Dark Angels Verses Ulthwe [Battle Report and anti-wraithlord tactica]

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Thanks to TiaHu for this.

Greetings Everyone,

This summarized little battle report is actually a tactic about fighting the Wraithlord. The scenario was the cleanse mission and the armies consisted of 2,000pt lists. It was the Dark Angels Space Marines and Ulthwe Eldar that fought it out.

I brought:

2 Heavy Support, 4 Troops, 1 HQ, 1 Elite and 1 Fast Attack.

My opponent(and cunning alien enemy) brought:

3 Heavy Support (Wraithlords), 2 Troops, 1 HQ, 2 Elite and 1 Fast Attack.

Now at first I was surprised at so many star cannons and the psychic heavy HQ, but a Land Raider Crusader and 5 Deathwing terminators helped level the field. It was a just before sunrise and the Dark Angel Librarian could sense psychic activity in the valley. The command to attack was given. Scouts took position on the right flank in a small outcropping that provided an excellent field of fire. The Devastator Squad remained in position in the woods in the center of the valley (board).

Tactical Squads Revenge and Determination sped forth in their Rhino APC's to cover a ruined building and low hill on the left flank. The Tactical Squad Reliant stayed in the rear on the valley edge overlooking the base of operations with a lascannon. The Librarian and Deathwing advanced from a position in the center, carried in their ancient Landraider called "Mother-in-Law." The Ravenwing Attack Bikes careened around the wooded hill and opened up on a Wraithlord by a ruined building.

The Ravenwing, true to their nature, hit eight out of nine times with explosive heavy bolter rounds. Of those, four caused serious injury to the heretical construct. Alas, the eldritch Wraithlord shrugged all but one round off. The Devastator squad insulted by the beast, opened up with two heavy bolters and two missile launchers. The Wraithlord suffered another wound to a yellow tipped missile. Blackish-green smoke started to seep from the evil abomination. The whirlwind was not to be uninvited to the party.

The tactical display read that its earlier firing dropped anti-personnel munitions with great effect on a Guardian Defender Squad trying to hide behind a ruined building in their quadrant. The Mother-in-law sped forward. It stopped and turned away from a Guardian Defender squad in the ruins and turned towards another ruined building. Inside was the insidious seer council. Hurricane Boltes and assault cannon fired a hail of hate and discontent into the ruins. The eldar understood the danger and fell behind cover, but not before two of their eight could be redeemed by the Emperor.

The Eldar became angry. Wraithlords appeared from behind buildings. The avatar of the Bloody-handed God came out, brandishing a whitish-yellow hot sword. One wraithlord fired into the Ravenwing, seeking revenge. Two died, but the third manuvered and jinked so the starcannon failed to wound. The Emperor is our protection. A glint and flash passed by. A cowardly Vyper jet bike fired at the Landraider, while passing between two ruined buildings, heading for Tactical Squad Determination. The Bright Lance melted one of the track plates and the Land Raider was immobilized, but deadly still. The Seer council threw Shining Speers at the Land Raider, but were blinded by the sun gleaming off the Land Raider (really, my Land Raider is painted BRIGHT white. I didn't like the cheap bone white-brown). All the while, Librarian Brasidas focused his power and psychic hood into a shield of prevention. The Seer council failed to achieve use their psychic prowess.

The Land Raider screamed Deathwing. Five Terminators, one brandishing a heavy flamer and a Librarian in Terminator Armor strode forth. Stormbolters fired and the heavy flamer boiled blood and roasted Eldar flesh as the Guardians with a star cannon felt the burning passion of the heavy flamer. Three screamed and died in agony. Overhead, a missile prematurely dropped anti-personnel munitions on the Guardians that the were being assaulted by the Deathwing. The Librarian replied to the fire control, as munitions exploded around two of the Deathwing, "Danger Close. Danger Close. Check your Fire Magic Mountain. I say again, Check your Fire."

The Ravenwing biker turned hard and fired pintle mounted bolters and heavy bolter into the rear of the Vyper Jet bike. Engines flared and suddenly belched smoke and the Vyper crashed to the ground, immobilized engines sat in quiet smoking reminder to the righteousness of Man. An Eldar crewman tried to break free from his harness before the flames engulfed him. Veteran Sgt Red Sky calmly walked over to the canopy and braced his armored foot on the lock.

The Eldar pilot screamed in insane fear as the flames began to blacken his cockpit. Quickly, the Eldar pilot began to melt like a candle. One of the tactical marines vomitted. Veteran Sgt Red Sky glared at the young marine and others, "There is no mercy for the Eldar. Do you think they would have helped one of our crew? It does not matter how they die, as long as they die and we are witness. You, Jerimiah, you will be disciplined when we reach our ship."

The Devastator squad fired into the smoking Wraithlord again. The trees had provided much cover from Wraithlord Star Cannons. A missile screamed forth, angry and sure. The head-like carapace of the Wraithlord was struck and exploded in a glorious ball of reddish yellow flame. Two legs stood as an obscene monument to the lethality of Missile launchers. The Land Raider began to take its toll on the Seer Council. More of its members dropped. The Deathwing assaultd the Defender Guaridains that were set aflame. Guardian personal defense weapons shattered against ancient Tactical Dreadnought Armor. The Librarian raised his force weapon and struck down three of the Guardians. Another two were liquefied in the warm embrace of Deathwing Powerfists. Suddenly, a shadow darkened the building, 2 Wraithlords and an Avatar came charging into the room.

The Avatar struck the Libarian four times and wounded him three times. By force of will alone, the Librarian withstood the assault and willed his armor not to break (yup, three 5+ saves were made). The Librarian brandished his force weapon and with a glow of blue, the Avatar folded in on itself. It had passed as quickly as it appeared (Gotta love force weapons). Three other Deathwing members were not so lucky, their head and torsos were crumpled like wet white and red paper.

Limbs were still convulsing. The remaining Deathwing failed to score more than one wound to a single Wraithlord. The fighting was fast and furious. By the end of the Eldar turn, a Wraithlord had sustained two wounds total, the ruined building interior was decorated in early Deathwing and Libarian. The Wraithlords munched the Deathwing something fierce! A Wave Serpent glided in on the valiant Devastators. The trees provided some protection, but the space marines made a tactical withdraw to another hill behind. The Howling Banshees did that whole "Let's party Boyz" and messed my stuff up quick. I took 8 casualties and returned 1 casualty to the Banshees. That many power weapons are just evil.

Tactical Squad Determination let a volley from their Plasma Cannon loose on the pursuing Howling Banshees. Please note, I am extremely unreliable when fielding a Plasma weapon of any sort. The Plasma Cannon gunner burst into a ball of super heated liquid, his molecules spreading across the field. The marine with a plasma gun, undeterred, fired at the Howling banhees that were caught in the open, he flared and his molecules joined his former brothers. It is said that even the Emperor uttered a most dire phrase during this detonation of plasma, "That sucked."

Bolter rounds slammed into the Howling Banshees and they fell back with only two surviving members.

The Landraider, fired into the rear of the Eldar Wave Serpent, the multi-melt creating a whole into the engine compartment. The energy cell exploded and the Wave Serpent crashed to the ground, but not before it fired into the Whirlwind. Techpriest were called in prepare a maintenance bay. The fire control system of the whirlwind was destroyed. The scouts, until this time were silent, opened up with a heavy bolter and three needler rifles. Three explosive bolts tore gaping holes into the Wraithlord. Sniper rifles shattered glistening gems.

The Wraithlord reached out in a futile gesture and crashed to the ground. Squad Revenge fired on the last reamaing Wraithlord with a lascannon. It burned a whole straight through the Wraithlord, and it died.

The strategy was simply to sacrifice the Deathwing and have them take out as much as possible. Everything in the Eldar army had starcannons (about 5 or 6). By using them as bait, I could focus fire power on grouped Wraithlords. I didn't want to be having one unit hit one Wraithlord, another unit hit a different one. One unit was out of range. So on and so on. The good thing was, my opponent fell for the bait.

He couldn't ignore the Deathwing, but he couldn't let them go wondering around causing mayhem and destruction. I wanted to control two quarters and wear him down by attrition. It almost didn't work, because once his Howling banshees got into my lines, I had nothing really to counter them. So once I set up my troops, and his Wraithlords were together, all my weapons would be in range. I had to lay down a whole heck of a lot of fire on the Wraithlords, but that's fine.

That's what marines are good at! I was hoping to send my Elites into the Seer council, but I thought better of it. I'd rather tie up those T8 guys than the Seer Council that can die to bolter fire. They shrugged a whole lot of fire power off too! There's something to be said about cover saves. Now, if my opponent had put everything way behind cover and used his mobility to get into combat first, then I think my Deathwing would have had to back track to help out my other units. This would have allowed him to let his Wraithlords light up my units not in combat. My single gamble was my only hand-to-hand unit. My Deathwing were the bait, but my saviour.

If I had lost them early to star cannon or shining spear, I'd have been up a creek for sure. There's something to be said about focusing fire power on a unit till its dead! I'm glad the plan went as well as it did, but I think next time it'll be different.

Hope you enjoyed.

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