The Lost And The Damned - Chaos Legions, Traitors and Renegades

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The Space Marines, super-human defenders of the Imperium, loyal to the core, at the forefront of the Great Crusade. These warriors were the best, greatest and purest of humanities soldiers and uncorruptable...

Ten Thousand Years Ago no man or battle brother of the Space Marines would have disputed that statement, until almost 9 Full Legions gave themselves to the embrace of the Dark Powers, swapping dogged faith and pats on the head for taking yet another world for the Administratiums hungry maw... for power and personally glory...

The Warmaster Horus Led 9 Great Legions to the very gates of the Imperial Palace and split the Imperium into a massive civil war until his final battle with the Emperor forced them to withdraw to the very Eye of Terror...

For Ten Thousand Years those very same Legionaires have sallied forth from the daemon infested Eye of Terror and waged war with the Imperium of the False Emperor....

And as much as the High Lords would like to think that the Thousand Chapters could hold against the Legions, the corruption, canker and dissollusionment that the Imperium drives into even its staunchest defenders, leads to many Space Marines turning their back on it and embrace the Power of the Chaos Gods...

Every Black Crusade more renegades poor out of the Eye of Terror and sweep down onto the belleagured Imperium, and at the forefront of those crusades, just like in the Great Crusade the original Nine Traitor Legions lead...

Emperor's Children

Legion Number: III
Primarch: Fulgrim
Pre-Heresy Homeworld: Chemos

The Emperor's Children started out with only 200 space marines due to a flaw in the gene-seed, when Fulgrim was discovered by the Emperor on the world of Chemos the 3rd Legion was given to him to command. At the first meeting Fulgrim declared that "We are His children" and from that day the Legion was known as the Emperor's Children and the only Legion authorised by the Emperor to wear the Imperial Eagle on their armour.

Initially because of there small numbers Fulgrim and the Emperor's Children were assigned to Horus and the Luna Wolves to assist in their crusade until they were brought back up to strength with the fresh gene-seed taken from Fulgrim. This partnership of Fulgrim and Horus would later have dire consequences.

The Emperor's Children were renowned for the drive for perfection in everything, from obeying orders to following combat doctrine to the letter. The perfection of the military reached a zenith with the cleansing of Laeren. The Laer were judged by the Adeptus Administration as so formidable it would take a decade to subjugate them would take a decade. The Emperor's Children took a month in a feat of arms so titanic that only Fulgrim's Legion could have achieved it.

When the events of the Horus Heresy occurred, Fulgrim quickly visited his old friend Horus in an attempt to reason with him. However Horus played on Fulgrim and his officers sense of perfection and flawlessness, showing them the delights, decadence and strive for perfection of Slaanesh. These officers soon spread the delights and worship for Slaanesh throughout almost all the legion.

At the massacre of Isstvan III, one company of loyal Emperor's children fought with the loyalist legions and were destroyed by legions of Horus and the three Primarch's who had declared for Him. The Emperor's children then gleeful attacked the arriving loyalist legions.

Although the Emperor's Children were present at the Siege of Terra, they did not partake in the assault on the Imperial Palace but indulged in the slaughter of billions of the citizens of Earth, either for use as chemicals and drugs in there experiments for more pleasure or simply to satisfy other lusts.

After the Heresy failed, The Emperor's Children fled to the Eye of Terror with the other Traitor Legions, depopulating worlds in there path for slaves, drugs or simple killing pleasure. Once in the Eye of Terror the Legion's supply of slaves and therefore chemicals and drugs dwindled until they took to raiding the other Traitor Legions. The other Traitor legions responded smashing the Emperor's Children as a Legion leaving only roving warbands.

There time in the Eye of Terror has twisted them into debauched creatures searching for greater pleasures and thrills. This has resulted in the Emperor's children becoming noise marines, clad in eye watering armour with a riot of colours using sonic weapons to set of there sensitive hearing along with the explosions and the screams of the dying to cause extreme emotional reactions.

Notable Characters

Fabius Bile - Was once the Chief Apothecary of the Emperor's Children and a Lord Commander, whilst on Terra, Fabius started down the path on his quest to create the perfect soldiers, to better the Emperor's feat with the primarch's. Fabius Bile has distanced himself from the Legion and offers his services to any warband in exchange for slaves, drugs and whatever he needs for his pet project.

Lucius the Eternal- Was once a loyal space marine, who excelled in the martial duels of the Emperor's Children, he bore the scars of battle and each duel with pride. Lucius eventually met his match against the Lord Commander Cyrius. Lucius death was supposedly so great that Slaanesh himself was loathe to let him die. Soon after Lucius emerged from Cyrius's body and all that was left was a screaming face on the armour. The armour that Lucius now wears writhes with the soulless faces of countless victims.

Army Style
The majority of the Emperor's Children Legionaires remaining are now mostly Noise Marines, using specialised sonic weaponry, that not only can cause damage to opponents but can be disorientat ing and therefore pin down enemy units.

Playing a pure Emperor's Children warband can be best achieved by designing a Slaanneshi SM Definition: Space Marineswarband, using icons and marks of slaanesh for champions and standard chaos marine squads. Backed up with squad(s) of noise marines to form the core of the unit. Then depending on your opponent or preffered playing style you can add mechanised, fast attack or heavy support units as required.

Note - An Emperor's Children Army will not have Khorne Berzerkers, Plague Marines or Rubic Marines.

Colour schemes vary, but loud hues, purples, pinks, pale blues of the Slaanesh style would work well

Iron Warriors

Legion Number: IV
Primarch: Perturabo
Pre-Heresy Homeworld: Olympia
Current Homeworld: Medrengard

The Iron warriors under their Primarch Perturabo found themselves plunged in to a series of never-ending campaigns, quickly recognised as experts at siege warfare, the legion found itself being transferred from campaign to campaign to break open enemy defences.

The Iron Warriors also found themselves over time diminishing in active size during the crusades as units were left behind to garrison conquered worlds. It was never known why the Iron Warriors were chosen but it did begin to affect morale of the Legion.

The Iron Warriors growing disillusion ment would erupt into despair and rage when there very homeworld revolted against Imperial rule. They withdrew themselves from the campaign they were involved with and descend upon their homeworld, showing no mercy they battered Olympia into submission. Afterwards the legion was shocked at their own actions having committed an unforgivable atrocity.

Their actions didn't get out to the Imperium for the Iron Warriors had been ordered to Isstvan III to assault the Traitor Legions. They were part of the second wave and joined the other legions in the formation in betraying the Imperium and choosing to fight alongside Horus.

The Iron Warriors' skill at siege warfare allowed the Traitor Legions to breach the defences of the Imperial Palace and they took perverse pleasure and pride in the feat as they had been built by their bitter rivals the Imperial Fists.

When Horus was defeated the Iron Warriors escaped in a disciplined retreat to the Eye of Terror. Perturabo set a trap for Rogal Dorn of the Imperial Fists, and was one of the few real victories for the traitors in the aftermath of the Heresy. The Iron Warriors set up a massive fortification and invited the Fists to take it. When the Fists arrived the Iron Warriors proceeded to smash them to pieces, breaking them into small groups and wiping out 4 companies and breaking Rogal Dorn.  The Fists were only rescued by a relief force of Ultramarines led by Rogal Dorn.

The Iron Warriors are one of the Few Legions to have remained relatively intact. The Iron Warriors do not have any kind of standard formations that Loyalists would recognise. They will use whatever weapons, vehicles and weapons that they capture. The legion also often works with Traitor Titan units.

Army Style
The Iron Warriors are Seige Masters, both at defending or attacking. The Iron Warriors make much use of Heavy Support Units and Vehicles. Troop units would take heavy weaponry to support the assults or defense of positions.

Construction an Iron Warriors Warband should concentrate around firepower, your heavy support primarily, using mechanised troops to back up your heavy support. Then flesh out the core as required or as as desired.

Colour schemes revolve around the metallic colours, so silvers, brasses.etc

Night Lords

Legion Number: VIII
Primarch: Konrad Curze (The Night Haunter)
Pre-Heresy Homeworld: Nostramo

Konrad Curze was found on the world of Nostramo where he went by the name the Night Haunter, a vigilante who ruled the perpetual night of Nostramo. The Night Lords prior to the Heresy were used to restore order on worlds which had been captured by other Legions but had stopped sending tithes or outright rebelled against the Imperium. This endeavour mirrored what Konrad had done as the Night Haunter on Nostromo, the Night Lords excelled at reinforcing the Emperor's will through fear.

Unfortunately for the Night Lords, the replacement Marines arriving from Nostromo had come from a world which had returned to its pre-Curze state, so murderers, thugs and rapists. This mixed with Curze's seeming instability led to the Legion becoming more brutal and excessive.

The Night Lords reputation grew until the mere mention of Night Lord reprisals could quell a rebellion, however eventually Konrad and the Night Lords were brought to task for their actions. During a meeting of the Primarchs, Konrad confided to Fulgrim about a dream where he was killed by the Emperor and the Legions were fighting against each other. Fulgrim in turn informed Rogal Dorn who confronted Curze, which resulted in a fight where Dorn was mercilessly beaten by Curze.

Konrad fled with his fleet back to Nostromo where his own fleet destroyed the planet, although the Night Lords had gone rogue, the Heresy occurred before any action could be taken, in fact they were even dispatched with six other legions to destroy the Traitor Legions in the Istvaan system.

On Istvaan V the Night Lords, alongside the Word Bearers, Iron Warriors and Alpha Legion were in the second wave of the assault, all four Legions attacked the loyalist legions that had already arrived. Upon the decimation of the Raven Guard, Iron Hands and Salamanders, the Night Lords returned to the Galactic East rather than to Terra. Here the Night Lords went on a genocidal campaign most likely to stop any support from the region reaching Terra.

Even after the failure of the Heresy, the Legion was relatively intact and continued to wage its campaign of slaughter and terror, this was only stopped when a Callidus Assassin was sent to kill Curze. Curze let the assassin kill him, as all his visions had come to pass. The Night Lords then retreated into the Eye of Terror.

The Night Lords of all the Traitor Legions seem to have surprisingly pure gene-seed resulting in low numbers of mutations within the Legion, also their power armour seems to have been unaffected by the warp and is not much different from standard Astartes armour with exception of the mysterious lightening bolt pattern that plays itself over the armour during combat. The Night Lords are renowned for the Stealth and Terror Raids.

Army Style
The Night Lords are primarily a hit and run style army, striking deep and fast into an opponents positions, night raids, inflitration and execution style raids, leaving terror and fear in their opponents before disapeering .

The core of a Night Lords Army should be based around Fast Attack and Mechanised Infantry, so raptors squads and chaos marine squads in rhino's as the core, then backed up as required for each mission or upon your playstyle needs. The only note I would say here is that the Night Lords would have low numbers of possesed due to the fact that very few of the Legion have mutated.

Colour Schemes: Dark Blue base, silver trims and the distinctive lightening bolt effect on thier armour.

World Eaters

Legion Number: XII
Primarch: Angron

The early years of the Primarch Angron were bitter, painful and bloody. Angron was stranded on an advanced world with a downtrodden population heavily controlled by powerful nobles. Angron was mortally wounded when he was found and ended up in the gladiatorial duels as a slave.

He survived and became one of the greatest gladiators the world had ever seen but a discontent one, having plotted his escape for years, he eventually led his fellow warriors in an armed revolt. The new arrived Emperor warned Angron that it would fail, but he would not listen and therefore the Emperor teleported Angron to his battle barge the night before the final battle.

Angron never forgave the Emperor for teleporting him away from the battle. Angron was given command of the already established World Eaters Legion. He influenced them with his first for battle, amplified it with the use of psycho surgery similar to the gladiatorial surgery Angron had received turning them into berserkers.

Horus had little trouble corrupting the bitter Angron, The World Eaters were one of the first Legions to join Horus's revolt. They were instrumental from the start of the Heresy right up to the Siege of Terror. The World Eaters were the first Legion to enter the breach in the wall.

When the Heresy failed the World Eaters fled to the Eye of Terror with the other traitor legions, they remained as an intact legion right up to the battle of Skalathrax where they were fighting the Emperor's Children. As night fell on Skalathrax, both sides quickly retreated to shelter because the night could freeze even a marine to death.  Kharn, a champion of the World Eaters was enraged as he saw not only the Emperor's Children retreating but also his own Legion.

Kharn picked up a flamer and went on a rampage, killing both the Emperor's Children, His fellow legionnaires and burning down any shelter he could find until bands of marines were fighting for each other. This 'betrayal' led to the shattering of the World Eaters into small warbands wandering the Eye of Terror looking for the next battle.

The World Eaters are close combat troops, berserkers devoted to the Chaos God Khorne. They live for battle and the shedding of blood in Khorne's name. Small groups of World Eaters will often join other warbands just so that they can spill blood and slaughter foes.

Notable Characters:

Kharn The Betrayer - Once a great champion of the World Eaters Legion, he now wanders the Eye of Terror searching for his next fight, next battle and next slaughter. He earned the title betrayer after slaughtering World Eaters and helping to shatter the Legion.

Army Style
The World Eaters were always a close combat orientated legion, with their time as a Khornate legion they posess high numbers of berzerkers. The World Eaters are the Chaos Marines who wade straight into an opponent, not minding the casulties on the way in and then chopping the opponent to bits.

The best way to design a World Eaters Warband would be to start off designing a Khorne orientated warband, so close combat orientated chaos marine squads with icons/marks, use of these squads adds some flexibility and allows some heavier weapons choices to back your main troop units of Khorne Berzerkers. These would be your core units. You could use some mechanised units if required, raptors for fast attack too. But to keep it a World Eaters warband you would have to go light on Heavy Support. You could use close combat orientated dreadnoughts.

Note - A World Eaters Army will not have Plague Marines, Rubic Marines or Noise Marines.

Colour Scheme consists of Blood Reds, Blacks and Bronze/Brass

Death Guard

Legion Number: XIV
Primarch: Mortarion
Pre-Heresy Homeworld: Barbarus

Prior to the primarch's discovery the Death Guard were known as the Dusk Raiders, because of their signature strategy of attacking there opponents at night. The Legion used unpainted armour, only using a crimson trim on the right arm and shoulders, to show that they were the Emperor's right hand, relentless and unstoppable .

The Legions name changed when Mortarion was found and placed in charge, they were his Death Guard. The Legion name was changed to match his decree. The armour remained unpainted but the trims were done in dark green.

The Death Guard differed from the other Legions in that it had only 7 great companies, but each of those held far more men that any other Legions. The Death Guard were primarily an Infantry Legion rather than a mechanised Legion. They also did not use specialised squads, the Death Guard were each equipped with bolter, bolt pistol and close combat weapon and instructed to use which ever was needed.

The only specialised unit utilised by the Death Guard was terminator armour and was renowned for it, to the extent that often the Death Guard were called upon to do the close quarter operations of Space Hulk clearance.

When the Horus Heresy broke out, the Death Guard sided with Horus, fighting the Loyalist Legions in the massacres on Isstvan V. When the Traitor Legions set sail through the warp to Terra, the Death Guard became trapped in the warp and a destroyer hive plague swept through the fleet, the plague rotted the flesh, distended the guts and effecting all manner of other afflictions.

The Death Guard praying for salvation begged Nurgle to spare them. Nurgle corrupted them until they were the bloated grotesque warriors we known now today.
After the failure of the Heresy the Death Guard retreated back to the Eye of Terror carrying out a campaign of destruction across a swathe of planets. The Death Guard now reside somewhere inside the Eye of Terror sending fleets of plague ships into the Imperium to spread contagion and disease. The Death Guard as a force primarily consist of plague marines as pure foot infantry with few vehicles.

Notable Characters:

Typhus the Herald of Nurgle - Calus Typhon was the First Captain of the Death Guard. When the fleet was trapped in the warp, Typhon surrendered his soul willingly to Nurgle and was rewarded with the Destroyer Hive taking host in his body turning him into Typhus.

Army Style
The Death Guard were a primarily infantry unit, organised about standard squads equiped with a group of weapons to allow them to function as required. With the increased toughness from becoming plague marines, the Death Guard can wade across the battlefield on foot and take a pounding which would wipe out others. The Death Guard are still primarily infantry based and make very little use of vehicles or fast attack units.

As a starting point for creating a Death Guard Warband, start off with a champion and a squad of chaos marines, icon/mark them up for Nurgle. The standard squad provides a little flexibility in some heavy weapon support. Then added in a minimum of a squad of plague marines. This is your core for your warband. Primarily you will want to concentrate on infantry units, terminators, maybe a squad of raptors although it would be more representative to use spawn for fast attack. If you need to bring in some support use Dreadnought s/Havocs. A Death Guard warband would have very few vehicles.

Note: A Death Guard Army will not have Khorne Berzerkers, Rubic Marines or Noise Marines

Colour Schemes would revolve around greens, browns, blacks, and creams (The cream is a surprisingly good colour enhance for the dark pustulent shades)

Thousand Sons

Legion Number: XV
Primarch: Magnus the Red
Pre-Heresy Homeworld: Prospero
Present Homeworld: Planet of the Sorcerers

Magnus was one of the primarch's most heavily affected by the events that led to them being scattered over the galaxy, he was red skinned, a cyclops eye and was a giant of a man. Magnus landed on the world of Prospero, a harsh world where few survived, but many of those who did were affected with the gift of sorcery.

Magnus grew up in the one of the few great cities, where he started out as a student of sorcery until eventually becoming a Master. When the Emperor arrived Magnus was waiting for Him, having foreseen His arrival on Prospero.

Magnus was given command of the 15th Legion, the Thousand Sons, with fresh gene-seed taken from Magnus the Legionnaires showed a pre-disposition to mutation and pskyer abilities. The pskyers of the Thousand Sons were initially tolerated because they proved to be a valuable weapon during the crusades.

As the Imperium spread, so did the hate of mutants and psykers. Eventually a meeting was held where Magnus vowed never to use sorcery again, however, Magnus and the Thousand Sons continued in secret to continue to use sorcery in secret.

When the events of the Horus Heresy transpired Magnus used his abilities to warn the Emperor of the treachery, despite knowing that it would break his promise to His father. Had the Emperor not closed his mind then perhaps events would have been very much different. Angered by Magnus's disobedience, the Emperor ignored the warning about Horus.

At the same time Horus having been ordered to bring Magnus and the Thousand Sons back to Terra to answer for their actions tricked Leman Russ and the Space Wolves into assaulting Prospero, the homeworld of the Thousand Sons and battling them. The Wolves fell on Prospero hard, a long and bloody battle was fought between the legions, eventually though the Thousand Sons were defeated and fled Prospero.

-Note- There are a few different versions of the reasons for the attack on Prospero, such as that the Thousand Sons homeworld was ordered destroyed by the Emperor as punishment for the use of sorcery however the version of events I have listed here are both in the Heresy series of novels and in the older background for the Thousand Sons.

After the destruction of Prospero Magnus led the Thousand Sons and joined up with Horus.  When the Heresy failed, the Thousand Sons retreated to the Eye of Terror settling on the planet of Sorcerers and eventually choosing to worship Tzeentch.
Over time the Thousand Sons started to become horrendously mutated by the influence of the warp and the worship of Tzeentch. Those most affected were the non-psyhic battle brothers although the sorcerers were beginning to show affects too. This worried many of the senior Sorcerers and Ahriman the former chief librarian put together a cabal to find a way to halt the mutations. In the end Ahriman and his cabal cast the rubric, a very powerful spell in the attempt to stem the mutations.

The Rubric of Ahriman had results that Ahriman had not wanted, much less expected. Although the Legion was now safe from mutation it had been at a terrible price. Those who had psyhic powers were greatly strengthene d whilst those who didn't  (Most of the Legion) had their physical bodies reduced to dust and their souls forever trapped in there armour, turning them into Rubric Marines, little more than mindless ghosts.

The Thousand Sons since the casting of the Rubric have had to change there tactics somewhat to compensate, now squads of Rubric Marines are led by Sorcerers. This allows the Rubric Marines to function almost as before but in a slow and relentless manner.

Notable Characters:

Ahriman - Was once the chief librarian of the Thousand Sons Legion. As the Legion became afflicted with debilitating mutations, he and several other powerful sorcerers devised the Rubric of Ahriman to stop the mutations and prevent any further from happening, it worked after a fashion but at a terrible cost. When Magnus found out, Ahriman was banished from the planet of sorcerers and now wanders the galaxy on the search for knowledge and power.

Army Style
The Thousand Sons Legion is a Sorcerer orientated force, backed up by the rubric marines, this provides a very powerful shooting line, allthough slow moving, backed with some of the potentially strongest magical powers in the chaos arsenal.

To create a workable Thousand Sons Warband, create a chaos lord and load him up with your mark of tzeentch followed by a squad of rubic marines. To balance this out, use a standard squad of chaos marines armed with a mark of Tzeentch. This will be your core. Expanding out your troop choices, concentrate on rubic marine squads. This can then be backed up as required against your opponents or by play style.

The Thousand Sons are difficult to represent with the CSM Definition: Chaos Space Marinescodex... as theoretically all non sorcerer SM's were turned to rubric marines. Which would mean that Terminators, Havocs, Raptors that the Legion did have would also be Rubic Marines. So a little license must be used.

Note - A Thousand Sons Army would not have Khorne Berzerkers, Noise Marines or Plague Marines

Colour schemes revolve around blues, yellows and golds, the primary colours of Tzeentch

Black Legion

Legion Number: XVI
Primarch: Horus
Pre-Heresy Homeworld: Cthonia

Originally named the Luna Wolves the Legion was created from humans from the violent hive gangs on the world of Cthonia. Horus was the first Primarch to be rediscovered by the Emperor and was given command of the Luna Wolves. Horus for many years was the Emperor's only son and found at a young age and the Emperor spent much time with him, teaching and encouraging him.

The Luna Wolves with Horus accompanied the Emperor on the crusades for the first 30 years, together forming the initial expansion of the young Imperium. The Luna Wolves and Horus had all the glory of being the greatest Primarch and Personal Guard, they were at the forefront of every great campaign, pushing the boundaries of the Imperium further.

After the success of the Ullanor Crusade, the Emperor declared it the greatest victory yet for his mighty Imperium and bestowed much praise on the Luna Wolves and Horus for there parts. The Emperor bestowed the title of Warmaster on Horus and made him supreme commander of the Imperium's forces. He also suggested that Horus should rename his legion the Sons of Horus.

Initially Horus declined, however after later concerns that other primarchs and legions didn't show Him or his Legion enough respect at the suggestion of Sanguinius, he took up the offer made to Him by the Emperor and changed the Legion name and iconography .

Horus not long after the Legion change was wounded on the moon of Davin by a former subordinate who had succumbed to the power of Nurgle. During his recovery on the world of Davin Horus's character changed. Over time, Horus corrupted his own Legion, having over time allied himself body and soul to the Powers of Chaos. Horus envisioned a new Imperium with Himself at its head.
The majority of the Sons of Horus quickly renounced their oaths and joined their primarch, those that didn't were betrayed and wiped out by their own legion on Isstvan III, but not before the loyalists had reverted to using the Luna Wolves.

Horus's corruption spread through to virtually every organisatio n he had dealings with. Divisions of the Adeptus Mechanicus, College Titanica and the Legio Cybernetica . Other Primarchs Horus knew well, knew how to motivate and manipulate them, using there pride, martial prowess and courage whilst playing on past grudges and favours, until half the Primarchs and Legions were loyal to him.

The Heresy spread like wild fire through the Imperium and nearly shattered it forever. The battles raged to the very steps of the Imperial Palace, the Emperor was mortally injured and placed in the golden throne. Horus was killed in personal combat with the Emperor. With his death the rebellion collapsed, the traitor legions fled into the Eye of Terror.

The loss of Horus was a heavy blow to the Legion, it broke their morale and they were the first to flee Terra, that act earned them hatred from the other Legions. The Sons of Horus settled on a world in the Eye of Terror, built a fortress tomb for Horus and because of the reverence for him, never appointed a new commander.

The Legion were the first and most aggressive raiders against the Imperium, trying to make up for the cowardice at Terra. The Sons allied themselves with whichever god suited themselves at the time, Many marines were possessed by the various powers daemons only to be left lifeless husks when the Legion shifted allegiances . The Legions numbers gradually dwindled with time until they were nearly extinct until eventually the legions Sorcerer-Librarians found a method of possession that did not destroy the host.

The Legion was restored but now numerically superior and came under attack by the combined strength of the other Traitor Legions. Eventually the Sons of Horus were defeated and the Legion's Fortress destroyed. The Warmaster's corpse was taken by the Emperor's Children and several clones of Him created.

At this point Abbadon, the captain of the 1st Company took the post of Warmaster, rejected Horus's name and painted their armour black. He then led the new "Black Legion" on a lightening raid, destroying the corpse and all the clones of the Warmaster before withdrawing into further Exile. The Black Legion has raided the Eye of Terror and the Imperium ever since.

Notable Characters:

Abbadon the Despoiler - Abbadon became the captain of the 1st Company of the Luna Wolves during the Great crusade and has always reputed to be the clone son of Horus. During the Heresy Abbadon followed his Primarch down the ruinous path. Since taking charge of the black legion Abbadon has led no less than 13 great black crusades into the Imperium, doing more and more damage each time, driving further towards Terra with each one too. Abbadon is often referred to as the Warmaster of Chaos for his ability to draw the other traitor legions into his crusades against the Imperium.

Army Style
The Black Legion is a balanced army list, can draw from any of the unit types to make a flexible battle formation to play against an opponent.

The standard core for the black legion would be a Chaos Lord, and a couple of standard squads of chaos marines, then diverging out as required, the Black Legion can make use of all the specialised troop choices (Plague Marines, Rubic Marines, Khorne Berzerkers and Noise Marines) along with any of the fast attack and heavy support choices.

Colour schemes revolve around a base of black, then trimmed with gold primarily.

Word Bearers

Legion Number: XVII
Primarch: Lorgar
Pre-Heresy Homeworld: Colchis
Homeworld: Daemon world of Sicarus in the Eye of Terror and the Forge World of Ghalmek in the Maelstrom

Lorgar landed on the feudal world of Colchis, and with his vision of the arrival of the Emperor went on a series of brutal religious wars to unify the planet before the Emperor arrived. When He did Lorgar swore fealty to the Emperor, worshipping him as a God.  Lorgar was entrusted with the inducting his best warriors from Cholcis into his Space Marine Legion.

Unlike many of the other Legions, the advances the Word Bearers made were slow and steady, every conquered planet had cathedrals and chapels built on the remains of the enemy in worship of the Emperor. The Word Bearers destroyed all forms of blasphemy and heresy that threatened the Emperors realm, books, scrolls and artworks were destroyed as the Legion progressed. Lorgar's speeches and sermons converted millions to the Emperor with his words alone.

The Emperor became impatient with the progress in expanding the Imperium from the Word Bearers and ordered them to cease this activity and to reunify the galaxy under Imperial rule not preach the Emperor's divinity. This stunned the Primarch and the Word Bearers.

It is believed that one of Lorgar's trusted lieutenant's opened His eyes to the Chaos Gods, gods who not only wanted zeal, worship and fealty but demanded it. There the seeds of Heresy were sown and when Horus rebelled and turned on the Emperor in the name of Chaos, the Word Bearers joined. The worlds they had conquered since their conversion joined too.

During the Heresy part of the Word Bearers legion attacked into the region of space about Ultramar, attacking the world of Calth surprising the Ultramarines with the Legions use of millions of cultists, daemons and tactics. Eventually the Word Bearers were driven off Calth , fleeing into the Maelstrom by the determination, tenacity and resolve of the Ultramarine s already on planet and the arrival of reinforcements from Macragge.

The remainder of the Word Bearers Legion led by Lorgar participated on the raids against the Imperial Palace on Terra, falling back to the Eye of Terror when the Heresy collapsed with Horus's death.

To this day the Word Bearers continue to encourage cults and heretics within the Imperium, fighting a religious war against the Imperium, striking out at weak planets already waiting to fall into full rebellion. These raids are led by the Dark Chaplains of the Word Bearers, the Dark Apostles. The encouragement of Cults within the Imperium often puts the Word Bearers at odds with the Alpha Legion. Although both will work together during the great crusades.

Army Style
Very much like the Black Legion the Word Bearers are a balanced force, being able to draw from all aspects of the lists without compromising the Legion's theme. The only difference is that the Word Bearers often use cultists to infiltrate and can be represented using minor daemons.

Colours revolve around crimson and silver for the Word Bearers.

Alpha Legion

Legion Number: XX
Primarch: Alpharius and Omegon

The 20th legion was relatively young when their Primarch was discovered and therefore very willing and ready to accept His input on them. Alpharius believed that stealth and fluidity were the keys to success for his Legion and applied this concept to their training and operations.

The Legions success through the great crusade all feature some sort of subterfuge or rapid unexpected movement. Such victories required great skill and dedication to achieve. The condemnation of the tactics by most of the other Primarchs led to the Alpha Legion quickly becoming insular and proud formation.

After further disagreements with other Primarch's the Alpha Legion pushed further into their proffered operations, moving away from standard Imperial practices and orchestrating complex but great victories during the crusade even when more conventional tactics would have been easier and more efficient. Often when asked why the answer was it would have been too easy. This brought Alpharius further censure from all the Primarchs except Horus, who praised their skill.

It is unsurprising that when Horus rebelled against the Imperium that the Alpha Legion would side with him, given the examples and treatment of the other Primarchs against the Alpha Legion. However it is also reputed that Alpharius Omegon was contacted by a Xenos group showing him a vision of events to come and asked to take on their greatest challenge, to use all of their skills of deception, subterfuge and sabotage to destroy Chaos from within. Challenged to pretend to defect to the side of Horus and ensure the final destruction of Chaos. However like all the actions of the Alpha Legion, the true motivations will never be known.

The Alpha Legion were one of the Legions in the second assault wave which betrayed the loyalist first wave and joined the Heresy. When Horus led the Legions off too Terra, the Alpha legion did not go with them but instead carried out a series of raids to delay reinforcements to Terra.

When the Heresy collapsed the Alpha Legion did not retreat to the Eye of Terror but instead moved to the galactic east where it ended up engaged against the Ultramarines. During the battle Gulliman managed to surprise Alpharius by assaulting his headquarters, ending in personal combat between the two. It is reported that Alpharius was killed by Gulliman. The Alpha Legion responded but not by breaking and fleeing as expected but by turning on the Ultramarines and driving them from the planet.

The Alpha Legion since this time has disappeared into the Eye of Terror and just when the Lords of Terra think that they can declare them wiped out, the Alpha Legion caries out a devastating raid of some kind. The Alpha Legion operations are like there iconography, hydra-like. Every operation has several divergent parts that each could achieve the objective by themselves but all are put into effect to deliver a devastating blow. Extensive planning and preparation is carried out for every operation, one example was the downfall of an entire Space Marine Chapter, it is believed that the Alpha Legion had spent up to a century preparing for the operation to be carried out.

Army Style
The Alpha Legion primarily rely on infiltration, surprise and the unexpected. They preffer the use of multiple strokes that individually could achieve the goal, but all of them together provide a stunning coup de grace.

The core would be made up of a Chaos Lord and a couple of squads of chaos marines, with dedicated transports. This could then be expanded in a number of ways, fast attack and possesed to provide infiltration. If you are going to bring support units then would be highly mobile so chaos predators. Also the Alpha Legions heavy use of cultists could be represented by using cultists as minor deamons with inflitrate.

The Alpha Legion colour scheme revolves around blues and greens.

The Lost And The Damned - Traitors and Renegades

The term Chaos Space Marine was coined for those traitor legions who under the banner of the Warmaster Horus, waged a rebellious war against the Emperor and his loyalists. Since the Heresy, every loyalist legion was broken down into Chapters of a thousand Space Marines, in an effort to prevent such an incident occuring again.

Since the Heresy, many more Space Marines have flocked to the banner of the ruinous powers, some hardly known at all and whispered in hushed tones about, others so infamous their very names invoking fear.

And as the march of time and the dogma of the Imperium continues, many more Space Marines will embrace the delights of Chaos, indulge in their base lusts, revel in the power of freedom to do as they please...

The Fallen

During the Great Crusade the Legionnaires of the Dark Angels were renowned for their strategies and tactics earning great victories on the battlefield . This should have been a great source of pride and inspiration for the whole legion however for the Dark Angels left to guard their homeworld it became a bitter reminder that they had been left behind.

The Dark Angels left to guard Caliban were under the command of Luther. He had been the Primarch's right hand man as they had liberated and cleansed Caliban of the mutants and chaos beasts infesting the world before the arrival of the Emperor.

As the Horus Heresy broke out amongst the stars, the Chaos gods reached out to the space marines scattered over the galaxy in an attempt to get more to embrace the ruinous powers. On Caliban the Chaos gods touched the twisted and bitter mind of Luther, tainting and corrupting him, playing on his desires and feelings of neglect, from there it spread into the minds of the Dark Angels on the planet.

After the collapse of the Heresy and with the Traitor Legions fled, Lion El' Johnson led the Dark Angels home to Caliban. When they arrived in system the guns of the great Fortress Monastery on Caliban opened up on the approaching fleet. From a merchant trader they discovered that Luther was responsible.

The Dark Angels under the command of their Primarch had no choice but to open fire on the Monastery and try to retake the planet. The Great Shields built into the Fortress withstood the ships fire. The bombardment to break the shields down hammered the very foundations of Caliban. Eventually the bombardment weakened the shield enough for Lion El' Johnson to teleport into the Fortress.

The Primarch went alone in an attempt to reason with his friend and brother, to stop further conflict, but on finding Luther and the taint of chaos, they were both drawn into battle. The Dark Gods heightened Luther's strength and speed. Eventually Luther managed to overpower the Primarch and his blow struck Lion El' Johnson down.

As Luther looked down on the fallen Primarch his mind snapped as he realised what he had done, that he had struck his friend down. That moment drove the Chaos Gods whispering from his mind and in the Dark Gods rage at losing another pawn their power tore Caliban asunder, sucking the Dark Angels on Caliban into the warp and depositing them throughout space and time itself.

When the loyal Dark Angels landed on the remains of the Fortress Monastery they found a broken Luther alone, their Primarch missing and the only clue he had been there was the Lion Helm. When questioned all Luther would say was that Lion El' Johnson had been taken by the watchers and would return one day.

The Lutherite Dark Angels, the Fallen, as they became known fall into 3 groups. The first group embraced the chaos gods, revelled in the powers and became full fledge traitor space marines in their own warbands or with other groups. The second group knew that they had done something terribly wrong but could not or would not return to the Imperium and so stripped their armour off and blended into the background of life wherever they were. The last group do not necessarily believe they are not innocent but do not believe the Lionate Dark Angels were innocent either and have decided to seek forgiveness from the ultimate authority the Emperor.

All 'Fallen' Dark Angels are considered Traitors, although extremely few people are aware of their existence at all. They are hunted ruthlessly by the Unforgiven, the Dark Angels Chapter and its successor Chapters. Every Fallen knows that if he is caught he will be tortured to death by a confessor chaplain seeking for them to repent.

Notable Characters

Luther - One a brother to the Primarch Lion El' Johnson, Luther became corrupted by the dark gods and in battle slew the Primarch, breaking his own mind, and damning those Dark Angels on Caliban to be hunted. Only a few know that Luther still exists, kept in a stasis cell deep inside the Rock.

Cypher - The mysterious rogue Space Marine, who's dark armour bears semblance to the colours of the Dark Angels, covered over by a long robe. He carries two master crafted pistols that no matter the chaos and confusion about him, he shoots with deadly accuracy. Cypher also carries a blade with him, that has no one has ever seen him use in battle, some postulate that he carries the "Lion Blade" and seeks to bring it to the Emperor gaining forgiveness for the Fallen. All that is truly known is that whether Cypher shows up, the Fallen are drawn to him.

Playing The Fallen

Army Style
The Fallen can either be played using the SM Definition: Space Marinescodex or the CSM Definition: Chaos Space Marinescodex depending on which of the 2 playable factions you choose. However the Fallen do not have Deathwing/Ravenwing styled units, if they use Terminators or Fast Attack options they use standard rule sets. As both these units were not formed until after the events leading to the creation of the Fallen.

The Fallen can be modelled on DA Space Marines, Space Marines and Chaos Space Marines, can even using the multipart plastic kits mix them up to create a unique feel to the models. Depends on how you foresee your own fallen being played.

Now this can be done one of two ways, pre-heresy the DA's had black armour. Post-Heresy it was dark green, both sets of colour schemes have been used on various different people's Fallen armies.

Red Corsairs

Originally the Red Corsairs were the Space Marine Chapter the Astral Claws that had been raised to protect the region around the notorious Maelstrom. A place where Traitor Legions, Chaos Space Marines, Renegades and Pirates operate from.

The Astral Claws were based on the planet of Badab. Everything proceed as the Adeptus Administorum expected until Lufgt Huron became Chapter Master of the Astral Claws. Over time the Astral Claws became lax with there tithing to the Imperium, of both gene-seed and taxes from Badab until eventually stopped arriving at all.

The Inquisition sent a fleet to Badab to investigate, on the fleets arrival the Astral Claws attacked and destroyed the investigation fleet. With this turn of events the Imperial Forces in the region were dispatched against the Astral Claws. In the initial confusion the Astral Claws signalled several nearby Space Marine Chapters for assistance. 3 Space Marine Chapters responded and a small scale war erupted in the region.

Other events in the Imperium forced the withdrawal of forces away from the area until later when 7 loyalist Space Marine Chapters were brought in to deal with the conflict. Badab was blockade by the Imperial Navy and the 3 chapters who had assisted the Astral Claws were censured and sent on centuries long penitence crusades.

However the Astral Claws were declared Traitor and Badab was invaded, Initially the Astral Claws fought with defiance, claiming that they would all die defending Badab. This changed when Lufgt Huron was severely injured, the remaining Astral Claws taking their Chapter Master, boarded several ships and broke through the blockade and escaped into the Maelstrom.

During this time the Techmarines and Apothecaries of the Astral Claws laboured to save Lufgt Huron's life, however 'miraculously' Lufgt Huron survived and within 12 days had re-donned his armour. By this point Huron was now Huron Blackheart.

Finding themselves in the Maelstrom surrounded by pirates, Huron Blackheart had his Astral Claws attack the Pirates, killing the majority and enslaving the rest, carving out a niche within the Maelstrom for themselves.

Using the captured ships, the Astral Claws turned themselves corsair, raiding and looting Imperial shipping in areas outside of the Maelstrom. The name Red Corsairs came from the colour used by the Astral Claws used to cover and deface their Imperial Heraldry. Huron Blackheart liked the name and it stuck.

As the Red Corsairs raids became more successful the Imperium tried to counter the threat by using convoy systems, and protecting the convoy's with escorts. However the Red Corsairs still raided the shipping, hitting the stragglers, decoying the escorts and hitting the ships before they could return.
However recently the Red Corsairs changed patterns and actually engaged a warship in an attempt to capture it for their own ends. The Red Corsairs attacked the Space Wolf Strike Cruiser Wolf of Fenris in a devastatingly well planned attacked, cutting off sections of the ship before the defenders could respond. The Red Corsairs were even aided by turncoats onboard the Wolf of Fenris helping the Corsairs to capture it relatively intact.

This seeming ability of Huron Blackheart to attract renegade and dissident Space Marines to his cause has High Lords of Terra extremely concerned especially with the increasing reports of individuals and squads of Space Marines disappearin g only to later show up in the ranks of the Red Corsairs.

The Red Corsairs have grown to a size and power over time to where they now could match some of the traitor legions themselves.

Notable Characters

Huron Blackheart - Once known as Lufgt Huron, the Chapter Master of the Astral Claws, Huron Blackheart is a ruthless tyrant and pirate, his Red Corsairs plaguing the areas of space about the Maelstrom. During the fighting on Badab, Huron was almost killed by melta burns to one side of his body. The Techmarines replace almost one side of his body with bionics, but even then his recovery was too quick for a Space Marine, Huron had given his soul to the dark gods.

Playing the Red Corsairs

Army Style
The Red Corsairs are played using the CSM Definition: Chaos Space Marinescodex. They can be played in a variety of styles to suit your game play and/or your opponents, all the standard options are available.

Can be made up using Chaos Space Marines and Space Marines, mix up the parts or just using the Chaos Space Marine models.

Crimson, Crimson, Crimson and black are the standard colours, trimmed off with whichever colour suits you.

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