Unit Name
Unit Type
Mdl Cnt
Pts Cnt
HQShas'o Eldi'Y'HeShas'o CommanderCyclic Ion Blaster,fusion blaster, Plasme rifle, H-W drone controller (2x sheild drones), H-W Multi-tracker, H-W Target lock, Stimulant injector
Name means Winged Death/Destiny, He's got a name because in an appocalype game he, after losing his bodyguard and sheild drones, shot at a squad made up of a terminator chaplain, Calgar and Lysander, killed the chaplain. And then assualted and killed Lysander100100761172
HQEldi'Y'He bodyguardXV8 Crisis TeamMissile pod, Plasma rifle, Targeting array, H-W Multi-tracker, H-W Target lock.
TroopsGrowsh Kroot Carnivore SquadKroot Carnivore Squad20 kroot, 4 Kroot hounds, 2 Krootox RidersArmourShaper01005226274
TroopsFire Warrior Team Sha'isFire Warriors10 Fire WarriorsMarkerlight, H-W Drone controler (1 marker drone), Photon grenadesShas'ui01007311170
TroopsFire Warrior Team ShasFire Warriors10 Fire WarriorsMarkerlight, H-W Drone controler (1 marker drone), Photon grenadesShas'ui01007411170
Fast AttackPathfinder Team KauyonPathfinders Team6 Shas'la2x RailriflesDevilfish w. Sensor spines, targeting array, Multi tracker, Target lock, Fletchet discharger, Disruption pod
Fast AttackDrone Team TwelveDrone Squad6 Gun Drones010072172
Heavy SupportBroadside TeamAun'va3 Broadside SuitsAdvanced Stabalisation Systems, Shas'Vre Kais Ol'Suam has Plasma Rifles and Drone Controler (Two Sheild Drones)Team Leader, Shas'VreShas'Vre Kais Ol'Suam is team leader. Named so because of one apocalypse game where her entire team was wiped out leaving her falling back. She was assaulted by Tyranid warriors and killed them after two turns without losing a wound, just in time to fire her railgun at a particularly effective ShadowSword super heavy, and take all of its structure points. The tank then exploded spectacularly and wiped out a good few squads worth of expensive terminators. 33100773290