Taktika: Waaaagh! Part 1: Head Quaters.

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I've read many a tactica on TO, but none that seem to go into any real depth - This is my contribution after playing Orks week in, week out for the last decade (half my life!). Any yoofs out there wanting to rough it with the big boys: feel free to ask questions, I'm more than happy to answer anything. Any grizzled old Nobz, bosses and Mekz out there: feel free to contribute. My opinion on the Ork army list is just that, peoples mileage varies.

On with the show!


Now, the game requires you to take a HQ choice, so it is very important to get it right - there is no point in simply plonking an un-upgraded warboss on the table and cowering him in the corner. You want him to get stuck in! Ork characters are amongst the best (and strangest) in the game: the warboss can pulverise enemy troops without breaking a sweat and stand toe-to-toe with any character the marines can throw at him for under 100 points, the big mekk can give much needed cover save to the waves of orks clashing with the enemy, or keep you battlewagon hull down to make it even more tough forming an armoured spearhead, and the weirdboyz can teleport whole units around the table, and generally make a mess of things at the worst possible time for your opponent.


Da biggest and da tuffest! Whut? Dare you tuh say ovverwise.

The best way to think of warbosses is as a bigger nob - something to add considerable clout to a unit. On paper the points Vs. stats doesn't make sense - 40 points more than an unupgraded nob for something that only has a single extra attack and wound. For the same price as a warboss you are looking at getting a total of 12 attacks and 6 wounds. So why bother then? Simple - Nobz don't come with S5 as standard. Add to that an average Ws (for a HQ) and a impressive toughness and the chances are he is going to be a rock solid model in the unit capable of doing what needs to be done. Hell, give him a powerclaw and he'll make land raiders tremble!!

With that in mind: to the armoury!!

Big Choppa
Makes him strength 7 without loosing a point of initiative, for barely any points at all. You do loose an attack (no pistol) but combine it with furious charge and you are looking at insta-gibbing space marine characters for much less points than they can begin to dream of killing you quickly enough.

Power Klaw
AKA - super powered tin opener. Yes, it is expensive, yes it is slow. But nothing sounds like "Big boss" like strength 10. It can slice through anything! Just launch him at something hard and watch it die. Stick him in a unit and you will make your opponent divert units from his plan to counter this one stubborn unit.

Kombi Weapons
I'm just going to lump them all together as my opinion of them is the same - you want your warboss in close combat not shooting. Unless you are taking a power klaw or a big choppa then taking one replaces your pistol, even then the points for it are better of spent on other things.

Mega Armour

Comes with the Krunch factor of the power klaw, and a handy 2+ save for only 15 points more. Bargain! However, unlike terminator armour you aren't going to be getting an invulnerable save without spending more points. More importantly you will be effected by slow and purposeful, which would be handy if you had heavy weapons available. But unfortunately it's a massive handicap as you may not even reach combat at all!! Unless he is put into a transport he may wind up moving a mere 6" in the entire game.

However, if you are tempted by mega armour then Gazza might be the direction to go - sure he costs the same as a greater daemon, but you gain his special waargh rule and upgraded stats compared to the regular warboss.

Such a lovely upgrade. Makes your boss tougher, more shooty and comes with extra speed. Just what da mad dok ordered! You can get away with just purchasing this and nothing else really as it is a massive upgrade. Just plonk him in a unit of warbikers (or, dare I say, nob bikers?) and see what mess they make. You could give him a big choppa or a power klaw if you wanted to make a real mess of things. Azn

Ammo runt, attack squig, cybork body and eavy armour.
On first glance the ammo runt doesn't really look like it should be there - a collossus of a model, ideal for pulping units up close and personal, being given re-rolls for shooting? However, if you are playing a footslogging army army then you could be getting a re-roll for some of your rokkits, and for the pathetic points cost? Why not? Just don't make room for him.

Gotta Love the attack squig. An extra attack is always a nice thing to have. It costs a few points but would you rather have 3 power klaw attacks, or 4? If the dice gods smile on you thats almost all of a termie squad dead by one character. Or failing that, take a regular choppa and on the charge you are looking at 7 attacks. Not bad at all.

Eavy armour and Cybork body are only really useful if the unit you include your boss in has those upgrades too. Otherwise he won't be able to use it until the entire mob is wiped out. Thats not good. However, I'd probably look at taking the Cybork for "just in case" emergencies involving independant characters and power weapons. They won't hurt that much, but they will definately sting.

And now for some example warbosses that I'd run:

Warboss 1: Cheap as Chips
Slugga, choppa, stikk bombz, attack squig = 75 points.

The idea behind it is to rely on sheer volume of attacks on the charge. Charging you are looking at 7 strength 7 attacks at Initiative 5. Enough to pulverise space marines. Take the squig out to loose an attack if you want him really cheap.

Warboss 2: Standard power klaw
Slugga, Power Klaw, Stikk bombz, boss pole, eavy armour = 95 points

Chances are that your warboss will be running in a unit of Nobz, which if you are smart will be taking eavy armour. This boss uses his power klaw to provide the S10 krunch whilst hiding behind his meatshields. This is what I have used many a time and it has provided a serious pain in the dyi for my opponents to deal with. The only time I wasn't looking at chomping down an expensive unit per turn (termies, battle suits, assault marines, immortals) was when I was deprived of the extra power klaw in the nob squad during an assault on black reach game. Staying power, kicking dyi power, not bad for 95 points.

The above is the warboss that I always run (but with Cybork and attack squig - but that makes him a little tubby on points) and it has very rarely failed me.

Warboss 3: Speed, dakka and krumpin cocktail.
Slugga, Powerklaw, stikk bombz, warbike, cybork body, eavy armour, boss pole = 140

Whenever I get round to adding some nob bikers to my own army then this is the chap that would be spawned from my mind to lead them. The Warbike gives him a good cover save that can constantly be take with few exceptions as well as a pair of twin-linked big shootas. The cybork and eavy armour ensures that he gets his armour in combat or when hit by a flamer and the Power klaw hurts. Although I'd be tempted to take Wazzdakka if it wasn't for the lack of nobbness for troops.


Dis bit goes dere, dat bit goes ere... Yeah, dere iz meant tuh be a wrist watch in dere!

Ahhhh, I love big mekks, I struggle to think of a single reason not to take one in every list I write. From the blessing of the kustom force field, to the quirky shenanigans of the shokk attack gun big mekks are a laugh riot half the time, and the other half has you shaking your head in disbelief. The general consensus is that you should leave him to either role - either shielding boyz and tanks, or sitting in trees firing the S.A.G. He is not designed for assault at all, having the statline of a basic Nob, but with almost double the cost in terms of points before you buy wargear. Leave assault for the boss if you are wanting a hard hitting character.


Burna and Power klaw: As I said before - the big mekk is simply not suited to close combat. He doesn't have the wounds, the attacks or the speed to give him an edge. Sure, he may be able to kill a few marines if he gets a charge off - but he is far more useful in a supporting role. If you're worried about him being picked off, buy him a burna so you can have an I4 power weapon when charging with a mob of boyz.

Kombi-Weapons: Even here I don't rate kombi weapons. Why? You're still freaking ballistic skill 2!! The kombi rokkit is a joke - one shot at BS2 is barely even worth the ink the entry was created with, and that skorcha is meant for close ranged fighting, just where you don't want your big mekk. Besides which, it replaces the slugga, which also means you can't take two of the best upgrades in the Codex.

Mega armour: If this was just a regular upgrade, then it might be worth taking. Unfortunately, as with the main fault of the kombi weapons and mega blasta, it takes up the same "slot" as the KFF and S.A.G... leave it at home. If you want a mega armoured character, take Thraka.

Shokk attack gun: Awesome piece of wargear number one. If you have 100 points and a HQ choice spare, snap this little beauty up. Why is this gun so cool? It is arguably the strongest gun in the Ork codex, possibly in the entire freaking game. Why do I say this? Well, it is only the second piece of AP 2 loveliness available to the boyz in green, secondly it has the potential to be strength 10 (strength 7 on average though) as a result of rolling 2d6 to determine strength, and thirdly it has a juicy 60" range. Whats more, we get to play around with a pie plate!! Av sum ov dat ya poncy ooman git! It has the type of firepower that other armies dream about. The downside? If you roll a double, bad things happen. *sigh* Just when we were looking at getting some decent and reliable firepower into the mix this crops up. Not all of them are too bad - snake eyes being the worst, but the rest just seem to be a hamper. 'Zoink', means that the enemy unit won't be fighting if the mek survives, and if you roll 'Oops' then you should be used to the recieving end of balst templates that it makes no real difference. If the big mekk does snuff it from one of these results, then don't worry - he's barely 100 points. The trick is to not rely on him, if things go well, then it is a nice, slightly messy, bonus. However, two little gems turn this gun from being a fantastic little cannon, into something that makes a titan's knees shake - the 'Bzzap' and 'Raargh' results. The Bzzap result has the potential to insta-kill any single model - perfect for character hunting. Well, almost perfect. What I have learnt is to always target any character in the unit (or alternatively, the sergeants and anything else that will ruin your day) and just roll. Now, the fact is that you can't rely on getting that 11 but in the few chances that you do, you'll be jumping for joy. The second result is the box cars: 12. This is essentially as close to getting a vortex grenade in non-Apocalypse games as you can get. Reason? "Remove any models hit from play". Jackpot!! Thats not "pass an armour save" or "allocate wounds" it's simply take off anything that is under that blast template... I bet those tau and guard players are drooling now.

No wonder games workshop changed the blast template to green....

Kustom force field: Awesome piece of wargear 2. This is quite possibly the most useful piece of wargear in the entire army. In fact, I find it so damn useful that whenever I write a list for another army I end up frustrated at the lack of one. What does it do? It provides a cover save to any unit within 6". Thats it. But the repercusions for your opponent is huge!! For starters - your boyz are going to get a save from small arms fire no matter what happens. You can stand a mob of 30 boyz on an objective in the middle of no where and watch as your opponent has to move both heaven and hell just to try and shift them. It also applies to vehicles too - I myself use a big mekk inside a battlewagon as a form of a command post, the effect of the KFF spreading from it's hull. Now, you see the bonus here, don't you? You can effectively blitzkrieg up the board, not bothering to stick with cover, as instead you are bringing the cover with you. Now, a 4+ save is better than a 5+, I'm not going to deny that. But, you can't split skulls hiding in the bushes like a sniveling little grot. If you want to do that go and join the imperial guard. If you think you'll get really paranoid about failing armour saves then take a grot mob or two, have the boyz sit behind the cover of the grots, whilst the KFF takes the save from shots that don't pass through them. Thats it. Thats all that there is to it. No matter what method you choose, the KFF equiped Big mekk will make the centre of your army a solid block that can withstand a good amount of punishment whilst he rushes across the table with a horde of boyz in front of him.

Misc Items: These provide such little description it's probably better to lump them together in a single entry. Now, the thing to remember about these items is a case of "if points permit". Granted, they are all very usefull, but theres always better to stick points elsewhere. If you find that you need to squeeze in a few extra weapons here and there, then look at your HQ choices (especially your Big Mekk) as they may need to go on a diet.

  • Cybork body: The chances are, if your opponent is going to be assaulting your mek then he's going to be dragging a power weapon around. In which case eavy armour is useless. If he shoots at him (he should be buried in a unit) then he'll be getting a 4+ cover save from the boyz in front.
  • Boss Pole: Now, the average big mekk should be within a boyz mob. And we all know that the Nob isn't always going to be around, so a bosspole on the accompnying Big Mekk gives a bit of double security. Alternatively, if you have a unit sat back on your home objective then sit the big mekk inside if he's got a S.A.G, it will help if your opponent decides to shoot at them towards the end of the game.
  • Ammo Runt: Now, I'm not entire sure about the rules of the ammo runt - is the Big Mekk aloud to re-roll the hit dice of the S.A.G? If so, then if you're planning on taking that great big cannon, then take a few of these chaps to help with those critical hits that you need. If not, leave them at home.
  • 'Eavy armour: Meh, 5pts. Might aswell.
  • Attack squig: Definately not a good idea. I'll say it one final time: You don't want your big mekk in assault. I know you're an Ork, but listen to me. For this fell it's best to take a leaf out of the bloo skin book. This upgrade is expensive. For the same amount of points you could buy a mob 3 big shootas, which would be much, much better.
Example meks:

Big Mekk 1: Shokk attack gun, 3 ammo runts = 104 points.

Stick him in some cover, preferably a unit of grots of boyz to absorb some shots. Just keep him firing at high cost units and he'll more than make his points back in no time. Hell, get it right and it will only take a turn or two.

Big Mekk 2: Kustom force field, cybork body = 95 points.


Deres some Orkz out in da ooniverse dat you just don't giv coffee tah!

Ya know - it's such a shame that we don't see these chaps on the battlefield more often. All of the results are very useful to an ork player, potentialy turning the tide of a fight just when you need them to. Now, lets not forget that these powers aren't reliable in the slightest, we're Orks, but you can bank on something big happening every turn. And thats the beauty of the weirdboy - not only do you not know what is going to happen but your opponent doesn't either!! You may end up unintentionaly bluffing for 3 turnings with nothing but Zzap! and Warpath but all of a sudden call a massive Waaargh! and find you entire army with an extra boost across the board catching your opponent of guard, or suddenly find that 30 ard boyz are tellyportad right behind his lines and his defenses are ripped open. Speaking of powers...
  • Frazzle Space marine nuker. I wouldn't really keep it to be honest unless you see a nice MEQ Definition: Marine Equivalentunit tightly packed together. There was one game where I melted a sternguard unit freshly deployed from their rhino and managed to gain double the amount of points spent on the weirdboy.
  • Zzap The tank sniper. Auto hitting, strength of a railgun and comes with the melta rule. Win! Now, chances are that you'll fluff the result, but it's nice to have in a pinch. Again, not the best thing to have so unless theres a land raider redeemer tearing you a new one then I'd suggest that you re-roll.
  • Warpath Ah! Now we get to the start of the good stuff (with weirdboys higher dice is always better!) this little thing will give your accompnying boyz mob a whole new bucket of attacks! It's brilliant! You slam them home and this ordinary squad instantly becomes a massive problem! I wouldn't re-roll to try and get it, but is definately a nice treat to have if you're going to be getting an assault off.
  • 'Ere we go! Ere we go! Ere we go! Pick up the boyz mob and place it close enough so that those beakies can smell your breath. 2 things I've found useful with this is to either deepstike behind a tank and start shooting or deploy in front of your opponents most shooty unit and start claiming your cover saves! Either way, even if you only move closer to the enemy, this unit is going to be one hell of a distraction for your opponent.
  • Waaagh! Ah! The main reason to take a weirdboy! This little trick gives you a second waargh for the game. Ouch. This alone is worth 70 of the 85 points. However, if it isthe first turn or two then I'd instantly re-roll - the chnaces are you aren't going to be in range any way.

Of course, the main question is to warpead or not to warpead. And if you have been reading my discriptions then you'll know what my opinion is. Question is - why not? 85 points for such a powerful character and abilities. The only downside is that it takes up a HQ slot, and as we have already seen theres already two strong contenders without considering the special characters. Your choice, and I'll analyse what to do next.

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