1 unit(s), 223 points, 12 model(s). 65.01% of points spent on this section.

Points Cost: 223

Model Count: 12

Painted: 7%

Modelled: 7%

Battles Fought: 0

Battles Survived: 0

Sorv Delta Front line Shas'la La'rua (Fire Warriors)

A front line unit thats main tasks are to hold objectives and stratigic locations.

Number/Squad: 11 Shas'la, 1 Shas'ui

Wargear: Shas'la=photon grenade, EMP grenade, 3 pulse carbines and 8 pulse rifles. Shas'ui=photon grenade, EMP grenade and a pulse carbine.

Other Upgrades: Shas'ui=marker light, hard-wired multi-tracker, hard-wired target lock, bonding knife and a hard-wired drone controller with 2 gun drones.


1 unit(s), 120 points, 1 model(s). 34.99% of points spent on this section.

Points Cost: 120

Model Count: 1

Painted: Yes

Modelled: Yes

Battles Fought: 0

Battles Survived: 0

Sorv Alpha Eastern Defence Post (Defence Post)

Defence posts are Blachen-mae's least powerful defences but there are quite alot of them so they play their part. The Defence post counts as building with armour value 14 and has 12 firing points 3 on each side, 1 Entrance point and a transport capacity of 36.

Number/Squad: 1 Defence post

Wargear: Lightning arc: Range=12" Strength=6 AP=4 Type=Assault1*
*All units that do not belong to thoose operating the bunker with in 12" are struck once after this is done roll a dice for each unit on a 4+ another strike is done do the same after that and again and again the only way this will stop is when either the unit being struck is wiped out or you fail to roll a 4+.

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