Arnell's Ascendancy [Novel length, Part 1]

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Slowly but surely, Unrelenting Foe slipped between the asteroids surrounding the Gurin system, it's armoured hull, a silver dart against the pitch darkness of the void.
Another sliver of silver darted between the asteroids. Then another and then another.
Finally reaching the edge of the asteroid field, the Unrelenting Foe made its break for the inner system.
Engaging full thrust and bringing itself in system as fast as the engines could drive it, the Khorne vessel shot towards the world of Gurin itself. With the last bit of cover afforded by the asteroid belt gone, the Khorne vessels made their break for their target.
Before the outer auspex arrays could even register the contact, the Unrelenting Foe was upon them. Gun batteries erupted into life, showering the auspex arrays with deadly metallic meteors. Then they were gone.

"We have multiple contacts. Closing fast. Signatures suggest Chaos attack vessels, unable to confirm," stressed the Imperial Navy officer as he glanced at the auspex readouts as they begun to flood into the Naval outpost on Gurin.
Across the room, he saw his superior nod acknowledgement as he studied his own auspex screen closer.
"Fourteen contacts, alert Group Obscurus," granted his superior, his tone hiding the fact he was shocked that the Khorne vessels could have got so far in system before the Imperial outpost knew they were here.

"Advise we move off and engage the Chaos vessels" reported Naval officer Garrison, his ear still glued to the incoming messages which flooded across the Imperial battle net.
"Engage engines, bring us about and prepare torpedoes," ordered Admiral McAlister with the cool precision of a seasoned veteran.
"Engine advises all ahead full," barked one of the crewmen from behind the Admiral.
"Weapons reporting, all operational," barked another.
"Void shields raised," spat another.
McAlister noted the shift in gravity beneath his feet as the ship came about. "Order the fleet to make ready for war and follow us in."

Calistro's vision swam as he sat upon the daemonic throne. For a brief instant, he felt the daemon bound to the vessel touch his very soul. Calistro had interfaced completely with the daemon, communal messages being exchanged at the speed of mere thought. Closing his eyes for a few seconds, Calistro opened them defiantly.
Darkness at first, but eventually his mind adjusted the vision to make it possible for him to sense the space outside his vessel.
His augmented senses shifted across the sensor spectrums, ranging from infrared to visual light lengths to microwaves, finally settling on one which enabled him to see the most.
A bolt of powerful energy from the Imperial group and darted across Unrelenting Foe's bow.
With only a thought, Calistro brought his own ordnance to bear. He did not merely activate the lances, but also the forward torpedo launchers. He felt the energy build up in the lance coils and then discharged themselves. The ship itself jerked suddenly as the forward torpedo launchers also released their deadly cargo into the void at the same instant as the lance batteries fired.
A smile cracked across the Khornate Lieutenant's face as the bolt of lance energy struck squarely against an Imperial frigate. He noted it lumber solemnly away at an acute angle, clearly disengaging from this fight.
From beside the Unrelenting Foe, the other Chaos vessels opened fire, bursts of ravening energy and deadly salvoes of torpedoes sped forth. Many missed the rapidly moving vessels, but many also struck.
"No casualties" thought Calistro as the light blur cleared from his vision, created from all that ordnance exploding against the lead vessels of  the rapidly engaging Imperial fleet. The Imperial fleet had come out relatively unscathed. "Remember your orders!" bellowed the Khorne Lieutenant over the Chaos battle comm.
Sliding the bow around again to face the planet, Calistro engaged the engines on his vessel. With another flicker of thought, he sent a punishing broadside attack into the oncoming Imperial fleet.

"They're making a break for the planet, and they probably want to cripple the tank factories!" barked McAlister as the realisation finally struck him.
Deep in thought, McAlister glared at the auspex screen. Clearly his fleet wasn't fast enough to intercept the Chaos fleet before it could attack the Imperial city, but he could get behind them and attack their flanks.

The view of the planet filled the Chaos Lieutenant's vision. Copper browns intermixed with husky greens and deep reds. Canyons, rivers and lush jungles were visible on the surface. Every detail was detected by the ships auspex arrays and relayed to the Chaos worshipper.
Calistro caught glimpse of what he truly sought. The first signs of Imperial civilisation began to appear on his vision. Imperial spires and buildings rushed passed in a blink of an eye.
A mere flicker of thought, and then a smile flickered across the Khorne warriors scarred face as his newly enhanced senses registered the sudden flare of heat from two fresh launches.
Eight deadly torpedoes spiraled through the space between Relentless Foe and the world below. The torpedoes speared through the planet's atmosphere, and the bright flash of the detonations caused Calistro to close his eyes.
Opening his eyes slowly, and allowing his eyesight to return quickly from the near flash blinding, Calistro scanned the Imperial city again.
Fire flickered across the Imperial city as the virus torpedoes did their ghastly work. Within seconds, thousands of Imperial citizens massed in the streets only to be rendered down into rotting corpses seconds later. The details delighted Calistro as much as any kill with his heavy axe.
Hundreds died in less then two minutes as the virus spread across the planets surface as yet more torpedoes struck, lashed out by the Chaos fleet that orbited the world.
A minutes later, the world was covered in fire storms, spiraling away from the centres of Imperial control on the world. He knew that it would only be a matter of hours before the viral torpedoes scoured the planet's surface completely.

McAlister stood in cold shock at the devastation that had just be wrought upon the world circling beneath the Chaos fleet. He watched the red line flash across the surface of the cold blue world on the pict screen with horror. Reports seem to stop completely as the scale of death applied to a world such as Gurin.
Eighty million Imperial citizens destroyed in a matter of minutes.
His face hardened at the prospect of facing their murderers in the freezing void of space.
"All ahead full, hail the fleet that these Chaos bastards be brought to kneel for their crimes!" boomed McAlister down the vox. Turning to his arms master "make ready a full spread of torpedoes and arm the batteries I want them to feel our guns" spat the Admiral, his spirit full of righteous fury.
Nodding his acknowledgement of his orders, the Master of Arms made his orders known to the gun deck.

Unrelenting Foe changed pitch with ease in the orbit around Gurin. Guided by immense calculi engines and the will of Calistro, the Chaos vessel slipped out of orbit as easily as it slid in.
With it's mission now complete, Calistro would have some fun with these Imperial fools.
With a brief thought, Calistro felt the torpedoes slam home in their tubes and heard the wail of klaxons on the gun deck as inhuman serves toiled in darkness to reload and make ready the vessel's weapons of war.
"Chaos fleet reporting in." ebbed through the Lieutenants mind the vessels vox pick ups detected signals from the rest of the fleet.
"We are to make these fools pay" spat Calistro, half to himself and half to those who listened in on the other vessels.
A brief spark of static shot back, and Calistro knew his orders were well received.
Behind him, he could sense the other vessels making ready for war like his was.

The temple of Iunsan was loud and harsh environment. Sharp swords, spears and crude axes adorned the walls of Arnell's temple. One each wall was a faint but unmistakable sign of Khorne. Red mists seemed to float down each corridor and hang in each corner of every room.
It was a place of death, of worship and of brutal truths. It was Arnell's most humble of places. A mirror of the stark reality he now lived. There were no half truths, no mistakes and no second chances. If one stepped in the wrong place, one could be quite easily killed. Booby traps and spiked rams were cunning hidden if someone was careless and every turning had two or more possible corridors to follow.
The place itself was built to be maze, a maze of not only the mind and but the soul as well. Nobody could tell what truths it held or were hidden in the very bowls of the temple. Arnell liked it this way.
He could bring his captives here, and let them wander about, secure in the knowledge it was almost impossible to escape without be corrupted in some way.
Folding his arms to pray in Khorne's name, Arnell's vision swam with the cold revelation that he was not alone in this sanctum. His mind had always swam when there were psykers near, and despite their obvious uses, Arnell had always loathed them in his heart.
Turning to face the new arrival with methodical, measured steps, Arnell's gaze came to rest upon the armoured form of Adual. The Librarian scrolls, parchment and blood drenched oath papers still hanging on his armour from when he had left his Chapter. Clasped in one hand was Adual's most trusted weapon. An ornate gauntlet tipped with a vicious and ungainly spike.
Despite its apparent crudeness, Arnell knew it was a highly effective weapon, bolstered by Adual's considerable psychic might.
"What is it that you want, sorcerer?" spat the Khorne Lord, clearly unable to hold his tongue in check for defiling his most sacred of places.
"I come bringing knowledge that Calistro has succeeded in his mission and then some" a smile crossing the Librarian's lips as it formed the last bit.
"I have no time for games, Tzeentchian! What do you mean 'and then some'?" damned Arnell the tonal qualities being enhanced by the chamber as the full force of Arnell's personality came to the fore.
"His fleet was engaged by an Imperial fleet and although he sustained casualties, he forced the Imperium to cower itself and destroyed a greater portion of it before they could successfully disengage."
"I see your getting easier to read in your old age Adual" spoke Arnell as he turned to resume his previous activity.
Although he could not see the Adual's face change, Arnell knew that he was certainly taken aback by the Khorne Lord's statement "My motives are none of your concern, Arnell. I have told you the information you require to ascend, nothing more!" shouted the Tzeentchian, clearly on the back foot.
"The real prize for you is that my Lieutenant destroyed a fleet which would of proved to trouble you in the future. Your not the only one that has visions of the future, Tzeentchian. Damius has often spoke of McAlister's future in your plans and that you couldn't act upon your previous plans because he would foul it up for you, Adual"
"Do not presume to know my plans, Khorne Lord" commented Adual as he realised that he was in a temple of Khorne. He stood little chance of actually besting Arnell in combat in this place, even though Arnell looked to be unarmed. And he couldn't use his powers either. Arnell would of seen to that this temple was shrouded in wards against psychic attacks.
Before Arnell could retort the Tzeentchian worshipper's statement, Adual was gone.

Fourteen Astartes had died in the last few hours. Six waves of Tyranids had swept into the Imperial lines only to be broken and spent. Mars Aran turned to face the Apothecary, "I trust that your keeping them safe for our Chapter." It was more of a statement then a question but the Apothecary nodded his response anyway. In his hand were two stasis capsules containing the seeds of two newly killed Space Marines from the last wave.
In the corner, the pile of dead had grown. Space Marines, Guardsmen and Arbites lay heaped in a ramshackle fashion. Their blood still lay in pools in the mud and spent weapon casings and used lasgun power packs lay discarded on the ground and a smoldering pile of alien flesh laid to the left of the warriors, Marine Vesto still dousing the vile alien corpses with flaming liquids, spewing from his flamer.
Down the street, Mars Aran's vision narrowed at the sight of yet more Tyranids gathering to attack. Hormagaunts and Termagants milled in shallow packs, ready for the signal to attack.
With a cold foreboding, Mars Aran prepared for another wave.

The room was like all the others in the temple. Red washed walls and a single trophy adorned the walls. Of the two entrances to the room, Calistro had entered through the smallest. He knew he was not allowed any further into the temple lest he seek Arnell's wrath.
Two candles burned in a corner, although the whole room was lit by a ceiling light which was cunningly concealed.
Calistro stood tensed as his Master came closer. The full brunt of Arnell's personality was uncomfortable to bear at the best of times, but the seasoned Khorne Lieutenant knew from his expression that Arnell had some unpleasant duty to bestow upon him.
It had been a long time since Calistro had stood this close to Arnell. He noticed details he had never seen before. Small marks crossed his face, and his eyes were not quite human. Something operated behind them, something else was in Arnell's mind alongside the venerable Khorne champion. Something altogether more tainted.
Casting such thoughts aside, Arnell spoke. "Chosen, leave us alone"
It had not occurred to Calistro that six of Arnell's most lethal and dangerous Chosen had entered the room from the rear. Arnell had kept his attention for the past few minutes. It was a sickening thought to Calistro to have let such a matter slip his notice.
Arnell nor Calistro spoke whilst the Chosen filed out of the room, leaving by the exit that Calistro had entered. He could feel the piercing stares of Arnell's Chosen as they left, knowing that he would hear something that was not for their ears, and they hated him for it, and he knew it.
He knew that he was a bone of contention between Arnell and his Chosen. He had heard of heated arguments between the Chosen Terminators and the Khorne Lord in the deepest parts of the temple, and how it almost ended in the deaths of all the Chosen. He also knew that they had insulted his name on a number of occasions before now.
"I want you to go to Torrin, Calistro. Lord Adual has deemed it appropriate to tell me of this plot. I desire your presence there to make sure things go to plan. I want the Imperium to falter and to leave the world" Calistro noted the distaste in Arnell's voice as he voiced the word Adual.
Calistro thought before speaking "it is as you wish, although may I take your Chosen squad and a number of your finest Berserkers?" enquired the Khorne Lieutenant, his tone harsh but brisk.
"You may" deemed Arnell. Before turning to leave, Arnell shot his subordinate one last glance. Calistro was sure Arnell knew what he desired by asking for his Chosen as Arnell knew full well he would not have his name slanted by anyone, not least Arnell's Chosen. He was also sure he saw Arnell's face smile meekly as he turned.

Screams filled the room. Pain fuelled screams of pure horror screeched from the psyker.
They ended as quickly as they started. Blood, sinew and bones splintered as the body of the psyker erupted into bloody ruin as the bolt shell exploded inside the body of the psyker. A robed figure was still holding the smoking bolt pistol when the entire room had realised what had happened.
"Damned psykers, they have a habit of doing that" smirked the robed man as he lowered the pistol slowly. He could tell from the horrid expression on the Governors face that he had startled him with his actions.
Before the Governor could order it, a handful of Guardsmen rushed forward, hellguns pointed at squarely at the robed figure. The petty merchants parted just as quickly as the action had happened, their haste was almost indecent by the robed figure thought they had a point in moving that quickly. After all, nobody wanted to get shot if a fire fight ensued.
"Allow myself to introduce myself," spoke the man beneath the heavy robe, "I am Inquisitor-Lord Holt of the Ordo Hereticus and I have business here. Much, much fouler then that psyker I shot."
Whilst he holstered his pistol, his left hand gripped his Inquisitorial seal. He slowly raised it, mainly for the benefit of the trigger happy Guardsmen who were still aiming their weapons at him.
Once they had all seen the seal, they dropped their guns and assumed their positions around courtyard and Holt had replaced it back beneath the heavy black robe he wore.
Before he continued, Holt took in the scene around him fully. The courtyard was full of merchants, armed men and in the middle of it all stood Holt, the Governor and the dead pile of human flesh that was the psyker Holt had shot.
They were outside the main Governor's palace, the courtyard was directly adjoined to the Palace. And he could tell from the decorations on the buildings and the numerous statues which adorned the tops of several of the walls it was a place of great wealth.
He also noted a few merchants who hung around the edges of the courtyard, who's curiosity was undoubtedly enflamed by the Inquisitor's arrival.
"So, what brings you to Torrin, Inquisitor and why in the Emperor's name have you shot my Astropath?" demanded the Governor, his tone getting hotter, louder and more volatile as he spoke.
"I am on His business. I have come here to seek a solution to the crisis which blights this world. The Astropath was a moot point. He would be amongst the first to feel the coming of the Tyranids. It is a little known fact amongst the Astropaths that those who are weak of mind to succumb to Warp psychosis, especially what is about to succumb to this world. Your Astropath was one such weak willed psyker, and he would of turned on you in an instant."
The Inquisitor's words were calm and collected. He had often spoke to Governors on numerous occasions and although he eventually had to shoot a few of them, he found that being civil was one of the best things courses of action given the situation.
He saw the Governor glare at him with unspoken hatred, and instead of glaring back, Holt merely cast his gaze away from the Governor. He was not about to be drawn into staring contest with yet another Imperial Governor, knowing that every time he had been done so, he had to shoot the Governor.
At last, the Governor broke the stalemate. "Guards! Arrest this man" without looking up, Holt knew he was being pointed at by the Governor.
As quickly as they came before, the Guards were there and pointing their guns again at Holt.
"If you don't drop you guns in His name then you are all as guilty as your Governor of treason. The punishment for treason is death" said the Inquisitor, his face locked firmly on the Guardsmen.
The crowd fell into silence for a few seconds.
"Do you all want to die?" shouted a new, female voice. Holt recognised it instantly. From out of nowhere, a shadow emerged behind the Guardsmen. Before anyone could act, the shadow slipped out of it's concealed position and darted forward.
The new figure was in amongst the Guardsmen with lightning speed. Holt caught a blade flash out of the shadow. Nothing more then a green hue.
She slipped in and out of the Guardsmen, disarming weapons and dropping men to their knees in sweeping elegant moves.
She seemed to be everywhere at once, and at the same time, no where.
When the last of the Guardsmen had been disarmed, a graceful form of a Calidus Assassin slipped into view.
He had often heard about Alexia's abilities, but he had never seen them before.
Shooting the Assassin a coy smile, Holt turned to gaze to the Governor. "It seems like we have matters to discuss." Holt's saw where the Governor was looking, and quickly added "don't worry, Alexia knows better then to kill loyal Guardsmen."

The Chosen Champion stood toe-to-toe with Calistro. They stood so close that Calistro could make out every mark, scar and every wound that had ever been inflicted to the Champion's bare grizzled head.
"You think your so much better then me, Mutan" spat Calistro, not turning his gaze away from the Champion. The Lieutenant knew that Mutan's squad wasn't far away. He simply didn't care. Calistro knew well enough that if Mutan made a move or gave a command, the Champion would be dead long before the Chosen Champions could react.
"I have longed to get the measure of you, Calistro. Until now, Arnell has held me in check for too long. I shall see to it you don't live another day."
The two Khorne worshippers glared at each other, their powerful muscles tensed. Calistro could feel a burning sensation at his side, just above his calf where his Axe of Khorne hung in his hand. It, too, could feel the tense atmosphere and railed against Calistro's self imposed control. He could feel it even now willing him to strike. Willing him to strike the first blow.
"Contact detected... Not Imperial..." the daemon voice groaned, easily the tension slightly amongst the Khorne disciples.
"Tzeenů.. Storm of Changed detected" growled the daemon from the speaker located in the ceiling.
Calistro tore his gaze from Mutan. It was then that Mutan chose to strike.
Calistro half expected such an attack and parried the blow with the edge of his axe. He saw the flash of red steel pass over his head as Calistro got down low, under Mutan's counter sweep with the other lightning claw.
With a ferocious uppercut, Calistro brought his axe up, slicing through his opponent's groin up to his head in a clean motion.
Spinning around to face the rest of the squad behind as the clash of heavy Terminator armour hit the deck with a heavy thunderclap and splash of deep gore.
Yet more lightning claws armed Terminators strode forward, intent upon killing Calistro.
Calistro was faster.
Calistro spun to the left, and flicked out with his axe of Khorne. He felt it bite deep into armour and ducked under a swing. Bringing himself up beneath the lead Terminators guard, Calistro brought his pistol up to the face of the Chosen Berserker and fired.
Blood smeared Calistro's armour as he continued to move, attacking and hacking with speed.
With three Chosen already dead upon the floor, Calistro's stroke missed it's mark. He parried the counter-blow from the Chosen with ease, but was too slow parrying the second blow. It drove deep into Calistro's leg. Energy flashed through the wound as the Chosen Terminator withdrew his claw in preparation for the killing stroke.
Calistro blocked with his axe and struck back, killing the Chosen for his insolence. He fired at the Terminator as it fell backwards onto the deck, filling the head cavity with two explosive bolts.
The Lieutenant hobbled to meet the blow of the next foe, and dropped his guard to attack again. The Terminator only just parried, and Calistro brought his axe around and up for another blow. Before he could bring it down upon his foe, the Chosen plunged his claw into Calistro's chest. His armour plate offered no resistant as the fine blades hissed with energy, cutting deep.
Calistro threw himself back, away from the Champion, and felt his body heal itself the best it could. Blood clotted almost immediately, and he felt his left lung shut down as air escaped though a few punctures.
With his condition stabilising, Calistro renewed his attack as his enemy stepped toward the Lieutenant. Catching the two lightning claws might swing, Calistro used his remaining good leg to force his opponent off balance.
With this enemy temporarily disabled as he tried to get himself balanced again, Calistro struck out to his left. His Khornate axe tore into tissue and he felt the axe writhe within his rapidly dying opponent's chest, tasting deep of the soul inside the Khorne Terminator Champion.
With his soul all but devoured, Calistro returned his attention to the last, off-balance Terminator. Calistro brought his axe up for one final killing stroke and blood sprayed as the axe bit deep into his flesh. Calistro let go of his axe as the last foe fell backwards.
With a heavy sigh, Calistro assumed his position in the command chair of the Unrelenting Foe.

Alexia flexed her muscles and put away her weapons and joined the Inquisitor at his side as he ascended the few steps up to the Governor's Palace, with the Governor in tow by Holt's side.
Holt's eyes locked on the Governor's eyes in a sidelong glance as they entered through two large double doors. He let the full force of his stare do the work for him in convincing the Governor that his best interest was to talk privately with the Inquisitor.
There had been few individuals who would not quall at Holt's stare. The traitor Canoness Gemiel had been one of such individuals who could meet his stare, but that was a moot point now, thought Holt.
When the two large doors had been shut and secured, Holt spoke, "Just where are your private chambers?"
"They are down the hall and to the left" the Governor said. Holt detected a note of dislike in the Governor's voice, as though the Governor was unwilling to hear what the Inquisitor had to say.
When they had entered the chamber, Alexia had remained outside, on guard. Her eyes traced the outline of the corridor, looking for detection systems, eves dropping devices and traps. With a casual glance, she had detected a few not so well hidden bugs, which explained to her why there had been a lack of guards in the palace. She had not heard nor seen anyone in the Palace. No guards, no clerics, or anyone else.
It had not been a matter of a minute before the door behind Alexia opened.
Holt emerged. Without speaking, she could smell the telltale stench of a discharged firearm upon the Inquisitor's clothes. The stench was new, his firearm had only just been fired.
"The Governor was dead tired by our meeting and has chosen to sleep for the rest of the war" a smile smirked across the Inquisitor's face as he spoke.
Alexia merely replied with a nod.

The window before Adual swirled into life. Brilliant colours appeared at the edges. Bright blues, gory reds, arbalester whites and warm yellows swirled around like inks caught in a whirlpool.
Adual waited for the colours to settle before continuing. It took no more then twenty seconds to settle into an image that Adual could readily recognise as a face. The face was of something even more malign then Adual himself.
"Master, Z'laean, I bring good news. McAlister has been killed. Our plan for Cha'Mont'Yr will go ahead" spoke Adual, his voice solid and full of conviction.
"You presume too much, Adualů" spat the face in the window. The daemon watched Adual's face turn from a confident smile to a sharp frown. The face in the window could tell from his expression that he was completely unaware of what the daemon was implying. "Never presume that your pawns are always successful. McAlister lives still, but his fleet is broken. There are futures where he still destroys you. There are many more futures where you destroy him finally. There is always a risk of your plan failing."
"Master, you tell me too much" Adual spoke as he bowed his head in reverence to the daemon.
"I only tell you what you need to hear. Cha'Mont'Yr shall fall, and with it I shall become powerful indeed."
Adual allowed himself to look more closely at the daemonic features. Every time he had seen its face, it had always been different.
The face not bird like at all unlike last time. Two long horns protruded out of the top of it's head, and feathers lined the rear of the face. The face itself looked quite human, although it had took on an unnatural blue tint.
Adual also noticed a small scar. It had never been there before.
"May I be so bold to ask a question, master?" enquired Adual.
The daemon's face hardened before speaking, "The scar is none-of your concern, Adual"
The daemon watched Adual's face turn ever more sour at being shot down by the daemon for seeking knowledge.
"If it pleases you to know, I received it after I took overů a host" the daemon's voice was quiet. He could already seen the hurt pride in Adual as the implications took root in his mind.
"Champion Mutan was a strong one, it took many decades to get a hold in his heart" the daemon continued. "When I finally made my move to eliminate a future enemy, I quickly found that my opponent was too skilled. Trust one of the Warped ones when I say never attempt to best a Khorne Lieutenant in combatů"
The daemon's voice trailed off as the vision faded on the window, returning to pitch black with white stars, as was typical of space outside the ship, leaving Adual to ponder the implications of his words.

The chamber was quite and dim. There was a simple table in one corner, across it laid a number of maps and a collection of candles held aloft by candle sticks. A bed was at the far side of the room from the table, with the door between the two.
Holt stood at the table, leaning over, writing a note when Alexia entered.
She did not try to conceal her entrance, nor could she since this was Holt's section of the ship, and he had undoubtedly bugged the corridor leading up to Holt's room with motion sensors.
Further to this, Holt had asked her to come here.
Alexia stood over by the bed, awaiting the Inquisitor's attention whilst he finished the letter.
Turning around at last, Holt folded the piece of paper and handed it to Alexia. "I desire that you relay this message to State Official Mung."
"I also have been told to relay a message to you, Inquisitor" replied the Assassin. She waited a few seconds before continuing on "State Official Mung has declared martial law and ordered the majority of the populace to evacuate the world"
"Probably the best course of action given the circumstances" deemed the Holt, a shallow frown playing upon his face. He turned his face away from the Assassin as he wondered what would be the true sequences of the orders from Mung.
"I have more info for you, Inquisitor"
Holt glanced up at the Assassin
"Canoness Alica has requested that she lead a small army of Sororitas to hold off the Tyranids, buying the Imperial citizens some more time. Chief Librarian Mars Aran has also expressed a similar request."
With a brief nod, Holt gave his reply. Alexia turned to leave but was stopped in her tracks when Holt spoke "Tell Alica and Mars Aran that they she only ask for volunteers, three squads max."
Alexia nodded once.

The Unrelenting Foe felt the inertia drop away as its engines reversed. It slid into position using the sun to mask their arrival into the system. The Chaos fleet was holding position opposite the only inhabited world in the system, away from prying eyes.
Calistro felt his ship come to a full stop. He could taste the need for battle but he knew he must not commit the Chaos forces to this fight, not yet anyway.
His mind focused on the distant light brown specks set against the darkness of space. They were approaching from an angel where he could detect their presence and they could detect his. It mattered not if the Tyranids detected him or not. He knew that they only had one aim, to seed the planet with their spawn.
'Tyranids,' though Calistro as he shifted in his seat with distaste at the sight of these vile creatures. Massive beasts of bone and muscle drifted through the coldness of space with vast bone spines attached to arms of sinew.
"Overlay" muttered the Khorne Lieutenant.
With utterance of the code word, the auspex swam into view with the previous view of the Tyranids fading into blackness.
The Lieutenants' mind tracked the ever shifting blips with ease. Twenty Tyranid contacts drifted towards eight Imperial contacts whose course was more direct in their aim.
He also noted that the Storm of Change, Adual's flagship hadn't moved. It was holding stationery far in the outer edges of the system. Calistro could only ponder why Adual could be so interested to send his flagship here, but these did not matter to Calistro. He let the fact it was even there slip out of his mind.
Calistro spun his vessel around with precision, and felt the engine flare as the ship powered up to half burn. A shifting sense of presence and the blips representing his fleet told him that his fleet was doing the same.
The Chaos fleet moved to counteract the orbit of Torrin, the only inhabited world in the system. The last thing Calistro needed was to be detected by the Imperium. When he was satisfied that his ship and his fleet had slid out of view of the detection stations, Calistro's attention shifted back to the Tyranid vessels.
The two sets of blips on his retina slid past each other, and a few flickered before disappearing completely.
It was only a matter of time before the rest of the Hivefleet arrived and the destruction of the world would begin in earnest.

Part 2 here

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Urban BasesMurchankite9th Feb 10Current rating for this item: 5 stars
5 stars
Plastic Grey Knight TerminatorsGreyDeath30th Jan 10Current rating for this item: 4.5 stars
4.5 stars
Slaaneshi Keeper of SecretsSILK20th Jan 10Current rating for this item: 4.5 stars
4.5 stars
Chaotic Tactica - Chaos LordsSILK6th Jan 10Current rating for this item: 5 stars
5 stars
The Wolfwing - TacticaEasyification3rd Jan 10Current rating for this item: 5 stars
5 stars
Daemonettes, anyone?SILK1st Jan 10Current rating for this item: 4.5 stars
4.5 stars
Using Green StuffAunny23rd Dec 09Current rating for this item: 3.5 stars
3.5 stars
Ruined BuildingCar'Lel23rd Dec 09Current rating for this item: Not rated
Not rated
Slaanesh Daemon PrinceAlabaster23rd Dec 09Current rating for this item: 3 stars
3 stars
A Guide to Playing 40K FasterThor{DoH}21st Dec 09Current rating for this item: 4.5 stars
4.5 stars
Seeking Alternatives - Constructing a List that Works for Youxx21st Dec 09Current rating for this item: Not rated
Not rated
Arnell's Ascendancy [Novel length, Part 4]Tyross (FT)20th Dec 09Current rating for this item: Not rated
Not rated
Dark Angels Verses Ulthwe [Battle Report and anti-wraithlord tactica]Tyross (FT)20th Dec 09Current rating for this item: 2 stars
2 stars
Enemies Of Ancient EldarRezzy20th Dec 09Current rating for this item: 5 stars
5 stars
Starting A Tau ArmyTau Online20th Dec 09Current rating for this item: Not rated
Not rated
Eldar Tactica: Methods of AttackJUST_LIKE_NAM!!!20th Dec 09Current rating for this item: Not rated
Not rated
Daemonhunters Tactica: Know Thy SelfTyross (FT)20th Dec 09Current rating for this item: Not rated
Not rated
Chaos Versus EldarTyross (FT)20th Dec 09Current rating for this item: Not rated
Not rated
Assessment of the Tau EmpireWargamer20th Dec 09Current rating for this item: 2.5 stars
2.5 stars
Commander FarsightOxiotle20th Dec 09Current rating for this item: Not rated
Not rated
Eldar Versus KhorneTau-killer20th Dec 09Current rating for this item: Not rated
Not rated
Conversion Guide: Coverting a Valkyrie to a Vendetta Aunny20th Dec 09Current rating for this item: 4 stars
4 stars
Tau'Va Tel'OshiWargamer20th Dec 09Current rating for this item: 1 stars
1 stars
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