Daemonhunters Tactica: Know Thy Self

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"The Daemon has many forms. You must know them all.
You must tell the Daemon from his disguise and root him out from the hidden places.
Trust no one. Trust not even yourself. It is better to die in vain than to live in abomination.
The zealous martyr is praised for his valour, the craven and unready are justly abhorred."
- Excerpted from the First Book of Indoctrinations
Knowing thy self means we must know our codex in order to better understand what we are, what we can do with what we have available to us, as well as tips on usage for all of the tools at our disposal. The Daemonhunters come in many different variations and are the premier branch of the Inquisitorial ring of codices, so let's have a look into what we have available:
This guide was written as a means to help introduce you to the Daemonhunters and not create an army list for you nor tell you how to build your army or configure your units. This is simply a guide to help someone new to their codex, or revisiting their codex to get the most from it!

Quick Reference:
 Introduction and Force Organizational Chart Options
 Inquisitorial Units
 Grey Knight Units
 Inquisitorial Allies and Inducted Allies
 Inducted Space Marine Units
 Inducted Imperial Guard Units
 Combination of Forces
 Daemonhunters Armory
 Ending - Adversaries of the Daemonhunters and Final Note

Introduction and Force Organizational Chart Options

The Codex itself is split into two main factions of Daemonhunters, which can be called the Inquisitorial units and the Grey Knight units. The Inquisitorial units have the widest reach and most access to options and thus can be interchangeable with other armies, as the Inquisitorial aspects of all the Inquisition Codices are virtually the same, with minor differences. The Grey Knights are the special force of the Daemonhunters, and are the elite of the elite when it comes to Marines. As such, they have many special rules and limitations which we will explore.

Force Organizational Options, Allies and Inducted Allies

Inquisitorial Daemonhunters (referred to as pure)
  • Inquisitorial Daemonhunters with Grey Knights
  • Inquisitorial Daemonhunters with Inducted Imperial Guard
  • Inquisitorial Daemonhunters with Inducted Space Marines
  • Inquisitorial Daemonhunters with allied Witch Hunters
  • Inquisitorial Daemonhunters with allied Xenos Hunters
Grey Knight Daemonhunters (referred to as pure)
  • Grey Knight Daemonhunters with Inducted Imperial Guard
  • Grey Knight Daemonhunters with allied Witch Hunters
  • Grey Knight Daemonhunters with allied Xenos Hunters*

Daemonhunters as Allies:

Inquisitorial Daemonhunters as an ally to another Parent List
Grey Knight Daemonhunters as an ally to another Parent List
* The third installment in the Inquisitorial ring, Xenos Hunters, is unreleased at this time.

Inquisitorial Units

The Inquisitorial units are the core of the Daemonhunters, and are not overly specialized towards any one spectrum of the game. They are the most generic units available; however, they can be configured in a wide range which allows us to specialize our units. So let's take a look at what the Inquisition has to offer us.

Headquarter Selections

(HQ) Ordo Malleus Inquisitor LordThis Inquisitor Lord is the main entity of the Inquisitorial Daemonhunters. He can be completely configured to your whim, be it for combat or shooting or a mix of both. He can become very expensive and requires a retinue of trusted henchmen. He has an incredible array of armory to access from and his main specialty in the Daemonhunters is to be configured to take on and destroy daemonic entities, which he can excel at with special items such as the Grimoire of True Names for example. As an Inquisitor Lord, he has Iron Will and is more than Fearless as he simply chooses the outcome of Morale Checks instead of rolling for them. Also, as an Inquisitor he is a potent Psyker and as an Ordo Malleus Psyker, his powers are mainly focused on the destruction of or protection from Daemons (flagship powers: Banishment and Destroy Daemon).
It is my opinion that the best way to field an Inquisitor, is to have a goal in mind, or a purpose and to configure your Inquisitor to perform this duty. The war gear and henchmen that you select as well as transport options will all be very important in determining what your Inquisitor will be doing in your game and there are many ways to do just this.
For Example:Inquisitor Lord and Retinue (anti-Daemon)
  • Inquisitor Lord with Daemonhammer, Grimoire of True Names, Sacred Incense and Retractor Field
  • Acolyte with Power Armor x 3
  • (Warrior) Imperial Guard Veteran x 3
  • Hierophant x 2
  • (Familiar) Cherubim
  • Chimera with Turret Heavy Flamer, Hull Heavy Flamer, Extra Armor and Smoke Launchers
This Inquisitor Lord and Retinue are equipped to take on a major daemonic entity, which is what the army is all about. With the combination of war gear, henchmen and a transport to get them to their destination, they can easily take one a Greater Daemon, or any other enemy that is considered Daemonic, in which case they will easily destroy it.
Another ExampleInquisitor Lord and Retinue
  • Inquisitor Lord with Null Rod and Needle Pistol
  • (Warrior) Gun-Servitor with Plasma Cannon
  • (Warrior) Gun-Servitor with Heavy Bolter
  • Acolytes in Power Armor x 3
This unit is there for simply providing a few things to your list. We have the Emperor's Tarot for aid on the first turn roll. Next we have the shooting power of the heavy bolter and psycannon at long range. And lastly, we have the Mystics, who can help us form a counter against deep striking units (or summoned units). Overall, a well rounded utility setup that has damage potential.
(HQ) HenchmenHenchmen are a necessity for Inquisitors and Inquisitor Lords require more than just any Inquisitor. As such, all Inquisitors have access to Henchmen, but the Inquisitor Lord is required to take a minimum of 3 but can take a maximum of 12. The normal Inquisitor however, may choose to take no Henchmen, but may also take up to 6 Henchmen. Knowing this, it will be good to discuss what exactly the Henchmen are and can do.
The Familiar: The familiar is a small henchman that adds extra initiative to the Inquisitor, permanently, but also adds the ability to take an extra psychic power. The important thing to remember is that these bonuses are permanent and do not end should the Familiar be removed from play. The Familiar is also useful to a retinue that expects to take a lot of casualties, because the Familiar is one of the cheaper henchmen, therefore they act as good filler unless you're already full of Mystics..
The Hierophant: The Hierophant is one of the Daemonhunter's specific henchmen specifically designed for two things that are important when fighting Daemons. The first is that they raise the Leadership of the Inquisitor, which is a perfect way to raise even a normal Inquisitor's leadership to a level that will allow them to withstand the fear of a Daemon. The Hierophant also prevents Daemons from attacking the squad as easily and they are forced to assault as if they were in difficult terrain. And should the squad contain more than one Hierophant all Daemons suffer from negative leadership modifiers. That means, this humble Hierophant performs three very valuable functions against Daemons, but otherwise, does not do much other than raising Leadership (which is a very nice bonus for Elite Inquisitors).
The Acolyte: Acolytes are dutiful followers of the Inquisitor, with their own hopes to one day live long enough to achieve the same status. As such, they will die for their Inquisitor and may have the Inquisitor's wounds allocated to them. For this reason, it is a good idea to grant your Acolyte war gear to help him survive his efforts to protect the Inquisitor or grant them weapons in addition to their current gear to easier provide more attacks or more firepower to the squad.
Daemonhunter Acolytes can have Artificer Armor or Refractor Fields for your defensive needs. I recommend however, that you not splurge too much upon them, as they are very costly and they don't particularily save the Inquisitor all that often from the more dangerous attacks. Sometimes, a single Acolyte can be good, for defense, but more than that and it becomes a point sink.
The Warrior:Warrior Henchmen come in several different flavors. They range from Veteran Guardsmen to Combat Servitors to Gun Servitors. Veteran Guardsmen are basically Storm Troopers with normal weapon options, so they can take extra weapons to further their very useful ballistic skill. The Gun Servitors can take the much heavier weapons, but will force the squad to take a more static approach. And finally the Combat Servitor is an easy way to add a Power Fist (or three!) to your squad for a strong close combat punch. Aside from their obvious abilities, having a Warrior buys the Inquisitor a +1 modifier to his Weapon Skill, which is very beneficial should we be focusing on close combat with our Inquisitor, making it easier for him to strike his enemies.
I really prefer the plasma gun carrying Veteran Guardsman as well as the Combat Servitors for the extra Power Fist. The entire squad can easily load up on template weapons, such as flamers, or plasma weapons to really decimate an opponent.
The Sage: The Sage adds to your Inquisitor's ballistic skill and when you take more than one, you may re-roll failed to hit rolls in your squad. This can be very helpful when you take a very powerful static weapon, such as heavy bolters, multi-meltas or plasma cannons; however, this ability comes at a high price. However, when focusing on shooting, this is the henchman to consider.
I personally do not like Sages because for their points, I could buy another weapon which is ultimately more useful than re-rolling a miss. Our weapons already hit very often so having more would make a greater impact rather than focusing on a single one.
The Mystic: Mystics are the other Daemonhunters-only henchmen and they are very cheap, yet very powerful. Luckily they do more than just affect our squad in terms of daemonic foes. The Mystic allows the Inquisitor and his squad to fire upon any deep striking unit or summoned daemons within a number of random inches before they get a chance to do anything, and they count as stationary when doing this (so those heavy weapons can be fired even if you were moving last turn). If you take more than one Mystic, you may pass this ability on to another unit with better weapon or better line of sight, such as a vehicle to do the same thing within 12 inches of the Inquisitorial squad. Mystics are also, one of the cheaper henchmen and are always great for filling up a squad to add wounds in order to last longer as a unit.
Mystics are incredibly useful to counter Deep Striking units, such as Terminators. They are especially helpful to stop a freshly summoned Daemon from being too powerful when they suddenly show up, however, their ability to counter even enemy Space Marines is very helpful. Nothing says "surprise" like a freshly Deep Striked unit of Terminators that are met with a slew of plasma hits that reduce them to rubble by the simple use of a Mystic.
(HQ) Inquisitor Lord Torquemada CoteazInquisitor Lord Coteaz is the special character available for the Inquisitorial section of the Daemonhunters. Inquisitor Lord Coteaz is very expensive on his own, plus his henchmen and is extremely pure. As such, he limits your force to be a puritan force, so no Daemonhosts may be taken. He can take more henchmen than normal though and the restriction of the number of each type allowed to be taken has increased, so we may now have 4 acolytes and 4 warriors even should we wish it (which is incredible when you consider the amount of firepower we could amass with this.
Coteaz himself is quite powerful and resilient and has really powerful close combat attacks with Daemonhammer that can re-roll it's to-wound rolls, functioning much like a lightning claw, but a hammer, and against a Daemon, this is incredibly powerful. Inquisitor Lord Coteaz is also a very potent psyker with the powers of the Ordo Malleus to destroy daemons as well as his simple presence is enough to lower the leadership of enemy daemons around him (and this is cumulative with henchmen and Grey Knights, so you can cause very large negative leadership modifiers upon Daemons in this manner!). Overall, he's very expensive for what he actually gives you, but with the appropriate henchmen can be a very potent anti-Daemon Inquisitor Lord.

Elite Selections

(Elite) Ordo Malleus InquisitorThe Elite Inquisitors of the Ordo Malleus are perfect for gaining more fire support in terms of mobile support and static anchor support. The Inquisitor makes a perfect entry to add to any Daemonhunters army in order to gain access to other Inquisitorial units or be included in other forces to gain these specialists. They use the same rules as the Inquisitor Lords, and as such have the same henchmen options already described and access to the armory and psychic powers.
ExampleInquisitor with Retinue (Static Fire Anchor)
  • Inquisitor with Psycannon; Auspex
  • (Warrior) Gun-Servitor with Heavy Bolter x 1
  • Familiars x 1
  • Hierophant x 1
  • Mystic x 2
This Inquisitor is setup to simply be an anti-infantry long range fire support anchor with Heavy Bolter & Psycannon. The strength of the squad is that is has a hightened leadership as well as the ability to fire on surprise units thanks to our Mystics.
(Elite) 0-1 DaemonhostsDaemonhosts are only allowed in a Radical Inquisitorial Daemonhunters army. What this means is that our Inquisitors will go to any lengths to fight the enemy, even if it means consorting and using Daemons to do so! Because of this, we may not include Grey Knight forces at all if we take Daemonhosts. These twisted creatures are potent psykers and very powerful, but very random.
They do not operate as a unit, but function independently so that they can appear all over the board to do their Lord's bidding. Daemonhosts are great for quick close combat support and function really well as Fire Magnents as they have a very large pool of wounds and are very resilient and strong. They can even regernate all their wounds to keep on fighting! However, they do not score points in missions so this is risky to spend points on. They are extremely potent but very random, and they Deep Strike all the time-so take them under caution. They make for very different Daemonhunters armies for sure!
(Elite) Death Cult AssassinsDeath Cult Assassins come in groups of up to 3, but do not have to remain together. They are pure combat warriors and are very good at what they do. Not only do they infiltrate, they ignore armor saves and are very fast, but require an Inquisitor in the force to be able to be taken. They are a very good alternative to the more powerful assassins and cost much cheaper.
These assassins are great for providing quick combat support to other squads. They are independent, and as such do not count as scoring units. That means, the more you buy, the less scoring units you'll have on the board and Death Cult Assassins do die in the end. However, they're a great speed bump for slashing through heavy infantry early on.
(Elite) 0-1 Officio Assassinorum OperativeThe ability to take an Imperial Assassin is the dread of most players because of their power. There are four variations that cost differently and have different rules, though they all share the same stat-profile:
TheCulexus Assassin is specifically designed to destroy psykers and may always target them. All of his weapons are geared for anti-psykers and effects all units leadership in that he is soulless that are near him.
TheCallidus Assassin is an assassin that effects the enemy's deployment as well as appears later in the game to cause more trouble. She arrives from reserves and can appear anywhere without warning, in which case she may move and attack as normal even on the turn she arrives and is famous for her C'tan Phase Blade which ignores all armor saves and invulnerable saves alike.
She is one of the best Assassins out there. She is excellent at destroying hidden vehicles and heavy weapon squads that generally hide or remain in cover behind the rest of the army.
TheEversor Assassin is a more flexible assassin that is geared towards combat. He can move fast and has more attacks than the others. His ranged attack abilities however are not as impressive and when he dies, he explodes taking out his attackers with him-and he happens to be the cheapest of the four.
TheVindicar Assassin is the ultimate Master Sniper. He always chooses his target and can pierce through squad protections to take out Unit Leaders or Heavy Weapon carriers. He has special shots that may be used as well that each have different abilities (such as causing more than one wound, or ignoring invulnerable saves, or wounding easier). He infiltrates and wears a stealth suit that keeps him safe from return fire. He also reduces cover saves on his targets.
TThe Vindicar is arguably one of the best Assassins. He is perfect for taking down Unit Leaders which can lower the leadership of the squad drastically, and as a sniper rifle, it can pin that unit in the resulting moral check.

Troop Selections

(Troop) Inquisitorial Storm TroopersStorm Troopers are the standard issue Trooper for all Inquisitorial armies. They have the same options, but different access to the armory of course. They can be small or large squads with full access to a slew of assault weaponry and the veteran storm trooper can get access to the armory allowing him to take even more firepower or even some close combat weapons. Unfortunately they do not deepstrike or infiltrate, but they have normal transport options with a Chimera or Rhino. It's important to know that the Storm Trooper is the most basic Troop of the Daemonhunter army.
The build up the core of this force, and they are our only transportable troop who can carry anti-tank weaponry for cheap. Therefore, unless you're playing a themed army consisting of nothing but Grey Knights, there should be several units of Storm Troopers in your list. Storm Troopers do not take an overall great benefit from having high model count squads, so having units between 6 to 8 models with special weapons, would be ideal for scoring purposes.
These troopers are cheap and effective. They pack my favorite weapons, meltaguns and grenade launchers and have great ballistic skills as well as an average armor save. The troopers however, do not have long range anti-armor support, as they're limited to the humble meltagun. I prefer a squad size of 6 with two plasma guns mounted in a Rhino for chopping down enemy heavy infantry.
The Storm Troopers are very important in a Daemonhunters army specifically that takes Grey Knights because of the fire support that they can bring for low points as well as add more bodies to the field, where low model counts cause the Grey Knights problems.

Fast Attack Selections

TThe Inquisitorial Units do not have a generic Fast Attack unit. Instead, they gain access to various Fast Attack options via inducted allies or the Grey Knights. There will be more information on the inducted and ally Fast Attack options later.

Heavy Support Selections

(Heavy) 0-1 Orbital StrikeUnfortunately, the Orbital Strike is the only Inquisitorial Heavy Support selection that we have available without taking specialized Grey Knight units (which require Grey Knights to field) or taking an inducted ally option. We have the standard outfit of Warheads, including the Lance Strike and Melta Torpedo as normal. The unique Warhead available to only the Daemonhunters is the Barrage Bomb, which is simply a weaker version of the Lance Strike and slightly cheaper. Sadly, the Barrage Bomb is not cheap enough to warrant it's ability and the other two Warheads are far better for their points so it is ill advised to take this Barrage Bomb unless pressed for the little points that is saves.
Overall though, Orbital Strikes are not really expected to destroy enemy forces. Instead, they're expected to keep an enemy out of a specific piece of terrain, allowing you the advantage of controling where he is not going to be on the field. So if you're facing an opponent who normally takes refuge in large covered areas, then this could be a great tool to flush them out into the open.
There is one other reason to take the Barrage Bomb, and that is because does not pierce Grey Knight armor, whereas it will pierce many other's armor perhaps. In this fashion, they could effectively stand in the midst of a blast while being allowed armor saves and denying weaker opponent's their armor save. Unfortunately this is so random that one could never rely on this, but it is an option for those risk takers out there.

Grey Knight Units

The Grey Knights are the purest of the Marines, and the crème de la crème of them as well. Grey Knights are strong and specialized to fight the forces of Chaos to any end. They're a secret chapter that not too many even know about in the realm of the Imperium, but Chaos is quite familiar with them as where ever Chaos is, the Grey Knights are there to defend humanity. The Grey Knights themselves have many special rules surrounding them, and the best gear available and as such are very expensive.
  • Fearless - Their resolve is absolute. They follow the rules for being Fearless as described in the 4th edition book.
  • Deep Strike - Grey Knights may Deep Strike when taken as Elites and Fast Attack.
  • True Grit - Grey Knights use the True Grit rules that can be found in the 4th edition rulebook. One note, is to remember that models in terminators armor do -not- benefit from this.
  • The Aegis - The Aegis refers to the actual armor that Grey Knights wear. It wards off psychic attacks and even renders them immune to some lesser attacks and it works very similar to a less potent version of a psychic hood.
  • The Shrouding - This is the combined psychic chants of all the Grey Knights to confuse their enemies with their purity and faith. Because of this, any unit attempting to shoot at them must pass a test, which works much like Night Fight rules found in the 4th edition rulebook, however modified as it is not the same test and does not use the same calculation. An important note about Shrouding, is that it's not that effective except at very long ranges. Basically, if your unit is within 30 inches of the enemy, they will see them pretty often, so keep that in mind before relying on it.
  • Rites of Exorcism - The very presence of Grey Knights upsets Daemonic foes and as such applies a negative leadership modifier to all daemons' Leadership. Also, any daemonic foes attempting to assault Grey Knights do so as if they were in difficult terrain.
  • Daemonic Infestation - Because the Grey Knights are here, it must be because of considerable Daemonic activity, as such, many daemon packs will gain the Sustained Assault rules as the forces of Chaos keep coming. This is meant to off-set the power of the Grey Knights against Chaos, but beware, even mighty Grey Knights may fall to overwhelming odds of reoccurring daemons.
  • Nemesis Force Weapons - These weapons are standard for Grey Knights and have very special properties and insane bonuses to the Grey Knights. For normal Grey Knights, they add a bonus of strength and many other nice properties. They're especially nice when equipped by characters and Heroes where they become far more potent than your standard fit Nemesis Force Weapon.

Headquarter Selections

(HQ) 0-1 Grey Knight HeroGrey Knight Heroes come in two forms, from the highest rank of Grand Master to the lower rank of Brother-Captain. The difference lies in their stat line as well as the abilities of their Nemesis Force Weapon. They are already equipped with everything they need for the battle including the Terminator Armor and Nemesis Force Weapon and Storm Bolter, but have access to the army to grab a few more helpful items (such as a thunder hammer for example, though it is hardly needed!). Both heroes are potent Psykers and as such may have psychic powers as well (such as Holocaust).
It is important to remember though that the Grand Master's Nemesis Force Weapon counts as a Force Weapon as well as the normal bonuses. The Hero may also have a retinue of Grey Knight Terminators, but do not have a dedicated transport option-though they may always Deep Strike by their special rules.
I prefer the Grand Master over the Brother Captain simply because the Captain only has a single wound and costs a small fortune. My psychic power is always Holocaust due to the massive casualty and attack potential it creates when our expensive leaders are overwhelmed by many foes in close combat. A great trick for your Hero, is to give him Hammerhands as an ability though, for anti-tank purposes--this power gives your Hero several Strength 8 attacks which can be more effective than a single meltabomb. Also, sometimes I equip a Psycannon for shooting power on a solo Hero since an Independent Character cannot be targeted easily. I also never take extra gear on a Grand Master due to his already considerable amount of power and ability, as it is unneeded to have anything else, except for various psychic powers.
(HQ) Brother-Captain SternBrother-Captain Stern is a special character for the Grey Knights and as such cannot be fielded except in larger games, of 1,500 points or more. He's very expensive and doesn't really add up to his points in terms of his ability. However, he does have a very character-rich ability to re-roll a single dice each phase (any dice). He may do this all the game, as long as it's once per phase in each turn. However, every time he uses it, the opponent may do the same! This is the result of his nemesis M'Kachen trying every bit to ruin Stern and his allies. I find him far too expensive and not very good for his points, but he can be fun for a challenge and a very themed army surrounding his fluff.

Elite Selections

(Elite) Grey Knight TerminatorsThe Grey Knight Terminators are the pinnacle unit of the Grey Knights. They are incredibly powerful with an arsenal of potent weaponry, which is offset by their incredibly high price. Their normal squads always include a Brother-Captain and a few normal Grey Knight Terminators, which they may take Thunder Hammers in place of their Nemesis Force Weapon and a Storm Shield as well, replacing the Storm Bolter. Squads of 5 and 6 are optimal for price, and they have two Weapon options, involving the Psycannon and the Incinerator. Both are expensive, but the Psycnanon is incredible on a Terminator because of it's long range ability using the Heavy shots instead of the Assault shots that it has available.
The Incinerator can easily be fielded in noramal Grey Knight squads, so I generally do not take those in Terminator squads. Again, they are potent psykers and Holocaust is a great ability to take on the Brother Captain. They may always Deep Strike, so they are very fast though they do not have a dedicated transport option.

Troop Selections

(Troop) Grey KnightsThe Grey Knights are the heart and sole of the Grey Knight Daemonhunters and are definitely packing in terms of potent combat ability and fire power. We are required to take a Justicar as well as the normal selection of Grey Knights in small squads of 5 up to 10 total Grey Knights in a single squad. This can become very, very expensive, but large squads tend to be optimal in order to ensure their survival and keep them from being overwhelmed too easily (meaning 6 to 8 models per squad). The Grey Knights have the same weapon options as the Terminators, and the Psycannons can be fired in an assault fashion to allow them to move and fire.
I prefer the Psycannon over the Incinerator though due to the strength of the weapon and the number of shots and we can have up to two of them. Again, we do not have a dedicated transport option so we are forced to walk or if we have a Land Raider, we can take a lift there. Otherwise, we may rely on taking the ground route. A note worth mentioning is that every time we purchase a special weapon in the unit, we lose a nemesis force weapon, so you're hurting your abilities in combat by taking shooting weapons more often.
Grey Knights on foot are very vulnerable to enemy fire even with their Shrouding. Unless one is playing pure Grey Knights, it is often more optimal to take them as Fast Attack so that they can always Deep Strike, bringing them to the heart of the battle where we need them much faster as well as being able to use their Psycannons on the rear armor of vehicles. Storm Troopers make a great gound troop with an armored transport to shield Grey Knights too should you be mixing forces.

Fast Attack Selections

(Fast) Grey KnightsThe exact same squad as the Troops selection of Grey Knights may be taken as a Fast Attack option in which case they may Deep Strike into battle. This is a preferable use of Grey Knights due to their lack of transports and long range artillery. These are especially useful as allies to other armies as well as pure Grey Knight armies. I prefer Psycannons outfitted to allow me the versatility to destroy enemy armor from behind as well as fire upon entrenched teams or invulnerable beasts.

Heavy Support Selections

(Heavy) Grey Knights Purgation SquadPurgation Squads are just like normal Grey Knights but they may take more of their standard weapon options, to a total of 4. They do not receive a dedicated transport option, but this is the best use of a static Grey Knight support squad with 4 Psycannons firing in Heavy mode. This is also the only squad in which I would take Incinerators, due to their ability to have many of them. If this option were to be explored, I would highly recommend you also look into a Land Raider for the ability to transport the Purgation Squad near an enemy and then reduce a squad to rubble with the power of 4 Incinerators (which are like Heavy Flamers and will rip through even the toughest of armor as well as ignore invulnerable saves.
This is a great way to destroy densely packed units of daemons or invulnerable saving units, such as Eldar or Assassin or Acro-Flaggelants for example). 4 Psycannons as a static anchor, can provide similar power as an Assault Cannon, but with longer range and in larger amounts. This is incredibly expensive, but at least an option for a pure Grey Knight fire base, where Grey Knights lack range.
(Heavy) Grey Knights Land Raider*Our Land Raider is a heavy support transport, and the only transports we have. Though they are not dedicated, so room is short! They can only transport 10 Grey Knights, or 5 Terminators, so generally they are preferred for your fragile ground infantry, such as normal troop Grey Knights or heavy Grey Knights such as the Purgation Squad. Overall, this is one way to get some long range artillery support via the lascannons. The Land Raider is a big part of the pure Grey Knight oriented force, because the much needed anti-tank support and the fire magnet nature of the vehicle help out in a low model count army with such extreme limitations.
(Heavy) Grey Knights Land Raider Crusader*The Crusader version of the Land Raider is more of a transport in that it can carry more models and has a lighter armament of weaponry. Unfortunately in the new rules, the Hurricane bolters may not fire if it moves 12 inches a turn, so it has lost a lot of it's following as a potent Heavy Support for the Grey Knights. However, it is still a great Transport for moving many Terminators in case you do not with to rely on Deep Strike. On the other hand though, the Crusader is still a very good Heavy Support for the army, because of it's mobile multi-melta and large dakka load. It's a much better vehicle when facing horde armies, compared to the normal Land Raider.
(Heavy) Grey Knights Dreadnought*The Dreadnought is one of the cheaper ways for the Grey Knights to get a long range artillery weapon, that is twin-linked. However, these machines are expensive and fragile as some of the only armor that a pure Grey Knight army may have. Although it has a hightened Weapon Skill, it has a poor number of Attacks and average initiative for it's class. The twin-linked lascannon is the most preferred weapon due to our lack of ranged anti-armor support, but the Multi-melta is also a good choice. I also like the twin-linked autocannon for it's price, range and number of shots and the ability to take out light transports, in order to slow our enemy down.
The Grey Knight Dreadnought is critical to a Grey Knight based army, because it's the fastest and cheapest way to get reliable anti-tank with range into the force. The lascannon and the missile launcher upgrade are a great bet for busting enemy transports and heavy tanks. For the lighter approach, autocannons are perfect alternatives but the Missile Launcher upgrade should be considered vital to make this dreadnought worth his salt--he should not be in combat, where you can put Grey Knights instead.
*Note that these specific Grey Knight heavy support choices may only be taken if you take a Grey Knight Hero, not just Grey Knights!

Inquisitorial Allies and Inducted Allies

They Daemonhunters are a very specific force, in terms of the Inquisition and are very limited to doing one thing very well. Thankfully, we have a good assortment of allies to pull from. After all, when an Inquisitor of the Ordo Malleus calls you, you answer!

Witch Hunter Allied Units

We can take normal allies from any of the Inquisitorial Codices and as such, we have the ability to take 0-1 HQ Selection, 0-1 Elite Selection, 0-2 Troop Selections and 0-1 Fast Attack Selections as allies in our Daemonhunters army. So let's explore what these options are and how they are reasonably mingled with the Daemonhunters.

Headquarter Selections

(HQ) Adepta Sororitas HeroineWe have both the Cannoness and the Palatine at our disposal, though I would recommend the Cannoness any day, due to her awesome stats and extra Faith. Remember, Faith works even when allied to another army. There are many setups that we could outfit our Cannoness with in order to best serve the Grey Knights, ranging from a fast moving Jump Pack character rigged for combat, to a very shooting-based unit with a retinue full of meltaguns and a transport. It would be wise to take a complimentary unit to supplement your Daemonhunters' needs, such as a fast ranged unit with anti-tank support. It is also a great advantage to be able to use a jump pack equipped Heroine in order to quickly tie up shooting squads in combat, to allow your Grey Knights more time to get into position themselves.
(HQ) PriestsPriests are available to be taken so that our Daemonhunters can gain access to Acro-Flagelants, however this option may seem attractive, the Daemonhunters are already very strong in combat and would not greatly benefit from this addition as much as they would benefit from ranged artillery. Priests are also generally point sinks and if they were to join a unit with other rules, those rules would no longer be in effect--such as not being fearless or the ability to use Faith. Be very careful where you situate your Priest as not break your unit's special abilities!
(Elite) Arco-FlagelantsThese Inquisitorial hate-machines are ordered into battle by the use of a Priest. They are incredibly powerful in close combat, but their cost and power are considerable and comparable to the Grey Knights, in which case we could have a better ally with more ranged weaponry. However, should you not have Grey Knights, these are an excellent way to add a close combat punch to your army with a priest leading your Storm Troopers. It's important to guard your Arcos though, especially via Rhinos as screens. They can move fast once they're switched on, but will generally kill themselves in the process--which is why you want them alive and in combat, to kill something else as well.
(Elite) Celestian Squad:Celestians are great units to be allied to the Daemonhunters. They bring great power armor as well as high numbers, transports, and more importantly, meltaguns and multi-meltas. They couple extremely well with a Grey Knight army, but are less important to the Inquisitorial Daemonhunters. They're one of the better choices due to weaponry, mobility, resilience and Faith. Best of all, you can get two units of these if you take them both as an HQ selection and Elite selection (via Retinues). Celestians can be hard hitters in combat, so don't be shy to mount them in a transport and arm the Veteran Superior with an Eviscerator!
(Elite) Sisters RepentiaThe Repentia are yet another close combat machine to add to the army, however, they are very fragile and cost quite a bit. Because of this, they're not very useful as an ally, though if taken, they are best coupled with a priest as an allied HQ choice due to his ability to buff their combat potentials. Overall, squads of Grey Knights are generally stronger than these Repentia and as such would be a better choice and Arco-Flagellants are also another prime choice over the Repentia. A special note though, would be that Repentia are actually better at assaulting vehicles and the heaviest of infantry (such as enemy Terminators or single Monstrous Creatures) rather than normal infantry. It would be a unwise, for example, to assault normal marines, or even Guardsmen with Repentia.

Troop Selections

(Troop) Battle Sisters SquadThe Battle Sisters are great allies to be taken in support of the Daemonhunters due to their power armor and numbers. Aside from the good anti-armor support they can give to the Grey Knights (who lack anti-armor support), they also add a mobile troop choice with power armor as well as a very large ground squad with power armor that can be incredibly resilient and under the protection of Faith. They are particularly helpful to Grey Knights, but also very helpful to the Inquisitorial Daemonhunters as a replacement should you not like the idea of Space Marines for power armor resilience and special weaponry.

Fast Attack Selections

(Fast) Seraphim SquadThe Seraphim are one of the finest examples of what a Fast Attack selection should be for the Witch Hunters. They're fast, agile and resilient in power armor and have a good armament of twin-linked weaponry and can easily specilze towards anti-infantry or anti-armor. In this respect, they're very useful for a quick-fix to take out enemy armor in highly dense terrain matches with the use of inferno pistols and meltabombs. On top of this, they're faithful and can have good power weapons. They're more useful to the Grey Knights as they can speed forward to destroy armor, where the Grey Knights cannot do this reliably.
(Fast) Dominion SquadThe Dominions are just like most other squad that gets special weapons, but instead, they get up to 4 of them. They cost more of course, but not that much more surprisingly. This is the perfect way to get a load of meltas into a mobile transport, backed up with ballistic skill 4 and power armor and Acts of Faith to shield them. They can be the fast anti-tank support that your Daemonhunters army needs, or they could go for anti-infantry just as well with as massive amount of flamers, while maintaining cheap mobility.

Inducted Space Marines Units

These units are only available to the Inquisitorial Units because of the restrictions of the Grey Knights. They are not the same as normal allies, and give us quite different options. For each two troop selections of our available inducted marine units, we gain access to Fast Attack and Heavy Support selections and after that. We are restricted however, due to our Unsung Hero's nature of being a Daemonhunter. Some exceptions exist, such as the Tactical squads who are not limited as the rest.

Troop Selections

(Troop) Space Marine Tactical SquadOne may take the infamous Tactical squad from the Space Marines to bolster either close combat or fire support within the comfort of power armor. Typically, I find that adding these Marines to the Daemonhunters force is a good way to add both a combat support team as well as power armored troops with long range anti-tank support. Other squads are great for small fire support squads with access to powerful heavy weapons such as the missile launcher, lascannon and the plasma cannon (or close range weapons for combat squad such as flamers and plasma guns).
(Troop) Space Marine Scout SquadThe Space Marine Scouts are the cheaper and lighter version of the Tactical Marines and they are great for adding an infiltrating unit to the force. They can be equipped with an array of heavy weapons, but most notably are the massive amount of sniper rifles with a back up of a heavy bolter or missile launcher that they can provide. They can also provide a decent punch in close combat, but are clearly more effective with their long range and infiltration as a fire support unit and their relatively cheap price for a unit that does not require a transport which makes them a very good candidate for a Troop in the Daemonhunters.

Fast Attack Selections

(Fast) Space Marine Assault SquadThe Space Marine Assault Squad is a great way to add that fast infantry unit, much like the Seraphim, to the Inquisitorial Daemonhunters list, however with much higher stats and more access to cheap assault weaponry. The unit is geared for close combat of course and is an excellent way to beef up those assault lines and maintain speed, where the Grey Knights leave us lacking.
(Fast) Space Marine Land SpeedersThe Land Speeders are the only Imperial armored vehicles that are skimmers and on top of that, fast ones. They are perfect for deep striking to attack vehicles from behind with their high powered weapons, such as multi-meltas. The Land Speeder adds a sense of aggressive anti-armor support to an other wise static imperial force, that can move up to 24 inches with a 24 inch weapon so that by turn two, this Speeder should be able to put a multi-melta shot into the side armor of a tank that is roughly 48+ inches away with good odds. They're also fairly cheap for what they can do to enemy armor. This is a great way to add anti-armor support, with armor, to your existing Inquisitorial Daemonhunters army.
(Fast) Space Marine Bike SquadronThis is the only way to field Bike units in the Daemonhunters and for a good reason. The Space Marine bikes have great access to an array of anti-infantry and armor piercing weapons as well as champs who can be close combat machines. Best of all though, is that they are a fast and resilient fast attack option that can burst forward and absorb much of the high powered attacks with their 3+ invulnerable save. We also gain access to the new Attack Bikes with added weaponry support such as the multi-melta. Fast, mobile units such as this are useful for the Daemonhunters which may only have transports to gain this sort of mobility, though they're not useable with Grey Knights.

Heavy Support Selections

(Heavy) Space Marine Devastator SquadThis Marine version of the Purgation Squad supplies us with the same type of heavy unit of infantry with heavy weapons, but we have more access to long range weapons that may stay stationary most of the game in order to deliver their goods-meaning missile launchers, lascannons and more plasma cannons. I prefer the missile launchers for a great anti-tank support that can also punch holes in enemy infantry with multiple blast templates. The Space Marine Devastator Squad with Missile Launchers are quite versatile and add that much needed armor destruction that can be reliable each turn, should we not have access to a Dreadnought or our Storm Trooper cannot be where they need to be with meltas.
(Heavy) Space Marine Land RaiderThe Land Raider option as a heavy support is a means to add more armor to the list, although we already have access to the Land Raider via our Inquisitors as well as with the Grey Knights. However, this is a heavy transport that can be used to transport any squad, not just its dedicated user. We can use it as a mobile fire base with more lascannons, or we can simply use it as a ram to pave the way. This is the only way to get that Land Raider, aside from your Inquisitor's dedicated option, without taking Grey Knights Heroes in our list which is quite valuable.
(Heavy) Space Marine PredatorThe Predator comes in two flavors, for serious anti-tank support or fire support against infantry. I prefer the lascannon options for the Annihilator because the Daemonhunter force needs as much long range anti-tank that it can take. The Destructor version is also decent, but not my preferred choice due to it's limitations against armor. The tank is relatively cheap for its weaponry and has decent higher end armor. This is the perfect compliment to the Daemonhunters due to their total lack of ranged support without the Grey Knights.
(Heavy) Space Marine DreadnoughtWe finally get to add Dreadnoughts to our Daemonhunters without taking Grey Knights. They are great mobile heavy fire support platforms but also a very potent presence in the combat phase. They have light armor and can be expensive sometimes, but overall I find an extra lascannon and missile launcher each turn to be very useful in a list that may find lascannons lacking for anti-armor rolls.

Inducted Imperial Guard Units

The Imperial Guard is nothing new to the Inquisition, but for a Daemonhunters army, they're the best option to add non-Grey Knights to a Grey Knight army. They add the much needed long range support and model count that the Grey Knights lack, without going overboard with armor or expensive units as an alternative.

Troop Selections

(Troop) Imperial Guard Infantry PlatoonThe Infantry Platoon is a great way to add 25 models to our list, with assault and heavy weapons, however they can be even more prolific by taking up to 5 separate Infantry Squads within this Platoon to add a horde of models which can overwhelm almost any foe. I prefer to field extra plasma guns, missile launchers and autocannons with this method, but I find them most useful when coupled with the Grey Knights due to their long range and numbers to back up that which is lacking in the Grey Knight ranks. Infantry Platoons allow you to quickly take two troop selections (in order to unlock the other units available) by adding upwards of 50 models minimum to your force as scoring units. This is also a chance to field a minimum of 6 heavy weapons with range. If you are facing a transport heavy foe, or skimmer based force, the autocannon will be your weapon of choice. However, if facing a heavy armored foe, the lascannon and missile launcher become more attractive (though costly).
(Troop) Imperial Guard Armored Fist SquadThe Armored Fist Squad's restrictions based on the Infantry Platoons have been lifted for our lists and we may freely take them as Troops. This grants us the power of the Chimera that we already have with Inquisitors and Storm Troopers, but also to heavy weapon teams as well, without taking command squads and the like. They are a great way to field a ranged fire support team and a harassing vehicle for double the fun in one single unit, which gives us access to the heavier tanks of the guard later. They also perform as good units for objective acquisition. However, beware that if the infantry squad is destroyed, or becomes non-scoring, the vehicle itself is not a scoring unit and will not be able told a table quarter or objective on its own.

Fast Attack Selections

(Fast) Sentinel SquadronWith this option, we gain that much needed fast attack for both our list options. This is a great way to add several autocannons or lascannons to a force of armored scouting vehicles with their free move and deployment rules. They're great for getting those first punches on transports which is the biggest threat to a slow Grey Knight army on foot. They're also relatively cheap, but should be as they're not the most resilient of vehicles with the lightest armor around and open-topped. So long as they are kept in cover with their scout move and fielded regardless of the mission rules, and focus on enemy transports, they will work very well for their points.
(Fast) Rough Rider SquadThis option always gave me a little smile, knowing I could add Cavalry to my already Crusading army of Grey Knights. Rough Riders are good punch in combat and fast unit, that's also great for holding an objective quickly or flushing someone out of one. I personally do not prefer these units as they have little stay power, but they're a great option for those who want that real Crusade theme. Rough Riders can actually do a great deed for Grey Knights however, due to their fast cavalry movement and meltabomb options. Small units of 6 to 8 Rough Riders can destroy nearly any non-skimmer vehicle with meltabombs in a single charge. Granted, they will probably be lost in the process, but it can be a small price to pay, in order to stop something along the lines of a Leman Russ, or enemy Predator for example.

Heavy Support Selections

(Heavy) 0-1 Leman Russ Battle TankThis is the holy grail of tanks for most Imperial armies. Most other armies also want access to this beast. This tank provides us both fire support and anti-tank support with the highest armor and for a really good price. The Leman Russ speaks for itself in terms of power and use and it is limited to 0-1 just for this reason. This tank is excellent both as heavy artillery for anti-infantry as well as destroying enemy armored vehicles with it's ordinance damage charts. The Russ is best used against enemy heavy infantry. Against horde based armies, the heavy bolters are actually more valuable because of the ease to avoid templates in 4th edition, so don't forget about those defensive weapons which may all fire on the move!

Combination of Forces

Because of the over-specialization of the Grey Knights and many aspects of the Armory for the Daemonhunters, it is often a good idea to combine them with another group of allies. Pure armies are full of flavor, but some times people like to be a little competitive with their creativity while maintaining a force that follows the history of the force. For that, we have combinations of forces.
Just a note, it is not my intention to convey that a pure army of any kind would be a bad idea, but it is my opinion that the pure Daemonhunters armies suffer from over-specialization because they were the first codex of the Inquisitorial trio. Combining the force with another is a great way to still take our character-rich army while keeping an aspect of competitiveness. Mind you though, there is no right or wrong way to field your Daemonhunters!

The Possibilities

Parent Lists
  • Daemonhunters
  • Witch Hunters
  • Space Marines (* Including various chapters)
  • Imperial Guard (* Including various variants, such as the Cadian Shock Troops, etc)
These are the possibilities we have as Parent lists, which can take the Daemonhunters either as the host or the ally themselves. Some of these Parent lists serve better the different sides of the Daemonhunters though, which is what we will explore next.
Grey Knight DaemonhuntersOur Parent list is the Daemonhunters, and we choose to go with Grey Knights mostly in order to take full advantage of their power (and make room for their points!). There is no possibility to take inducted Space Marines due to rule restrictions, however it may still take inducted Imperial Guard and take the Witch Hunters as allies.
Inquisitorial DaemonhuntersThe Inquisitorial Daemonhunters can take virtually any ally from our list, however, as the list would focus more on the non-Grey Knight units, we would be missing the punch that they provide, which we could make up with any inducted ally or even the Witch Hunter allies. This manner of fielding Daemonhunters is the safest as in you can never really go wrong with what you choose since you can choose everything (but you may not mix Grey Knights and Space Marines in the same list!).
Space Marines with allied DaemonhuntersThis is a quick way to add Daemonhunters to your existing Marine force. It's also a good way to simply take advantage of the power of the Space Marines and use their Parent list while focusing more on your Daemonhunters. In this case, we may take Grey Knights since we are the ally this time. We get our normal ally rules, via 0-1 HQ, 0-1 Elite, 0-2 Troops and 0-1 Fast Attack.
Imperial Guard with allied DaemonhuntersThe Imperial Guard may take Daemonhunters, any manner, as a normal ally and greatly benefit from this due to their over powering combat ability to match the Guard's already healthy shooting abilities. This match allows you to field Daemonhunters in your existing Imperial Guard army with ease of integration with the normal ally limitations of 0-1 HQ, 0-1 Elite, 0-2 Troops and 0-1 Fast Attack.
Witch Hunters with allied DaemonhuntersUsing the Witch Hunters as the parent list would be a good way to take a more balanced Inquisitorial force, using the Grey Knights as supplement to the army (be it Inquisitorial or Adepta Sororitas). The Grey Knights would be the optimal ally here because they bring so much combat clout to the list without taking away from it.

We have our possibilities, but which combinations are the better ones to make for a good mix of the units to achieve a balance? We already mentioned a little bit of them already in our Parent lists, but we will go into it with more detail.

Combining Forces for Balance

Parent Lists with Combinations of Inquisitorial Units and Grey Knight Units
  • Inquisitorial Daemonhunters with inducted Space Marines
  • Space Marines with allied Inquisitorial Daemonhunters
  • Grey Knight Daemonhunters with inducted Imperial Guard
  • Imperial Guard with allied Grey Knight Daemonhunters
  • Witch Hunters with allied Grey Knight Daemonhunters
There seems to be a trend with the Inquisitorial codices that the special units which are specific to each individual Ordo of the Inquisition works better with the Imperial Guard rather than the Space Marines. This is good from a rules position as well as from the background and fluff as it is the Imperial Guard who would be more often called to ally with an elite force such as that.
So let's explore why these forces make balanced combinations.
Inquisitorial Daemonhunters with inducted Space MarinesThis combination allows us to take the attitude rich Inquisitorial force of the Daemonhunters, with all the fun of the Inquisitors and assassins as well as the more specialized armory for close combat that the Daemonhunters have while relying on the Space Marines to bring the power armor to the list along with strong ranged weaponry to make up for their lack of fast attack and heavy support, which the Marines fill in perfectly.
Space Marines with allied Inquisitorial DaemonhuntersAs a similar fashion, it's also a good match when the Space Marines call in an Inquisitor and assassin or some Storm Troopers to help boost their numbers or perform specific tasks (such as Daemon fighting or getting more cheap troops to supplement their smaller numbers of Marines).
Grey Knight Daemonhunters with inducted Imperial GuardThe Grey Knights take inducted Imperial Guard very well because of their long range and high model count to bolster the force and compliment the very strong close combat ability that the Grey Knights bring to the list. However, they lack the long range punch and that's where the Imperial Guard come in to supply impressive fire power and to give the Grey Knights that very important anti-armor artillery which they need for a good balance.
Imperial Guard with allied Grey Knight DaemonhuntersIn similar fashion why the Guard make a great ally to the Daemonhunters, it is the same reasoning that the Grey Knights make a great ally to the Imperial Guard because of the incredible close combat power that they bring to the Guardsmen front lines. One can take all sorts of heavy long range fire power and then back it up with Deep Striking Grey Knights to seal the deal.
Witch Hunters with allied Grey Knight DaemonhuntersThe Witch Hunters definitely benefit from the combat power of the Grey Knights. Both the Inquisitorial Witch Hunters and Adepta Sororitas benefit in this way to add a Deep Striking force to the list to help break enemy entrenched units or to battle very close combat oriented squads while bunkering in for the long fight.

Daemonhunters Armory

The Daemonhunters armory is a mix of precious Inquisitorial relics as well as mainly close combat ability and Daemon fighting bits of war gear. While it is mainly geared towards battling the minions of Chaos and other Daemonic foes, there are enough items to give us a good mix of weapons for both shooting and combat.

Weapons and War Gear

  • Annointed Weapon - The annointed weapon is a powerful weapon that strikes daemons and wounds them with the ability to always wound on average as well as gaining a massive benefit against a vehicle with a poessessed nature.
  • Chainfist - The chainfist is power fist, but it has more penetration against armored targets. Generally it is not necessary at all and can only be fitted to models in Terminator armor anyways.
  • Combi-Weapons - Combi-weapons are pretty useful for Inquisitors and Storm Trooper veterans alike to help mass specific firepower. For example, combi-flamers grant that third template or fourth template for the maximum amount of coverage in a single round. The same holds true for combi-meltas for breaking enemy armor with another melta to fire. Inquisitors can make best use of combi-weapons due to their high ballistic skill.
  • Consecrated Scrolls - The Scolls allow us to use more psychic powers per turn. This can be incredibly useful for an Inquisitor to use both the power of a Force Weapon as well as another power, such as Banishment to really take down a tough daemonic target in a single round. Otherwise, it's not so useful for non-psychic models who do not have multiple powers.
  • Daemonhammer - Daemonhammers are the most incredible weapon in the entire arsenal of the Daemonhunters. It is a thunder hammer by the rules, however, against daemonic foes it strikes in initative order, which when combined with other gear, can have your Inquisitor striking first against a daemon, hitting him easily and wounding him easily and then stunning him for a round in combat.
  • Digital Weapons - Digital Weapons are fluffy but not very useful unless trying to overly maximize every ounce of combat potential from an Inquisitor. Personaly I'd recommend you save your points.
  • Emperor's Tarot - The Tarot is a powerful Tool that can easily help you to achieve first turn. This can be incredibly powerful in conjunction with Creed from the Guard to choose deployment as well as the mission. If combined with a Witch Hunter Inquisitor with Liber Heresius we can also choose table edges as well as first turn for a powerful lead on the battle. One per army!
  • Eviscerator - The Eviscerator is basically a chainfist, but without the limitations of Terminator armor are a pre-requisite. Unfortunately as a two-handed weapon, it cannot gain extra attacks from other weapons as a trade off. This weapon is hardly as useful when you have access to Thunder Hammers which are considerably better.
  • Force Weapon - Force Weapons are powerful, but not very useful since Daemonhunters already have Nemesis Force Weapons on the Grand Master which are much stronger and have the same effect on the Grand Master. Personally this weapon is far too expensive to ever field it as an Inquisitor is too weak to inflict necessary wounds in order to even use the power against a really tough creature with multiple wounds.
  • Grimoire of True Names - The Grimoire is an incredible tool for destroying Daemonic foes. It alters the daemon's weapon skill and allows the Inquisitor or Grand Master to easily strike the Daemon as well as have it difficult to be stricken back upon. One per army though!
  • Hellgun - Hellguns are found on the Storm Troopes and are simply listed to profile's sake as they have a better AP than the normal lasgun and generally are coupled with a Targeter.
  • Holy Relic - This relic can be used one time per battle, by a stationary model, and it grants all the Daemonhunters units within a random radius an extra attack bonus. For the points and limitations of not being able to move and use it, it's too limited to be useful, though is very fluffy. One per army of course.
  • Icon of the Just - The Icon of the Just grants the user a great invulnerable save (much like a Rosarius) and doesn't require us to sacrifice any attack ability or weapon options to take it. Unfortunately it's too expensive to think of having more than one!
  • Incinerator - Incinerators are basically Heavy Flamers, but they also ignore Invulnerable saves which makes it supreme for destroying daemons and enemies with heavy invulnerable saves such as Eldar Councils.
  • Lightning Claws - Lightning claws are power weapons that are deadly and fast, but mainly because it is several blades, it can re-roll any failed to-wound roll. They are generally used as a pair as it is the only way to gain the +1 to your attacks. If master-crafted, the Lightning Claws become very potent.
  • Master-Crafted Weapons - Master-crafting a weapon makes it ornate and special in that it can re-roll a single failed "to hit" be it in the shooting phase for the weapon or if a close combat weapon, in the combat phase. For example, a master-crafted storm bolter may re-roll a single failed to-hit in the shooting phase only. However, a master-crafted thunder hammer may re-roll a single failed to-hit roll in the combat phase.
  • Needle Pistol - Needle pistols are odd weapons that only allow one special use that is admirable and that is to wound very tough creatures on a 4+ at all times, however, it wounds weak targets on a 4+ as well. Overall, not that useful but for modeling purposes or theme, it could be useful. Personally, a bolt pistol is far more effective.
  • Nemesis Force Weapon - These weapons are incredibly in that they add to the users strength and have more effects based on the Grey Knight's status. Normal Grey Knights receive the standard bonus, Justicars' and Heroes have much more potent affects than merely strength bonsues!
  • Null Rod - The Null Rod is great power weapon that wards off all psychic powers including your own! Unfortunately this is not always very useful and I cannot find a reason to actively want to take this item unless your Inquisitor is routinely the recipient of Mind War.
  • Power Armor - Power armor is very strong heavy infantry armor and grants the normal armor save associated with it which is perfect for Acolytes!
  • Psycannon - Psycannons are incredibly powerful weapons that fire in two modes: assault and heavy. As an assault weapon, it fires shorter range but you may fir e and move and still assault afterwards which is very helpful. In heavy mode, it doubles the range however so that may also be an attractive option. Overall it's a great weapon because of it's high strength and good AP, as well as that it ignores invulnerable saves. This weapon is very powerful in the hands of a skilled Inquisitor on the battlefield taking advantage of the independent character rules.
  • Psycannon Bolts - This upgrade allows normal caliber bolt weapons to gain the AP of a heavy bolter as well as ignore invulnerable saves. It's not particularly useful, but it is a way of making a Storm Bolter much better in the hands of an Inquisitor.
  • Psychic Hood - Psychic Hoods are used to cancel out enemy psychic powers and it does so very well equipped on a high leadership Inquisitor. This will rarely be used though as a Daemonhunters is far more concerned with attacks rather than defense!
  • Purity Seals - Purity seals show our faith and give us more control over how far we fall back when it is time to do so. We may throw an extra dice and discard the one we do not want from the 3 making for long distances and short distances to be possibly chosen at will.
  • Refractor Field - These fields are most commonly seen on Inquisitors to gain a mild Invulnerable save at a decent price without taking place of a weapon. It is a very useful item to protect your Inquisitor Lord and is highly recommended.
  • Sacred Incense - This item lowers the initiative of all Chaos models involved in close combat with the bearer. This item is fantastic against Chaos, but useless against all others unfortunately.
  • Storm Shield - The storm shield is the standard method to get the best invulnerable save possible and is a good option for an Inquisitor with no interest in pure close combat. However, it does deny the extra attack so is not always the pure combat Inquisitor's choice.
  • Targeter - Targeters are incredible in the Daemonhunter army because even our Grey Knights and Inquisitors and Heroes can use these devices to better use their weapons such as the Psycannon.
  • Teleport Homer - Teleport Homers are great for high count Deep Strike using armies to keep their precious units from scattering too much. They're especially useful for Storm Trooper veterans to call down Deep Striking Grey Knights and Terminators to aid them once they've sped to a destination in their transport early on in the game. Though you will notice they are rather expensive in a Grey Knight army as they're supposed to be rare!
  • Terminator Armor - This is tactical dreadnought armor that you can purchase for your Inquisitor to allow him more resilience and the ability to fire heavy weapons on the move. However, it limits your transport options and your ability to sweeping advance and generally is not worth the points for an Inquisitor.
  • Thunder Hammer - Thunder hammers are similar to power fists, however, they stun their targets and add extra damage to vehicles when they strike. As such, they're extremely potent weapons and highly recommended to spread all through your army baring you have the points to do so!
  • Unguents of Warding - This item allows the Daemonhunters and his unit to ignore enemy psychic powers used upon them on an average dice roll. This is a cheaper and fluffier way to stop psychic powers locally on weaker leadership Inquisitors such as the Elites.

Daemonhunters Vehicle Upgrades

  • Blessed - This upgrade is very limited, but works wonders against Chaos in piercing their armor where the forces of Daemons has benefited their vehicles, however a blessed vehicle will pierce that Daemonic gift with ease as if it did not exist.
  • Dozer Blade - Dozer blades allow our vehicles a chance to plow through difficult terrain without being immobilized so easily. It is most useful on a transport that generally breaks through terrain for straight-line targets.
  • Extra Armor - Extra Armor is one of those essential upgrades for any vehicle you take to allow it to keep moving should it take damage, in order to move to safety or chase the enemy.
  • Hunter-Killer Missile - These missile grant lesser vehicles the ability to launch an attack at other vehicles or powerful enemies, that has unlimited range. It is best used on chimeras that storm troopers use in order an to have an early strike on enemy transports.
  • Pintle-Mounted Storm Bolter - This upgrade is generally best used to add an additional weapon to a vehicle should it take several armament destroyed results to keep it alive longer as well as provide a few more shots while it's still around. This isn't that useful in the Daemonhunters list though.
  • Psycannon Bolts - Just like the bolts for the armory, these upgrade your bolter class weapons on your vehicle to gain an AP of a Heavy Bolter and ignore invulnerable saves.
  • Sacred Hull - Vehicles with Sacred hulls are better at plowing through the forces of Daemons and make it difficult for them to assault the vehicle as well as forces negative modifiers to their leadership should you tank-shock them (forcing Instability tests, which is a good thing against Daemons!). Overall, a great upgrade against Chaos, but useless against others.
  • Searchlight - This upgrade allows you a better chance to shoot long range at an enemy in Night Fight rules should your search light spot them. Generally not that useful for Daemonhunters since most of their arsenal isn't that long range anyways.
  • Smoke Launchers - Smoke Launchers keep our vehicles obscured and only glanceable when moving at high speeds with their transport contents intact. For this, they are essential.

Ordo Malleus Psychic Powers

  • Banishment - Basishment is a very fast way to remove Daemons from the assault via destroying their insability test and making them fail it miserably. However, you must force their instability check first, so it's important to win combat against them to do this. This can effectively destroy half of the daemons that are attacking you, should you force that instability test.
  • Destroy Daemon - This power allows the user to re-roll "to hit" or "to wound" rolls against the Daemon. It's not entirely that useful due to other war gear that can do the same thing without requiring the use of a psychic power.
  • Hammerhand - Hammerhand is a fast way for your Inquisitor to fight against low-armored foes. However, it only works once per turn, so that will not help you on your opponent's turn! Overall, there are far better ways to commit to battle than to use this power.
  • Holocaust - Holocaust is a great power and most commonly found in the Grey Knights due to it's ability to help smash an already overwhelmed squad. The ordinance template is used and all under it take a heavy hit, with normal saves taken. Against low-armored foes, this is devastating and it counts towards the combat resolution. Beware though as it hurts your troops too, but with Terminators, you hardly worry with that.
  • Sanctuary - This skill is both cheap and powerful. This power can be used to shield an Inquisitorial squad from all daemonic foes permanently and none can effect him. If already in combat, it thrusts all daemons away, which is perfect if the fight is not going as planned against a particular greater daemon. The best part is that you can keep fighting in close combat while it is active, though you may not shoot weapons.
  • Scourging - The scouring is an arc of energy that strikes the Inquisitor's enemies. It's very random, but short range and powerful and ignores invulnerable saves. Overall, not the most useful skill, but it is a great way to get a shooting attack on a pure combat Inquisitor without sacrificing any combat abilities.
  • Word of the Emperor - This power prevents units from assaulting them so easily in combat, and as such would have to assault them as if they were assaulting through difficult terrain. Overall, the ability is useful, but only against low leadership combat armies.

Ending - Adversaries of the Daemonhunters

The Daemonhunters are the first of the trio of the Inquisitorial ring to allow us the ability to use narrative reasons and real rules to give our opponents a fluffy reason to fight the Daemonhunters. It was originally made with the idea in mind to make the enemy take daemonic units to offset the over specialized nature of the Daemonhunters, but opponents are rare who want to always play a daemonic force against a force specifically designed to destroy it! However, the available methods to grant your opponent a Greater Daemon, summoned daemons and hordes of Daemonic Packs is a great way to add a little character to the fight and it's in addition to their normal force, so they do not lose out their own units to do this (though they pay for the points of course as normal). All of the abilities are random, but that's the beauty of Chaos.
I personally love the idea of being able to give my opponent a Greater Daemon possessing his commander in his army to give me a reason to want to kill him. For example, if I'm fighting the imperial guard, it could be interesting to assume one of the Commissars are possessed by the taint of Chaos and that he is operating as a daemon vessel for a greater daemon. This works with everyone, except Chaos of course, and is a great way to liven up the game and give a good reason for the Grey Knights to appear. Although it could be the opposite and a Radical inquisitor may be trying to capture the beast to use him as a Daemonhost for his own biddings. The sky is the limit.


I hope this little "Know Thy Self" guide has helped you to have a better feel for your codex or a new light on returning to an old passion of the army. You may notice that this guide is similar to my Witch Hunter guide and that is because both armies share a great deal and in many cases have the same exact units and uses Such as Assassins and Inducted ally options and uses of those units.)
This guide was not written to make your army for you, but more just to help you get an idea for your own army, to create inspiration. Remember that there is no right or wrong way to do anything with your army so long as you enjoy it! Please feel free to correct any mistakes or add suggestions of your own and I hope you have enjoyed reading this and I hope it was helpful for you in some way!
Innocence Proves Nothing

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