SupportLand Raider CrusaderLand Raider Crusader1 Land Raider CrusaderMulti-melta, hurricane bolters, twin-linked assault cannon, smoke launchers100100001268
Heavy SupportPredatorPredator AnnihilatorLascannon, sponson lascannons, pintle-mounted storm bolter100100001150
TranportsVeteran Squad's RhinoRhino1 RhinoStorm bolter, extra armour, smoke launchers10010000158
MiscellaneousCommand Squad VariusCommand SquadSergeant and 4 MarinesPower Armour, frag grenades, plasma gunApothecary, Company Champion, Standard Bearer, Terminator Honours100100001190
MiscellaneousTerminator Squad XerxesTerminator Command SquadSergeant and 4 TerminatorsTerminator armour, storm bolter and powerfist, assault cannon, 2x chainfists100100005220