Nobz; The Crème de la Crème of the Orks

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Da Boyz are here. The cry ofWaaargh is shouted on a thousand worlds asthe Orks rampage through the universe on their holy war. Smoke-belching Ork Gargants stamp across the battlefield,smashing all resistance and leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. Nobz control and direct their forces as the boyzcharged madly at the enemy, bolters blazing. Stormboyz march in precise ranks, Madboyz gibber and prance,Painboyz administer their own unique brand of mendin'. Great Battlewagons lurch over the ravaged landscapes,escorted by flotillas of whooping Orks revving their bikes and buggies. Behind the front, Weirdboyz channel the psychic energiesof the battle-crazed army into blasts of pure psychic power. Huge herds of Gretchin and Snotlings are driven into enemyranks to overwhelm by sheer force of numbers alone.  Surely no other race in the universe loves war so much as the Orks.

Credits goes to Captain Silas Scourge (Ged) and especially Bebe for their articles I refer to in this article.

Thanks to Boneguard for correcting the main title.

Nobz; the Elite of the Orks. Who I am to deny using these wonderful units? Who am I to deny using them as Troops if I took a Warboss? Nobz is the Terminators of the Space Orks; they're the best Elite CC units and do mighty fine shooting with their rate of fire and wide range of range weaponry even though their aim is about as good as a monkey with a gun. In this article, I'll be discussing using Nobz as your main units. No weedy Snotlings, Gretchins and Boyz allowed in our club Tongue Anyway....

Why an All (or Mostly) Nobz Army?

One must ask; why? First of all; LOW. MODEL. COUNT. This is a far cry from the usual Ork Horde Army most people play with the exception of Kult of Speed. A low model count means less models to paint and less models to buy. This is the very reason I started Nobz Army. I love Orks but I can't stand to start another Horde Army. So, the Ork Codex has given an alternative.

Secondly; they're 'ard. Nobz got many options to become 'arder; from Warbikes to Painboy and Mega Armor to Cybork Body. They also can hit 'arder as they can be equipped with Big Choppaz or Power Klawz as well a good variety of range weaponry. There's also a good range of miscellaneous equipment that boost their combat prowess.


CC Weapons

Big Choppa - adds 2 to Strength for a measly few points. I know some people might argue that a Choppa is good enough. Well, I guess everyone has their own opinions. I rather have 4 attacks that wounds most Infantry units on a 2+ than 5 attacks that wounds on a 3+ (all on the charge, mind you). Why a 2+ when I already wound on 3+? Well, it might be one of those times that your dices has forgotten that you're playing Orks and thought you're playing Terminatos. For wounding MCs and those on bikes and/or have the Mark of Nurgle, Big Choppa wins over Choppas any day.  Against vehicles. Big Choppa gives you a higher chance to glance and  penetrate which is good also when you can't roll 5's or 6's for that important "Win or Lose" situations when you just need that glancing/penetrating hit. Now, for personal recommendations, at least arm your Nobz with Big Choppa. If you feel otherwise, be my guest. You and I have different experience thus different opinions.

Power Klaw - the signature weapon of the Orks. Maybe it was the Choppa but PK is bigga and more killy than a Choppa Tongue A Power Klaw is a must on any Ork unit maybe except those who can't take PKs such as Lootas. Nobz Mob is able to have their entire Mob armed with Power Klaws. This is an overkill. A very big overkill. At least have one PK while the rest are armed with Big Choppas or regular Choppas. With that one PK, a 1:3 PK:Big Choppa/Choppa ratio is good to have as you might the following scenario; Assuming you're attaching your Warboss to the Nobz Mob, sometimes your Warboss is having a bad day and this panzy git is evading his Power Klaw with either pure skill or just dumb luck so the Nobz, being the nice guys they are, gave their Warboss a hand or rather a Power Klaw. Of course, all the credit goes to the boss Wink Nothing more to say about Power Klaws as they work in much the same way as Power Fist but the Nobz has Furious Charge thus adding +1 to Strength on the Charge. They're also the Anti-Tank weapon of Choice as the Orks are a CC-orientated army and a Power Klaw fills the Ork's need for Anti-Tank quite nicely.

Range Weapons

Personally, I don't bother taking them at all. If I shoot and successfully kill some models, then my opponent might remove the models closest to my Nobz thus I might not able to assault them or I feel that pumping points into making my Nobz more deadly in CC is more important. Normally, I forgo shooting and just go into my Assault Phase. Unless of course, I'm very sure they'll still be in Assault range when I shoot 'em up. But for the purpose of this article, I'll just skim through it. But as a rule of thumb, these weapons comes last in your shopping list.

Twin-Linked Shoota - Assault 2 and Twin-Linked; sounds good right? Depends on your dice rolls really. 10 models with Twin-Linked Shootas will get about 4 (more or less) wounds on MEQs. Again, it sounds deadly but for practical use.....

Shoota/Rokkit Kombi-Weapon - Might be one of the worse upgrades to get. No Twin-Linked and you're hitting on 5+. Spend your points on something else. Your Power Klaw is the only Anti-Tank weapon you're going to need.

Shoota/Skorcha Kombi-Weapon - This is one upgrade I'll might consider over the last two. You're going up close to your opponent anyway. So, might as well a more effective weapon. Ignores Cover Save which is in abundance in the 5th Edition and AP4 which is enough to burn through Tau Fire Warriors hiding behind their Skimmer or Camo Cloak-equipped Guardsmen in cover. Again, your opponent might remove dead models that are closest to your Nobz so they're out of Assault range. Again, choose when you want to shot, sometimes assaulting them straight is better. If you got extra points and  you're already got all other upgrades you wanted, then a Shoota/Skorcha Kombi-Weapons is a good option to take.

Misc. Equipment

Stikkbombz - When you assault, your Initiative will be boosted to 4 with the Furious Charge USR; Space Marine speed. Depending on your opponent and your past battle experience, you may and may not want to take this upgrade. This also depends on the amount of terrain that's stands between you and your assaulting target. Personally, I don't take them as most units I have do battle in the past either strike last e.g. Terminators with Power Fists or I can shrugged off their attacks e.g. Tau Fire Warriors. In the first scenario, assuming I charged a typical Terminator Squad (5-men) my Nobz (All Nobz Army will most likely will come in 10-Nobz) that are armed with Big Choppaz will cause as many wounds as possible thus the Terminators will likely lose 1 or 2 of theirs thus annihilating the threat of 1 or 2 Power Fists then finished off the rest with my Power Klaws. In the second scenario, Fire Warriors will hit me on a 5+ (assuming I got my Waaagh! Banner) and wound on a 5+. Any wounds caused will be shrugged off by my 4+ Armor Save and 4+ FNP. There are some other scenarios too but the above 2 has different variations but the same principle of it. There's a third one I've encountered once; Assault Terminators with Lightning Claws. They still hit on Initiative and able to ignore my Armor and FNP. If I didn't take the Stikkbombz and assault them through cover, I will hit last and the only thing that can save me is the fact that my Nobz has 2 wounds and Cybork Body. E.g. 5 Assault Terminators with Lightning Claws. 16 Attacks (IIRC). 8 will hit (on average). 6 wounds (4 wounds. Re-roll. 2 more wounds. Again, on average). 2 wounds saved by Cybork Body. 4 wounds equal 2 Nobz dead. Those losses can be shrugged off but you get fewer attacks when it's your turn to strike. So, this upgrade is on the "Maybe" category when you have these few points left and you upgraded everything else.

'Eavy Armor - THIS IS DE UPGRADE TO TAKE that will boost your Nobz survivability against AP5 weapons such as Bolters (or Boltguns), Pulse Rifle/Carbine, Shuriken weapons etc which are quite in abundance I must point out. Furthermore in CC, having a 4+ Armor Save and a 4+ FNP is like having something between Terminator Armor and Power Armor until that Power Weapon comes along that will ruin it. I really recommend that you take this upgrade for all of your Nobz. It's a good deal for having a 4+ Armor Save for a few measly points.

Bosspole - If you already have a Warboss with a Bosspole and attached to the Nob Mob, then don't take it for your Nobz. Otherwise put it on a Nob with a Power Klaw. He's has bigga and more killy weapon anyway. Furthermore, you want to cause the wound on a not-so-important Nob e.g. a Nob with just a Choppa and Slugga. Definitely a must-get upgrade to take especially when you don't have a Warboss attached and you're stuck with that Leadership of 7. But if you have a Warboss, it's recommended as well for the Warboss to take it but I'll discuss in detail later in the article.

Waaagh! Banner - Hmmm......a +1 to WS. Highly recommended if you ask me. 3+ to hit the average Infantry and make it harder for....let' say......a Tau Fire Warriors; They have to hit on a 5+. Plus those Khorne Berzerkers won't be hitting you on a 3+. It definitely ups your chances to cause more wounds thus more unsaved wounds as well as deny those CC units that have WS5 rolling a 3+ to hit your Nobz.  Try to take this Upgrade if possible.

Ammo Runt - The main focus of Nobz is Close Combat. So, I hardly see this upgrade as "worth" it. You're suppose to get up close and personal. Take Shoota/Skorcha Kombi-Weapon if you want to shoot. I suggest you spend your points somewhere else. But......If you want your Nobz to have more Dakka, I suggest Twin-Linked Shootas to be more appropriate and saves you some points rather than take a Shoota and Ammo Runts. If you take Shoota/Rokkit Kombi-Weapon, then one Ammo Runt is good just for the Rokkit attack.

Painboy - THIS IS DE UPGRADE TO TAKE AS WELL. GET IT! Find the points and get a Painboy. The Feel No Pain USR is definitely worth it. This is what makes Nobz 'arder than Space Marines in Power Armor. The drawback; you can give any upgrade except Cybork Body to boost his survivability further.

Cybork Body - Highly recommended as well. When your opponent realized that normal attacks just won't work, he will bring out the MCs or Power Weapon-armed units e.g. Wraithlord, Assault Terminators etc. 1/3 of your Nobz will survive the onslaught just enough of your PK-armed Nobz to come through and hit back.


Warbikes - The price tag is quite a lump sum to get a Nob Biker but considering you must take a Dedicated Transport for your Foot-Slogging Nobz and MANz, it's more or less the same. Warbike-riding Nobz (Nob Bikerz) has a few advantages. First off; they're T(4)5 thus they're able to shrugged off S4 and below attacks e.g. Space Marines, Orkz and maybe Tyranids. Second; the Warbikes confer the Nobz the Exhaust Cloud Special Rule. 4+ Cover Save no matter what! Unless a Tau Pathfinders use their Markerlight to bring down the Cover Save. Third: The Warbikes already comes with a 4+ Armor Save. Fourth; they can Turbo-Boost thus granting a 3+ Cover Save just in case you can't reach a unit to assault and lessen the distances between you and your target so you can assault by Turn 2. Fifth; you don't have to take a Difficult Terrain Test thus you just need to have your assault target with 18" to assault but the drawback is you have to roll for Dangerous Terrain Test. Not much of a problem as you just have to roll a 2+ and anyway, your Nobz have 2 Wounds. One of the drawbacks is when you retreat, you retreadt 3D6" choosing the 2 highest dices. But that's negligible especially when (assuming) you got a Warboss with Bosspole and a few Nob Bikerz that have T(4)5, 2 Wounds, 4+ Armor/Cover Save, 5+ Invulnerable Save and Feel No Pain.

Trukks - A cheaper alternative to Battlewagons. No shame for just getting a Trukk for your Nobz. This option is optimal for 10-men Nobz Mob. They're Fast and Open Top. They can get well within Assault Range of your Nobz or MANz (if you decide a Trukk is just good enough for them) in most situations. But they're very fragile. If you don't get the first turn, your opponent might have a chance to blunt your strike if he takes out your Trukk. There's pros and cons so don't worry if taking a Trukk for your Nobz is a bad idea. It's all about experience and a bit of luck. So, get your Trukks behind some cover if you aren't First but also make sure you can go over the cover otherwise it will just slow you down. Again, a Trukk is optimal choice for 10-Nob Mob or less and a 6-Nob MANz Mob. As for upgrades, keep it to a minimum. Your Trukk might not survive after it drop off its passengers. At the most, take Red Paint Job, Grot Riggers and Armor Plates. And if you really have spare points, Stikkbomb Chukka if you didn't give your Nobz Stikkbombz. They work well because of Ramshackle Rules. It is unlikely that you will sustain injuries if your opponent blows up your Trukk and if you happen to Ramshackle into a juicy target so much the better. The idea is to get up table as quickly as possible. Trukks are ideal for that.

Thanks to Bebe for adding to the Trukk section

Battlewagons - Bebe has already put up a Tactica on this so I'll just link it:  Battlewagons - how good are they? by Bebe. And just to add my own opinions; Bebe has pretty much summed up what I wanted to say about the Battlewagon Upgrades. Battlewagons is a must-get if you have a Warboss in Mega Armor + 9 MANz (assuming you're running an all-Nobz List and in this case, Deffwing). But for a normal 10-Nob Mob? I think it's personal preferences as you rather get the speed of a Trukk or the mobile fortress that of a Battlewagon. My suggestion on how to use them; Ram as much as you can (assuming you took Deff Rolla) before, during and after you dropped off your MANz or Nobz. It's gonna cause mayhem on your opponent's line and probably take out a few units here and there so your Nobz don't need to deal with them. You can also use the Battlewagons to block LoS to protect your Nobz as they slice and chop through your opponent's line and his objective. For reference. Please read  Captain Silas Scourge (Ged)'s BLITZKRIEG DER VERTAUEN - Stupid Rhino Tricks.


Basic Strategy; Charge straight into your opponent! This is one of the fundamentals of Ork Strategy if they had any. Orks aren't meant to sit around on an objective. They're suppose to go for the nearest enemy and kill them. But I think I have found a compromise. Nobz being 'ard are able to sit on an objective and pretty much shrugged off fire especially you got a Trukk or Battlewagon around to block LoS thus protecting your Nobz. But still that's gonna be boring. So what I suggest is to go straight for your opponent's objective, ignoring yours. The very least you get a tie if you're able to kick out your opponent out of his objective and he got the mind to go for yours. Unless you're pretty much tied him up and annihilated his Scoring units or his Scoring units is unable to reach for your objective thus giving you a win. The First Scenario is more likely but it's the Orky way Wink But if you're opponent is a mobile force e.g. Deep-Striking or Mechanized, you're in big trouble. They might just come in Reserves or fly around thus evading you Nobz. I'll discuss later on how to deal with them as well as list out possible threats. Also, note keep your Transport safe until your Nobz has reach an opponent to beat up. If your Transport is destroyed, your opponent effectively blunted your blows and have to foot-slogged it. Not a very good scenario especially when dealing with Tau or Eldar or any other mechanized and deep-striking armies.


Nobz (including Nob Bikerz) - Assuming you gave them a 1:3 PK: Big Choppa/Choppa ratio and gave them a Transport (Either Trukk or Battlewagon is fine), they're a good all rounded unit to deal with anything; GEQ,Definition: Guard Equivalent MEQ Definition: Marine Equivalentand TEQ. Enough attacks to kill a lot of GEQ Definition: Guard Equivalentand shrugging off their attacks. Enough Attacks to kill 2 or 3 MEQs as well as PKs to wipe out an entire 10-men MEQ Definition: Marine Equivalentsquad. Enough Attacks to get pass the 2+ Armor Save of 1 or 2 TEQ units and PK Attacks are able to force them to take the worse Invulnerable Save (5+ for normal Terminators or 3+ for Assault Terminators that are armed with Storm Shields). But if you have a MANz Mob fighting beside your normal Nobz, your Nobz should go for the TEQ and especially those armed with Power Weapons.

Mega Armored Nobz (MANz) - same as Nobz but they're better for fighting off GEQ Definition: Guard Equivalentas the MANz's 2+ Armor Save and 2 Wounds are able to shrugged off their puny and yet numerous attacks but hit back really 'ard although some might say it's overkill...........actually, it is overkill. But normal Nobz are able to take Cybork Bodies and survive Power Attacks better than MANz. So, if you already have a mob of normal Nobz already, send them to go up against TEQs especially Assault Terminators armed with Storm Shields. Otherwise, your MANz does a good job too. For more info, I refer you to ¡Rastafari Is!'s An Essay Pretaining To The Tactical Viability Of The Deffwing.


Seize Ground - Ignores the objective first. Go for your opponent's Scoring units if they're within reach. If not, just kill whatever the nearest then move onto the next unit to kill. Then If you have any surviving Nobz (as Troops), legs it to the objective or at least contest any of your opponent's if he has any Scoring Units left.

Capture and Control - Follow the Basic Strategy above.

Annihilation - Kill everything in reach and as many as possible. Weaker units or easiest to kill/destroy first if you can.


Pitched Battle - Let your opponent deploy first so you know where he deploys his units then deploy accordingly e.g. as close as possible so you assault him but remember; if you didn't seize the initiative, better to be save than sorry. Hide your Nob-laden Transport behind cover that isn't impassable.

Spearhead - If you win the Roll Off to see who goes first, go first. Control where your opponent deploys. You want him to have the worse cover/terrain on his side as you don't care on what's on your side because you're going over to his. If there's a terrain in the middle, 1) if it's impassable and block LoS, go around it and at the end of your turn, make sure it's out of LoS or at least, in cover. 2) if it's just a normal terrain that you can go over, just head on straight to your opponent's side.

Dawn of War - If you win the Roll Off to see who goes first, go first yet again. Deploy in the center and I mean CENTER. Right at the edge of your Deployment Zone so your opponent is force to deploy either side. Still within reach and somewhat isolates his units into 2 groups. Drawback; you can only deploy up to a Warboss + Nobz + Transport or 1 Warboss + 2 Nob Bikerz. But that's OK as your opponent has to do that too so your Nobz is able to handle them easy unless they're Mechanized or Deep-Striking thus your opponent will just wait in Reserves or coming later in his First Turn Movement Phase for your Nobz to come forward and sought to shoot them to death. Failing that, fight your Nobz on their own terms; CC.

Supplementary Units

Even though these Nobz are mechanized (Warbike, Trukk or Battlewagon), they're still considered slow. They're unable to handle Skimmer-base armies like Eldar and Tau. In this section, I'll discuss which units will cover the Nobz's obvious weaknesses.

Lootas - De best Fire Support Unit in the Ork Armory. They're able to tear apart those Skimmers and Jump Infantry where your Nobz can't or even reach them for that matter. Here's Bebe's Tactica on these wonderful Orks:  Lootas - a closer look by Bebe.

Deffkoptas - If you read the War of Dakka in the Ork Codex, you will know how to deal with Jump Infantry. As in the story, Deffkoptas are used to intercept Tau Crisis Suits. In the game, Tau Crisis Suits or any other Jump Infantry is gonna be out of LoS of your Lootas and too jumpy for your Nobz (with the exception of your Nob Bikerz but even then your Nob Bikerz can't climb onto buildings) to reach them. So, this is where your Deffkoptas will come in. With them either Outflanking or Turbo-Boosting in their Scout Move, they're able to knock out a few of these Crisis Suits, Jump Infantry or any other unit that's out of Nob's range. The very least they can tie them up for a few turns. Again, I refer you to Bebe's article:  Why take Defkoptas? by Bebe.

- Another threat to Crisis Suits are Kommandos. Well......until they come to the wrong side of the table then they're just became a liability. So, Snikrot is a good to have especially when they can come from any edge. I'll leave you to refer once more to Bebe's Tactica on Kommandos:  Kommandos and 5ed by Bebe

Special Characters

Credit goes to Hyena301, CmdrBonesaw and Bebe for contributuing this section of the Tactica.

Ghazghkull Thraka - Ghazghkull Thraka is the ultimate supplement to any ork army but he definitely can come in handy in an all Nob army list. First off; he enable you to take one Nobz/MANz as a troop choice; handy.  Two he is a complete Close Combat Monster especially when he uses his prophet of the Waaagh ability. Speaking of which the Prophet of the Waaagh is the real gem that he brings to the table.  If is essentially a two turn Waaagh that gives all non fleeing units the Fearless rule and they all get a run move of 6" automatically for those two turns. This means your small Ork squads are no longer in danger of falling back since they are fearless and you have a greater chance at reaching Close Combat. On top of this Thraka himself gains a 2+ Invulnerable Save for a WHOLE turn, i.e. two player turns. This only means that he enjoys his 2+ Save both on your and on the opponent's turn.....YIKES is right. Overall he comes at a high price but brings a lot with him.

Mad Dok Grotsnik - Mad Dok Grotsnik has a special place in an Ork army that is using MANz, especially if you have multiple units or medium to large sized ones.  With him in the army you are able to give them cybork bodies, and the unit of MANz he is attached to gains the FNP ability.  The only downside to The Mad Dok is that you don't gain the ability to take one squad of Nobz/MANz as a troop choice.

Some concerns with the Mad Dok is that he cannot leave the MANz Mob unless it is destroyed to the last Ork, the Mob has to head for the nearest target and Fearless can be a two-edged sword. That is apart from the weakness you already highlighted. I like FNP as well but I'm not sure if his drawbacks do not outweigh his utility.

But they have a 2+ Armour Save for making the No Retreat! wounds if they lose combat. Fearless is definetely a bonus for the Mob.  A Mob with just 4 MANz and the Mad Dok will definetely clean up. As for moving towards the nearest target and assaulting it, well this Mob has the power to drop anything and everything. One thing that everyone forgets is that a Squad with the Mad Dok only have to use its Movement Phase to move towards the nearest enemy, not their Shooting Phase. A good Run Roll on that turn you Waaagh! can quickly make a different unit the closest one that you have to assault.

List Templates

Here's a few example of Nob units you want to take into your Pure Nobz Army. I'll also add in those who want a few Nobz to tag along with their Boyz. All this list has assume you're going to attached a Warboss to them. Hopefully with the propa' equipment.

For Pure Nobz Army
Nobz (390 points)
3 Nobz equipped with Power Klaw, Slugga, 'Eavy Armor and Cybork Body
1 Nobz equipped with Big Choppa, Slugga, Waaagh! Banner, 'Eavy Armor and Cybork Body
4 Nobz equipped with Big Choppa, Slugga, 'Eavy Armor and Cybork Body
1 Painboy equppied with Dok's Tools, 'Urty Syringe and Cybork Body, and accompanied by a Grot Orderly
Dedicated Transport: Trukk with Red Paint Job and Reinforced Ram (45 points)

Nob Bikerz (615 points)
3 Nob Bikerz equipped with Power Klaw, Slugga, and Cybork Body
1 Nob Biker equipped with Big Choppa, Slugga, Waaagh! Banner, and Cybork Body
4 Nob Bikerz equipped with Big Choppa, Slugga, and Cybork Body
1 Painboy Biker equppied with Dok's Tools, 'Urty Syringe and Cybork Body, and accompanied by a Grot Orderly

Meganobz (360 points)
9 x Meganobz equipped with Mega Armor and Stikkbombz
Dedicated Transport: Battlewagon (160 points)
- Deff Rolla
- Red Paint Job
- Grot Riggers
- Armor Plates
- Kannon
- 4 Big Shoota

For Ork Horde Army
Nobz (230 points)
1 Nobz equipped with Power Klaw, Slugga, 'Eavy Armor and Cybork Body
1 Nobz equipped with Big Choppa, Slugga, Waaagh! Banner, 'Eavy Armor and Cybork Body
2 Nobz equipped with Big Choppa, Slugga, 'Eavy Armor and Cybork Body
1 Painboy equppied with Dok's Tools, 'Urty Syringe and Cybork Body, and accompanied by a Grot Orderly
Dedicated Transport: Trukk with Red Paint Job and Reinforced Ram (45 points)

Nob Bikerz (340 points)
1 Nob Bikerz equipped with Power Klaw, Slugga, and Cybork Body
1 Nob Biker equipped with Big Choppa, Slugga, Waaagh! Banner, and Cybork Body
2 Nob Bikerz equipped with Big Choppa, Slugga, and Cybork Body
1 Painboy Biker equppied with Dok's Tools, 'Urty Syringe and Cybork Body, and accompanied by a Grot Orderly

Meganobz (200 points)
5 x Meganobz equipped with Mega Armor and Stikkbombz
Dedicated Transport: Trukk with Red Paint Job and Reinforced Ram (45 points)


Nobz are the Elite of the Orks. They hit 'ard and they're 'ard themselves. This is an army to consider especially when you love Orks but you can't stand to start Horde Army. Nobz Army are quite viable. They can be more fun  than running an Ork Horde. Not to mentioned much easier to move the 20+ Nob models on the table than a 100+ Boyz Ork Horde Army. As always, C&C is welcomed.

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