Eldar & Marines Verses Orks & Nids

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Thanks to Ulthos of Aliatoc for this.

Background Info

The Battlefield looked like this:


  • H=Hill
  • C=Cover
  • B=Bridge
  • The numbers are the 4 sectors
  • The table was 100" by 75"

To get on the bridge you must get up on a hill about 20 inches away from it because the edges of the North and Suth Hill were impassable terrain.

We played a Battle with Cleanse mission Set-up, Deep Strike, Infiltrate and Victory Points. Also are destroyed vehicles are impassable Terrain.

Every Player used 1500 Points, so 3000 Points per alliance. But because the Tyranid Player forgot a part of his army (how stupid!), the Ork player fielded 1800 Points and the 'Nid Player 1200

I'm the Eldar Player and I fielded this Alaitoc army

  • Farseer
  • Karandras, Scorpion Lord
  • 2 Squads of 3 Pathfinders
  • 1 Squad of 9 Scorpions including a Exarch
  • 3 Squads of 3 Rangers
  • 1 Squad of 5 Guardians with a Starcannon and a Warlock with Conceal

  • 1 Vyper
  • 1 Falcon
  • 1 Wraithlord
  • 1 War Walker

My ally, the Marine player, fielded this army

  • 1 Chaplain
  • 1 Squad of 5 Terminators
  • 1 Dreadnought
  • 1 Whirlwind
  • 1 Tactical Squad
  • 1 Tactical Squad with a Rhino
  • 1 Predator Annihilator
  • 1 Squad of 5 Assault Marines
  • 1 Land Speeder

The Ork player fielded this army

  • 1 Warboss with 5 Mega Armoured Bodyguard and Mekboy in Trukk
  • 1 Mad Dok Grotsnik
  • 1 Zakstrukk (Counts as Fast Attack not HQ)
  • 1 Squad of 16 Vulcha Boyz
  • 1 Squad of 10 Grots with Slaver
  • 1 Squad of 10 Slugga Boyz
  • 1 Warbuggy
  • 1 Killer Kan
  • 1 Looted Leman Russ Battle Tank

And finally the Tyranid player's army

  • 1 The Red Terror (Ok, he played not enough points to field but because he forgot half his we allowed him)
  • 1 Hive Tyrant
  • 1 Squad of 3 Warriors with Heavy Weapons
  • 1 Squad of 12 Genestealers
  • 1 Squad of 16 Termagaunts
  • 1 Squad of 16 Hormagaunts
  • 1 Ravener
  • 1 Zoanthrope
  • 1 Biovore

Battle Plans

Eldar and Marines

We wanted to get first deployment so we could claim the Bridge instantly. We hoped that the 2 other players deploy at least 1/3 of their army on the hill to get on the bridge, Because our plan was to run with a rhino on the bridge and let him stay between the 2 parts of ruins (Cover on the Map) effectively shutting of any entrance to the Bride. If this was successful, each player defends his flank by himself, and both players plant firepower units on the bridge. In short: Stay home and shoot at anything that closes in.

Orks and Tyranids

Very simple. Each player charges his flank and give fire support with the Leman Russ and Biovore.


Eldar and Marines choose table edges first.


  • Sector 1 Marines
  • Sector 2 Eldar
  • Sector 3 Orks
  • Sector 4 Tyranids
  • H=Hill
  • C=Cover
  • B=Bridge

We got First Deployment! This was essential for our Battle Plan, The Marine Player claimed the Bride with His predator. The Whirlwind was deployed beyond the left hill. The Terminators stood in the middle of the left passage between the hill and the cover, screened by a Tac Squad and supported by the Chaplain. The Rhino with Tac squad was deployed on the bride. The Land Speeder stood beyond the cover.

I deployed my Wraithlord and War Walker on the Bride, supported by a guiding Farseer. The guardians with Platform and Concealing Warlock are deployed on the right hill. The Scorpons with Karandras are waiting behind the Hill for a defensive Assault. The Vyper and Falcon are deployed behind the centre and the right hill, waiting to pop up with their Crystal Targeting Matrixes. All Rangers waited for infiltrating.

The Ork Player Deployed his Leman Russ in the Middle of the Deployment Zone. Grotsnik was advancing the bridge together with the Warbuggy and Trukk. (This was nearly 1/3 of their army). The rest deployed as close as possible to the Marines in open line of fire trusting on their sheer number (Stupid Orks!)

The Tyranid Player deployed his all his Genestealers in front of the bridge. The Zoanthrope and Biovore are left in the middle of the deployment zone for fire support. The Warriors, Gaunts and every other thing they had deployed right in front of the right passage facing my Eldar. The winged hive Tyrant and Red Terror waited for Deep Striking.


1 Path-Finder Squad deployed in a small cover behind the Biovore and Zoanthrope. The  other Path-Finders Deployed in the cover on the Bridge facing the Orks. 1 Ranger Squad Deployed behind the Ork lines. The other 2 Ranger Squads deployed behind our own lines in case of a Deep Striking Terror or Hive Tyrant.

Ranger Disruption

I rolled 1 , 1 , 3 , 4 , 6. So I decided that the Biovore starts the Battle Pinned and the Vulcha Boyz start in reserve. I shot at Grotsnik, but failed to wound him.

Turn 1

Wow, we also got first turn! The Rhino speeds on to the gap between the 2 ruins on the bridge. Unloading a Tac Squad. (It seems our plan is going to work ).The Tac Squad on the left, the Termies and the Land Speeder shot on the charging orks, killing 10 out of 16 Slugga Boyz! But the Ork player passes his morale check. So the Boyz are still advancing. The Predators mighty twin linked Las Cannon turned the Ork truk in a burning wreck and the mekboy inside was killed in the explosion, leaving a Foot Slogging Mega Armoured HQ squad without invulnerable save! The Whirlwind shots his Missile Launchers but guessing 10 inche too far! To hit the Orks (I thought orks were driving that Whirlwind)

I did slightly better, the Twinlinked (thanks to the farseer) Starcannons of my WW and the starcannon of my WL turned the 3 Warriors into a pile of burning flesh. The pathfinders tried to shoot the Biovore, but failed to wound him. The other Path-Finders Shot at Grotsnik and inflicted 1 wound! Grotsnik tried to heal himself, but the Ork Player rolled a 1! Grotsnik was Death! (Never exchange antidote with poision ). The Falcon killed 1 Hormagaunt this turn.

So, our turn was over, and it was up to our enemies.

The Ork player advancing his complete flank to charge the Marines. He killed 2 of them with some lucky Shootas. The Leman Russ Fires his Ordinance against my Wraithlord, inflicting 1 wound!

The Tyranid player did little better. The Tyrant and the Red Terror deep striked! The Tyrant in front of the Bridge, and the Red Terror behind the Terminators. The biovore fired a spore mine on the Path-Finders behind him, killing 1 and leaving only a pile of molten flesh. The Thermagants, hormagants and ravener were advancing my position, the flesh borers killed 4 out of 5 of my Guardians, but because of the better Leadership of the Warlock they didn't flee. In the assault phase charged the Genestealers the Rhino on the bridge. They destroyed it, our Plan had worked. Nearly. Damn, an explosion in the power core of the rhino slew the wreck 6 inches away to leave an open passage to the Bridge. Now I know what they mean with "No plan survives the first contact with the enemy"

Turn 2

Crap that the Rhino Was Blown away, but we still got some heavy troops up there, so it won't be a problem (we hope).

The Assault Squad deep striked just beside the Zoanthrope. They shot at it and the plasma pistol did it's work. The Zoey was wounded ! In the assault phase they charged in and killed it of. The Termies shot at the Red Terror but failed to punch thought that beast! The landspeeder killed of a Slugga Boy but the marine bolters failed to finish them of! The Whirlwinds Rocket Launchers guessed this time only 5 inches too far. The Predator hunted good that day, he also killed the buggy that turn.

The mighty wraithlord walked to the Genestealers, killing 3 with his starcannon and 8! With his 2 flamers leaving no one (from that day on I love flamers) The war walker managed to kill the ravener and the Falcon and Vyper and Guardians killed 2 termaguants and 4 Hormagaunts. One Ranger squad that I left behind our own lines ( I thing I have the powers of a farseer ) managed to wound that Big Red monster behind our lines. But the Path-finders in the back failed to kill that Biovore.

But our enemies strike back...

The Red Terror was hungry I believe, he killed 3 out of 5 termies in his assault. But when he was distracted by eating that Tactical dreadnaught armor one brave Terminator Finished him of with his Power fist. Luckily for me, the Tyranid player withdrew his termaguants from the attack to face the assault marines leaving only the hormagaunts to attack me.

The ork player fired his Ordinance at the Predator and punched trough his Armor, blowing it into burning shrapnel. The Vulcha Boyz Finally Arrived with Zakstrukk on the battlefield, killing of my ranger squad I their lines. The few remaining slugga boyz, the grots and the Killer Kan Managed to charge the marines after killing 3 of them with shootas and rokkit launcha's. In the assault they killed of the rest of the tac squad except the veteran sergeant. But the Marines did more wounds, and let the grots and 1 Remaining Boy flee, but because they are in combat with the Kan, they can't advance.

Turn 3

Things beginning to turn bad for the marine player (and really good for the Eldar Player).

The assault squad charged the incoming Termagants (after shooting at them) and inflicted 1 casualty, and by a mistake the Tyranid player took of his gaunt with a hive node upgrade! (But for fairness we allowed him to change that because we're on the good side)

The Seargeant failed to hurt that Killer kan, but the charging Chaplain did! He immobilised it, but the mighty CC weapon of the Kan punched the brain out of the puny chaplain. The Dread and Speeder tried to get the running Orks, but couldn't reach them. The Guardians and the Vyper killed the last incoming Thermagants.

I found that the battle was really going to much in my favour, so I liked to spice things up. I broke the Alliance! (just the Eldar way!)

My Twin Linked War Walker fired at the back armour of the dread and Killed it! You had to see the look on the Marine Players Face, a mix between fury, amazing and unbelievably. The Farseer used Mind War on a Terminator, killing it off.

The Wraithlord killed together with my Falcon the incoming Hive Tyrant (That guy has put 100square inches of Wings on it!) And finally, the Path-Finders Managed to kill that biovore.

But again, we still have foes...

They ignored the  Mega Armoured Warboss bodyguard with boss until it charged the bridge. They killed 2/3 of the Tac Squad in the ruins up there. And they inflicted only 2 wounds so 1 dead nob. The Vulcha Boyz speeding around the flank trying to get behind me. The last fleeing slugga boy shot that Land speeder out of the air with his rokkit launcha! The Leman Russ managed to inflict a second wound to my Wraithlord.

All what was remaining of the Tyranid Army where about 8Thermagants, killing 2 of the assault marines in CC while getting only 1 casualty.

Turn 4

The Marine player also had left very few units. The veteran Sergeant was unable to hurt the Kan, but the can failed to wound the sergeant. The Terminators charged the Vulcha boyz, but they killed only one and were slaughtered by 9 Boyz and Zakstruk. The Marines vs. Termagants failed both to inflict wounds.

My Vyper shot at the Kan/Sergeant (In our Campaign you are allowed to shoot into enemy/enemy close combat) And Destroyed a weapon, to make things fair, I destroyed the dread CC weapon, leaving it with Str 5 with no AP. The Wraithlord Charged the Marine/Ork HQ Battle, killing 1 Nob.

When things go baaaaaad...

The Leman Russ hit the Whirlwind and destroyed his weapon. Leaving only a rhino hull.

The Vulcha Boyz got around the hill, and failed to hit my Falcon. But the Ork HQ made short work of the Wraithlord and the Tac Squad, consolidating into CC with my War walker. (simply forgot to move it last turn.)

The Termaguants get 1 more casualty, but again passing their Ld test

Turn 5

Veteran sergeant fail to hit the can and the can hit the Sergeant but he made his save... Luckily for him I destroyed the dread CC weapon. The Remaining Assault troop and the termagaunts both failed to inflict a wound....

4 of the Vulcha boyz were killed by the combined fire of 2 starcannons and a bright lance, the Scorpions rushed on them in CC using the great surprise assault ability completely wiping out Zakstrukk and 10 Vulcha boyz at the cost of 1 scorpion (I believe I was lucky that day) My Farseer runs for his life awai from that Ork HQ, but it was fatal for my War Walker.

But they will always strike back (Battle was so much simpler without that)

Okay, straight Termagant CC battle one of the slowest battles I've ever seen, again no wound.

The ork HQ tries to get my old and proud farseer, but failed to get him. The grots and the last boy dropped of the table edge. And the Leman Russ fired at... nothing. The battle Kan - Seargeant is just like the Battle with the Termagants.

The Final Turn

Ok, Marine Player's turn, nothing happens.

My turn: Oh, that lovely little Veteran sergeant with a toasted Brain, Mindwar is nice. By the way, my Farseer is still running for his life. The Falcon also popped the Killer Kan in a huge explosion.

The last time for my enemies.

The Termagaunts finally managed to kill of the Assault marine.

And 1 Nob of the Ork HQ managed to hit my Farseer with a Big Shoota, inflicting 1 wound.

Things that were left on the battlefield


1 Whirlwind without weapon and nothing


1 Squad of Termagaunts under half strengh and nothing


1 HQ Squad with a few Casualties and 1 Leman Russ Battle Tank


1 Farseer with a Wound, 1 Guardian Squad under half strengh, 1 Vyper, 1 Falcon, 2 Squads of Rangers, 1 Squad of Pathfinders with 1 casualty, 1 Squad of Scorpions with 1 casualty and 1 Karandras

Guess who has won?

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